EU Goes To War With Warsaw: Germany, France Punishes Poles For No Muslim Policies


EU triggers unprecedented proceedings against Poland, sanctions could follow — RT World News


The real reason for the EU deciding to attack Poland’s bid for some sovereignty is due 100% to the insane push of replacing EU citizens with illegal aliens mainly from Muslim nations.  This overt invasion is destroying Europe which has been self-destructing for quite a while as marriage and having children continues to collapse as it is collapsing in Japan, for example.  Few liberals bother to think about why all this is happening and how suicidal liberalism is, inviting in aliens who hate liberals, for example.  Why are so many people suicidal?  I wonder about that every day.


Virtually none of this important news is front page news in US mainstream media.  The blanket of silence is huge, it grows bigger every day.  I remember eons ago, reading the New York Times to learn news from overseas but today, it is all just pure mush, actual news is shoved aside for endless editorialized ‘stories’ attacking Trump and praising the destruction of all European systems and peoples.  From RT news out of Russia, we learn that the EU is now going to destroy the Polish economy to punish them for voting for some sovereignty:


Earlier this year, protests erupted over the efforts to change the judiciary system. Opposition parties, rights groups, judges’ lobbies, the Council of Europe, the EU Commission, and European countries including Germany and France also said the proposed changes would erode judicial independence by bringing the courts under the direct control of the government.


The judicial system is Europe is collapsing.  The entire reason for it existing is to protect the citizens there and it is a total failure at this job.  When courts refuse to keep common cause with the citizens, it is time to take charge.  No court should exist that doesn’t protect citizens!  That is its job!  The idea that courts exist to keep the peace is one that was thrown out the window some time ago which is why crime is running out of control wherever liberals rule the roost.


Poland and the EU have also clashed over migration, as Warsaw has refused to accept migrants as part of a quota system devised during the European refugee crisis. Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said in November that the decision has resulted in her country being seen as “a country free of terrorism.”


Member states need unity to implement the sanctions, which have already been opposed by Hungary, who promised to veto any such move. Budapest has its own dispute with Brussels over migrant issues, with its PM Viktor Orban being one of the most vocal critics of mandatory migrant quotas. He has warned that quotas would result in “tens of millions” of migrants flocking to Europe.


The liberal leaders in Europe have been rapidly committing suicide.  They want everyone to die with them.  This won’t happen.  Alarmed citizens are now rising up all over the continent, demanding change, demanding protections.  The insane liberal plan of encouraging aliens to invade and destroy is being challenged and about time, time is rapidly running out.


Yesterday, a bunch of mayors in France demanded the government get rid of the millions of angry Muslim males who invaded their towns and cities.  I say, they must begin doing this and to hell with Paris.  Force the Paris globalists to attack mayors of towns!  To arms!  What do real people do when invaded?  They fight back!  I have fought criminals in the past and the government hollered at me to stop but dared not really stop me for what I was doing was very popular with citizens!  Duh!


Defiance builds character!  Here is today’s Daily Mail in London story about Swedish women demanding cops stop rape:

Nowhere in the article or in the speeches by these silly geese, do they mention who is raping whom.  They are demanding the cops stop rape but…not get rid of the army of rapists invited into the country by liberals!  The women who were raped that they are complaining about were up and about at midnight, going about their business as if the country was still safe like 20 years ago.


It is not longer safe, it is highly dangerous to wander about Sweden at night and increasingly, during the day.  This is due to the flood of aliens who hate Swedes and who think raping non-believers is OK.  Not one of these silly women are protesting the existence of people who think raping these same females is legal and indeed, necessary.  Nope, they want a magic fix here.

Yes, Saudi Arabia went to war in Yemen to kill Shia Muslims.  And the Shia who are well known for fighting to the death against Sunni overlords, fight back endlessly.  Now they got rockets and are attacking the palaces of the fat dumpling kings of Saudi Arabia.  I find this all rather funny, actually.  Eventually, someone will kill off that family which is utterly incompetent and corrupt. Speaking about corrupt religious leaders:

And finally, Gandalf has a thing to say about all the females wailing about having to use sex to get jobs in movies:

Yup, as I pointed out before, this is all about making business deals and way too many females think that selling sex is OK until they don’t want it to be OK then it is mean and nasty.  Why they didn’t figure this out when it happened to them pisses me off.  I figured this out immediately by age 17, for crying out loud!  Now forcing sex on teens, that is very bad.


The fact that virtually no females wailed about the casting couch until this year pisses me off.  They are at least 50% responsible for the casting couch existing.  Women all over the earth use sex to jump to the head of the line.  They use their female pheromones to gain advantage.  They dress and act in such a way that they get their own way via sex appeal just like street walkers.


This goes on with gay males and females doing the same thing, too.  Sex rules the brain, we are hardwired for this.  How to fix it?  There is no magic fix.  We could do what Madame Mao did and try to kill sex appeal totally.  Sort of like North Korea. Or we can be adults and realize that sex appeal is a huge motivator in humans and other sentient creatures.



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22 responses to “EU Goes To War With Warsaw: Germany, France Punishes Poles For No Muslim Policies

  1. Sunger

    Elaine said- “The fact that virtually no females wailed about the casting couch until this year pisses me off. ”

    “On July 14, 1956, Picturegoer, a British fan magazine, published the first chapter of an explosive four-part exposé about the casting couch that is simultaneously revelatory and depressing. It reveals that Weinstein’s playbook for allegedly abusing women would have been right at home in the 1950s. It also reveals, not for the first time or the last, the ways that reporters’ internalized biases and tendency to sensationalize can lead them to report a story in the least helpful way possible. And sadly, it reveals how little some things have changed: Between the lines of the article, women are trying desperately to sound an alarm, and no one is listening.”

    “The series was called “The Perils of Show Business,” but it dealt with exactly one peril: men who promised actresses career advancement in exchange for sexual favors. Derek Walker and Tom Hutchinson shared the byline, because women would tell their stories to two men together but would not meet with a reporter alone. As the reporters explained, “experience has taught many of these girls that there is safety in numbers.” What they discovered was an industry in which abuse was commonplace and consequences were nonexistent, as their blunt introduction made clear”

    “Walker and Hutchinson’s first story in the series is filled with on-the-record accounts of horrifying episodes of sexual harassment, told by a variety of actresses who were coming forward to help other women avoid similar abuse.”

  2. Ken

    Realistically, what can the EU do to Poland to force them to allow an invasion of migrants? Poland can just up and leave the EU, and when the EU tries to extort money from them (the way they are doing to the UK), Poland can just say “we won’t pay it.”

    The situation is very different than the one leading up to the American Civil War. In that war, some of the states didn’t like policies which were being forced on them by a central authority, and they just up and left. Instead of just peacfully allowing them to leave, the two sides engaged in a bloody and protracted war, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and general carnage.

    There is zero chance that Poland and the EU will go to war just to keep Poland in the EU. For one thing, the EU has no decent armed forces. Also, Russia would never allow its former ally and fellow slavic nation Poland to be conquered. So force of arms is not an option in this situation.

    Will the other EU nations suddenly stop trading with Poland? Not likely.

    So, the EU is a “paper tiger” and can do nothing to enforce its edicts. Poland should “thumb its nose” at the EU and leave. It would start a stampede for the door for many of the other EU nations.

  3. Petruchio

    Sir Ian McKellen has it right. There are plenty of aactresses and aspiring actresses who will have sex with people if it means career advancement. This is ANOTHER lie the Feminists tell, that these women are poor little victims all the time. Now a true Feminist would say that IF a woman is comfortable trading a Sex for career advancement, she should be free to do this!! What is it the Feminists always say about Abortion? “Our bodies, Our selves.”? It’s really kind of funny how some women can demand Independence on some things and then for other things, such as Sex in Hollywood all of a sudden these women are poor, helpless l’il victims that need protecting. My point here is that IF a woman voluntarily decides to use sex to get acting parts or other kinds of career advancement in Hollywood, that should be perfectly OK with the MSM Fake News presstitutes. My personal opinion is I don’t see anything wrong with sex for career advancement–as long as the woman does it voluntarily. Of course the same thing applies for gay men.

  4. Lou

    o t–Elaine, remember this? The land that was ‘needed’ for Chinese Solar Panels, Reids sons land grabbin hand?

    “LAS VEGAS (AP) — A U.S. judge in Nevada declared a mistrial Wednesday in the case against a states’ rights figure, his two sons and another man accused of leading a 2014 armed standoff with federal agents during a cattle grazing dispute.

    Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro in Las Vegas dismissed a jury seated last month for the long-awaited trial of Cliven Bundy, his sons Ryan and Ammon Bundy and self-styled Montana militia leader Ryan Payne.

    It is the latest in a string of failed prosecutions in Nevada and Oregon against those who have opposed federal control of vast swaths of land in the American West.
    “… Navarro faulted federal prosecutors for failing to turn over all evidence to defense attorneys, including records about the conduct of FBI and Bureau of Land Management agents during the standoff.

    “The government is obligated to disclose all evidence that might be favorable” to the defense, the judge said.”
    I came across the report below independently from the above report, so I don’t know whether this played a part in the trial or not. It should be the subject for a new trial – A wide-ranging criminal case versus BLM and others.

    A 19 page whistleblower statement by a BLM employee, Special Agent, Larry C [“Clint”] Wooten, is a MUST READ if you want to know how these types of cases are officially “handled”. It details about using snipers, a possible Kill Book and bragging as to causing innocent people to commit suicide.

    I felt like I was back in Clinton Territory when I read it, and the allegations are so numerous and atrocious that you have to read it because it can’t logically be repeated to begin to cover everything. I note that the report was addressed to an Andrew D Goldsmith, Associate Deputy Attorney General.

    Click to access Larry%20Wooten%20Communication_77PI.pdf

  5. Lou

    “France overwhelmed by the flow of Muslim migrants”

    “The mayors of seven large French cities have appealed to the national government to save them from the ‘social emergency’ of huge numbers of migrants.

    Local chiefs from Nantes, Lille, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Rennes, Toulouse and Strasbourg wrote an open letter to Parisian officials to beg for relief from the ‘extreme tension’ caused by the arrival [jew IMPORTATION] of people seeking [BENEFITS] a new home.”

    They complain about a ‘massive rise in the demand for asylum’.

    MEANWHILE: The Kalergist’s of the EU continue enforcing the jew’s genocide actions against White’s.
    “The European Union has triggered Article 7 against Poland, a procedure that could result in sanctions targeting [Poland and it’s people].”

  6. Lou

    food fer thought

    Flanders said…

    Jews leaving on a jet plane: Atlanta

    “Late last night a sudden power outage shut down the world’s busiest airport. With the outage leading to both the FAA and Atlanta’s mayor ordering the suspension and grounding of all flights going both in an out of the airport while work was done to restore power.

    And …, “right in the middle of this over 12 hour supposedly complete air traffic shut down, a single plane was mysteriously allowed to leave the airport.”

    “By far the most popular suggestion is that this blackout was part of an operation to discreetly move some W80 variable yield nuclear warheads out of the country, and into the hands of the Israeli’s. The power outage being a necessary part of the ruse to blind nuclear detection devices that are standard at all major airports. The belief being this was all done to discreetly arm our military ally in a region where the current situation is becoming increasingly unstable and hostile.”

  7. ziff

    Trumps wall ,,lol cool , go for a ride , tourist attraction , bulletproof !

  8. Mewswithaview

    Does anyone know about Kay Griggs?

    Ex-military wife who was battered by her husband during their marriage. There is a long interview with her from 1998 on youtube. I have not reviewed it all yet.

  9. DM

    @9 nope. Fake news. Hafta stop believing anything from the bs drip feed

  10. I once gave a lecture on space aliens while on stage (yes, I used to perform on stage many moons ago) and I told the audience I had access to a space alien. Then I took up a mirror and screamed, ‘Aliens!’ Everyone laughed.

    We are the space aliens that is, we went to the moon.

  11. Mewswithaview

    The UFO thing is fake news being pumped by a marketing department to hype the new X-Files TV series in January.

  12. ziff

    from another forum
    ”As UFO reports go, this one is unusually good.

    Many objects were tracked on radar by US Navy ships for two weeks.

    A new object was tracked on radar, and two jets were diverted to look at it.
    Both pilots observed it for several minutes.

    It was observed to affect the ocean below it, which indicates that it was not a mere optical illusion.

    It was recorded on videotape by the cameras on the jets.

    It was seen to maneuver as it rose to a higher altitude.

    Once it was observed to leave the immediate area of the jets, it was picked up again on radar at a nearby location.

    That’s a considerable body of evidence from very credible observers. ””

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m interested but neutral . I agree they r pushing x-files but thats beside the point.

  13. Simple logic tells us any aliens in outer space has near zero chance of stumbling across us due to one simple factor: TIME. If they exist 200 million years prior or after our reign on earth this is a miss. Since space is gigantic, the chances of them stumbling over to our little corner of a smaller galaxy is near impossible and within our galaxy which is around what, 12+billion years old?

    Well, time is against a coincidental encounter of any sort.

  14. ziff

    umm, we do send out signals

  15. Jim R

    We send out signals, but the early episodes of The Honeymooners are just now reaching some of the nearby stars. It’s conceivable that there could be a really old civilization around a dwarf star…

    The universe is really really big, in space and in time, and it has this pesky speed limit. So there could be lots of civilized planets out there, and the probability of stumbling across one, or them stumbling over here, is still low.

  16. Jim R

    As for the UFO footage, I think it’s a distraction. A mostly harmless secret they could publish, and take on a sort of aww-shucks-folksy charm, to not appear to be the boil on the butt of humanity that the MIC really is, and has been for the last half century or more.

  17. ziff

    so what would be a harmfull ufo secret they could publish ?

  18. ziff

    And i forgot to mention , even we can detect other solar systems visually .

  19. Jim R

    A harmful secret (that’s not so secret) is that they were arming and training the militant islamists in Syria, the ones now infesting Paris and Stockholm…

    Or that the stuff Gary Webb wrote about is all true.

    I’m sure there are more harmful secrets. But you’re supposed to forget about all that. The UFO stuff is sort of interesting, but doesn’t lead to any bigger crimes.

  20. When we look at other star systems, we are seeing the dead past. Even when we look at the sun, we are seeing something that happened seven minutes ago, aka, the past.

    Time is cruel. It greatly limits all interstellar contacts. Star Wars is utterly fake. You can’t move from one star system to another or even one planet to another and be in the same time frame. Even traveling at the speed of light which nothing bigger than a photon can do, ahem…HAHAHA…is impossible due to sheer size.

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