Brooklyn Jewish Female Professor Claims ‘Math Meritocracy Is White Racism’

American mathletes come in 4th place in International Mathematical Olympiad – YouTube


The successful US Math Olympiad team is all Jewish/Korean/Chinese/MALE.  Why is that?  Evolution’s actions have a huge lot to do with this.  True, there are female geniuses (ahem) but they are far, far fewer than male geniuses.  All humans descended from apes that were geniuses, the apes which figured out how to turn rocks into more efficient killing tools were ape geniuses and the super genius apes which figured out how to create fires via chipping one rock against another created what we call ‘humans’.  We are in a political matrix right now where leftists are screaming that all of us are the same and science and math are not real and so we don’t need these things.


This dangerous ideology is claiming right now that math, if it is too hard to learn, should be ignored.  That is, who cares if 2+2=4 when Big Sister screams that it is really 5 fingers, not four.  This war against basic math is headed by people who struggle to learn even simple math.  Passing children along through school despite learning nearly no skills has destroyed public schools in cities dominated by children from female-headed households especially if they are of Sub-saharan genetic extraction.

The USA is finally doing better in competitions because we have more and more Asian children, they are generally surpassing our supply of Jewish geniuses at this point in time.  My grandson is an Asian/Jewish kid and these are often very bright.  The idea that genetics can be this powerful causes fear in many people so it is downplayed by authorities but everyone who is in the top tier educational systems know very well it is a big, big deal.


Meritocracy is a ‘tool of whiteness,’ claims math professor: the war against Jews and Asians who are very bright is now in full force.


A (female) math education professor at Brooklyn College contends in a recent academic article that “meritocracy” in math classes is a “tool of whiteness.”

This professor is a Jewish female who lived in Israel for a while before going to Brooklyn which has a large Jewish community where I lived when I was Mrs. Levy.  She is not stupid, herself.  She just wants to increase the stupid in others.  Why?


Laurie Rubel implicates both meritocracy and “color-blindness” as ideological precepts that hold back racial minorities from succeeding in math classes in an article for the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Mathematics Education.


HAHAHA.  So, black kids who do horrible, overall, in math skills and who refuse to learn much of this while in school and actively attack teachers who try to teach them math skills…are misunderstood!  I lived in downtown Brooklyn for a number of years and dealt directly with the math-phobic thugs who were juveniles there.  They understood the words, ‘You are under arrest’ pretty good so they were not dumb.  But they did very poorly in school.


Rubel, who taught high school math for nine years before becoming a professor, argues that while meritocracy is commonly linked to hard work and talent, it also “functions as a tool of whiteness” because it “ignores systemic barriers and institutional structures that prevent opportunity and success.”


The barriers to black kids learning math are obvious to any sane person: their own families and neighbors.  All attempts by Public TV shows to teach little kids about math via puppets and songs and cartoons totally fails with black children overall.  Black children who do well in math are easy to spot: their parents are often recent but MIDDLE CLASS immigrants and above all, the parents are married and supervise their children.


Color-blindness, too, can be an issue for math teachers, according to Rubel, who asserts that “Teachers who claim color-blindness—that is, they claim to not notice the race of their students—are, in effect, refusing to acknowledge the impact of enduring racial stratification on students and their families.


“By claiming not to notice, the teacher is saying that she is dismissing one of the most salient features of the child’s identity and that she does not account for it in her curricular planning and instruction,” Rubel adds, citing education theorist Gloria Ladson-Billings.


This is pure political insanity.  The Jewish professor, raised obviously in a family that worked hard to increase math skills in their intelligent children, also raised their daughter to ‘not be racist’…EXCEPT when in Israel which is one of the most racist countries on earth, one I would be forbidden to live in and even my half Jewish children, because they are ‘mixed blood.’  Seriously.


So, this overt racist is telling us that math is racist and we have to teach this new ‘alternative math’ which is basically ‘dumbed down’ math where being imprecise is OK.  This teaches children to be utterly unable to figure out figures and how important numbers are for expressing reality as best as possible.  This puts them all on a path of destruction where they can’t do many skills like build things, design stuff, fix things, keep track of stuff, etc.
10 Mind Blowing Child Prodigies – YouTube

The hard reality that genius is genetically limited, rare and pops up in odd places often where the knife of evolution is sharpest: persecution doubled with denying people the right to fight back.  This means, the smartest of the oppressed survive.  Being very clever means one isn’t tortured or killed by brutal, often rather stupid rulers who use the fist rather than the brain.


For nearly a thousand years, the Chinese civilization was taken over by barbarians who would attack in waves, each wave of barbarians replaced the previous ones.  The mass of Chinese labor was exploited by these waves of rulers who would rot away in their palaces until replaced by other invaders such as finally, the European invaders and then there was the Japanese invaders.


Then Mao came along and really hammered the Chinese and the survivors had a huge number of geniuses who kept silent and heads down and it was a delight to watch them all spring back into action and now a huge number of global geniuses come out of China.  The same is exactly true about India: the Indian subcontinent was constantly invaded by aliens who were stupider but more brutal and effective, sort of like Tolkien’s orcs in nature.


The inventors of numbers and writing using letters instead of pictures were the Indus Valley and the Middle Eastern valleys where conquerers would rampage regularly.  The Chinese developed both math and writing independently.  The two epicenters of modern science, technology and modern writing were hammered hard by illiterate or violent barbarians and this spread science over time because science is useful as the Roman tribes discovered.


Note how all that was nearly lost when their empire rotted and barbarians (say hello to my crazy ancestors!) poured in and put it all to the torch and sword.  Here is another news story about the SJW attempt at destroying science, technology and math:  Prof: ‘meritocracy’ is a ‘whiteness ideology’


Pennsylvania State University-Brandywine professor criticized her students’ belief in “meritocracy” and “hard work” in an academic article published Thursday.


Angela Putman, who teaches public speaking at Penn State-Brandywine, designed a comprehensive three-day seminar on “white privilege” for her students, then interviewed 12 attendees on their belief in meritocracy and equal opportunity.


To hell with meritocracy! We hire and promote and reward based on skin color!  Too stupid to see how this is already badly backfiring, it doesn’t occur to these political geniuses what will happen next: if skin color determines who is smart and best suited for jobs, etc. then it inevitably will be noticed that Asian stock is best if one needs people who work hard and are smart!


Ergo: to make systems work best, hire only Asians!  And of course, Jews.  Right now, there are no limits on being Jewish when being hired but if the SJW thing goes to the final destination, it will turn on all the Jews who fostered this lunacy and will kill them, yes, kill.  People who are not very bright usually do well figuring out how to kill people or other creatures.


It is their genetic heritage.  To review this story: dumber but a lot more violent people usually end up successfully invading and enslaving very smart people who are not ruthless.  Sound of Social Justice – (Simon Garfunkel Parody Cover Song) – YouTube

When the SJW gangs blocked the front gates at Berkeley (my old school) the forced all the white students to walk in a ditch to get around and not one student confronted them.  I would have fought them openly, but in this case, no one had the stomach to stand their own ground (see how easy it is to push around smart people?).


They let all the Asian students through!   I found this immensely funny since many Asian students think of these SJW students to be barely above farm animal status!  But then, the SJW gang isn’t too bright.


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17 responses to “Brooklyn Jewish Female Professor Claims ‘Math Meritocracy Is White Racism’

  1. Lou

    She is not stupid, herself. She just wants to increase the stupid in others. Why?
    I will tell you why. Jewish evolutionary strategy. Divide and conquer.
    Thats what 1965 Immigration act was and is.
    And if you dont know that, learn.

    For whites, Zero Population Growth led by a jew (((Paul Erlich))). I remember believing (((his))) horseshit as a young man.
    But for all coloured peoples, massive baby birth and massive JUN efforts to keep them all alive. Right now, the worst darkies have huge baby birth rates and Bill Gates and other (((bad eggs))) are trying to keep all of them alive. ZPG openly states they are no longer trying to reduce birth rates! ZPG never tried to slow the birth rates of Coons. Only whites.

    I agree that jews are wilfully destroying the western World with mass immigration of Blacks and Turdskins. The blacker the better as far as Australia is concerned, which prefers the worst and most violent – Somalis and North Sudanese Muslims. What I do not get, is why wreck something which jews already own and control via central banking, media and bribery of corrupt whites? This is known as “pooping in your own nest”. Does Soros shit on his own bedroom floor?
    The West is deteriorating fast but why is that good for the jews? Good for Israel maybe. Make the West so —- infested that no jew will want to live there..

    You don’t have to win each and every aspect and have it all. For the Jewish IQ for example, if Jews really had such an IQ, they wouldn’t need to be sleazy, nor would they have been chased 111 times from various countries, many countries multiple times. Even the Goyische Kop thing, it is because we are not sleazy, not because we are stupid. That Jews are actually just a specialized bloodsucking parasite, it shows from the fact that they always need a host. Even Israel needs a host. Without the billions that they suck yearly from White men, they would have gone nowhere.

    Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of only 350 people some 600-800 years ago :

    Combine the founder effect of this bottle neck with intensive inbreeding (often cousin with cousin marriage) and a culture of study of the Talmud (itself full of psychopathic ideas) and you get a population where almost everybody is psychopathic to some degree.
    What we all Admit is There Were more than FIFTY MILLION WHITE CHRISTIANS KILLED IN WWII.
    We also freely admit that Jews holocausted upwards of 100 ????MILLION White Christian in the very jewish Soviet Union.

    again, if Jews really had such an IQ, they wouldn’t need to be sleazy, nor would they have been chased 111 times from various countries

  2. Lou

    “white privilege” for her students, then interviewed 12 attendees on their belief in meritocracy and equal opportunity.

    (((they))) keep pushing and pushing. Whites do not push back much.

    If you ‘duc duck go’ search ‘White Privilege’ theres a ton of information.

    Like, White privilege, explained—Christine Emba and Karen Attiah of The Washington Post’s opinions section explain what “white privilege” means, how it originated and how it manifests itself.

    / Gee, Thanks, Wa Po.

  3. Lou

    The hard reality that genius is genetically limited
    Uh, all things are limited. It is called Epigenetics in humans.

    2) The hard reality that genius is genetically limited
    So the liberals were and are wrong., again.
    Equality is a social construct and Race is DNA, not just skin color.

  4. Melponeme_k

    I suppose Brooklyn College is going downhill. They have, or maybe had, the best science and math department of any CUNY school and even rivaled the private universities. I knew kids who went to Harvard for their Masters after Brooklyn College. Such a shame that SJW nonsense has gotten a hold of it.

  5. Ken

    Lou’s posts bring up a point I’ve been meaning to address. This is Elaine’s blog, and we are all guests here. And we all know that her immediate family includes Jewish and transgender individuals.

    Yet Lou continues to insult Jews, and Mel continues to insult transsexuals (and sees them under every rock and leaf) on Elain’s personal blog. This is just plain rude and inconsiderate.

  6. Melponeme_k


    While you are on your high horse Ken you should have noticed I wasn’t persecuting transgender people who are honest about their choices. I’m railing against the SATANIC TRANSGENDERS who believe they are demi-gods. They are put in positions to become Idols and then that magical energy is tapped through ritual to USE AGAINST US!

    If you or anyone else doesn’t understand that, well then, we truly deserve to be laughed at as the Walking Dead by the Globalists.

    I’m well within NATURAL LAW of the alchemists (the belief system the Satanists even follow) to point this out. Believe me, they are telling you ALL THE TIME what they are and what they believe in. All the damn time.

  7. Ken

    On to the topic at hand.

    If it’s true that intelligent people are inevitably oppressed by stupid, under-achieving people, then America has sown its own seeds of distruction. Our inner-cities are filled to overflowing with stupid, underachieving people. As they continue to grow in number (with this growth encouraged by social policy and welfare payments), it is just a matter of time before they take over.

    At least this seems to be the logical outcome of Elaine’s analysis of the history of smart prople.

    Fortunately for the future of the human race, many of the countries with the smartest people restrict their population to their own ethnic groups. As a result, if and when western civilization collapses under the weight of its own stupid classes, civilization will continue to thrive in these non-diverse countries. Much the same way that western civilization eventually re-discovered and carried on the advances of the Greeks and Romans after their civilizations collapsed.

    In time, after the smart people of western countries have re-asserted themselves, technical and scientific advancements which would otherwise have been lost can flow back to the west from the east, where they will have been preserved.

  8. Lou

    Heres another one, hope Im not repeating,

  9. Lou

    5-This is a blog for reality based people. Some of us KNOW facts.

  10. timothy carroll

    mafs be hard n’ sheeit!

  11. The child in the video is lucky he isn’t being shoved ahead too fast. As a former prodigy, myself, the danger zone isn’t childhood, it is the TEEN YEARS. Oh my, is it ever the teen years.

    When I was only 17, I tricked my professor in graduate school to think I was someone older, not ‘that bratty girl’ and he nearly fainted when he learned I was the bratty girl he feared. We became very good friends! He was distraught when I nearly died and lost my mind due to a 106 degree fever and we resumed our interaction a year later and he noticed, I wasn’t a brainiac anymore and he agreed, it actually HELPED me greatly.

    You see, smart kiddies are all over the place. The child focusing on baseball is smart, I hope he stays grounded this way. His condition is dangerous. Pushing bright children too far forwards can be very destructive for them. They have all the time in the world if left to grow naturally and not be, as one of my friends back then said, ‘a monkey in the zoo performing for adults all the time.’

  12. ziff

    i had a debate with a ‘smart science guy” warmist @ , he got fed up and surprised me by saying
    ” I am beginning to see it [deniers ] as similar to white supremacy. Logic does not factor into it.”

    lol, i’m a white supremist for asking how GW causes winter ,,,,,

  13. Christian W

    We are in a political matrix right now where leftists are screaming that all of us are the same and science and math are not real and so we don’t need these things.

    This ‘matrix’ has a name. It’s called Neoliberalism. Fight it or perish. In this matrix there are no ‘leftists’ – there are only the owner class ie the pluto-kleptocrats ie the Oligarch billionaires, their servant class which is a tool of the elites (media, academia, the military, the police, banking, politicians, entertainment, corporations etc) and the rest, the Sheep class. What you call ‘leftists’ are from the Servant class.

  14. hblinken

    @14, GTFO of America, this is now TRUMP’S country!!!

    no it is Jared Kushner and his chabad mob

  15. Lou

    15–What is Cha BAD and how bad is it?

    I see the menorahs round Los Angeles, despite Nativity being banned on public land, I see menorahs on public land.

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