Google And Liberal US Mainstream News Deliberately Hide Impending Super Killer Cold Waves

This is my Christmas holiday forecast: severe, extreme cold, wind and only one day with sunshine so my passive solar system that heats the house will be operational.  This is extremely dangerous weather!  People will die if not protected!  And…warnings about it virtually don’t exist.  The NY Time front page, for example, has zero warnings.  The global warming scam has trained liberals to lie about the weather.  They cannot admit it isn’t getting hotter and hotter.  Except maybe in California or rather, Southern California!  This refusal to tell us about grave danger infects all liberal news systems now, terrorists or cold weather: these are verboten topics.


Google is run entirely by Californian liberal retards.  Their ideology is so intense, they will go to great lengths to cover up or hide information that they deem is ‘bad for the cause’ and one of their very tippy top causes is the fake hysteria over ‘global warming’.


These lunatics seriously want us to not know the weather if it contradicts their global warming fake news they spew daily.  I decided to test Google to see if they are deliberately screwing with the algorithms to hide news about severe cold.  I used a general term to capture the maximum number of links and got this:

One story was from today and the Midwest.  All the others were old stories.  One was this story from today:

This is from my birthplace, Wisconsin.  It can get wickedly cold there.  When I was very little, we kids who walked to school were struck by a blizzard…yes, they sent little kids out in a blizzard!  A kindly farmer lady took us in and called our parents who couldn’t get us until the storm ended and she was a wonderful cook and babysitter for me, I still remember Mrs. Anderson!


This coming week will have extremely dangerous weather including blizzards!  More than one blizzard!  I would imagine, in a sane world, this would be huge news to warn people.  It is not.  I suppose TV announcers might talk about this, I hope they aren’t that insane!  But the print media is insane and pretty much useless for real news at this point.  Another Google search, hoping to land more information and failing:

Using ‘dangerous severe cold forecast’ brought up one news story out of Denver, CO.  All the other stories were from more than a week ago.  I did another search, changing the words slightly:  

Again, I got only one story from this week!  I clicked on the ‘News’ icon hoping to get more and did not.  Not at all!  Another try, I was much more specific hoping to capture more than one story:

NOTHING!  That is, no warnings of everyone in the Midwest and Northeast about the impending extreme severe cold that will be record setting this December, this is cold for January, and we had snow last AUGUST in the mountains here at my own house on the mountain and that didn’t make news and my neighbors and all of us here in the homestead panicked and began preparing for extreme cold as fast as we could back then and we have had unusual cold spells for the last six months so far with more to come, much worse to come.


The one story that used the proper words like ‘PUMMET’ to describe the looming severe cold was…the Daily Express in England of all places!  And it is talking about how this cold will be in England, not the US.  Where are our weather forecasts?  I have been complaining increasingly this last several years as things get colder and colder.


Here is what happens when I search ‘global warming’:  a spate of news from the last 24 hours about how we are going to roast to death!

The lunatic mania for freaking out about ‘global warming’ has led to open lying about basic weather/climate facts including the fact that ice in Greenland and Antarctica is growing and the fact that Siberia and Alaska have less cold and less snow than Canada and Northern Europe during all Ice Ages and thus, warmer weather in those two places don’t warn us about impending cold…all this is hidden deliberately and maliciously.


The obvious fact that animals and humans were able to waltz across Siberia and into Alaska and all the way down the West Coast to South America…this should alarm everyone.  It is never, ever colder in Siberia nor Alaska when the world temperature drops by say, 14 degrees.  It infuriates me when so-called ‘climate scientists’ point to Alaska being warmer than normal as a sign of global warming.  It most certainly is not.


I have said before, the key is Hudson Bay: if the ice doesn’t melt in summer, we are in very deep trouble!  I hope all my readers have a happy holiday this week, I won’t.  I have been sick with bronchitis and am not looking forward to severe cold, no way.


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30 responses to “Google And Liberal US Mainstream News Deliberately Hide Impending Super Killer Cold Waves

  1. melponeme_k

    If Siberia and Alaska hadn’t been temperate zones and escape holes for humans during the last Ice Age, neither I or any other American Native would be in this country.

    Most of the animals wouldn’t be here either.

    Simple common sense conclusion.

  2. Mewswithaview

    This is usually the time of year the WMO puts out it’s “warmest year eva'” propaganda and sure enough

    World Meteorological Org.: Arctic Warming Appears Irreversible

  3. Sunger

    elaine said- “Google is run entirely by Californian liberal retards. Their ideology is so intense, they will go to great lengths to cover up or hide information that they deem is ‘bad for the cause’ and one of their very tippy top causes is the fake hysteria over ‘global warming’.”


    5 GACK!s for lying and hate-mongering

    Also no evidence on these claims of doctored science.

    And since when did any climate scientist EVER say that global warming would eliminate all cold weather?

  4. Mewswithaview

    More cosmic radiation getting through to earth due to weaker solar activity means less clouds which means less rain and cooler temperatures as there is less water vapour in the atmosphere to keep the temperatures up near the surface.

    Cosmic Rays-Climate Link Found –

  5. Mewswithaview

    Neil deGrasse’ claims that weather forecasting is unpredictable at 10 days out and goes on to make the claim that climate is predicable and further that the ocean temperatures are warmer.

    The claim that climate is predicable is wrong and all attempts at predicting average temperature over the past few decades have been massively incorrect. In addition neither ocean temperatures (SST) nor sea levels have risen by any measurable degree (beyond 2 standard deviations) over the past two decades. All deviations measured fall within the margin of error (error bars) which is something you will find discussed in credible science papers, but is by in large not mentioned by people promoting global doom.

    There is a limit to how many links I can put in this post so I’m not going to be able to add them here. I will however add a link to arguments that question the climate doom consensus. PS. I know they are by David Friedman, please don’t hate me Elaine 😉

  6. Lou

    8— De Grasse, a joke. Like un science guy, Billy Nye.

  7. melponeme_k

    Neil De Grasse is a Hypatia lover who pushes gnosticism as science. He takes his cues from Blavatsky.

  8. Lou

    35 degrees F in Los Angeles!
    Any colder and people can freeze to death.

    Google is run entirely by Californian liberal retards. —Almost all media is owned /run by Jews.

    Yes, Wisconsin and other states nearby are ‘worse than Canadian cold’ from what I hear.

  9. Petruchio

    Off topic, but it happened in the past week or two o I think it bears mentioning here. It of course is Christmas for politicians too. An article (front page, no less) in the Minneapolis paper reads, “City Council Members give Themselves a Raise”. It just so happens that these Mpls City Council members gave themselves a $10,000 pay raise. And like the cowards and lowlifes they are, an outgoing member of the Council put HER name on the proposal. Somebody had to do the deed, so they picked someone who is headed out the door. Mpls City Council Members are now going to be making around $125,000 per year. I wonder if they snuck in additional ‘bennies’ into this pay raise, such as a better pension benefit. Probably. Well, Merry Christmas to them! I wish I could give myself a $10,000 a year pay raise.

  10. Lou

    10– Hypatia lover??
    who pushes gnosticism ??
    He takes his cues from Blavatsky/ Was MB a good gal or a satanist or?
    Please explain, thanks.

  11. Oguy

    After however many years of the climate change debate, I’m still not sure which end is really up. Maybe someone truly knowledgeable about computer modeling could let me know how any such method can make even generally accurate long-term forecasts regarding such a multidetermined phenomenon as weather or climate, where even the individual determinants appear to display strong characteristics of randomness. And that’s, s not even to speak of how the issue of climate change has become a political football– e.g. if you believe in most “liberal” causes, you’re likely to believe in the conventional interpretation of “climate change”, and if you generally lean “conservative”, you’re more likely not to. that, of course, is quite aside from whether ideoloigical preference has any reality-based connection with whether or not climate change (or anything else) is a objective and empirical fact. And of course, there’s the widespread corruption of scientific research as a tool of deep pockets and their political agendas.

    So who are the experts in whom I can place my trust?

    As an aside, I remember reading about a study conducted at the University of London some years back. This study amassed a series of predictions made by various scholars and acknowledged experts in a wide variety of fields. What the study concluded from the data is that those predictions which were made by individuals who were generally acknowledged to be experts in their respective fields were less likely to be accurate than the predictions made by lesser-knowns. Draw your own conclusions.

  12. Mewswithaview

    Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) aka Climate Change is a religion that derives its imprimatur from the results of scientific research and empirical data that can be tailored to suit the bias of its followers while inconvenient data points and unknowns are ignored. It is the modern day equivalent of buying indulgences from the Catholic church allowing you to buy your way into heaven while turning a blind eye to and continuing to sin.

    I like to categorise the groups behind it it different shades of green.

    Dark green – These are the advocate of eugenics, population control, club of Rome and Marxist types who see this are a way to enforce their vision of utopia on the population of the world. i.e. a vastly reduced population with themselves at the top.

    Dollar green – These are the politicians and celebrities, government bureaus and corporations that derive financial benefit through subsidies from the green washing that goes on.

    Light green – These are the majority who want a clean environment in their locality, but they don’t really care about the environment as they drink coffee from their Styrofoam cups. They are not being malicious and they are regular people like ourselves, they are the primary targets of the green washing consensus.

  13. Oguy

    Good categorization, Mews– thanks. How would you color-code the levels occupied by the opposing side? Or would you?

    I too often get the sense that CAGW is a pile of politicized rubbish, but (in accordance with the logic of “just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me”) I’m still willing to be persuaded otherwise if the evidence warrants.

    Nonetheless, the burden of proof rests with those advancing the theory, and I continue to find myself less than convinced, especially regarding the “CA” part of CAGW, which could hardly be a better foil for self-important drama queens.

  14. melponeme_k


    I linked to this youtube series already, It explores the occult symbolism that the elites use to bamboozle us.

  15. ziff

    well it seems the mysteries of the univierse have been solved for millenia , by OCCULT SCIENCE !

    who knew ? well good for them , just trying to figure it out , our job after all , one mans guess is as good as another.

    anyway i think i see where Mel is coming from but somehow i don’t see ol george Bush really getting into it , is this stuff hidden or just antique ?

  16. ziff

    A great pleasure now we can hear him ,

    but he and Einstein just wasting their time instead of studying ‘ occult science ‘ !

  17. Mewswithaview

    I used the color designation since everyone who believes in CAGW describes themselves as green and its a useful means to distinguish between the groups of people who belief in global warming. The word belief is apt since if asked some basic questions about the science behind the consensus such as how plants gain mass (the role of C02 in photosynthesis) and C02 radiative forcing their eyes glaze over. If you believe C02 is the driver of global warming then shouldn’t you know how and why this is especially since this is hyped daily in the media and public education.

    The people pushing this narrative know that most people have busy lives and very few will make the effort to satisfy themselves that what they are being told is the truth and will instead rely on public consensus that “experts say” or “97% of scientists agree” man made CO2 is the cause of the problem. You can dig further and ask them to point to a scientist or journal they have read that can help you understand the problem as they came to understand it and most of them can’t (on either side of the debate). Fair enough you go to a doctor you are paying him for his expertise to help make you better, but if you are not getting better after following his advise then wouldn’t you go get a second opinion? And after 30 years pushing the same line about climate change by experts with no measurable change in the outcome in climate beyond natural variability isn’t about time we got a second opinion?

    The problem is when you start digging into this you realise that even if you accept the hypothesis that man made CO2 causing global warming is correct you are left with more questions than answers, such as how much of these changes are determined by natural cycles? What is the ideal level of C02 in the atmosphere? Is having a static temperature really beneficial to life on Earth? What caused the ices ages? Why did the ice ages end? and so on. CO2 causing climate change is very unsatisfactory as an answer once your knowledge of the subject expands.

    The other aspect of this is the use of the term “climate deniers”. This phrase is used to generate friction because they know most people will try avoid conflict and go along with the consensus build up over the past few decades, thus the real targets are not the skeptics but the people who currently “believe” in global warming. They intimidate the light green followers of the carbon cult by making an example of the people who don’t tow the line, people see the friction generated and are kept in check. The problem they increasingly have is that the skeptics are generally more knowledgeable and engaged on the subject of climate change than the passive light green followers and this well able to fight their corner.

  18. Oguy

    So, Mews, we might then categorize the various types of climate “deniers” and “skeptics” as follows, borrowing somewhat from your own earlier taxonomy of the carbon cult:

    (1) Knowledgeable skeptics, such as yourself, who can present an informed and credible counterargument in response to just about any pro-CAGW assertion.

    (2) The dyed-in-the-wool, “ain’t movin’ an inch” conservatives, for whom any word uttered by a liberal is ipso facto untrue, most likely a conscious attempt to deceive, and quite possibly inspired by ol’Beezelbub himself.

    (3) The Chamber of Commerce types, for whom there is no greater moral and practical truth than Industrial Capitalism (as currently practiced and defined by those who benefit from it most). So why should a Great Truth be challenged by a lesser one, even if the lesser one may have some marginal merit? Especially when it comes to matters of faith.

    (4) The pragmatists, who may or may not have seen through most of the smoke surrounding the issue, but who conclude, not unjustifiably, that even if the CAGW argument turned out to be generally valid, there’s not enough popular or political will to do anything substantive about the matter anyway. What, trading carbon credits?

  19. As we slide hideously into one of the coldest winters in 30 years and no major volcanic eruption to blame for this, ALL belief in ‘global warming’ will collapse very quickly.

    It will be below zero all week here on my mountain!!!

    THE HIGH this week on two days will be two or three degrees!!!

    This is very, very cold and will set records. IT SNOWED IN AUGUST HERE!!!!

    That is very highly unusual and my neighbors and my family here worked long and hard to prepare for an ugly, very cold winter and it is now hammering us.

    I live where glaciers were a mile thick during Ice Ages! We are the ones to notice climate change for colder than anyone else on earth. This is highly alarming and anyone howling about global warming this month will probably be beaten senseless by snowballs.

  20. CK

    Merry Christmas to all.

  21. Lou

    IT SNOWED IN AUGUST HERE!!!!–Gosh. Farmers must be unhappy.

    48 degrees in LA, up from 35.

  22. Lou

    Cold weather news, see Drudge, lots of good links.

  23. Lou

    Geoengineering.–The Economist gives a full page,

  24. Mewswithaview

    CDC Flu Update: H3N2 Viruses Continue to Predominate –

    For people interested in Climate Change there may be a correlation between low sea-surface temperatures (SST) in the Pacific ocean near the Equator and global flu pandemics. The most notable years for Flu being 1918, 1957, 1968 and 2009.

    Look for the article on livescience titled “Flu Pandemics Linked to Ocean’s Cooling Cycle”

  25. Mewswithaview: you are correct and I am going to talk about this today, later. The oceans are very cold now, this is a full blown La Nina.

  26. Lou

    California is cold.

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