Silly Texas University Female Films Struggles To Take Exam: NOT FUNNY

Texas college student posts viral, instantly relatable story about exams – YouTube


I am sick in bed this week, alas.  But can still write so I chose a really dumb story today that illustrates clearly the uselessness of most ‘college’ courses and how these ‘schools’ are actually looting expeditions enslaving silly students who think they are very smart to take fake college courses little knowing, they are the one being cheated here as they cheat their way through school because they cannot ever escape their debts that ring up during these fruitless, useless classes!  This young lady didn’t bother going to class until the final exam and got hopelessly lost while running around trying to find her final class.


Freshman videos her hilarious journey to her final exam  | Daily Mail Online reported in England, of course.  They love this sort of goofy story but I read it with rising horror and disgust because the young lady in this story is a primary example of how the ‘schools’ are manipulating young people, keeping them going to ‘classes’ while fleecing them like little lambs, this is fraud, big time as well as theft:


 Ann Mark shared her harrowing story of trying to make it to her exam at the Austin campus, fraught with every pitfall imaginable.  Ann explained in a hilarious Twitter video, that has amassed almost 8million views in three days, how she did not bring proper exam paper, found out she was in the wrong location – twice- and frantically ran smack into a window.


She goofed off all semester and then tried to ‘catch up’ and she didn’t really care all that much because the class was worthless and she missed nothing by not bothering to attend.  This is a classic sign that the class should be eliminated.  It was a ‘study your favorite MOVIE’ class!


‘For those of you who don’t know what a blue book is, apparently its what you need to write a frigging essay, you have to go and buy special paper, so that your professor can read it because apparently they’re illiterate whenever you write on notebook paper, okay.’


Note how she blames her fake teachers.  The poor sap teaching this fake course is doing it to get money to pay for his/hers/its own ‘education’.  No one fails this class so long as they write something semi-literate, of course.


So off Ann runs to buy her special exam paper.  ‘So I sprint to the co-op, I get two blue books and I run back to the classroom. I’m sitting down in the front row, and I text my friend whose in the class.’  ‘Then I look around around some more and I’m like I’ve never seen these people before, and like okay I haven’t been to class in like a month but still I don’t recognize them,’ Ann confesses.


She barely recognizes her own group because she was virtually never there anyways.


‘So I ask this girl, ”This is RTF right? This is world cinema history?” and shes like ”No, this is physics.”


Note how she cusses as if she is a Teamster man with tattoos.  I suppose she has tattoos, too.


‘Okay, then wheres my exam?’ Ann says into the camera, making possibly the exact face she made to the girl in physics.  ‘So I type in Hogg building, and it says four minute walk… well it better be a one minute sprint… cause I got 60 seconds left!’ Ann says as she dramatically narrows the camera’s focus onto her face.


She is busy filming herself being stupid.


‘So I sprint to Hogg building and I write an amazing essay about how Napoleon Dynamite is an example of a great independent film in America, and I apologize.’


It gets much worse.  The movie she wrote about is this silly ‘indie’ movie that is mildly popular with college kids.  It also spawned a cartoon show!  Here it is:

Napoleon Dynamite (2012) Season 1 Episode 1 – YouTube


It is about going to school, of course.  It doesn’t go into the hard details of school, it is a popularity fun movie where the youths outwit the adults and do dumb things and everyone yucks it up and teen angst is portrayed by 25 year old adults and is boring but amusing for kiddies just out of high school.


The movie is nothing original, it is a cookie cutter repro of a typical Simpson’s episode or one of the doofus Disney teen shows that bore the hell out of me.  This piece of useless fluff is a topic for this movie class.  This is embarrassing.  When I was in college, we had a movie CLUB.  We sponsored the showing of various films and one of our first guests was a California young man named Lucas and his robot film he made while in college (he won our accolades).


We chose our topics and arranges our shows and did all this…ourselves!  And it didn’t cost us one dime, too.  We petitioned the university for funds and wrote justification for this and guess what?  This taught us how to do business!  Some of the founders of this club ended up working in Hollywood!  It was good.


Taking classes so one can avoid doing real school work, on the other hand, is lazy and stupid and teaches no real skills.  The real skills are the actions one takes to make things happen, not ‘fill in the blanks/listen to lectures’ junk.  Back in 1968, our debates about movies occurred in the Student Union, not a classroom.  The organizational skills we learned while running all this was the real lessons.


The new university systems that does nothing but hand holding and forgiving students and pushing them onwards no matter how silly, insipid or stupid they are is not doing any good for the students, it is a literal rip-off.  Professors are terrified of students reporting them if they push the students even slightly. The system is rapidly dying and is going to crash and burn utterly now that the STEM classes are being attacked by the radicals who want zero learning in schools just like in Mao’s China when they annihilated scholarship.






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13 responses to “Silly Texas University Female Films Struggles To Take Exam: NOT FUNNY

  1. Petruchio

    This College student isn’t completely at fault for being such a lazy, clueless numbskull. You know the old saying about computers? Garbage in, garbage out? Students like the one in this article have been in an “academic” environment that will produce “students” EXACTLY like her. SHE is the net result of decades of deliberate destruction of any kind of REAL academic achievement in students by creating a academic environment devoid of any REAL academic standards. It’s all about loading students (in a Con Game they would be called: The Marks) with massive student loan debt. And the politicians, the Political Whore Class, enable all of this. A good question to ask is, “Why aren’t parents–and students–marching on the State Capitol buildings and DEMANDING reform? I don’t know, but it’s a good question.

  2. Melponeme_k

    I don’t even want to watch that video posted by that girl who thinks someone will hire her after witnessing her gross mismanagement of her time/money.

    The bulk of the joke is on me and every other college student who worked, works and will work hard. It’s pieces of trash like the arrogant twerp in the video who makes all the effort worthless.

    When I think about how I spent all my time in the library studying, petitioning professors for extra credit and fighting with the Department head of my major for fair auditioning practices (he pulled in private vocal students to be in our college productions): I just shake my head and laugh.

    I graduated cum laude and was so proud of myself. It means nothing now since they probably hand out cum laude stamps to everyone at the door.

  3. Lisa

    The STEM classes and degrees aren’t worth that much either these days. My son just got a BS in Computer Science and has been looking, unsuccessfully, for a job since August. He’s in competition with unemployed adults with a degree and job experience. Unless you are a foreigner, computer jobs are hard to get. And the STEM classes at the state university don’t teach you what you need for a job.

  4. Marc

    Fasting and Autophagy – mTOR/ Autophagy

    Hi Elaine
    I have been fasting for 8 days now. Out of desperation- my knee/calf has been sore for the last 6 months and isn’t fixing itself as hoped. With the fast, it is already 75% better. Fasting is the Healing Miracle from The Ice Age.

    “Autophagy is one of the most evolutionarily conserved pathways known to exist, and can be seen in almost all multi-cellular organisms and many single celled organisms. Autophagy refers to the body’s response to a lack of food (fasting) which stimulates a degradation pathway of sub cellular components.

    By digesting its own parts, the cell does two things. First it rids itself of unnecessary proteins that may be damaged or otherwise malfunctioning. Secondly, it recycles those amino acid ‘spare parts’ into new cellular components…..”

  5. Lou

    3—I am in Santa Monica, California. I have heard similar from men who get an AA or BS in programming. The field is over crowded, as they say. Employers can hire those with a year or more of experience in the field.
    ‘There have been lay offs as the jobs shift to Asia.’

    I have read of people with advanced degrees having similar problems.
    A guy with a degree in Chemistry or Chem Engineering was offered a job in China, at low pay.

  6. Lisa

    I don’t know if any of the STEM degrees can get someone a job anymore. More and more it seems all the hype for STEM degrees is just false advertising from the colleges to get more money from people who can’t afford it.

  7. All are correct. Importing labor when we don’t have a labor shortage is what is wrong! BORDERS MATTER! I harp on this constantly.

    My field of study was deliberately annihilated way back in 1974. It was a horrible shock to me and I switched gears like mad to find money that is, I went into rebuilding houses for a living instead of academia.

    Look at academia today! Some of the DUMBEST people are there because everyone with force of will and brains fled long ago.

  8. ziff

    speaking of silly females what do you think of this one ? i think theres a human with a mic. it is connected to wifi ‘n all.

  9. Lou


  10. Lou

    sorry–link didnt work—
    University of Michigan training session used ‘Privileged Identity Exploration Model’

    A two-day professional development conference held recently at the University of Michigan included a training session that aimed to help white employees deal with their “whiteness” so they could become better equipped to fight for social justice causes, according to organizers.

    Participants who took part in the “Conversations on Whiteness” session

  11. Petruchio

    @#7 Elaine: For years, maybe forever, so-called Economists have claimed that Wage Growth is the ONLY factor which causes Inflation. Even that bankster scum Alan Greenspan maintained the Lie about wage growth causes inflation. The most despicable thing about this is that ALL of these whore Economists knew that Wage Growth was NOT the sole cause for Inflation. But Greenspan wanted to be Fed Chairman so he kept up the lies to destroy the American Middle Class. Destroying the Middle Class. THAT was the goal of creeps like Greenspan all along.

  12. Yes, they all lied about deficit spending. And war deficit spending. And a lot of other things of interest.

  13. Christian W

    “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”

    – Chris Hedges

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