Twitter Sends Elimination Warning To All Conservative Users

Twitter is now full attack mode, eliminating any and all users who is to the right of Madame Mao.  They falsely accuse citizens of being Russian agents right out of the McCarthy bag of dirty tricks.  The California crew sent out a warning to users today telling them, they are Russian agents.  This is so beyond insane, it is part of the ‘Russia is evil’ junk the left has been peddling for the last two years especially since Putin made Russia strong again.  Meanwhile, DNC in Congress has shut down our own government and is blaming…Russian agents for that, too.


One peculiar thing about the leftist communists and anarchists using the ‘Russia is evil’ scare is, this works only when some right winger does it and gets patriotic citizens scared and angry.  Using it on communist/anarchist leftists doesn’t do its magic which is to get the right wingers mad about Russia!!!  Quite the opposite.


Instead, everyone on the ‘right’ is making fun of the leftists commies who are playing this stupid game.  Since the gang in California sees no sane people or talks to anyone with a brain anymore, they can’t see that they are the laughing stock of most citizens.


The New York Times has the same delusional tactics but have been careful to not sound utterly insane but they have lost their minds when Trump awarded their top Bilderberg gangster, Paul War Criminal Krugman, his ‘Fake News’ prize.  His lies have launched many an illegal war and he should be put on trial for these crimes.


The fake news systems liberals use went nuts over Trump making fun of their skill sets.  They accuse him of oppressing them.  Their feelings are hurt.  Millions of citizens are laughing at the mainstream fake news.  They can’t figure this out: being openly fake is backfiring badly.


The latest hysteria is over Trump and the Russians using Twitter at the same time.  According to our communist leftists, Trump conspired with Russia to issue funny tweets that embarrassed the leftists and this caused them to lose the election.  I am joking.  They actually think that it was Trump, not Obama and Hillary, who conspired with Putin.


Well, demands in Congress and the saner half of the nation that the ‘proof’ that someone colluded with Russia be issued forthwith and the FBI still won’t do this because they are still ‘investigating’ this but we are in a political crisis caused by liberals lying and need to show the People all proofs of what really happened a year ago, namely, our DNC rulers were secretly making deals with Russia.


Twitter Sends Users Creepy ‘Big Brother’ Email Regarding Secret ‘Russian Influence’ Online because they want to prevent any citizens from discussing this vital issue anymore:


The Gateway Pundit’s Associate Editor Cristina Laila received this email from Twitter on Friday.


The email informed users that Twitter is actively working to understand ‘Russian-linked activities’ on the platform that took place during the 2016 presidential election. Twitter claims they have identified and suspended a ‘number of accounts that were potentially connected to propaganda efforts by a Russian government-linked organization known as the Internet Research Agency’.


Here’s where the email turns creepy Big Brother…

Twitter users received this email because Twitter believes they either ‘followed, re-tweeted or liked’ content from one of these so-called Russian propaganda Twitter accounts.


Yes, Twitter is spying on users and yes, Twitter is using this information to intimidate and terrorize users and yes, Twitter is Big Brother Bird and lives in a trashcan called California.


Sarah Sanders on Twitter: “Official White House statement on #SchumerShutdown… “


Trump and his team triumphantly use Twitter to tweak Twitter’s beak and laugh at them.  Since the clowns running this internet system of communication have no sense of humor or honor, this pisses them off even more.  Trump is daring them to ban him again.


Facebook and Google and Twitter have finally figured out that Trump is baiting them deliberately.  He is pushing them hard so they do something very stupid and then he can shut them down because they are breaking the law.  They are already being sued by users who are punished for being political.


I hear of one lawsuit after another, they are accumulating rapidly now as panicked California lunatics running systems think they can run all of the USA as if this were communist China.  I find the comments to this story to be both funny and truthful:


Martin2717 • 10 hours ago
Twitter is also scum for this: Right now, the hashtag “TrumpShutdown” (not true twitter and you know it) is trending worldwide but they banned the “ReleaseTheMemo” hashtag.


So, evidently Twitter is censoring all kinds of stuff in the US for political reasons.  I heard that Twitter banned that tag and seems everyone knows it now.


Remmie Martin2717 • 9 hours ago
How long will it take this censorship to blow up in their faces?


The cartoon at the top of this story came from Gateway Pundit comments section and the readers have been creating/finding very funny cartoons illustrating this mess:

NYT just ran a story about Russian bots using Twitter to twist perceptions of the memo that people want to see. Their campaign is to say that it’s a Republican conspiracy to make the Democrats look bad. Timing is everything. It is really impressive how organized they are.


DeplorableVietnamVet • 2 hours ago
OMG. I’m still trying to deal with Trump getting TWO scoops of Ice Cream……and now this??−


Ninky • 6 hours ago
This is a set-up by Twitter to perpetrate left-wing propoganda. And the latest is this story running on CNBC regarding the FISA memo: “But a website claiming to track Russian influence in real time showed that Russia-linked Twitter accounts helped #ReleaseTheMemo go viral.”


Yes, CNBC is doing the ‘Red Scare’ scam.  The liberals are all in on this stupid scam.  They are great at fooling each other.

They’re going all out now. Collusion between the leftists, the gov’t criminals, the the leftist social media.  This is menacing, isidious and beyond evil.


Conservative internet users are making fun of our corrupt Senators.  Warner, for example, is a huge Bilderberg gangster guy and he has been very vocal about how evil Russia is:

Rachel Sievers • 10 hours ago
Senator Warner, how many shares of YANDEX do you own? They are in Russia!!!

“His most valuable assets
include stakes in the Alexandria, Va.-based Columbia Capital, Columbia
Capital Investors and Columbia Capital Investment Partners. He also has
stock in the Russian search engine Yandex worth at least $6.75 million.”


The evil twats at the New York Times today are howling about Russia running our government via being much smarter than us:


Oh, so Trump posting funny Twitter comments or giving government information via Twitter is evil!  HAHAHA.  And European leaders are scared of Putin, too!  Why is that?  Oh, they are flooding Europe with illegal violent aliens who are now systematically destroying and terrorizing Europe while Putin doesn’t allow this at home and all the Eastern European nations that were joining Nato illegally (US and Europe promised not to move NATO to Russia’s front door!) are now going back to Putin begging him to save them from violent Muslim invasions.


Here is Google’s list of some of the many, many NYT ‘Trump is an evil commie Russian agent’ stories from just the last few months:

Now on to some real news from RT International, and evil Russian news service now closed to US citizens thanks to liberal censorship:

Yes, the Bilderberg gang is using the ‘a conservative is a Russian agent’ in Mexico’s elections, too.  They use this in Europe,  It is now their sole reason for maintaining a grip on power.  The Olympic Committee decided to do the Cold War Russia is Evil junk and then got scared when Russia said, ‘OK, try having the Winter Olympics without Russia and see TV money vanish as people don’t bother to watch our figure skaters!’



They can’t wave any flags!  HAHAHA.  Or wear ‘uniforms’.  HAHAHA.  That teaches Russia a lesson…this is so stupid.  Russians are ten times more patriotic because of this stupid attack.  While the US sees schools and sports teams diss the US flag, turn their backs on the US flag, mock the US patriotism stuff, openly abuse anyone patriotic, sneer at patriotism…can’t the stupid liberals see what is happening here???


They are insane, insipid and stupid all at once. Football is crashing, flying off the cliff thanks to anti-patriot players and owners!  Star Wars is getting a severe backlash due to it making fun of Luke Skywalker and making him into a cranky old white jerk.  All systems run by liberals are set on mocking male strength, white men who work, people who love their country and don’t want international gangs running open borders.


All this is congealing together into one big, nasty ball.  Now, millions of people who hate the SJW destruction of all we hold dear are trying to kill the Olympics and push back has arrived in the form of Putin and the Russian team.  You know, the games are next door to Russia and every time a Russian beats a Bilderberg gang athlete, the people in the stands will be waving huge Russian flags and singing their anthem which won’t play when a Russian winner is on the stand.


This is very good for Putin, it cements his power in Russia.



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24 responses to “Twitter Sends Elimination Warning To All Conservative Users

  1. melponeme_k

    I think there will be a WWIII and it will be fought once more in Western Europe. No doubt, both Russia and the US will be roped into cleaning up the crap piles in the monkey zoo.

    How many times can history be repeated?

  2. Lou

    I avoid Twitter. It turns people into Twits.
    It shows how stupid people can be.

  3. tio

    “They are insane, insipid and stupid all at once.”


    My sympathies regarding the virus, picked up one myself.

  4. Jim R

    … brought to you by the same corrupt police state Elaine just loooves in her other articles.

    If only they’d do what Elaine is thinking, she’d be much happier!

  5. Ahem: you have no idea what a police state is. I have direct experience. Secondly, if you have a sane city with sane people the police work FOR THEM. I have gotten the police to work for me. It didn’t take me more than two years to take over my local police and get them to do what I wanted them to do. We call this ‘being politically involved.’

  6. The key here is to participate in systems that exist. I discovered in NYC years ago there were ‘precinct councils’ and so I attended meetings, gave speeches there, then showed up when the leader of the council was voted on and we voted in a member of our organization.

    I founded the Park Slope Improvement Committee and used this to take over various government systems that is, ‘we were the PRESSURE POINT’ in any situation and this forced politicians to listen to us and those that defied us conspired to destroy us and instead, went to prison or died because we fought back using the LAW, they were lawless, not us.

    The LAW can be a fine tool and I used it constantly. Far from hating laws, I love using them! This is the key: the laws I wanted used were laws I chose. You would be surprised how this simple plan works.

  7. For example, the easiest way to stop petty street crime was…strictly enforce littering laws! The street scum HATE this and will flee any place where this is enforced. Got rid of 99% of street crime via going after litter.

  8. Petruchio

    The folks running Twitter, the fools at the NYT–or WaPo for that matter, all have the same problem. They are a bunch of brainwashed vegetables who smugly think they know how to run the world!! What egos! They also lack a level of maturity that comes to most people as they age. What you have with Twitter is a bunch of overindulged, over insulated spoiled rotten rich kids. Will they ever grow up and gain some level of maturity? I doubt it. BTW. Zuckerberg, the guy running Facebook is trying to do the same thing as the Twitter braindead vegetables.

  9. Lou

    4– … brought to you by the same corrupt police state Elaine just loooves in her other articles.
    Can you elaborate?

  10. Lou

    7–country music drives Blacks from malls.

  11. Rolling my eyes. Police state indeed. Sheesh.

  12. Lou

    a view on Block chain,

  13. Christian W

    It is not only ‘right wingers’ that are getting censored. The ‘left’ is hit even harder.

    The ‘left’ vs ‘right’ narrative is fake.

  14. Yes, the Jordan Peterson videos where he debates this rude, very stupid British entitled white female bitch are very funny. He should have slapped her. I certainly would love to slap her.

    She is the worst of the lot. Sneering at people and repeatedly saying, ‘So you SAID’ and then making up things he never said, over and over again was educational.

    It reminds me why so many females really don’t make good debaters. The method used by this BBC female was pure ‘don’t you dare talk back to ME’ stuff that deranged mothers use on their sons when they are making unreasonable demands.

  15. About the coin offering video: who in their right mind would go to a young kid with a weird hairdo and so forth, for economic information? Good lord. HAHAHA.

  16. Lou

    17–Thats what folks said about–oh, amazon, apple, google, etc.

    And his hair is dyed.

  17. Um, no. Those young geeks didn’t have whacked hair styles.

  18. Lou

    19–the image I see in 14 is a guy w dyed hair.

  19. Mewswithaview

    @16 – Elaine,

    Channel 4 (UK) the organisation behind that disastrous interviewer have now decided to frame the interviewer as the victim in this and her buddies in the mainstream media have decided to also play along and cast Dr. Peterson as an Alt+Right operator. Politically he is a classical liberal (i.e. liberals before the left wing progressives appropriated the term). There is a good joke doing the rounds at the moment that sums her up .. . .

    Poet Robbie Burns: “My love is like a red, red rose…”
    Cathy Newman: “So you’re saying women are no better than plant life?”

    Anyway here is response from Dr. Peterson . .

    There have been over 50,000 comments to the original channel4 video with 2.8 million views. This is a lot and they are all on the same lines critical of the interviewer.

  20. Mewswithaview

    Full interview from the Netherlands

  21. Yes, the modern young feminist female would club a poet to death…hey! Way back in mythological times, females ran after Orpheus and tore him to shreds while screaming abuse.

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