An Army Of Hollywood Actress Prostitutes Protest Casting Couch 50 Years Too Late

The raging stream of hysteria and contradictory beliefs and actions pouring out of Hollywood continues.  This sewage system in California is full of unspeakable smelly sludge.  Now we see corrupt females who used sex to get ahead in Hollywood wearing black because they ‘support women exposing mean sex fiend men’.  They dressed last night in their sexiest see through garb to lure men into oogling them for sex like any good street walking prostitute while screaming about ow they are against men…oogling them like they are parading in Times Square at 2 am.


A picture is worth a thousand words from me so here are the thousand words and the obvious pictures which shows hypocrisy at its finest:

The pure filth pouring out of Hollywood as ‘entertainment’ is dying.  The big money makers are shows that appeal to the masses which happens, for the last dozen years, to be mega-machine/super hero extravaganzas.  None of these movies win top awards.


The TV shows being honored last night often were about brutal sex/power/fantasy junk which is very popular.  The ‘heroes’ aren’t sensitive men who care about women and children, they are brutal monsters who are popular who stomp on everyone and everything!


Hollywood feeds the monsters.  It goads the monsters and pokes at the monsters and then whine when the monsters turn and attack Hollywood.  Virtue signaling to cover up their reliance on violence/rape/murder as their main entertainments, Hollywood cynically plays a double game hoping no one will notice this.

Hollywood females are the worst of the lot.  Nearly all of them supported, petted, praised and demanded the Law not arrest the rapacious males who pushed these monster females forwards both in a marriage made in hell.


There are NOT ONE good party in this hellish Game of Groans.  All the females who slept their way to stardom should RETIRE and beg us to forgive them all!  I am immensely pissed at them all, I am no stranger to Hollywood, one of my sisters was a minor player there in that stupid sex pot game, after all, and I knew a number of big wigs there who were amused that I am not a prostitute but they mainly wanted prostitutes and young ladies and laddies who came there to strike it rich, the ones with integrity all left sad and alone with near zero ‘breaks’ while the prostitutes flourished.


The Golden Globe awards did NOT punish a single ‘sleep my way to stardom’ female last night, no, these little prostitutes were all petted and praised for being ‘brave’…hahaha…for ‘exposing’ the corruption at the top as if the casting couch was some sort of secret in the first place.


This is why I am so very pissed off about all this: it is perfect Fake News here.  They are lying to the populace about how Hollywood and all other systems operate.  Way back in my childhood, in the 1950’s for crying out loud, was this famous movie: Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard 




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24 responses to “An Army Of Hollywood Actress Prostitutes Protest Casting Couch 50 Years Too Late

  1. Melponeme_k

    I don’t watch or pay attention to this business anymore. And they are all laddie boys. ALL.

    Look at that “pregnant” picture. Who is it fooling? Women wear stiletto heels like that while pregnant? HAHAHAHAHA! I remember pregnant relatives worried constantly that they would fall, even when wearing sneakers! Come on! And what woman stays thin in the upper body like that while pregnant? It puts on a Moonbump silicone fake belly then pretends it is going to give birth like a real woman. In fact the demonic thing is LAUGHING at real women.

    FAKE just like the whole industry.

  2. Case

    Producers diddling the starlets is about as tame as it gets. Wait until the sicker stuff gets out. Remember what Elijah Wood let slip a few years ago before being hushed up – “anything you can imagine”.

  3. Petruchio

    What really annoys me no end is that speech by Oprah Winfrey. Here’s a person who is THE wealthiest person in the Industry, but there she is whining about Rosa Parks and that god d#mned bus ride Rosa took 50+ years ago. Get over that one for Christ’s sake!! This #time’sup BS is NOT about equality. It’s about POWER. The women want it and they can’t get it any other way except to portray all the men as monsters. Well Jesus H Chr#st ladies, if the Industry is so terrible to women, get in another line of work!! Who told these women that the Film/TV Industry would greet them with open arms?

  4. unlike trump who inherited millions oprah became a tycoon from her unaided efforts she would be likely to win an election against trump or pence

  5. Oguy

    Unaided? Maybe if Oprah had rebelled against being the avataric spokeswoman for American consumerism of all varieties she would have remained unaided. But as it is, she has an entire industry(ies) of mutual back-scratchers promoting her. See

    I don’t really mean to single out Oprah Winfrey here, because she’s one among many who is emblematic of a larger cultural phenomenon, also represented by the types Elaine is referring to here, and compared to whom Oprah no doubt presents herself somewhat more elegantly. But the key metaphor here remains “self-presentation”, out of which Hollywood has made a fine art, never mind that to many of us it comes across as little more than exhibitionistic, self-congratulatory tripe (not that the Donald hasn’t exhibited his abundant share of this as well).

  6. She is a black Trump.

  7. tio

    Kate Beckinsale is a MILF, worthy of a heavy frosting of man batter. Oprah is a disease.


  8. Lou

    6. Au Contraire, Oprah [aka orca blimpey] says YOU [old White] must die off.

  9. melponeme_k

    There is something scary odd about Oprah. O equals The BEAST! LOL

    Transgender too! Watch for the Spear of Longinus, that is Mr. Oprah telling you she is packing extra surprises down below.

    And all of these people we see in the media, even Trump, are not self made. They sold their souls to the Satanic system. That is why they get air time. The only difference between Trump and the rest, is that he seems to have made a run for the border. Another power bloc, we don’t know about backing him? Who knows.

  10. Petruchio

    @#4 mistah charley: you got the name “Trump” in with your second word. Good job!! So….everyone who criticizes your heroes is a Trump supporter? What does your love for Hillary Clinton have to do with the sleaze of Hollywood? Let me ask this; WHEN are some people going to STOP a.) blaming whitey for all their problems, and b.) expect whitey to SOLVE all their problems? Doing so makes no sense.

  11. Petruchio

    “The pure filth pouring out of Hollywood as ‘entertainment’ is dying.” I keep reading the Chinese are taking over the Entertainment Industry, including of course Hollywood. Maybe the caliber of films will improve.

  12. Lou

    11–Since when have Chinks improved anything? How to kill 100 million adults and viable babies? Or is it 300 million?

  13. Petruchio

    Lou: As for improving the content of movies, maybe the standard isn’t that high. I mean look at the movies that have come out in the past 5 years or so. All sequels! Do you really want to wait around for a “Fast and Furious 12”? I wonder what the “Star Wars” folks are going to do to crank out more “Star Wars” movies. Supposedly the Last Jedi got killed in the current “Star Wars” edition. Maybe The Force will have to reawaken or something. Setting aside all the creepy sexual things that go on in that town, there isn’t really any creativity going on. Nobody has an Original Idea.@@@ One other thing I notice about the current TV/Movie Industry. The people who hire Actors/Actresses in that business are VERY focused on using the smallest number of actors as possible. If you watch, the SAME small group of actors are on TV and in movies over and over and over again. Prime example, Bill Paxton. I have nothing against Bill Paxton, but you would think that actors are the rarest species in the Universe. If they were animals, a wildlife group would label them endangered. For some reason, the people who control the hiring process for actors/actresses HATE to hire new people with an intense passion. And it isn’t about competence. There’s plenty of unemployed actors/actresses who can perform.

  14. Melponeme_k


    When I was young and auditioned as a singer, I met a lot of very talented and good looking people. In fact even the plainest of the actors/actresses I met were 100x more beautiful than what is pushed on us as good looking in mass media.

    NONE of them ever made a dent in the system. NONE. By the laws of numbers at least ONE should have become a name. Because, over the years, I met a lot of people as a gypsy. NOPE, Not one.

    The system is closed and it is only open to bloodlines or Satanists preferably both. Their rituals are such that they can not tolerate any outsiders.

    This is the main reason why the arts are dead.

  15. Lou

    The beauties didnt offer sex?
    Its who you go to bed with.
    Ask Yoko Ono.

  16. Lou

    Ugly jewish ‘singers’–
    Barry Manilow
    His friend, Bette Midler.

  17. Melponeme_k


    Oh, the media elite will take easy sex where ever it is offered. But if you are not bloodlines, inverted or a Satanist, you aren’t getting lickspit.

  18. Lou

    satanist, check

  19. Melponeme_k


    Bloodines – Means any of the elite families. Some of them are Jewish or at least pretend to be. Remember they are all Satanists foremost.

    Invert – Transgenders used as Idols to represent the Baphomet. The Elite god has no sex and they believe they can access god like powers if they emulate their god. Hence they are dangled in front of us to STEAL our will to power.

  20. Floridasandy

    The irony is that the women who complain the most (about sexism) try the hardest to be sexually appealing- with all the plastic surgery, makeup, and coy behavior.

    Those women will never get it.

    It’s also ironic that Oprah!s African school had sexual assault lawsuits. She is a billionaire. Why doesn’t she actually do something instead of buying up Hawaii and bitching? Playing the victim has never fixed anything.

  21. Lou

    20) Mel, who are you? Where are you? How did you learn this?

    I read of the ‘angelic androgenite’ and the ‘demonic hermaphrodite’ [think Bowie or Jagger].

  22. Petruchio

    @#21 Floridasandy: Good points!!! Oprah Winfrey couldn’t care less about ANYBODY but herself. Lining her pockets, that’s what Oprah cares about. And I wonder: if Oprah cares so much about Women being treated decently and paid fairly in the TV/Movie biz, how about starting up a Movie Production Company? With her own money of course. Then she can PAY women the same as men. She can create and DEMAND a “harassment-free” work environment. AND, she can make movies on any subject she likes!! If Oprah Winfrey REALLY meant the words she has been mouthing, this is EXACTLY what she would do. I’m waiting…..

  23. Melponeme_k


    I’m just a regular person. I started reading books about Alchemy around 05 to 07 because of that Harry Potter nonsense (inverted like all dark occult). This past summer I had an insight into the elite religion when I realized the MET was dedicated to ISIS.

    What I talk about is written down. You have to keep reading. Read everything. Even the ridiculous books.

    Not all the books may be telling the full truth but they tell most of it. Simply because the elite’s believe that to avoid Karma, they need to give people keys to illumination. They know most of the populace sit themselves in front of the TV and space out. So they don’t worry about a few talkers. No one believes them anyway.

    You can jump start with Youtube (Watch Mark Passio and Michael Tsarion). But remember, they got all they know from books. Don’t just take their words or anyone else’s (even mine)…READ.

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