Incompetent DNC Hawaii Boss Scares Everyone With Fake WWIII Nuke War Warnings

Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) | Twitter feed


I grew up at one of the big Ground Zeroes for WWIII, Davis Monthan Airbase was a big facility in Tucson, AZ back during the most dangerous years of the Cold War.  We had regular nuclear bomb drills at school when I was a child.  We were supposed to hide under our desks.  I had totally different instructions from parents: flee for the hills.  We were to run for our lives if we hear a dozen jets take off from the military base in fast succession, the more jets that take off, the faster we were to run.  If all take off, we were to take off totally and hide in the mountains.  So one day, I took off when I heard all the jets take off.  Kennedy was killed in Dallas, TX.


Hawaii is a totally DNC run state.  So naturally, a scandal event involving incompetence happened there this week.  It was a reminder as to why we need this thing called ‘diplomacy’ which the DNC totally killed this last two years and which traitors in the GOP joined that team to utterly prevent even the slightest diplomacy with Putin with Bilderberg media harping endlessly about how evil Putin is and how we cannot have any diplomacy, ever.

So this is the end result: hysteria in the DNC run enclaves caused by DNC incompetence.  Visitors at Pearl Harbor startled when they received alert | Daily Mail Online:


Early that morning, the accidental emergency missile alert was issued that read: ‘Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.’


They were expecting North Korean missiles.  North Korea this week has been backing off rapidly and toning down their aggression.  Naturally, the DNC hates this and wants more hysteria.  So they manufactured hysteria.


Panic broke out in the auditorium while visitors were gathered to reflect on the Japanese military strike from 76 years ago – just weeks after the December 7 anniversary of the attack.  One man inside the auditorium captured a video from the inside, and says visitors were frightened and utterly confused, according to Hawaii News Now.


I would imagine all the DNC run states that are on the Pacific side of the country would be doing regular drills, no?  They yap endlessly about Russia and North Korea (but not China! HAHAHA) being a danger and then have zero WWIII drills.  This is because the cynical Real Rulers know that WWIII won’t happen unless they order it.  Which is why I watch these clowns like a hawk.


‘He feels really bad’: Civil Defense employee who sparked terror in Hawaii by accidentally triggering ballistic MISSILE warning will be ‘retrained’ say officials after thousands fled to bomb shelters| Daily Mail Online  This is a big ‘Oopsies’.  The rank incompetence of the DNC gang running Hawaii is obvious and is being studiously ignored.


 Hawaii Governor David Ige apologized at the press conference: ‘I am sorry for the pain and confusion it caused. I, too, am extremely upset about this and am doing everything I can do to immediately improve our emergency management systems, procedures and staffing.’


HAHAHA.  He and his gang yapped endlessly about WWIII and his leader, Hillary, openly talked about launching WWIII and here they are, caught with their pants down plus the fact that this was a ‘mistake’ done by the clowns running this circus.

The DNC Congress clown had the moxie to blame Trump for this incompetence within the DNC systems.  They are not taking this seriously.  The fact that they must blame someone totally not responsible for all this, the person who issued the false alarm was put there by Obama, not Trump, is reprehensible.


North Korea Declares ‘Weapons only Aimed at United States’ at Olympic Talks  which I find very funny.  Note how Trump forced North Korea to start doing diplomacy again.  The mainstream media wants us to forget who caused diplomacy to stop: Obama.


They blame Trump for everything.  Floods and drought in California is Trump’s fault.  The collapse of diplomacy with Russia is Trump’s fault.  He is a Russian agent is Trump’s fault, too.  All things the DNC and the Bilderberg media has slapped onto Trump is his fault.


These vampires don’t use mirrors.  Here is a comment to one of the Inforwars stories about this mess:

They didn’t fire this clown which proves he is a DNC tool.  How ridiculous.  Shows how seriously the DNC treats the citizens, our security.  It is all just one big joke for these fools.  They do everything in their power to start WWIII and then tackle Trump whenever he tries basic diplomacy.


Note how the Russian investigation is dying.  Or rather, turning to Clinton and Obama!  This means the media no longer talks about this endlessly.  It falls off a cliff.  Oops.

On a funny side note:

Way to go, dude!  Or rather, dud.  The entire point of Facebook is to spy for the renegade CIA DNC gang or to prevent conservatives from using services.  Now they are shooting themselves in both feet.  Advertisers want people with money to see their ads, not SJW lunatics unless they are selling black riot gear.


Banning people with money and millions of followers is suicidal and Zuckerberg is stupid because he lives in this massive, iron clad bubble on the West Coast making him stupid.  More stupid here:  Bitcoin Mining Fees Soar As China Crackdown Progresses | Zero Hedge

And the mainstream media refuse to show these videos of undercover work showing how Twitter like all the other liberal media systems, is a bunch of Stalinist dictators who censor real news:  Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trump’s Private DMs to DOJ – YouTube

It’s OK to break the laws if you are a liberal.



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14 responses to “Incompetent DNC Hawaii Boss Scares Everyone With Fake WWIII Nuke War Warnings

  1. Christian W

    It’s ok to break laws if you are a Conservative.

  2. Christian W

    Former Haiti government official shoots himself in the head in Miami-area hotel

    The Clinton (CIA) body trail keeps growing.

  3. Oguy, suicidally wielding Occam's Razor

    I remember reading about this “suicide” last summer. I probably would have forgotten about it except for the improbabliity of a Haitian being named Klaus Eberwein. According to the linked photo, he is also a woman. This must be part of a media plot to derange the American public and undermine its demographic integrity– I can’t simply attribute it to editorial negligence.

  4. Rob

    Elaine, you might read about Gabbard. She seems to be a decent representative (I think ex-military too). And it was not blame, but rather what you advocate, get to the negotiation table:

    Hawaii Rep. Gabbard calls for Trump to negotiate with Kim Jong Un

  5. Christian W

    Erdogan declares war on the US’ Kurdish proxies in Northern Syria. The US has made it clear it will break off Eastern Syria under it’s Kurdish protectorate, but the Turks will have none of it.

    Apparently the US has given their Kurdish proxies MANPADs too. America cannot risk peace breaking out apparently.

  6. Oguy

    Rob– agreed. Gabbard seems far better than you average Democrat, just as Elaine pointed to Rand Paul as being far better than your average Republican– true from my perspective as well. But to play the game within each of those institutional frameworks (Dem and Rep), you still need to show at least partial allegiance to the beast. And each party can no doubt make use of a few outliers to expand the fold of potential voters. Bernie Sanders was an interesting case in point during the last presidential election, no matter how you interpret his basic role in that event. Trump now seems to be playing the much the same double game as POTUS, if it’s even possible to discern any consistency in his actions, or determine– cynically or otherwise– who his majority owner is. So even to do a few good things that break away from the party consensus, a politician will still need to cough up his/her share of tribute to Caesar– just as we all, in our own way, end up paying the devil his due.

  7. Petruchio

    Maybe it IS just plain incompetence on the part of this guy in Hawaii who issued the Missile warning. Maybe not. Maybe this was a False Flag event. The intention being for ‘the masses’ to lose faith in any kind of warning system. This is done so that when a REAL missile warning occurs people will ignore the warning. More people will be killed this way. De-population is a High Priority with the elites. Billy Boy Gates openly promotes it.

  8. Rob

    More on Gabbard:

    Watch A Sitting Congresswoman Shred The MSM Narrative In Under A Minute


    “She further called for Trump to hold direct talks with Kim Jong Un in order to prevent the real thing from ever happening. “

  9. Blissex

    Ah, another of your usual arguments that solar activity is more important than other climate change factors, and a cold period is probably the next phase, is also the argument of some researcher:
    “The planet has natural mechanisms to cope with the mini ice age due to hit Earth in the 2030s as a result of fluctuations in the Sun’s activity; however, humans need to prepare for the impact of the cold spell on food supplies, Professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University told Radio Sputnik”

  10. ziff

    Here in CDN we still get a shitload of ‘trump russians ‘ stuff like they never heard of Fusion/clinton/ fake dossier. And nobody knows any better.

  11. About Hawaii’s governor begging for Trump to negotiate with North Korea: HE IS ALREADY. North Korea makes threats, he makes counter threats. North Korea stops threatening everyone and he stops.

    The DNC gal thinks we can ‘talk’ about this with Kim. Nope, he has to retreat and he did this week. I am baffled as to why people can’t understand this. Standing tough forced Kim to back down, not doing the surrender thing.

  12. Christian W

    Trump is cut off as much as an 800 pound Gorilla gurgling in the corner of the room can be cut off. What is going on in the Koreas is the Moon – Putin peace plan from September last in action, an eminently sane and progressive plan based on trade and mutual growth. This is Not what the US wants.

  13. Putin is next door to North Korea. Ditto, China. Both have some power there. Trump has none, he does have the world’s biggest big stick, though. He called Kim’s bluff.

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