Infowars Infiltrates Google Venice Beach Building, A Creepy Place With Giant Spy Glasses!

BANNED! Red Elephants & Millie Weaver Confront Google Over Censorship – YouTube


I didn’t know that the Google headquarter building in lovely Venice Beach, CA, where years ago, a crazy man shot at me six times…hehehe…they have a big office there with modern architecture including a huge car entrance shaped like spy binoculars!  Wow.  Well, Infowars decided to question staff there as they came and went and no one would talk, they stare straight ahead and march to their PC Places of Work to fix the planet via being creeps and censoring people and other fun stuff beloved of all communist dictators.

Infowars was with the young man behind this You Tube site that was banned this week:   The Red Elephants – YouTube – YouTube.


You Tube has gone full communist mode this month.  They hate everyone and anyone who doesn’t hew to the propaganda regime of young white females in colleges where they learn how to be impossible to live around or with.  Good luck in life, dears!  The future is so shockingly dim for these poor females.


Right now, most are subsidized by the taxpayers who lend them endless funds to go to school and learn how to destroy America.  This will end very badly for all of them.  No useful skills, filled to the brim with contempt and hatred of capitalist systems, this parade of young pride will end with a grim march to the grave as they struggle to survive while owing immense funds to the Banks while at the same time, can’t get married and welfare cities run by blacks don’t let white girls with babies, any welfare money.


Seriously, in all the big paying welfare cities, these are run by black politicians and staff and if you need help and are white, they won’t give it. When I was in NYC with a baby and no job, I didn’t get one penny from welfare.  Nothing.  Not even free stuff for babies.


Instead, I got work as a super working for a landlord and built that up until I was a landlady, myself, in less than 4 years.  No money from anyone, just hard work did the trick.


All over the DNC-run parts of this nation, leftists are allowed to physically attack and intimidate anyone who isn’t a communist.  Police have to protect Trump supporters from mob at USC is a typical example, the private school cops did escort the people being attacked at least:


The town hall, a partnership between USC, the Empowerment Congress, and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, took place in USC’s Bovard Auditorium on Saturday, January 13. Arthur Schaper and Harim Uzziel told Campus Reform that they attended the event to inform their votes for governor and show their support for President Trump and candidate Travis Allen.


As the pair took their seats, protesters with signs declaring “people over profit” hounded them for their evident political views. When the protesters began chanting the slogan, some audience members quietly booed, while Shaper retorted that “people need profit” and “profit makes people stronger.”


A woman sitting in front of the pair then turned around and told Uzziel to be quiet. Uzziel defended his right to civilly reply to the protestors. The woman then reported him to the campus police, who pulled him out of his seat to discuss the incident outside the auditorium.


Uzziel explained the situation, and the police permitted him to return to his seat after hearing both sides of the dispute. Meanwhile, event security did not question a disruptive woman screaming about single-payer health insurance.


The cops were sent in to remove anyone who wasn’t a communist.  Meanwhile, a communist female was allowed to openly rage.  I see this all over the place. Infowars Faces Down Antifa At A Night For Freedom Event:   a number of people who appear on You Tube to talk about how to stop radical leftists had a dinner meeting in Manhattan last night.


This was not openly advertised but was discussed online in public and the radical communists discovered where it was being held and as per their usual, they tried to mob it and then physically attack people.


All over the place, for the last two years, leftists have openly physically attacked anyone who wants to have a gathering.  Even a private dinner in a restaurant is attacked by baying hounds from hell.


They are quite proud of this.  They have no concept of history or how this story will end: a huge backlash.  Now the Democrats have decided they want no government if we can’t have illegal aliens, too.  So chaos is now spreading and they are proud of this, too.


The GOP is now running ads about all the illegal alien terrorists and killers who terrorize even DNC run cities, especially these cities.  Europe is being systematically destroyed by illegal aliens and making them legal fixes nothing because these are not the sort of people who are good additions to any country.


The left is now on the warpath, big time, the more they lose, the angrier they are and then they lash out and they can’t figure out why this doesn’t work so hot.  For example, Google staff and heads all think they are very clever and better than the rest of us.


I now hate Google.  Completely hate them and hope they go bankrupt eventually.  I am not alone, many people now hate Google.  Google is like football owners: too stupid and too vain to figure out, they need their customer base to survive.


Having tens of millions of customers very pissed off is dangerous!  Over time, it destroys businesses!  How simple is this?  Politics as led these leftists into chopping up their own businesses.  Football, for example, is limping along but next year will be worse for people hold grudges, the multitude who left won’t be back.


Just yesterday, I read about a violent football player New York Jets’ Robby Anderson to Cop: ‘I’m Going to F*ck Your Wife…Nut in Her Eye who is still on a team was arrested speeding over 100mph and attacked cops.  This lunacy is destroying football which I have disliked for many years and perhaps everyone will dislike it in the end.  It is now increasingly inevitable, it is doomed.


We are witnessing the collapse of movies, Hollywood, TV entertainment, sports, our entire school systems, and now our government is shut down unless we take in endless illegal aliens who demand we, not they, learn a new language and we, not they, should go to the back of the line, their kids get scholarships from liberals and white boys get kicked to the curb for being born white, open racism against them while everyone else can run riot.


This is destroying our nation rapidly.  It is extremely dangerous in the long and short run.  57.9% of Illegals Caught at U.S.-Mexico Border in FY17 Not Mexican; From 111 Other Countries shows the dangers of open borders.  Like in Europe, the vast majority of these people are grown men.


Now for a visit to RT news from Russia where we get some real news: US relations with ally, Turkey, hit a new low.  Turkey will bomb US forces if they are supporting Kurds in Syria.

Oh, and illegal Muslim aliens continue to threaten the citizens in Europe and even the new ruler of France is talking opposite of what he ran on, namely, he now wants to kick them all out again!  HAHAHA.  And he ‘won’ against a woman who said that was her own goal.  How pathetic.




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7 responses to “Infowars Infiltrates Google Venice Beach Building, A Creepy Place With Giant Spy Glasses!

  1. Oguy

    Binoculars– that’s classic. They provide a half-convincing facsimile of genuine stereoscopic vision, compressing depth and strongly limiting the field of view, admitting nothing that’s too far to the left or to the right. A monocle would have made a more amusing statue, but one too riddled with associations that would rile the culturally sensitive. Come to think of it, how about a huge monocle as the focusing lens for a sundial, with a stick figure atop a monocycle who rides around the sundial at the silent stroke of each hour? Single vision, linear time, a shrunken humanity and compulsory subservience that leads nowhere– all encapsulated in a single image.

  2. Lou

    I am a drive from Main Street, Venice.

    The binoculars were there before Google began to buy the area up.
    Catty corner from them is a huge Ballerina, who had a leg that moved.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger owns the [or did own] building behind that and THE CITY BLOCK where the ballerina is.

    MISTER RIDLEY-THOMAS IS BLACK AND SPENT ?? a million of gov money to spruce up his office.
    Many years ago, I heard half million on one refurnishing.$707,000…-a0219874115

  3. Lou

    Arnolds block, catty corner from Googles 2? blocks.

    look at the size of the clown,

  4. Lou

    They have a big office–More like 2 city blocks.
    They, Snapchat, etc are taking over.
    Silicon Beach,

  5. I remember when Venice was a slum. And a man tried to assassinate me there!!! Never went back, I avoid places with that sort of crappy karma.

  6. Melponeme_k

    Facebook, Google, Apple and other tech companies were created by the Military/CIA hacks or from stolen tech of CIA hacks, all of it funded by our tax dollars. Then the hacks turned around and gave it to their relatives or relative kiddies to run.

    The 70’s techs were no smarter than today’s clueless children. The 70’s guys were all turned inside out by CIA MK projects such as EST. You know that wonderful customer service ploy where they ignore a problem until it becomes a big canker sore on everyone’s ass? All a result of hapless techs being denied the use of a bathroom by Erhard way back in 1977. They never got over it and made everyone pay. The new young ones carry on the tradition.

    It doesn’t matter if these companies fail. In fact they WANT them to fail. They don’t want points of community where people can trade notes. After all they can just rebuild and rebrand later.

  7. Lou

    5— Abbott Kinney Blvd was slummy, in 1985. Now it is the ‘New Melrose at the beach’ and 3? lots w buildings went for about 45? million dollars.

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