Corrupt Voting Systems Continue Unabated…DNC Registered Voters Had Impossible 98% Turn Out, GOP 50%

The Alabama vote shows a razor thin victory for the DNC.  The DNC voter rate turnout screams fraud, never, ever do 98% of voters turn out in any elections.  The systems set up by the political parties, both of which are still run by the Bilderberg gang, was designed deliberately to prevent recounts via using this queer computerized system.  After the very close 2000 election, I proposed the ‘Uniform Voting Act’ to prevent local and state governments from running screwy voting systems. I said back then, we need PAPER BALLOTS that can easily be examined and recounted as well as to determine if fake voters were allowed at polls.  Nothing happened back then so the Rulers merrily charged forwards deliberately choosing systems that are easily corrupted and can’t be legally examined after allegations of cheating.


Now…note the missing voters.  The Democrat had nearly the same number of voters as voted for Hillary.  The GOP vote was roughly 50% less than for Trump.  I cannot imagine half of the Trump voters, after Trump asked them to vote in this election, decided to stay home.  I wonder if anyone in that state could explain the missing voters.


I am continuing to change this story as I probe into the data.  This was a very, very contentious election. I wonder why so few voters on just one side opted to not vote at all.


Curious reporters should be all over this story.  Naw, that won’t happen.


We have a persistent problem with deliberately screwed up voting systems set up so as to allow as many lawbreaking business as possible:  Election Integrity Project California dirty voter rolls ripe for fraud – Washington Times


California says that nearly 78 percent of its eligible residents are registered to vote, but election fraud watchdog Linda Paine insists the figure is significantly higher.


Her group, the Election Integrity Project, said in a report released Thursday that, when inactive voters are factored in, an unrealistic 98 percent of eligible Californians are actually registered.


Combine an estimated 5 million inactive registrants, who have typically died or moved out of state, with California’s lack of a voter-identification requirement, and you have a scenario ripe for polling-place scammers intent on casting illegal ballots, she said.


“It’s critical that every eligible California citizen who wants to vote can easily register,” said Ms. Paine, the six-year-old group’s founder and president. “But the state’s woefully inadequate voter list maintenance is creating misleading statistics for our lawmakers and putting the votes of lawful voting citizens at risk for voter fraud.”


The biggest and most dangerous cheat, as I repeatedly pointed out in the past is allowing illegal aliens to vote.  The party pandering to these millions of illegals has a death grip on power.  They can overturn elections via telling illegals, if they illegally vote they won’t be deported.  Trump has begun deporting aliens and so they have been retaliating, attacking Trump voters in DNC states or DNC run cities, for example.


Alabama Lawyer Blasts Last Minute Court Ruling Allowing Destruction of Digital Voting Records Amid Hacking Fears


At 1:36 p.m. Monday, a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge issued an order directing Alabama election officials to preserve all digital ballot images created at polling places across the state today.


But at 4:32 p.m. Monday, attorneys for Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill and Ed Packard, the state administrator of elections, filed an “emergency motion to stay” that order, which the state Supreme Court granted minutes after Merrill and Packard’s motion was filed.


By granting the stay, the court effectively told the state that it does not in fact have to preserve the digital ballot images – essentially digitized versions of the paper ballots voters fill out at the voting booth – created today.


But Priscilla Duncan, attorney for four Alabama voters who sued the state last week in an attempt to force election officials to preserve the digital records, said Tuesday that their argument was “spurious” and misleading.


Of all the voting systems on earth, the most easily corrupted and controlled is digital voting systems.  I am a huge fan of paper ballots for this reason.  The deliberate choice of the worst sort of systems, the one system easiest to control and corrupt, is deliberate.  It is one giant FU to citizens along with DNC cities encouraging illegal aliens to vote.


Evidently 98% of the Democrats voted in this special election.  This is an immense turnout and it suggests to me, fraud, not ‘they were fired up’.  NO time is there such a turnout.  The fact stands as a warning that cheating happened.  The dictator’s dilemma: To win with 95 percent or 99? – Foreign Policy


 In the category of least-surprising news of the weekend, Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was reelected with 97 percent of the vote. The remaining three percent was spread among seven “opposition” candidates who spent most of the campaign lavishing praise on the former dentist.


Berdimuhamedov seems to have gained some support, or at least some confidence, since 2007 when he was elected with 89 percent of the vote following the death of his predecessor and mentor Saparmurat Niyazov. It doesn’t quite match Niyazov’s 99.5 percent in 1992, but it puts him well ahead of regional peers like Uzbekistan’s Islam Karimov and Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev, who won the comparatively paltry totals of 90.77 percent and 80.7 percent respectively in their most recent reelections.


In today’s world, even the most blatantly undemocratic governments feel the need to hold periodic elections to reaffirm their legitimacy. But I’m always interested by the final numbers in elections where there’s absolutely no question of who will win. The 90 percent mark seems to be a useful line to distinguish between the authoritarian governments that care about the international perception of their elections and want to present the appearance of having an opposition, and those that care only about demonstrating their absolute control to their own citizens.


While neither is a democratic contest, there is a difference — in intended effect at least — between Hosni Mubarak getting 88.6 percent of the vote in 2005 and Bashar al-Assad getting 97.62 percent in a “presidential referendum,” with no opposition candidates, as he did in 2007. Then there’s the 99 percent club, which includes the Castro brothers, and Kim Jong Il. Saddam Hussein went for the full 100 percent in 2002, but then again, he was overthrown a year later. (Why a dictator decides between winning by 97 percent or 99 percent isn’t quite clear.)


So, before everyone panics, we have the analyze things rationally.  The parts of Alabama that voted at a 98% rate are the black communities and the cities mainly run by the DNC.  I cannot imagine the suburbs and countryside voting at a much lower rate in this special election that made the news, big time, internationally.


Black Voters Aren’t Turning Out For The Post-Obama Democratic Party …

May 30, 2017 – Then-President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee HillaryClinton during the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. … Thanks to an impressive Democratic turnout, Jon Ossoff, the Democrat who advanced to this month’s runoff, almost cracked 50 percent of the vote in a …


Of course, all the Democrats crowed that this strange vote is justification for their polices of open borders and free trade and suppression of white males across all systems.  This importation of foreign voters started with Ronald Reagan on Immigration:


1986 IRCA: amnesty in exchange for tough border & penaltiesRising levels of illegal immigration [led to] the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA). It provided amnesty for 3 million illegal immigrants, in return for increased border security and penalties for companies “knowingly” hiring illegal immigrants. Aside from creating the H-2A visa for seasonal employment, IRCA failed to create new avenues for legal immigration. The combination of amnesty and inadequate avenues for legal immigration exacerbated the problem of illegal immigration.


1986 reform legalized 3 million undocumented immigrantsWe have already been burned once by false promises of border security in exchange for tying security to other aspects of the immigration debate. President Reagan, in 1986, signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which legalized close to 3 million undocumented immigrants. The laws was supposed to be a comprehensive solution with provisions intended to clamp down on border security. These provisions were never enforced, and the subsequent explosion in illegal crossings has resulted in some 11 million illegal aliens living in the United States today. An estimated 1.8 million illegal immigrants are currently residing in Texas, compared with 1.1 million in 2000. In ten years, that represents an increase of 54 percent, or 70,000 persons each year coming to our state illegally.


Republicans need not abandon or compromise their principles to attract Hispanic support–to the contrary, their best electoral strategy is to emphasize common conservative values.


Ronald Reagan once famously quipped that “Latinos are Republicans. They just don’t know it yet.” The Republican Party’s overriding priority in the years ahead must be to expand and diversify its shrinking demographic base, embracing immigrants generally and Hispanics in particular.

Source: Immigration Wars, by Jeb Bush, p.206 , Mar 5, 2013


Many of the illegal aliens Reagan legalized were Cubans fleeing communism.  And they voted GOP in return.  The DNC saw this and decided to do the same thing only in reverse: they let in as many illegal aliens as possible who were seeking socialist polices like welfare.  To top this off, businesses wanted cheap illegal labor whereby they could keep wages way down which is why wages for the lower working class has been utterly stagnant for many years now.


All this is a ‘perfect storm’ and which is going to destroy our country since we now have regions where the illegal’s languages are primary now and they refuse to integrate like previous waves of immigrants who were taking into the schools to be turned into citizens.  Now, to top things off, in cities with the most illegal aliens, we have collapsing school systems that are violent, out of control and the students learn nearly nothing while the teacher unions collect big paychecks and support the DNC.


Reagan himself was a dreamer, capable of imagining a world without trade barriers. In announcing his presidential candidacy in Nov. 1979, he had proposed a “North American accord” in which commerce & people would move freely across the borders of Canada & Mexico. This idea, largely overlooked or dismissed as a campaign gimmick in the US, rankled nationalist sensibilities in the neighboring nations. But Reagan was serious in his proposal. Though he traveled only once outside the North American continent during his first 57 years, he was neither insular nor isolationist. California has windows to the world in Asia, and Reagan thought of the US as a Pacific power as well as an Atlantic one. He also had a Californian’s consciousness of Mexico and an actor’s appreciation of Canadians, who are well-represented in the film community. The dream of a North American accord would drive the successful pursuit of a US-Canadian free trade agreement and a future-oriented “framework” trade agreement with Mexico.


This trade agreement ran off into the deep red sea of red ink and we are a sinking ship.  The very rich love this.  This is their ideal world where they hoard wealth overseas while sucking down our money here at home and then hiring legal and illegal aliens so long as they are not citizens.


Remember all the California computer nerds who thought they were gods?  Many of them no longer have jobs there, they were replaced by Asians from India and China, for example.  The destruction of citizen’s powers has been a relentless force which I have fought a rear-guard action for the last half a century.


Many Republicans love Reagan!  I thought for years, this is insane.  When he ran off to Japan to collect his $2 million bribe, I raged about that.  The US media told citizens, Reagan got the money because the Japanese ‘love’ him.  Nope!  It was a bribe, a payment for services rendered.  When Reagan got away with this bribe, the horses ran out of the barn and the barn burned down.


ALL politicians in both parties now go around collecting foreign bribes openly.  The reason Trump is feared and hated is, they can’t bribe him.  So he innocently went forwards with things voters wanted but illegal aliens voting illegally didn’t want like a much stronger border.


The GOP should be suing today over the obvious corrupt voting in Alabama but no, they are yelling that this ‘defeat’ with a bizarre turnout is the fault of Bannon and Trump, not cheating.  During the Presidential election, in corrupt DNC cities like dying Detroit, there was a number of precincts that had 90%+ voting for Hillary which I pointed out back then was obvious ballot stuffing.


The vote total for Hillary was inflated by a number of cases of ballot box stuffing in DNC run cities.  This is why the extra 3 million for Hillary was highly suspicious and remains a huge corruption issue.  But Congress doesn’t want a safe, verifiable, citizens only voting system that can be recounted properly.  They made that crystal clear way back in 2000 which is why the Supreme Court, worried that someone…ahem…I gave a speech about this in the Rotunda the day before the ruling…would sue to force the US to implement a saner system that stops fraud.


Today, we have no one verifying voters when they sign in.  It is verboten in DNC run cities.  This is a crime.  This is how democracies die.  I wonder how many people will notice the fraud?  Certainly our fake news systems won’t discuss any of this, ever.


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28 responses to “Corrupt Voting Systems Continue Unabated…DNC Registered Voters Had Impossible 98% Turn Out, GOP 50%


    truther richard • 6 hours ago
    Roy Moore barely lost because the media and uniparty used the fake forgery against him.
    I think we just need to find other MAGA candidates without anything that can be used against him.
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    finnegan truther • 6 hours ago
    listen to what you just said. They used FORGED evidence against the man in false claims. You can’t find anyone without anything against them, because they MAKE CLAIMS UP.

    The roadmap is laid clear. The RINO-DEM swamp has hit back and slapped Constitutional conservatives in the mouth.

    Now what? Plan ahead.
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    Agnes Bazzano finnegan • 6 hours ago
    I blame the idiots who think every forged accusation is credible. There will be no end to the dishonest accusations against conservatives after this win. The swamp will just want more, and the honest Republican conservatives who don’t build dossiers filled with lies to attack their opponents will continue to loose if this is a trend.
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    Interesting reading comments by people posting online. Voter turnout for the GOP voting base was 50% and the DNC base was 98%. I can believe the 50% non-turnout, this is actually normal for special elections, the near 100% on the other hand is possible only in dictatorships or fraud voting that is, operatives mining the names of DNC registered voters and ‘voting’ for them while they don’t show up.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Moore hasn’t conceded yet.

    What he can do is keep the light focused on the voting methods even if he won’t benefit from it. As long as the light shines down on the whole mess, the cockroaches are bound to come scurrying out. That is all that is needed.

    If he can do that, he will accomplish so much even if he never reaches an office in D.C.

  3. Ken

    I have two thoughts on this mess.

    First, everyone laments mud slinging in campaigns, yet it continues anyway. It continues because it works.

    Second, the disparity in voting percentages is so great that it fairly screams “fraud,” and yet I have not heard anything about these percentages except on Elaine’s web site. Is it possible that these numbers are incorrect?

  4. Nope. I did a lot of checking. I try to avoid jumping to conclusions. It was 50% registered GOP voters and near 100% DNC voters across the entire state with nary an exception. This is EXCEPTIONAL.

    I used to do voting analysis for my political club in NYC and had to go to City Hall to get raw data which pissed off the politicians there greatly because they knew I would use it to defeat various people.

  5. Bannon and Trump never really did direct political work. I used to do our own polling, for example, we kept VERY close track of what people were thinking and then would brainstorm to find achievable goals and then throw our entire weight towards winning these goals.

    This is why the DNC gang back then tried to intimidate me by having a Queens detective come to my house and threaten my life and this led to me meeting the Fed Prosecutor who ended up tapping my phone which led to a bunch of DNC gangsters being arrested (or committing seppuku).

    Politics is a raw violence game and many get run over playing that game but I grew up inside the systems so I knew where all the bodies were stashed and all the tricks which I didn’t use, I was always very carefully honest which is a hard row to hoe in NYC, land of Perfect Corruption outside of Chicago, of course.

  6. Petruchio

    “The biggest and most dangerous cheat, as I repeatedly pointed out in the past is allowing illegal aliens to vote.” I don’t know. Cheating is cheating. Look at what the Republicans did in Florida in 2000 in the Bush/Gore Election. The “hanging chads” and a US Supreme Court that directly intervened into a Presidential Election and BLOCKED a vote recount. The Dems sold out their traditional constituency (Labor/Working Class) and they can’t pander to the Billionaire Wealthy because the Republicans have that “market” cornered. So the Dems had to find another Cheat option. They did. Illegals. The thing to remember about Dems and Repubs is that they are ready to flush the ENTIRE country down the drain to keep themselves in Power. Great Public Servants, huh?

  7. Melponeme_k


    Russia still dancing like crazy to stop the Globalist push for WWIII.

  8. All attempts at any diplomacy has been slaughtered by our Bilderberg media giants and our corrupt politicians. I was against the invasion of Iraq after 9/11, for example. That was a major war crime.

    What annoys me now is everything including the latest push to impeach Trump because he made passes at women in the past…this is insane, stupid and I think everyone in Congress should be arrested for this including our past Presidents! Sheesh.

    As I have posted in the past: ARREST EVERYONE!

  9. Christian W

    And who shall do the arresting now that the FBI is corrupt too?

  10. Oguy

    Christian– you’re not calling for martial law, are you? 🙂

  11. Floridasandy

    Ann coulter had s good piece on this special election, and how it should have gone. Trump listened to his son-in-law, almost always a bad idea.

    OT, Chelsea handler getting utinated on., and evidently enjoying it.

    Maybe she shouldn’t judge others so much, but liberals gotta hate.

  12. Petruchio

    “Remember all the California computer nerds who thought they were gods?  Many of them no longer have jobs there, they were replaced by Asians from India and China, for example.” Yes, they thought forming and being in a Union was for unskilled peasants, not gifted geniuses like themselves! LOL. The “joke” was on them. Oh well the Housing in places near Silicon Valley like San Francisco are so expensive even the Techies of Silicon Valley can’t afford to live there.

  13. Petruchio

    “Many Republicans love Reagan!  I thought for years, this is insane.” Yes and at one time I was one of those brainwashed idiots who voted for him twice. And Reagan was doing his best to sell out the Average American the whole time! Reagan destroyed the Air Traffic Controllers Union (PATCO). Thankfully I got a wake up call about Reagan and the Republicans. Now I can see Ronnie Reagan for the sleazy, corrupt fraudster he was and is still.

  14. Ken

    I see Alabama as a trial run for the Democrats’ strategy for the 2018 elections. If they can rig the system so easily, and not get caught, then come November 2018 we will see 98% of Democrats voting a straight party ticket everywhere. At the same time, one-half of the Republicans will decide to stay home and not vote at all.

    The implications of Alabama go way, way beyond that one state. This is the first shot in undermining the entire American voting system, and hence democracy itself.

  15. Correct, Ken. Everyone here is correct. Thank you, all. The women doing this will have a hellish future, it is easy to see, just look at Japan where men have been nearly entirely shut down and made passive. No more ‘fight’ in them.

    A foolish move that is connected with the rise of robots. This is a dangerous situation and the result is obvious: Solaria’s solution whereby robots multiply and humans vanish due to inability to have sex and produce children.

    And looking a the US black community: no fathers=social collapse.

  16. Lou

    No more ‘fight’ in Japanese males.

    Haha. After the almost unbelievable torture the Japanese soldiers did, maybe that is their just reward. Karma means results.
    Check a book called, ‘The Rape of Nanking.’

  17. Lou

    black community is oxymoron.
    Blacks have slums.
    Cabrini Green project in Chicago.
    See ‘Fabulous Ruins of Detroit.’ There is the proof.

  18. Christian W

    @ 15

    “The first shot”? Rather the last nail. US Democracy is long gone. You get to chose a millionaire/billionaire representative to the Political Famiglia circus run by AIPAC, the Pentagon, Wall Street, Raytheon, Rand corp etc etc etc and assorted Oligarchs & Netanyahu.

  19. ALL civilized countries are run by rich people. This is ‘normal’. The workers have to unite to fight this but the paradox is, their own leaders become rich, too this way and…do the same thing over again.

    In communist countries, without exception, the rulers who unite the proletariate then make them all very poor or starve to death while they beat up or drive out all the ‘rich’ people.

  20. I wondered why you made the false claim in your headline and analysis here – now I understand where your confusion lies

    the fact – 98% of Negroes who voted, voted for Doug Jones (as indeed they should have) – as indicated by exit polling

    your misunderstanding – you claim that 98% of all registered Negroes voted – obviously not true

    I wonder if you will acknowledge and correct this error

    with best wishes in the search for truth, justice, and the potentially sentient way

  21. Christian W

    @ 20

    The dichotomy is false. You don’t have to be a dirt poor Communist country. You don’t have to be run by a click of rich elites (Oligarchy). In both cases it is mismanagement by the elites that is the problem.

    There are certainly cases of nations where the workers have cooperated with the elites to create a balanced society, if only for a time until the rich elites manage to bribe enough people again to pervert the systems.

    If the US can create tens of trillions of dollars to bail out the elites, it can create tens of trillions of dollars to make everybody live comfortably and in security too… 2008 never happened.

  22. Over 90% of registered black voters DID vote.

    I am baffled about how people can’t read the news. Even news stories pointed this out and the left boasted about carting black voters to the polls.

  23. Christian W

    There is no left in the US. The ‘left’ is the Dubya Bush right now.

  24. Elaine, I don’t know where you are getting your figures on black voting in the
    Alabama special election. Here is a paragraph that seems credible to me, which says that blacks voted in numbers that were 75% or 80% of the number of blacks who voted in the last presidential election :

    >>As the Cook Political Report editor Dave Wasserman noted on Twitter, turnout was particularly high in the counties with the largest black populations. In Greene County, a small area that is 80 percent black and that Martin Luther King Jr. frequented in his Poor People’s Campaign, the turnout reached 78 percent of that of 2016, an incredible mark given that special elections and midterms usually fall far short of general-election marks. Perry County, also an important mostly black site of voting-rights battles of old, turned out at 75 percent of 2016 levels. Dallas County, whose seat is the city of Selma, hit the 74 percent mark. <<

    source of this paragraph –

  25. AND this ‘election’ it was over 90%. It was higher than when Obama ran. End of story.

  26. Jim R

    Well, maybe, MAYBE, they had a really high turnout of Democrats. Maybe.

    Bev Harris wrote Black Box Voting back more than then years ago, and since then it has been roundly ignored by every official ever. She started a website, documenting irregularities in elections. Things like a precinct in Tennesee one year, that reported more votes than they had registered voters. Nothing came of it, as far as I know.

    I don’t think America has had an honest election since 2000, at least. Maybe before that.

  27. Jim R

    “more than ten” not “more than then”

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