SPLC, Rolling In Soros Dough, Attack Christmas As Fascist

I was sickened to learn that the organization I once admired years ago is now a crazy gang of lunatic liberals who hate humans.  Their latest foray into ‘seeking devils’ has caused to be call ANYONE using the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘#Christmas’ as HATE SPEECH.  What are these guys, anyway?  Terrorists?


Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Hate Tracker’ Picks Up #Christmas as Trending Hashtag


The Southern Poverty Law Center is tracking the hashtags #Christmas, #MerryChristmas, #Jesus, and #ChristmasEve, as part of “trends in a community of far-right Twitter users.”

According to the SPLC, its “hate tracker” tracks accounts that represent a “range of extremists,” from “conspiratorial fringes of mainstream conservatism to outright white supremacists.”


Next, they will forbid Santas in malls because they are from the North Pole and not Nigeria.  These Scrooges got a huge bonus from Soros recently and are rolling in dough which they are using to attack citizens.


Now they are a hate group who hate Christians!  Do they have any idea of the hellish problems they are stirring up?  Google hates Christmas, too, and refused to celebrate it at their website until the last minute showing penguins etc. with no mention of the religious holiday.


This hate will bite back, hard.  Across Europe, Muslims are demanding the removal of all Christian signs and symbols while they pray en mass in public, themselves, and erect mosques with Muslim symbols on them.


Totally blind to this, the liberals enable the invaders who intend to take over Europe and crush all other religions including other forms of Muslim sects.


This Muslim terrorist attacked at the Christmas period seeking to kill as many infidels as possible.  The left isn’t upset about this, they constantly claim there are no Muslim terrorists attacking Christians.

This mass terror attack happened in Egypt this week, too.  The Muslims in Europe and the US hope to have such mobs in the future, too.  Meanwhile, in the US, a gang of aliens took over the Speaker of the House’s office to lay on the floor and chant about how they have a right to invade the US and do as they please or else.

Deport them all.  I was deported once!  People forget, this deportation thingie has been going on for all our lives!  The cheek of law breaking aliens demanding we keep them here is INSANE.  Sheesh!


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19 responses to “SPLC, Rolling In Soros Dough, Attack Christmas As Fascist

  1. ziff

    One thing that sickens me is the decline of the New yorker mag. It was once the reference point for people of some ambition and intelligence [like my father] and a reliable viewpoint on things artistic. It was leading edge in a literal sense as hot topiics would appear there first before being picked up by MSM . It may still have that role !![please note] which is scary as it is now an unreadable hate screed against Trump and a student of post -modern marxism.

  2. Petruchio

    “Now they are a hate group who hate Christians! ” They always were a hate group, it’s just that the mask is coming off. Groups like SPLC are either desperate or they don’t need to use a disguise anymore.

  3. Jim R

    This has to be close to the end of all this nonsense.

    They aren’t even pretending to be sane any more.

  4. Lou

    ‘the organization I once admired’ –only because you were younger. See,
    I Ching, Youthful Folly.

    SPLC was always a jews hate us group, yes?

  5. Lou

    This hate will bite back, hard.
    It may already be too late for Yt [Whitey].

    Be glad you are old and ‘near the end of your run.’

  6. Sunger

    No need for comment.

    Elaine said- “I was sickened to learn that the organization I once admired years ago is now a crazy gang of lunatic liberals who hate humans.”

    Elaine said-” Google hates Christmas, too, and refused to celebrate it at their website until the last minute showing penguins etc. with no mention of the religious holiday.”

    Elaine said- “Next, they will forbid Santas in malls because they are from the North Pole and not Nigeria.”

  7. Oguy

    Yes, religion can become crude, simplistic and distorted, as can secular ideologies. Elaine’s article above, together with the following comments, provides plenty of evidence.

    I too lament what happened with the New Yorker– ziff nailed it perfectly– while the SPLC has either become a grotesque caricature of its former self or just taken its mask off, as Petruchio indicates– I’m not sure which.

    Maybe what many of us see as a particular agenda overplaying its hand is viewed as necessary by its main proponents, because no subtler or more nuanced message (the kind that an intelligent and perceptive audience would generally find more persuasive) is going to reigister with their target demographic. But that’s merely speculative. A simpler explanation is that if pushing a particular agenda is who you are and what you do, it’s hard to stop. We’ll see where it all leads.

  8. Sunger

    Oh, I forgot……..

    Happy Holidays, Elaine!

  9. Lou

    Elaine, what about Mc Cain and Hillarys boots?

  10. Floridasandy

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year’s everyone

  11. I spent this holiday sick. And it is very bitter cold now, will have highs of only 2 or 4 degrees above zero during the day and way below in the cellar at night, so much for ‘global warming’. 😦

  12. Lou

    I can feel for you. Years back you posted a ‘Here I am shoveling out from the blizzard’ photo.

  13. Every night is going to be below zero. So much for we are all going to ROAST to death. I wish I could seize all the global warmists in California and force them to shovel snow this week while wearing swim suits and sandals.

  14. Lou

    drudge–links there–
    Record -36° in Minnesota…
    Temps 30° BELOW normal…
    Some of most extreme cold ‘ever observed’ in central Missouri…
    Arctic Blast: Canada…
    Siberia, Antarctica Warmer Than NH…
    UPDATE: Erie, PA pummeled by record 5 feet of snow…

  15. Bitter, record cold here. I have all systems going to stay warm. I hope the grid can survive this, I fear failure. It is so very, very cold right now.

  16. Seraphim

    Who wants to replace the Christmas trees and creches with the Menorah? Christmas with Hanukkah?
    Yes you guessed:

    In Orthodox Judaism Christmas Eve is an accursed night which Talmudic and Kabalistic rabbis refer to as Nittel Nacht (“Nittel Night”). “Nitel Nacht is the eve of the non-Jewish holiday celebrating the birth of the Nazarene (Divrei Yatziv O.C. 2 240:1).

    ” How Hasidic Jews ‘Celebrate’ Christmas”, By Shahar Ilan, Haaretz

    “On Nittel Nacht – otherwise known to the world as Christmas Eve – Hasidic Jews believe that evil inclinations are at full force. On this night, Hasidim believe, the kelipot – vessels, or manifestation of evil forces – become stronger. Sefer Haminhagim (The Book of Customs) teaches that most heretics who abandoned their faith and converted from Judaism were born after illegal coupling on the first Christian’s birthday.
    “Some rebbes used to mark the gentile holiday by ripping up toilet paper for every Shabbat (Sabbath) for the rest of the year. This was not just a simple show of contempt for those who believe in the Holy Trinity – it was a serious show of contempt. The books of the kabbalah treat Christianity as waste detached from the nation of Israel.
    “Remembering to hate the goy…on the night (Christmas Eve) in which the powers of evil are strengthening….The Nittel Nacht is a night of remembrance of the persecution of the Jews by the Christians and the night in which it is remembered to hate them… (the Christians).”

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