New Disney Star Wars Movie Total Failure In China Because Rose Looks Like Madame Mao

Note how the actress, Rose Tico,  in the Last Jedi movie was a spitting image of Madame Mao.  My parents knew Madame Mao.  They had a public fight with her in China and survived.  When she was deposed, my father was asked to come back to Beijing so they could feast him!  Well, the new Star Wars movie has been unceremoniously killed totally in China after audiences there freaked out and refused to go see it at all.  A $500 million loss for Disney.  I am baffled as to why no one figured out, having a ‘Chinese’ character who looks and worse, acted like Madame Mao, would bomb in China.  HAHAHA…this is delightfully funny for me.  I spotted the similarity when the movie was released.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Chinese Poster May Have A Racism Problem – YouTube

The posters show the black lover of the Chinese character as a tiny side picture instead of featuring him.  And the massed troops in the US poster are tiny and in the Chinese, huge, another reminder of Madame Mao and her forced parades in Beijing.  The poster was designed to signal to the Chinese that the black male was no big deal yet they kept the storyline that the Vietnamese actress was in love with him and when she was ‘dying’ she kissed him.


So many trip wires were crossed in this one movie!  No one did any work to discover how the Chinese would feel about all this.  The SJWs running Lucas Films were blissfully unaware that most of the people on the planet are not SJW lunatics.  So they assumed everyone would be on board with the color schemes and love stories across race lines.


But I think the #1 reason the Chinese instinctively recoiled from this stupid movie was, the female Asian character has a very close resemblance of Madame Mao.  But news stories in the US are going all SJW racism over this character because they love this new Mad Madame Mao character.


Yes, everyone is evil except the SJW gang who are pure and clean and simply want to reeducate us like Madame Mao’s reeducation camps.  The pandering to the Chinese blew up in everyone’s faces due to them all assuming the Chinese love Madame Mao and would flock to theaters to see her triumph in this silly movie.

China hates The Last Jedi – YouTube

Perhaps, since I haven’t found anyone online who has figured out why the Chinese hate this movie…perhaps the Disney people should contact me and chat about all this before they go bankrupt.



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16 responses to “New Disney Star Wars Movie Total Failure In China Because Rose Looks Like Madame Mao

  1. Petruchio

    “The SJWs running Lucas Films were blissfully unaware that most of the people on the planet are not SJW lunatics.” Wanna know why this is? It’s because most of these SJW warriors are a bunch of spoiled rotten rich kids who don’t have to work for a living. They are a group of overindulged, overinsulated Millenials or ‘millennial’ types. They feel entitled to arrogantly tell people what is right and wrong. And like all brainwashed people, these SJW’s never, ever question what they are doing. They are always right; everyone else is always wrong. Ya can’t get more smug or arrogant than that. And they are never gonna figure that out.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Let Disney go bankrupt. They are a monopoly anyway and should be carved up.

    This latest film failed in the US due to the SJW feminism angle. In a way, related to the Madame Mao problem. I did like Stefan Molyneux’s take on it. He thought the film perfectly exemplified why a diversity, female led culture leads to one failure after the next. Whether or not the creators intended this subversive message is debatable.

  3. Lou

    Others think that Chinese / Asians do NOT want Black actors and hero’s in fantasy land.
    Asians want what they are not, Muscular, Tall Blonds and Blondes.
    Not ugly africans.

    One poster was changed,!

  4. Lou

    Petruchio, you are ‘close but no cigar winner,’

  5. Lou

    4–hit the button, link works.

  6. Lou

    from that link, Dirk Blocker says:
    Are you serious? There is so racial bigotry against blacks in China. They, up until very recently, did not allow blacks to teach English in China.

  7. Chinese immigrants in the US are constantly attacked by black robbers who hit their businesses frequently.

  8. Lou

    7—when the net was scrubbed of ‘race realism’ sites, Ambrose Kane blog disappeared.
    there was security camera footage on it of an old Chinese man being murdered by a thug.
    I think it was ‘knock out game’-not robbery gone rong.

  9. Petruchio

    @#3 mel: Note how Luke Skywalker is a white male? I think the feminist SJW “warriors” would like it that way. Molyneaux nails it. The Rebels never really needed Jedi Knights in order to survive.

  10. Oguy

    Does anyone know of a good satire or parody based on this recent trend in movies? If done well, it would make for some great laughs.

    If a movie can’t cover its hiring, production and advertising expenses unless it becomes an international hit, maybe foreign rejection will impose some discipline on the industry. I, for one, wouldn’t miss the absence of bombastic special effects, etc, whether or not they serve as subsitutes for plot, character development or intelligent dialogue. But what would the current batch of Star Wars and superhero movies be without them? Maybe it’s time to return comic books to their original format and keep them there.

  11. melponeme_k

    3 – @Lou

    Chinese claim partial Aryan ancestry via the Romans. They have a legend that a Roman army fought for a Chinese Emperor and he gifted them with farms and a town (Liqian). Whether or not this is true is really unknown. Some say the area had an influx of Eastern European settlers.

    To this day, the people in that area are born with light brown, red and even blonde hair. Sometimes their eyes are even green or blue.

    The Chinese, at the height of their power, were really interested in making contact with the Romans and creating trading agreements with them. But they were prevented from further contact by the Parthians.

  12. Lou

    11–yes, there are red headed Chinese in one area w Euro DNA.

  13. melponeme_k

    Not just red hair. The full blonde, blue eyed Nordic look paired with almond eyes. The mix is exceedingly beautiful.

  14. Ken

    I’m sure that the SJWs in Hollywood realize that the rest of the world doesn’t share their views. However, I’m also sure that they are working hard to bring them around to the SJW view through subliminal messages in the movies and new reporting. Change the world in the same way they changed the western civilization.

  15. Anonymous

    I actually find she looks nothing like Madame Mao. That being said, I don’t doubt the movie would have fared much better if the more attractive of the two Tico sisters had survived instead.

  16. tio

    “Does anyone know of a good satire or parody based on this recent trend in movies? If done well, it would make for some great laughs.”

    Not sure if this meets the criteria or not, but just in case meet a Sith Lord.

    The ombudsman said: “The ECB takes decisions that directly affect the lives of millions of citizens. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, and in consideration of the additional powers given to the ECB in recent years to supervise member state banks in the public interest, it is important to demonstrate to that public that there is a clear separation between the ECB as supervisor and the finance industry which is affected by its decisions.”

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