Bannon/Trump Feud Will Destroy Breitbart

(9) Gavin McInnes on the INSANITY of the Bannon-Trump feud! – YouTube


It appears that Bannon, an innocent babe in the woods when it comes to the Dark Arts of DC, he was conned by Wolff who is a clever man who plays all sorts of games and is capable of lying.  Bannon’s mistake was (and this is VERY common) he let Wolff into the White House many times and when Wolff petted him and praised him, Bannon let the writer lead him about by the nose and this is why bringing in naive outsiders into politics is highly dangerous.  They have no idea how the Real Systems operates.


Breitbart, the website run by Bannon and his buddies, is teetering on the edge of collapse due to Bannon’s mistakes, his constantly changing stories, his childish reactions to news stories, etc.  One has to be a cynic to operate in DC because it is populated with starving sharks parading as humans.


Wolff has a track record of lying, changing quotes, making up stuff, etc.  I have intersected with the media a number of times in my life and always, the press gets simple facts wrong and edits out nearly everything of importance to focus on only one stupid thing, a ‘gotchya!’ junk.  My poor father, advisor to a number of Presidents, hated the media for this reason and over time, ended up refusing to talk to them at all.


I, on the other hand, was boycotted by the press even when I was doing things that made international news but none in the US.  The NYT and Washington Post in particular, would avoid mentioning my name even when writing about stuff I was doing in public.

(9) Trump vs Bannon: Tucker and Roger Stone Break It Down – YouTube

Roger Stone is allowed in mainstream news to talk about what is going on, unlike myself in the past (Fox TV didn’t exist when I was doing heavy politics in New York).


What is going on these days is the Ruling Elites in Europe and North America freaking out over losing control of the conversation.  Their ‘reality’ is no longer the only reality we are allowed.  Citizens can win by boycotting mainstream news, mainstream entertainment systems, mainstream sports…all the things the elites are systematically destroying.


For example, they are deconstructing the Olympics, allowing men to pretend to be women while keeping their male appendages and hormone systems, they removed patriotism from football, Hollywood is throughly corrupt and falling to pieces while dumbing down movies for international markets.


Culture is collapsing a la ancient Rome.  This has real repercussions.  When President Kennedy came to the White House, Jackie brought in High Culture.  I loved this.  As a fan of classical music, a child who played the cello, piano, organ and medieval instruments, the elevation of classical music in the White House gave us all great encouragement.


All systems are dumbing down, shutting down, self-destructing and it is very queer watching this happen so rapidly.  Most pop music has very little melody and is restricted to just a very very few keys so it all sounds seamlessly the same, barely a difference in beat.  This grey uniformity is depressing.


Politically, the old days when we had actual debates about philosophy or international affairs, economic analysis…all this struggles to exist.  I remember when liberals were intelligent.  Now, they appear quite stupid.  But I knew this years ago when the liberals didn’t figure out how they, their political machinations and their amoral attitudes, was utterly destroying the black community, causing it to undergo a terrible cultural and political collapse.


Their apex was the election of Obama and this led to them losing control entirely as Obama, instead of using his power and position to fix the many things going wrong in the black community, he cheerfully threw gasoline on the fires and made things ten times worse.  Now, blacks in colleges are demanding segregation again!  I am amazed by this but not surprised.


EXCLUSIVE — Sadiq’s Response to Knife Crime Epidemic: £10,000 on ‘Knife Wands’ for Schools, But City Hall WON’T Track Uses or Knives Captured 


The news from dying Europe illustrates this.  Note how they are dealing with assaults on citizens, the destruction of civilization, last week, Paris was plagued by armies of illegal aliens burning cars and smashing windows…Europe’s older leaders are destructive and stupid.  They are also Bilderberg gang members.


The new politicians are younger and angry about their culture, country and Volk being attacked by illegal aliens who hate civilization and want to destroy the European culture and customs.  Starting in Eastern Europe, more and more are saying, the African and Middle Eastern invaders must be removed.  Austria went ‘right wing’ recently and the right wing is rising in France and Italy while Hungary and Romania are proudly resisting the elites and even Poland is freaking out over demands they allow aliens invade, too.


Europe is rushing into censoring the internet.  This makes the rulers there pure evil to me.  They want to impose their degraded reality on us as they, themselves, live in safe enclaves.  They hate citizens and want them rendered helpless and then will say, ‘I’ll save you’ when they are the criminals causing the problems in the first place.  To hell with them all.




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18 responses to “Bannon/Trump Feud Will Destroy Breitbart

  1. ziff

    next up , the Trump is crazy meme moves into high gear. OT ‘ i think the GW crowd have now shot themselves in the foot by claiming GW causes winter , now they have to account for all past winters

  2. Lou

    Mr Breitbart was already destroyed. He mentioned a few things about Podesta and BHO and soon was dead.

  3. Duski

    I am just happy there is still some good music around… even if most is just crap.

    But anyway, one fine here:

  4. Mewswithaview

    Definitely a hit job, knowing its publication will be stopped, they have released the book for free via wikileaks.

    Question is what are they (the deep state) trying to divert from?

  5. Mewswithaview

    What Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” reveals about Trump administration’s collusion with Israel

  6. Christian W

    Collusion with Israel? Trump brought the Jewish mafia into the White House. MAGA, or more truthfully MIGAGAG, Make Israel Greater and Greater and Greater.

    Obama was hopelessly corrupt, but at least he wasn’t a complete tool and yes man for Netanyahu.

  7. Floridasandy

    Show you what a BS artist Wolff is that he says he left real damaging material out of the book. Sure he did.
    Bannon was a suspected leaker. I know he said he stopped drinking, but I wonder. Breitbart will be fine when they jettison him.
    Europe is a cautionary tale for America.
    If he book is free to. Read online via a Breitbart link so you don’t have to buy it. I wouldn’t bother. The sooner the book dies, the better, you want gossip, national enquirer has more interesting gossip.

  8. ALL Presidents since I was BORN have been owned by the Zionists one way or another, often totally. Good lord. As I point out over and over again, we all had ZERO choice in the last election about Zionist controls, even the ‘fringe’ candidates and especially Sanders were all Jewish or used Jewish money.

  9. Christian W

    Accepting the Zionist control is no excuse. And Trump is the worst of them all. Obama did NOT get along that swimmingly with Netanyahu and was able to resist him at least partly. Trump is just a walkover. Jared Kushner called Netanyahu ‘uncle’ when he was a child.

  10. csurge

    “Bannon/Trump Feud Will Destroy Breitbart”

    I doubt that. Breitbart is the only news outlet I know of that pushes MAGA twenty four hours a day. They’ve broken stories no one else was willing to touch. They focus on core issues, and they enable comments, as you pointed out. As long as they keep doing those things, they’ll always be a stop on my daily news rounds

  11. Obama was owned by SAUDI ARABIA which is just as bad or even worse.

    Csurge: true only Bannon doesn’t have to be there anymore. He is now a total liability. Or they can commit suicide and keep this loon.

  12. Christian W

    Yes, Obama was corrupt as I said.

    Saudi Arabia and Israel are US projects to impose control over the ME and have been from the start. The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia have simply morphed into one unit of corruption and terrorism over the years.

  13. csurge

    LOL Yes. I think the choice is obvious. They’ll force him out if they see any dip in traffic or if they feel he’s dividing their readership. Most people probably associate them with Trump anyway. Their formula is working. Personally, I go there because of the formula, not because of Bannon and his awful sense of style

  14. Floridasandy

    Bannon is out at Breitbart

  15. About time they ditched Bannon. They already ditched Milo. They are not ready for Big Time stuff.

  16. Christian W

    The Swamp won again.

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