California Officials REFUSED To Warn Mudslide Victims, Sent Text Messages At 3am!

No cellphone alert until after Montecito mudslides started | Daily Mail Online reports from England.

It is now normal for me to find US news in England thanks to the Daily Mail.  The New York Times had a tiny story about this disaster.  California is a disaster area.  It was home to my family for 150 years and we all got fed up with it and all left.  The heavy rains after brush fires (yes, brush fires which burned houses) meant loose dirt hillsides.  More than an inch of rain would cause mudslides, my family knew this from experience but 90% of the people in California have little experience so they are sitting ducks for disasters.

Mud and boulders slide down California hills – aerial video – YouTube

There are heavy consequences for electing idiots who are newcomers to any state or city.  Warning people about dangers is dangerous because if the danger doesn’t do its worst, the newcomers, instead of falling to their knees and thanking the Death Gods that they were spared yet again, newcomers whine that they shouldn’t have been bothered by warnings.


We call people like that ‘fools’.  I spring to action whenever a danger looms.  I track the weather all the time, all my life.  I track earthquakes, too, and my parents were volcano experts as well as astronomers and spies.  We were all raised to watch everything, all the time.  This is called ‘survivalism’.  I am a ‘survivalist’.  Big time.


It puzzles me that people can be so stupid.  Look at the story:


 Jeff Gater, Santa Barbara County’s emergency manager, said a text alert was not sent until 3.50am on Tuesday, by which point tons of mud and soil which killed 17 people was already barreling towards homes.


Sending a TEXT MESSAGE at 3am is INSANE.  This guy should be charged with being mentally incompetent.  Gater belongs in a home for the mentally impaired.  He should have had the police and sheriffs go around the place with sirens and loudspeakers yelling ‘evacuate NOW’.


Gater said the alert system was not used earlier because he was concerned that people wouldn’t take it seriously after a slew of similar fire warnings before Christmas.


How insane is this?  The path of potential mudslides is obvious geography.  Planning for this when the weather forecast for heavy rain appeared at the National Weather Service should have put the authorities into action.  Passively waiting until it was happening is again, insane.  And criminal.  Arrest these clowns.


‘If you tell everyone to get out, everyone get out, the next time people won’t listen,’ he told the LA Times. ‘If you cry wolf, people stop listening.’


So, the story of the wolf: um, so the boy in the story saw the wolf for certain and didn’t bother warning the town.  NOT.  He did warn them again and they refused to listen, not the reverse.


 A dozen people are still missing and 50 had to be rescued by helicopter while more than 100 properties were destroyed and 300 damaged during the slides.


So, over 30 people died because the authorities decided to not warn them of obvious danger.  The utter failure of this DNC run state is painfully obvious.  All the disasters California has so far are due to human stupidity, building where it is very dangerous (ahem) or arson caused by humans or in the case of the dam disaster, humans in the government refusing to understand the future due to insane ideology of global warming and perpetual drought.


This mess is due to too much rain, not drought.  So there is utter inaction in the government where the ideology is, water is rare, it is not a problem and dry climate events are the only future.  Here is the front page of the New York Times which steadfastly refused to warn our population of impending blizzards, deadly cold, etc. It is all about global warming all the time as we see yet another major blizzard looming this weekend.

Near the bottom of the New York Times front page is the story about citizens dying in this mudslide.  No mention that the DNC officials running that state off the cliff, not warning anyone until the mudslide was actually happening.  Nope, their top top story is…global warming!  As usual.

The Democrats have gone insane.  Hillary yapped about starting WWIII with a four minute warning during the debates and not one leftist peacenik batted an eyelash.  The guys at yelled about it but not the left dudes.


Fractured Fairy Tales full You Tube list here, all are extremely funny.




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8 responses to “California Officials REFUSED To Warn Mudslide Victims, Sent Text Messages At 3am!

  1. Melponeme_k

    This is ultimately a MORAL failure. This is the result of an educational system that pushes race/class balkanization based upon the false notion that truth is relative and morality, in both civics and personal (sexuality included) spheres, is for chumps. The result is created psychopaths who don’t care one whit about their fellow humans.

    This is the exact fine human beings the Satanists hoped to create and now we have a whole generation of these people. With MORE to come.

  2. Lou

    That’s it, Lou. I am banning you for repeating news I report and attacking me in a psychotic way.

  3. Petruchio

    Lou: clicked on your link posted here. Greg Mannorino is a discerning commentator. Have watched his videos before. He’s worth listening to. I think what Greg talks about in the link you posted is a real driver for other events going on that might not seem related. I think the push for war, war and more war especially in the Middle East is driven by a fear that the “Exceptional Nation” is headed towards Economic disaster. Even collapse. Like Greg says in the video, getting control of financial markets is what it will take to restore a sane economy.

  4. Christian W

    Yeah, the poor ME countries, and African nations, are getting the US boot in their faces because of American fear of Chinese economic power. The US is trying to cut off Europe from Russia and China through the Baltics and Ukraine, and slice across the ME from Turkey to Iraq and across the -Stans to the border of China (using Sunni “Muslim Terrorism”) to prevent China’s economic and trade progress. In Asia of course we have US warmongering against North Korea and more or less indirectly against China through Japan and in the Chinese Sea.

  5. tio

    This cartoonist chick seems to have a handle on it, maybe we should check her out?

  6. Lou

    Elaine, this, OT

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