Black Philadelphia City Council Votes To Remove All Protective Plexiglass From Ghetto Stores

Democrats want bulletproof Plexiglass BAN, Represents an “Indignity” to Minorities – YouTube


Well, they went and did it: no more plexiglass or bullet proof barriers in Philly stores.  The black power people claim these barriers make the black kids angry, as Colin Flaherty keeps saying.  The vote was 14-3 with all the black city council wanting dead storekeepers.  This is the last straw, of course.  If no one is allowed to protect themselves, they must flee this dying city.  I fought very, very hard and openly for the right to patrol neighborhoods and compel the police to be vigilant and strong!  It is dangerous work, I and our other members were attacked in the streets, bombs were thrown, guns shot at us, knives, you name it.  We fought back and won but it was a real battle, not a metaphor.  Now, they have rigged the rules so even cops can go to prison if someone they are arresting dies.  Everything is under this microscope which  makes it impossible to scare criminals enough to keep them at bay.


Yes, you have to make criminals really, really scared to commit crimes, not just try to restrain them as they endlessly probe defenses and seek new targets, one has to be proactive and often very cruel.  This is due to the fact that criminals don’t pay any attention to systems that are not very cruel!  They do not care one bit.  They are also not easy to scare, one has to be really scary to scare them!


Since, in DNC run hell holes, criminals are filled with pride and fight cops and citizens nearly nonstop now, they are not impressed when arrested, they are not scared of the police, they laugh at the cops now.  Putting the fear of death in them is the only solution right now and the Democrats believe that being super sweet and kind and ‘don’t make the black kids angry’ will lead to them being civilized, polite and out of prison or the graveyard.

‘Stop and Go’ liquor sale crackdown to begin in Philly – YouTube

A note here: my local Stewart’s shop in Berlin sells single cans of beer, etc. even in the morning!  Afternoon and night, too!

The council lady who proposed this stupid law lives here, Chestnut Hill, which is a mostly white, historic, rich neighborhood.  She is very safe and not worried about crime where she lives.

Black kids are utterly and very violently ruthless with each other and deliver death at the drop of a hat.  I am baffled as to why liberals think they are all little babies who cry when touched.  These are kids raised by welfare moms who have serial males in their homes and who are very violent and their kiddies are very violent and they are not impressed by nice people, they ache to attack nice people, it makes them feel good!  Duh!

Black mob attacks police with pepper spray in Philadelphia — “peaceful protest”-this is a recent example of violence in Philly.  The city is dying.  Nearly all these cities run by the DNC end up dying.  NYC nearly died many years ago when run by the DNC for several decades until we overturned them and turned crime around and made the city much safer and it ceased going bankrupt but it is now on the ski slope of bankruptcy and crime again thanks to illegal aliens voting for the DNC to reproduce the horror of 1977 NYC when the slums erupted during a black out into a massive and prolonged looting/arson/murder session.


Update: Philly Approves Removal Of ‘Racist’ Bulletproof Glass From Storefronts:


The Philadelphia City Council voted Thursday to remove bulletproof glass from the windows of some local businesses, despite a backlash from shop owners who cited safety concerns.  The council voted 14-3 to approve legislation that could eventually force business owners to remove the protective glass outside their storefronts that some lawmakers believe operate as drug fronts and facilitate loitering and public urination, Fox 29 reported.


How do these cause public urination?  Does the city want stores to let in thugs to use toilets?  How can they do this?  Why can’t the city provide public toilets for thugs?  Oh, they will use these as drug snuggies!  A great place to turn into an ‘office’ on the streets!  The solution is simple, the police should closely supervise these neighborhoods and threaten with clubs, yes, CLUBS anyone loitering around to do illegal junk.


How easy is that?  Have attack dogs and big sticks and voila, the gangsters and druggies will exit.


The approved bill, according to, instructs the city’s Department of Licenses and Inspections to, by Jan. 1, 2021, “promulgate regulations to provide for the use or removal of any physical barrier” in stores that sell food and alcohol.


The businesses are already saying they are going to sue.  This will take several years to go through the courts during which most of them will be robbed too many times to keep open or they will be dead.  The point is, going to court won’t fix this black city council’s demand that businesses be open to criminal assaults.


I feel very sorry for everyone being exposed to this obvious destruction but fighting it means going outside, in public and being a fairly violent person: cross me, you will regret it is the only thing thugs understand!  Right now, so long as they stay in DNC run joints, they can do as they please.  This is the red state/blue state divide.  The blue states are not states except maybe Mass. and Vermont, etc.  NY isn’t a blue state, only the inner cities are blue the rest of the state is very red.

My reaction to Bill that would prohibit bulletproof glass at Philadelphia stores – YouTube A black kid makes fun of the politicians in Philly.


Even California, the nuttiest state in the union, is not uniformly blue!  Nor is Oregon or Washington, the number of very angry ‘red’ populations is the vast majority of the countryside, all the DNC run joints are various cities which attract welfare while kicking out labor and chasing off anyone who isn’t a ‘minority’.


Will the store owners left in Philly revolt?  They really have no choice now.  They have to defend themselves.  I would suggest they do what I used to do: go to the ‘safe’ neighborhoods with say 50 supporters and picket the black politician’s homes demanding the same level of protection as they have.  Be pests!


The black politicians hate everyone else so show them some real love.  Make life miserable for them.  This is all you can do, of course the criminal class will probably show up too muscle everyone doing this, then you retreat and do it again a week later, etc.  Be persistent.  You have to to ALL city events, meetings and public appearances.


Mayor Koch would absolutely flip out the minute he saw me coming at various events to the point, he would run away which was so much fun!  This works!  But it can’t be done half way, one has to be like a dog with a bone and chew and chew until the bone breaks.

Democrat would rather have body bags than safety glass: Importance of local elections – YouTube


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21 responses to “Black Philadelphia City Council Votes To Remove All Protective Plexiglass From Ghetto Stores

  1. Jim R

    Before too long, these same city officials will be complaining of a “food desert”, where their people have to commute long distances to use their EBT cards. . . and eventually whole neighborhoods will collapse back down to bare dirt, with a little broken glass and scattered fragments of plastic and garbage and excrement. Like certain neighborhoods in Detroit or Saint Louis or New Orleans or Los Angeles…

  2. Oguy

    Unfortunately, this is the kind of shortsightedness that leads to the rise of fascism as a countermeasure, which in turn collapses due to its own excesses. And thus the wheel goes round and round.

  3. Raymond Aikens

    It says “FNN News”, or Fake News Network. What am I supposed to make of that?

  4. Raymond Aikens

    Correction: VFN or Very Fake News

  5. Sunger


  6. Sunger

    Elaine said “I fought very, very hard and openly for the right to patrol neighborhoods and compel the police to be vigilant and strong! It is dangerous work, I and our other members were attacked in the streets, bombs were thrown, guns shot at us, knives, you name it.”


    Not a chance!

  7. Lou

    This article is old news.

    See–Stuff Black People Dont LIke–aka–SBPDL.COM

  8. Floridasandy

    The good news is when the merchants leave the city- which they should-the people can go get what they want from the beautiful homes the city council members live in. No doubt they are anti-gun activists as well

  9. Floridasandy

    The chickens need to come home to roost.

  10. This is real news, it really happened, the city council voted for this, they TALKED about doing this in the past but now have gone and actually done it.

    The hoods are dying, Blacks kill blacks in huge numbers and black ‘leaders’ blame whitey. They are all doomed

  11. Lou

    They are all doomed? really? In your life, USA population of Africans has tripled.

  12. They multiply and die young.

  13. Ken

    Jim @1,

    I grew up in Detroit, and the city is becoming vacant due to everything being torn down. But where will the criminals go when there is no place to live in the city. They are not going to just sit down and die. They will relocate.

    Simply “taking the cities back to bare dirt” is not an answer. The criminals from Detroit will have temporarily moved to new hunting grounds, such as Chicago or Baltimore. But once Detroit is rebuilt on the bare dirt the criminals will return. Simply shifting them around is not a long term solution.

  14. Both deportation and prison do work. It is everyone’s job to stop criminals. Except our government pays women to birth and train criminals. This is why we have an unending supply of these.

  15. Lou

    “Does anyone know what the science is behind the negro group dynamics that make them ultra aggressive and violent in large numbers ?“

    I read “The 10,000 Year Explosion” by Harpending and Cochrane. Essentially, our characteristics are largely determined by the frequency of alleles. Allele frequency changes as a result of evolutionary pressures. Our social systems reflect this and in a feedback loop, alter the environment and, hence, evolutionary pressures for further evolution. Examples include european cooperation, east asian IQ and comformity from state system of exams and ashkenazi IQ from selective breeding with more learned members such as rabbis, doctors, lawyers, bankers etc.
    Negroes remained in Africa and did not face environmental pressures that would lead to what we regard as positive characteristics in a civilized society.

    They’re violent in small groups or individually as well. It’s worse in large groups because they pump each other up, and because they have less fear. Ultimately, it’s genetic. It’s just what they are. Pat Boyle posted an informative comment that I saved, and with his forbearance share with you:

    Pat Boyle said…

    Let me try to explain some of the confusing MAOA facts.

    When I took genetics as an undergraduate the professor laid emphasis on the “Central Dogma”. This was an idea of Crick’s. Most laymen if they know any genetics at all think in terms of the Central Dogma. Unfortunately it is wrong and out of date.

    The Central Dogma is that you have your genetic information coded in DNA. The DNA is transcribed to RNA and the RNA codes for proteins. When Crick created the Central Dogma it was thought to explain everything about heredity.

    But then we discovered RNA only coding and processes that seem to go backwards. One of these was reverse transcription which was important in AIDS.

    Then science discovered that there didn’t seem to be enough DNA to account for the complexity of humans. Many lower organisms had more protein coding genetic material. It didn’t make sense that yeast had a bigger genome than a person.

    That was about the time that the literature began to refer to ‘junk DNA’. It came to be believed that most of the human genome was filled with non-functional DNA that had merely took up space. At this time liberals used to say that Africans had a bigger genome than other races. Steve Sailer replied that this was most this was mostly useless ‘junk DNA’. The prevailing view was that older races accumulated DNA snipets that didn’t do anything.

    But this was wrong. Relatively little of the human genome is dedicated to coding proteins. And the coding system is not obvious. Most of the proteins coded are coded in several parts. So different proteins are assembled from the same sequences. The order and procedure for assembling proteins is in that so called junk DNA. These are the exxons and introns you may have read about. The so called junk DNA specifies how the exxons are to be assembled into complete proteins.

    MAOA is part of this assembler DNA. It is not a gene in the old sense of a DNA sequence that codes for a specific protein. It is what is called a ‘promoter’. It specifies how many times a coding sequence is to be used. If you have a four sequence rather than a three you will code up more of the end resulting protein.

    In MAOA apparently over time humans gradually developed more and more copies of the target gene and the promoter sequences grew longer. This gets a little confusing because MAOA doesn’t code directly for a hormone, it codes for the enzyme that destroys a hormone. So those people with higher sequences of promoters have less of a certain neurotransmitter not more.

    Also there are some serious mistakes in the literature that persist in the article cited here. These mistakes lead you think that Chinese are more aggressive than blacks and Maori not less. This isn’t so. The more primitive people on Earth have shorter promoter sequences. The advanced races have longer promoter sequences. But politics has tried to obscure the issue and the mistakes are routinely cited because they serve the liberal agenda.

    The short answer is that Whites clear their synapses of dopamine faster. The Maori and Africans stew in their neurotransmitter longer and while in that state tend to pick up a gun and shoot someone.[via SBPDL].

  16. Lou

    13—Chicago Blacks have moved to where the welfare benes are better—Wisc and Minn.

  17. The BART system is bad due to no patrols. The Guardian Angels and my group both patrolled the subways in NYC when mayor Beame let everything fall apart. We made many arrests.

    California is reaping exactly what it sowed. The people of SF in particular should enjoy being beaten to death by thieving teens. They asked for this and they got it. Bon appetite.

  18. Petruchio

    “This is due to the fact that criminals don’t pay any attention to systems that are not very cruel!  They do not care one bit.  They are also not easy to scare, one has to be really scary to scare them!” This is one reason why I’m in favor of the Death Penalty. I think Life Without Parole should always be an option, but in certain cases, the Death Penalty is justified.

  19. Lou


    Philadelphia City Council Passes Bill to Force Businesses to Remove Bulletproof Glass because it represents “Indignity” to Blacks; Meanwhile, Philadelphia Police Unveil 150 New Cars with Bulletproof Glass…

    Remember the black city councilwoman in Philadelphia who claimed bulletproof glass in convenience stores was an “indignity” to black people and wanted to ban businesses from putting them up to protect employees?

  20. Yes, they are suicidal and insane. Not the first culture to do this, by the way. It seems to be something strange in the human brain, courting utter ruin when there are obvious signs of this.

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