More Female Stars Claim ‘He Raped Me Repeatedly’ As They Climbed Hollywood Power Ladder To Stardom


Danny Masterson’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of raping her is the newest sex scandal story whirling out of DNC-dominated Hollywood.  Virtually everyone there was against Trump and all screeched about how he is this sex fiend.  All of Hollywood, male AND female are sex fiends.  They lead fairly miserable lives because they exploit each other ruthlessly and this is why they do what Trump AND Reagan have done: get divorced and remarried in between chasing each other for sex.  Mixed into this mess is black magic: there is a lot of black magic inside Hollywood and the DNC top politicians, too.  I know both of these worlds very much because of my parents who were both born right next door to Hollywood and in the 1940s, were involved in the black magic circle there.  All this is tangled up in the rocket program which the Satanists wanted to control.


Every once and a while, the dark sludge of Hollywood rises to the surface and ordinary people can briefly see it but since the politicians protect it, nothing much happens.  Lately, it is like the Creature of the Black Lagoon and is very much at the surface yet it is not totally at the surface for lying about it continues totally and out of control  I find this both fascinating and stupidly obvious at the same time.


Right now, all the predatory females who are very attracted to power and know how to turn on lust, are whining that powerful men raped them REPEATEDLY.  Yes, that is right: over and over again, like moths to the flame, these females were ‘raped’.

The above picture is one of the females repeatedly ‘raped’.  Note how shy and scared of men she is afterwards….NOT.  I am enraged looking at the two pictures here.  These whores dress themselves sexy to lure men into the Honey Trap between their legs.  They go to great lengths to attract men via this method.


Danny Masterson’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of raping her ‘repeatedly’.


On Wednesday night, actress and model Bobette Riales tweeted that she was raped by the former That 70s Show star whom she dated in 2003 – making her the fifth woman to accuse Masterson of sexual misconduct.


‘I stayed quiet long enough. Danny Masterson repeatedly raped me. All I seek is justice to prevent this from ever happening to anyone else as it has for some time,’ Riales, 36, wrote.


Bixler claimed she reported the rape to the Church of Scientology, but leaders allegedly ignored her.


The Church of Scientology ‘adamantly’ denied her allegation to CNN.


The fake church founded by a Satanist has tangled with me in the past.  Hubbard, who tangled with my mother at the end of WWII when my father was in Germany, went hunting for me in Tucson back in 1968.  I was very much a wild lunatic back then and he heard from the Pasadena coven that I had done an exorcism at the University of Kansas the year before.


I had just come back from Germany when I went with three girlfriends to see Hubbard’s presentation as a joke only to see he was evil immediately.  Being young and crazy, I invited him to a duel at my home and so he and three followers went there with my three friends and we sat down at a table and set up the duel.


Well, the duel was this staring contest, honestly.  And whoever won would get to determine the sex life of the other.  I WON.  I rose up and told him he would never have fun sex again.  He threw a book at me and I dodged it and laughed, being a cruel teenager.  He then ran off.


And it worked.  Hollywood and black magic are intertwined and it is intertwined in my family going way back in time which is why so many infamous Satanists crossed my and my sister’s paths so frequently.  When I was young, this astonished me greatly.  As I learned more and more of this lunacy, I realized how it worked and how, more importantly it BACKFIRES.  It is backfiring right now.


Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath – Wikipedia


Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is a documentary series that investigates the Church of Scientology through the experiences of the American actress Leah Reminiand other former members. She was a follower of Scientology between 1979, when she joined at the age of nine alongside her parents, and 2013, when she left under acrimonious circumstances. She subsequently became an outspoken critic of Scientology and published a bestselling memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, in 2015.


All these goofy Hollywood entities are very much attracted to systems that give them sex and power advantages.  All the females do this as well as the males.  They are presented with two doors: good or evil.  The evil door gives them power and sex and the good door makes them work hard and be honest.


It never ceases to surprise me that some people pick the ‘work hard and be honest’ door.  But all too many opt for the other door.  Ron wasn’t going to rape me that night, he wanted to emotionally enslave me and I wanted to clip his wings.  He didn’t realize my desire to stop him was infinitely greater.


I have hobnobbed with more than one famous movie/media male in my life.  Quite a few, in fact and always, even while I am sitting in a Manhattan restaurant with someone desirable, young fluttery ladies wearing sexy garb would come dancing up to attract my companion’s eyes and google all over him.  This is greatly flattering and hard for a man to resist.


These females would slither on their bellies to gain access to high status males if this would work.  Men sense this, they evolved to sense this very highly.  One science fiction writer who I will not name, even wrote a character in one of his novels who is raped by a space alien (she kills the alien) and gave the book to me with a smirk.  I laughed and it didn’t work for him but we had a fine laugh.


It is ridiculously easy for females and attractive males to get attention in Hollywood and similar systems.  They are always looking for new fodder, after all.  As one ages, if one doesn’t gain huge status points, one is cast aside brutally which is why suicide and destruction from drugs is so common there.  This cruelty bothers me but then, there are plenty of warning signs which are studiously ignored.


One of the easiest doors to hell is the Scientology system: there is this endless supply of naive, power hungry, desperate youths pouring in so they can become movie stars.  They usually are used as raw mule power workers or extras in shows.  A very few are chosen to be stars and then the media machine grinds into action and focuses on them all and they became mentally ill icons and movie fake heroes and then become increasingly cruel or all to pieces.


All our media systems are now heavily infected with power hungry, hate filled humans who make stories and entertainments that are increasingly insane, populated by ‘heroes’ who are indestructible god machines that mostly destroy everything, both the good and evil ones always fight in the middle of Manhattan or LA or London and wreck the place.


Sex and power go hand in glove, this is due to evolution.  Apes don’t mate for life, all apes want sex with whoever is the best male, all males will have this desire but only select ones win.  All females even the ‘ugliest’ can get a male, but not the reverse.  There is significant competition for access to females who are very attracted to stronger males.


The sewer of Hollywood and other systems will never be ‘cleaned up’ with these many layered scandals because…this is how all human systems operate: the power people at the top get all the sex access.  Nothing will change this reality.  Frankly, after this upheaval, men will be more careful about accessing females again. Right now, everyone is out of control, male and female.



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29 responses to “More Female Stars Claim ‘He Raped Me Repeatedly’ As They Climbed Hollywood Power Ladder To Stardom

  1. Melponeme_k

    Hollywood needs the black magic to sell their Adam Kadmon atrocities. They are the MAIN INGREDIENT of the black magic. These people are ritually raped and this is required of them.

    So all the cries of being abused are crocodile tears and a set up to divert attention away from the systemic abuse of children.

    The pics of the “women” you posted are men. Women don’t have adonis belts. Women do not have collar bones that stick out. Women have subcutaneous fat layers that give the appearance of child birthing health even if the female is starving. Bones that stick out are a male feature.

    And I’m not against transgender people or transvestites. I am AGAINST LIARS! If all these people came forward and were honest with what they were, no one would care. They may not pay to watch them act on screen, but no one would be angry at them for lying either. However since the magic is all about inversion and hiding, well they will never come forward. Not until the masses go insane and pull up their skirts.

    Actually it won’t be the regular masses. It will be Muslim barbarians now being flooded into first world countries.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Incidentally, the Danny Masterson mess is a black magic ritual in itself.

    Find the trannies and you’ll find the psyop. EVERY TIME.

    Run all the names through a numerology calculator. You’ll see.

    Look at all the numbers listed and the name calculations, 5, 7, 9, 11 numbers abound. A FreeMoron psych out if there ever was one.

  3. Sunger

    “Run all the names through a numerology calculator. You’ll see.”


  4. Lou

    I had done an exorcism at the University of Kansas the year before.

    Elaine believes in Demons and possession, but not aliens.

  5. Oguy

    Humans invoking and supplicating non-material entities and powers so that the aforesaid humans can more successfully fulfill their most basic primate urges. If you ignore the collateral damage, this is perversely amusing. Just as amusing is how this monkey theater of Hollywood and the like is represented as somehow being glamorous.

    I’m reminded here of the old TV show, “Let’s Make a Deal”, wherein the audience members would make themselves appear as ridiculous as possible to attract the attention of the host and possibly win some kind of booby prize (maybe a refrigerator or a dishwasher). I’m sure the producers of the show had a great time laughing at all the proles who would show up to participate in this silly spectacle and compete to make small-time asses of themselves, while the question of who are the bigger asses, the buyers or the sellers, completely eluded them. Or maybe I’m the one who was missing the joke, because “Let’s Make a Deal” was in fact an allegorical parody of Hollywood itself.

    By the way, why does the spell checker on this site prefer British spelling (e.g. “fulfil”, “theatre” and “glamourous” rather than their American spellings above)? Not that either is inherently better than the other– British elegance vs. American straightforwardness– but simple demographics would seem to favor (not favour) the latter.

  6. Petruchio

    I have to admit it. For most of these “Hollywood” wannabes, I don’t feel a lot of sympathy. It doesn’t take long to figure out the score in the Acting biz if you’re a hot looking female. I mean, guys have been wanting to get into women’s pants since Adam and Eve. Now IF a woman stays in town pursuing acting work, imho she has no right to complain. Just because some Romeo talks you into sex and THEN doesn’t get you acting work does NOT justify screaming RAPE!! Now. Women like that do serious damage to women who actually ARE victimized by males.

  7. Petruchio

    I like Leah Remini. She reminds me of me (although I’m much better looking than she is!!). She used to be a scientologist. I used to be brainwashed idiot Republican. Now we BOTH like to rip onto our former masters. I was watching her show the other day and Pow!! it hit me. She’s like me, a former idiot who finally Saw the Light. Well Praise the Lord.

  8. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Oguy’s comment above:

    “By the way, why does the spell checker on this site prefer British spelling (e.g. “fulfil”, “theatre” and “glamourous” rather than their American spellings above)?”

    The current time of 11:45 AND the time-stamp of this article:

    December 21, 2017 · 12:32 pm

    Lead me to ask the question – why are your articles always THREE hours AHEAD of EST Eastern Standard Time?

    Or better asked – where is your WEBSite Server located – in Great Britain or the British territories of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, which are exactly 3 hours ahead of New York EST?

    If so, are they sponsoring your particular view of the world?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


  9. Oguy

    PFO– It’s MI6 dropping a clue to the uninitiated among us. I believe one or more of the commenters here alluded to the fact that the “elite” believes it can be relieved of any painful consequences if it pre-announces its intentions (generally in somewhat cryptic fashion so as not to appear too transparent) to those whom it wishes to exploit. Whatever this “belief” might entail, it appears to ignore the reality that the energy of intention itself possesses causal efficacy as soon as that energy is set into motion. Thus, it wishfully assumes that this vector of energy, when accompanied by the proper ceremonial abracadabra, will fail to provoke an equal and opposite reaction in a world such as this one, whose very architecture is based on that same opposition. Even more amusingly, it ignores or wishes away the zero’th law of thermodynamics, which is that of unintended consequences.

    Sorry for the digression, and back to the backdoor on the web server. Irish eyes may be smiling, but British eyes are watching. Beware.

  10. Melponeme_k


    There are NO HOT FEMALES in Hollywood. But if you like Hot SheMales, well then they have those in great supply.

    They won’t hire a real beautiful female, it would turn all the shemales into the horse face faker liars that they all are in real life.

  11. Melponeme_k

    Every single one of these stories is a laugh out fake.

    Catch Phrases

    “It Happened So Fast” = 7 in gematria

    “Your story was one of empowerment!” = 7 in gematria

    Those phrases aren’t happenstance. They are chosen for a reason. Yeah, it’s funny, silly and bizarre. But you have to realize ALL of Hollywood and our power Elites are funny, silly and bizarre. Not to mention fundamentalists for the Satanic religion.

    Believe me, as insane as it is, they are sitting around and adding up the numbers to every word they utter. Talk about delusional.

  12. Mewswithaview

    Eric Schmidt of politically correct Google getting out while the going is good.

    According to New York Post, some sources have reported that Schmidt’s resignation is due to his reported philandering. However, no proof that this is the case has emerged.

  13. This is a classic witch hunt and is backfiring the same way as all previous witch hunts. About women being men and men being women etc: this sort of thing is due to it being the Roman Empire all over again.

    My distant ancestors were all very powerful males who used brute force to keep in power. In times of difficulty, this sort of male always rises to the surface.

  14. Lou

    Elaine, with regard to #13, what do you think of numerology and Kaballists interest in it?

  15. Petruchio

    @#10 Mel: You mean to tell me Jessica Biel and Blake Lively are she-males? Really? I’m not so sure about that. I’m the best Talent Scout in the Universe and those two chicas look like women to me. And I could name others. Just sayin’….

  16. Melponeme_k


    If they put breasts on a pig would you think it was a woman?

    Man, as Mag on Youtube would say, you’ve been sleeping on it all day.

    Check out Mr. Biel and Mr. Lively. Their hips are SMALLER than their shoulder width. They have HUGE skulls. It is MEN WHO HAVE BIG SKULLS! Why? Because they developed to expend more brain power in hunting and fighting one another for land and women. Look at the jawlines. Only men have big mouths and big jaws. BIG EARS. Short LEGS. Why because men have LONG Torsos and SHORT powerful legs. That is why they push high heels to hide the Trans.

    Did you check out the Adam’s apples in their necks? They both tried to shave them down but at some angles you can still see them.

    You need to study the skeletal structures of men and women. These cannot be changed. Otherwise Anthropologists and Forensic crime units would not be able to identify human remains. Just Sayin’ Ya kno?

    Latest reveal

  17. ziff

    hey a new inerweb cult ! THE TRANSPOCALYPSE !! lol u r nuts

  18. Melponeme_k


    I’m glad to be nuts. I can see the FTM’s that Hollywack tries to push on me as hot men. Bradley Cooper always made me want to run out of the room screaming in disgust. Now I know why, Cooper is a woman.

    You, however, are still fapping to Mr. Lawrence’s adam’s apple. “She” is still packing heat so if you are curious about the back door…well then, Trannifer is your woman. It’s why she is famous, ya kno wha I’m sayin?


  19. ziff

    so how did these dolly birds get past the casting couch test ?

  20. ziff

    Hey mel , time for some porn


    some man eh ? theres some nude shots arounf too

  21. ziff

    ya kno wha I’m sayin?

  22. melponeme_k


    1) All the Hollywood honchos are Satanists.

    I don’t think you have been paying attention to what has been written here. They believe Anal sex is one very easy key to magical power especially when the sex is with a male. Movie stars generate personal power through icon worship by the masses. When the ones in charge tap that, it feeds through to them.

    The casting couch or ritual sex is the same whether the person is male, female or transgender.

    2) None of those leaks are real just like the sexual harassment lies. They do this to further sell the idea that the transmen are real women. It is also a black magic shaming/humiliation ritual. Along the lines of the Skull and Bones people making their converts lie in coffins and tell everyone about their sexuality.

    Also the nude scenes you see in film are body doubles of real women. Then they just CGI the tranny heads on top. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “leak” was professional.

    Please use your brain. Ya kno?

  23. ziff

    ”’The casting couch or ritual sex is the same whether the person is male, female or transgender. ”’ lol ! if the girl gotta dick ,,, yuck ,Ya kno? sheeech !

  24. Petruchio

    Mel_K: OK, I’ll bite. Where/How do you get your information on Hollywood She-Males? Is there some kind of employment history in your background where you got to see this in person? Maybe you don’t want to give details that might reveal your ID, but how about some info in general that gives me an idea of your Source for this information on people like Jessica Biel and Blake Lively being She-Males. And Mel, we men might have bigger brains than you women, but women seem to be able to trick us poor gullible males since Adam and Eve were around.

  25. Lou

    Jay/“BBC urged to remove sculpture of naked boy from outside Broadcasting House because creator raped his daughters”

  26. Much Roman art was obscene, too. Deliberately and openly, too! The Greeks started this with the naked statues. The ‘nude’ was birthed in Athens, specifically, around 500 BC.

    It was Apollo, to be specific. Nude ladies came much later. The history of the nude is very interesting, I wrote about this in the past.

    The first male nudes were drawn on rocks by prehistoric men. They all had huge penises. And were shown mainly hunting animals.

  27. melponeme_k


    All you need to do is study the obvious markers between male and female skeletons.

    Click to access Skeleton_male_or_female.pdf

    You have to be careful though where you pull the information. Mainstream sites are actively changing or hiding information because people are noticing the elite Satanic Transgenders.

    If you want further proof read the books by NWO Satanists, Arthur Koestler or even Jonas Salk. Both of them outright admit that they want to destroy the genders. Both of them admit to wanting to use chemicals in food and water to destroy men especially. The Rockefeller family have openly admitted to funding all these endeavors and more besides.

    Go to the Woo Woo section of your bookstore and pick up The Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky (The inspiration for the UN!), she states that genders will disappear.

    As much as you would like to think, I’m not making up this insanity.

    Movies, music plus any kind of performance is or can be a magic ritual. That is why rituals are built into films and other acts. These rituals gain power as people watch them. The power transfers to the object, in this case the transgender icons. The icons are then anally raped to pull that power from them. Again MEN are easy to access for their magical power. Their power resides in the lowest chakra. That is why the “female” stars are more important. That is why the “female” stars are all men.

    Women’s power cannot be accessed because the power resides further into the body, in the uterus not the lower chakra.

    Children are open conduits because they have no barriers inside. What makes us deeply love our children (their ability to love openly, their feral wildness, their simple but sure way of seeing the world) is what the Satanists use to enslave us all through black magic ritual.

  28. ziff

    eh ? your link bears no relation to what you are saying , ie only men have broad shoulders , which is observably untrue in any crowd of people.

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