Trump Causes Sh!t To Explode: US Media Giants Want More 3rd World Immigration

CNN Goes Over the Edge – YouTube


Our DNC-run cities are being overrun by armies of aliens brought in by Obama and others because they become the voter base for the rich DNC Bilderberg gangsters who live far away from these people who vote for them.  I, on the other hand, had to deal with and evict these 3rd world people who left mountains of stinking messes behind.  And anyone visiting these countries can see mountains of garbage (this includes Mexico) as trash spreads across the planet from manufacturing countries to everyone else.  The worst part of the sh!t storm today is, more than one DNC President thought the DNC voters were sh!t, too, but this was kept out of the news.

The DNC Haitians are howling about Trump saying Haiti is buried in sh!t: The Disaster Before the Earthquake – YouTube


This remark by Trump was during negotiations with his own party over letting in armies of third world males.  The DNC needs these people so they can then bring in their clans and park them all in our dying cities.  This increases the need for Federal dollars to keep them from destroying these cities further and when they get the money, they wreck it anyways.


Haiti Formally Summons US Official to Come Before Government and Explain “Sh*thole”: hahaha.  The Haitian elites don’t live in Haiti, they live here or in Europe.  I am not joking.  Just like many of the DNC Black Caucus doesn’t live near any of their destructive neighborhoods.  Only Democrats Can Say Those Things | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog notes that DNC Presidents talk the exact same way:


This didn’t take long to find exact examples of Presidents of all sorts saying the obvious.  Obama did this and not one US mainstream news outfit said a thing.  I read foreign news to see what is going on in my own country because our media giants are a bunch of gangsters who meet secretly to decide what to talk about with us citizens, etc.  They are enemies of the People.

I lived on the Mexican border for many years.  Went deep into Mexico frequently.  Over the years, the place has become more and more violent even as US corporations move there thanks to Congress and DNC/GOP gangsters removing US jobs and getting cheap labor.


I remember when Trump talked openly about nuclear war with Kim in North Korea.  Suddenly, Kim opened talks with South Korea and Japan after menacing both with missiles when Obama was President.  Exclusive – Twitter Leaks: Employees Describe Extreme Social Justice Warrior Climate at Tech Giant – Breitbart—


The dictators who run various California businesses want to stop citizens from using tools to communicate because the liberals hate communication, they want command and obedience, not dialog.  After Project Veritas showed how Twitter’s leaders are a bunch of Maoists, a number of scared employees have contacted alternative media to tell them about the Stalinist/Maoist operation that controls their working days.


Our first source, who, like the others, wishes to remain anonymous, described how the company rapidly abandoned its commitment to free speech after former CEO Dick Costolo was replaced by Jack Dorsey, who the source described as “the definition of a social justice warrior.”


The majority of Twitter’s management, says the source, believes the leftist idea that “hate speech is violence.” They “absolutely” believe in the idea that “abuse scares people off the platform,” and that certain types of speech “silence” other speech.


‘Hate speech’ is anyone disagreeing with the SJW gang.  They can cuss, threaten and sneer at anyone and everyone and we are to be polite and cautious and above all, obey their orders.  Like ill-tempered spoiled children, they think everyone has to tippy toe around their easily bruised egos.


There are plenty of very nice real liberals out there who see nothing wrong with abusing anyone who displeases them or disagrees with any of their fleeting feelings about social issues and government.  Instead of a back and forth dialog, liberals want obedience because they are in the moral right.


At least, in their own version of ‘morals’.  Instead of winning over people based on persuasion, liberals have decided to be violent or difficult.  So people hate them secretly and pretend to be ‘nice’ but itch to take revenge…this is highly dangerous but try telling liberals living in enclaves that they are surrounded by people increasingly angry about liberal ideologies and they look puzzled and annoyed.


Why, everyone they know are liberals and think things are going just fine!


Twitter employees are divided into three distinct groups, says the source. Hardline leftists like Dorsey and others, and “ACLU-type” liberals who “still believe in free speech.” Lastly, there are workers who join the company on H1B visas, who the source says are “apolitical.”


Note how the traitors running Twitter and other operations run by fake liberals, hire aliens.  They love that cheap alien labor!  They don’t care if the countries sending workers here are ugly messes!  They want cheap and they get cheap which is OK with them since they don’t want to hire former classmates or neighbors!  You can’t abuse them so easily as people you can deport if they give you any trouble!


And this, in a nutshell, is the liberal paradise: lots of illegal aliens, lots of foreign labor and they can be killed or deported if too annoying.  Meanwhile, score points attacking anyone who mentions this business as ‘heartless’ and ‘mean’.  Well, all the crime these people bring and all the job losses they create AREN’T NICE AT ALL.  This is very nasty and cruel!


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9 responses to “Trump Causes Sh!t To Explode: US Media Giants Want More 3rd World Immigration

  1. KHS71

    Trump tells the truth and the media has a cow. Trump fights and I like that. I can’t remember when there was a fighter in the White House. You go Trump.

  2. Oguy

    The fact that there’s a market for cheap goods isn’t an argument against quality control, it further demonstrates the reason for it.

    That said, Trump and Twitter (the “T” twins) seem to have a very different relationship to decorum, political rectitude, or the lack of any such thing. Yet, at the same time, their interest in quality control is at root similar– they’re both protecting the integrity of their respective domains. Of course, I can easily avoid obtaining a Twitter account and have not yet been tempted to jump on that particular bandwagon, but I do have a bit more personal interest in the quality of immigrants to the country in which I live. That doesn’t mean I’m categorically opposed to all immigration from those countries which Trump would describe as sh(insert random character here) tholes– good people can and do live in impoverished, dysfunctional environments– but establishing some reasonable quality standards would definitely be in order.

  3. Floridasandy

    Liked the video link

    Funny about Obama .about Haiti.

    Liberals would always sell ALL Americans out for votes for themselves.

  4. WE did have a method: SPONSORSHIP. I sponsored immigrants from China, India and the Caribbean! I did this in NYC and my parents did this since my birth, they even got McCarthy mad at them for doing this and my father was investigated in 1957 because of this.

    What we have now is chaos under Obama.

  5. Lou

    5- Ronald R was the first president to do an amnesty [am nasty]. That spelled the end of the USA.

  6. Sunger

    OMG OMG OMG. We are all going to die from foreign immigration.


    Maybe we shoud stop blowing up their homelands? Duh

  7. Jim R

    Shit happens. . .

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