First ‘Drought’ Then Rain Then Fires (Then Sex Scandals) And Now Floods In Los Angeles

(13) The 1938 Flood that struck San Bernardino County – YouTube


From drought to lots of snow to fires in the hills to floods again: California still hasn’t had the final event, a massive earthquake but that is overdue already so expect the worst.  This is the nature of the place: very placid, easy place to live and then all hell breaks out and you run for your life.  This is why no native ‘civilization’ ever happened in California for thousands of years whereas Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico had cities and a real civilization.  California is a very easy place to live and even easier to die.  My family came there in 1849 and virtually all descendants left by today.  I would not want to live there.  And I lived there for a while, many years ago.

I recall just a short while ago, the newcomers who flooded into California were complaining about a permanent drought.  It was very stupid, the drought barely began when it ended.  Now, they will complain about floods.  This drought/flood cycle is typical for California but since 90% of the people there are less than two generations, it is no surprise to see them whining about what is normal there, over time.


And here is the worst flood in 100 years:

There were far, far fewer people in 1938 and many more died in that flood event.  My parents and grandparents and great grand auntie and others were there in 1938.  I grew up hearing about ‘100 year floods’ all the time from the oldsters.  For some reason, people imagine that these events are no big deal until they discover that these events are really nasty.


The global warmists in California are yelling about it being too hot, they were warm when we were all in a deep freeze in the eastern half of the continent this month.  It isn’t just New York shivering to death:

Yes, for the fourth time in recent years, it snowed yet again in the Sahara Desert, supposedly a once in a 100 years event.  Now it is every other year or more.

HAHAHA.  Rapists and murderers get the most awards with these clowns!  So much for the Black Dress pussy women.  Back to insane California: the rich and famous are howling like banshees at Trump nearly nonstop and handing out awards to each other for being monsters and utterly evil while sneering at the rest of us so here they are, days after yelling they are for protecting ‘women’ doing the usual crap:

HAHAHA.  No one knew until everyone knew.  Note how not one female warned another of danger.  Way to go, star struck femmes. Finally, to show that Massachusetts is just as liberal as California, here is an example of totally expected utter nastiness which the people involved never expected but any sane person could have predicted: Pit bull dog owners are insane.  These hair trigger dogs are like California: snoozing away, peaceful then boom, with no warning, they try to kill you.


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9 responses to “First ‘Drought’ Then Rain Then Fires (Then Sex Scandals) And Now Floods In Los Angeles

  1. Petruchio

    So 395 actresses have come forward with harassment complaints against film maker James Toback. Are se supposed to believe that not even ONE of these sweet, innocent girls had the courage to come forward–until NOW?? On its face it sounds ridiculous. And if it is so bad, why did ALL of them put up with it? What I think is going on here is a Power Play attempt. These women are using all the negative publicity they are giving to selected men to get things they way they want. No more jokes with sexual innuendos. No more comments about a woman’s physical traits. This is really strange, btw coming from women who are in an Industry that puts so much importance on looks. And let’s face it. Many of these women were just as likely to make the first sexual oriented offer to these film makers, Producers and casting directors. Benn known to happen. There is no way ANY actress could be in the Biz for long before they discover the sexual games that are played. Then they have two choices. Put up with it and deal with sexual pressures if/when it comes up OR get out of the Acting Business altogether.

  2. Melponeme_k

    All the harassment cases are the next best thing to hoaxes. These are RITUALS by the numbers to their dark gods. The “Actresses” making the accusations don’t make a move without orders from above. Come on people.

    Run the numbers on the names and notices the numbers they give you. James Franco has a lot of Sixes in his name (666). Notice how both men are named James. Equals 3 in numerology. Again can be a multiple of 6 and also 9. Why mention 397 (Equals 7) or that 5 accusers came forward (a important number to Freemorons).

    Run the numbers and you’ll see. Go CHECK IT OUT!

  3. Lou

    a few inches in LA.

  4. Lou

    Pit bull dog owners are insane. These hair trigger dogs are like California: snoozing away, peaceful then boom, with no warning, they try to kill you.
    As we know, PBs dont growl or bark before attacking.

    Pit bull dog owners WITH PRE SCHOOLERS are EVEN MORE insane

  5. Jim R

    And that other California season, earthquake!

    1,000 Quakes In 3 Weeks In Key SoCal Seismic Zone: “We’re Watching This Actvity Closely”

    by Tyler Durden
    Thu, 06/20/2019 – 15:55

    Of course it is perfectly normal for California to experience earthquakes. They happen on a daily basis, and normally they aren’t anything to be too concerned about.

    But to have this many earthquakes concentrated in an extremely limited area is definitely unusual. According to USGS science advisor Ken Hudnut, this current earthquake swarm is “a little different than what we’ve seen before”…

    “In detail, if you zoom in on it and look at the pattern and how it’s evolving in time, it’s a little different than what we’ve seen before,” he says. “We get these swarms, but we don’t see exact repeats. Obviously, it’s very disruptive to the people who are feeling these earthquakes. We’re watching this activity closely.”

    Normally, earthquake swarms subside after a certain period of time. But so far there are no signs that this swarm is going to end. Instead, we just keep seeing quake after quake.

    That doesn’t mean that a major event is imminent, but without a doubt there are good reasons to be concerned about what is happening. As geophysicist Andrea Llenos recently explained, every small earthquake increases the likelihood that there will be more seismic activity, and she stressed that we “do know a big earthquake is going to happen” someday…

  6. The San Andreas is ready to blow. No one has any idea when.

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