France, Germany and England Scream At Trump For Stopping Free Trade And Protecting US Jobs

The Daily Mail in England has a top story today one we are not allowed to see much of in the US, that is, our so-called ‘allies’ almost uniformly run trade surpluses with the US.  We finally have a President who is stopping this garbage.  I have railed about the trade deficit for many years now.  My own business was destroyed by free trade!  Well, our fake allies are screaming at Trump about doing something about this ridiculous trade deficit situation with the noxious neo-Nazi Merkel and her German creeps the top criminals in running trade surpluses while demanding we protect their rear asses from…RUSSIA!  To hell with them all.

It is so easy to show our fake allies and how they exploit us and then make us pay quadruple what they pay to ‘defend NATO’ which means protecting the idiots running and ruining Europe via letting in millions of invading Muslim men who hate civilization.  To hell with them all.


Finance ministers from Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain say they have ‘significant concerns’ about some of the US President’s tax initiatives and fear they could harm the global economy.


No, we are fixing their looting expeditions and stopping these!  Tough titties.


In a letter to US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the ministers said the tax overhaul could risk ‘seriously hampering genuine trade and investment flows’ between Europe and America.


This is NOT TRADE this is one way business with them exploiting us.


Their warning mirrors fears among some European businesses that aspects of Mr Trump’s tax-reform bills may have been designed to give American companies an advantage over foreign rivals.

OMG, how dare an American citizen protect American businesses instead of destroying them all!  Good lord, this is so openly insane.  And these fools stand there lecturing us about life while leeching off of us militarily, financially and in trade.  To hell with all of them.  They are terrified that Trump will triumph in local elections here which is why they have flooded our election system with money supporting free trade Democrats who hate US workers and US citizens!

And all our fake allies are pissed at us securing our borders.  They want to attack us whenever they wish, they want to flood our country with their one way trade, they want to rule us and I hate them all and to hell with all of them.  Why did we import yet again another angry male Muslim terrorist who openly hates us?  Europe does this all the time and to hell with them, I no longer weep for them when they are attacked, they deserve to be attacked.  Only the countries fighting back, them I support.


Will the EU citizens wake up?  HAHAHA.  Fools.

The DNC crawls on its belly for money.  The ladies above are all prostitutes.  They sell their souls and their miserable bodies in order to have ‘power’ and use this power to wreck our nation.  These three females are all free trade clowns who hate US workers who are being systematically destroyed by ‘free trade’.


They are…SLUTS.  Street walkers on Wall Street.  Only some of them are rather ugly but who cares so long as they suck up.


I am pissed off.  HAHAHA.  To hell with these females.  Why don’t they all quit?  I don’t like them.  Obviously, being obnoxious globalists should be grounds for removal from Congress and maybe ejection from the USA.


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8 responses to “France, Germany and England Scream At Trump For Stopping Free Trade And Protecting US Jobs

  1. lyrac

    Brava, Elaine. I’m sick of American women too– and I am a woman!–whining, entitled spoiled, nasty, always competing with men or trying to prove themselves. They need to go to school to learn Manners.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Yes, all the little ninnies screeching that a man touched them 20 years ago makes me shake my head.

    Men and women flirt. Sometimes women allow the flirting to go to far. All you have to do is step away or just just remove an offending hand. Men aren’t clueless, they’ll get the picture.

    If I complained every time I had my back caressed, my hair pushed away from my eyes and other playful touches, I could screech until I entered my grave.

  3. Kenogami

    Elaine, are you sure the above table of trade with the EU is about the US? The amount are in british pounds, and the UK does not appear in the list?

  4. Christian W

    Merkel is neo-Nazi now? She was a Communist a few weeks ago…

    Meanwhile Trump declares the US above the law and US war crimes legal. Note how insane the US position is, pretending to fight ISIS while bombing the forces destroying ISIS for real and occupying the nation they bomb to prevent the lawful government from recovering lost territory. Sieg Heil!

    US Strikes Against Syrian Government Forces ‘Lawful Measures’ – Trump

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) —
    The United States has conducted “lawful” strikes against the Syrian government forces and pro-government forces as part of the US-led coalition’s military campaign against the Daesh terrorist group, US President Donald Trump said.

    US President Donald Trump wrote in a letter to the US Congress on Monday that since the last periodic update report, United States Armed Forces participating in the anti-Daesh campaign in Syria have undertaken “a limited number of strikes against Syrian government and pro-Syrian government forces.”


  5. Sorry about the graph, yes, it was maybe a mistake and it is about ENGLAND’S trade deficit but…it is nearly totally identical to OUR trade deficit with the EU especially Germany, too. We have trade deficits with nearly everyone.

  6. tio

    Go ahead and kick the poodle if it makes you feel better, forty years of neoliberalism and this is all that is left:

  7. Hell has frozen over! The Guardian is against free trade? HAHAHA. So why are the workers voting for free trade? Oh yes, the Systems are broken. I would imagine few Brits would have voted to move into England millions of angry Muslim males, for example. Yet here they are! England is demanding Eastern Europe do the same suicidal thing. The DNC in the US is also screaming for this, too.

    And then ‘voters’ vote for this! Amazing, isn’t it? Suicide is always amazing to watch. Jump!

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