Cernovich Dinner Party In Manhattan Assaulted Violently By ANTIFA Gang

Yesterday in Manhattan, the far left communists/anarchists did another physical attack on anyone who isn’t a communist and ended up putting a guest of Mike Cernovich in the hospital.  This made barely any news in NYC because liberals believe in hiding real news especially when it makes them look evil.  And right now, they have gone full-evil.  Using violent communist thugs to intimidate citizens at the same time they are pushing hard to make illegal aliens legal so they can vote for communists, we are now literally at war and have been at war for the last two years.  So far, these attacks only work in cities run by the DNC.  But eventually, people will have to decide, running cities into the ground is stupid and thus, stop this insanity.


Here is the description of the dinner party called ‘A Night for Freedom’


Celebrate life, culture, music, and mindset with Stefan Molyneux, Gavin McInnes, Mike Cernovich, and many more.

There aren’t enough events happening in our community, and most of the stuff happening on the left, right, or center is boring….It’s a bunch of people sitting around at tables of 10-12 people eating bland food while a speaker drones on in front of a podium. There’s no vibe or excitement.

We want to hold a party while providing you an opportunity to hang out in an environment where free speeh and open inquiry are welcome…and then have a huge party.

Welcome to A Night for Freedom!

We have different tickets to serve different needs, and everyone will have an amazing time.


Well, it was an ‘amazing time’ because ANTIFA gangsters discovered where this dinner was happening and then armed themselves to attack and then they carried out an open assault on their victims.  This is now war.  And everyone involved in keeping Manhattan safe should be sued and punished for allowing thugs to attack citizens.


SHOCK ATTACK: Trump Supporter Nearly Strangled to Death By Antifa Terrorist In New York


The unidentified victim had gotten about a block away from the FREQNYC nightclub where the Night for Freedom party was being held. He was followed by a man identified by police as David Campbell of Crown Heights, New York as the person arrested for the attack. Campbell reportedly stepped away from the Antifa mob gathered outside the venue to follow the victim. A witness says Campbell punched the victim in the head causing him to fall and hit his head on the curb. Campbell then reportedly started strangling the man.


When the victim was rescued, he barely had a pulse and needed CPR. He did not regain consciousness until he was in an ambulance headed to the hospital. Two other people were reported injured in the attack and were also taken to hospitals.


At least the Daily News carried this story.  No other NYC news outfit dared to carry it.  Fake news has to keep up the fake news business while whining about everyone else being ‘fake news’.


None of the ‘liberal’ media in NYC reported this attack.  This reminds me of myself: I was openly censored and hidden from view by mainstream media from 1980-today.  I could be surrounded by all the NY media giant’s reporters and not one of them would use my name or show me in a video, for a while, the only outlet that did show me was CNN back when Turner still ran it, he was openly friendly to me.


Hideous things can be happening and if you are a ‘non-entity’ for liberals, it is invisible.  I hope this victim and his family sue NYC, the mayor, the governor of NY (whose daddy DID talk to me openly!!!) for allowing violent radical communists to run riot and attack innocent citizens.


My dear old buddy, Captain Hill, ran the Manhattan cops after he was promoted by Mayor Giuliani and under his supervision, Manhattan became ridiculously safe as he installed our ‘method to stop crime via stopping petty crime’ program that Captain Hill and I cooked up way back in 1982.  It worked like a charm.  The new mayor lives in my old stomping grounds and lived there for 30 years with little crime so he thought the low crime was due to liberal policies, not despite it.


So crime is shooting literally shooting through the roof in Manhattan now!  Three people shot in midtown Manhattan in broad daylight! | Daily Mail Online in England reports:


Three men including at least one innocent bystander have been shot in busy midtown Manhattan just a few blocks from the Empire State Building.  The victims were wounded on West 31st Street between 5th Avenue and Broadway at 4.40pm Sunday.


A man reportedly pulled a gun following an argument with another man outside a liquor store, police said at a press conference.


One of the victims was a tourist.  God, I used to work there!  Crime was high back then and the Housewife From Hell had a fun commute, in between working for Mannesmanndemag (German) I could arrest criminals and save lives.  It was tiresome after a while.  People are amazing!  There is zero need to tolerate constant crime!  Duh!


After we showed the public, the gang of us who systematically crushed crime, how easy it is if you think straight and do sane stuff, the stupid voters voted for more crime, more chaos so bon appetite!  Enjoy your stay in Hell’s Kitchen!


We now have regular terror attacks, regular crime, hysteria and mob communist violence.  Since no one has protection anymore, I would suggest to citizens that they arm themselves and be very aggressive towards obvious criminals.  Perhaps groups of vigilantes will have to take up from where my group left off and begin aggressively taking down criminals including threatening to kill them!


They respect force!  One guy we arrested was so amazed to meet us, dogs and crowbars and all, he boasted in jail that he was taken down by ‘real fighters’.  Yes, this went on in NYC and guess how many news stories this generated?


NONE.  No, one.  I was interviewed by the Daily News which got 50% of the story totally wrong.  It was stupid but at least it happened.  No follow up stories were ever done.  The NYT did mention some of my crime work but worked hard to conceal it was me.  They did mention it was a woman!  One would think they would be intensely interested in who this strange woman was.


The police knew!  They loved me.  The NYT reporters didn’t enquire.  This lack of interest in real stories is symptomatic of fake news systems.  People think the mainstream media went fake recently.  Dead wrong.  It has been mostly fake most of my life.


Another favorite example of mine is a Berkeley riot which I was the center of action when the cops illegally arrested me on the orders of the mayor.  Well, over 100 people were arrested in this riot.  It didn’t make any news, no reporter met me at the jail to ask questions, nothing.  Dead silence.


I was only 17 years old, too!  A teenage girl of moderate good looks would be of great interest of the media.  But not when it is someone the government wants hidden from view.  People think, if they go look at the news, they are well-informed.  This is false.  Often, they have worse than ‘information’, they have lies.


More NYC gun news: Gunman opens fire on cops patrolling roof of Brooklyn building – NY Daily News


A mystery shooter opened fire on two NYPD officers as they patrolled the roof of a Brooklyn housing development, blasting a bullet into a door just moments after the cops emerged from it, police said.


The cops were doing a floor-by-floor “vertical” patrol of the Stuyvesant Garden Houses on Gates Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant at about 10:30 p.m. when they heard the crack of gunfire from across the way, according to cops.


Police believe the shooter was firing from another rooftop.


The new mayor gets to go to more and more cop funerals.  And funerals of other staff thanks to rearming criminals and giving them a green light to attack!  Thanks a billion, buddy.


This is right next door to my old stomping grounds in northern Park Slope along Flatbush Avenue!


The officers were patrolling the same complex where Chynna Battle, 21, and Shaqwanda Staley, 29, were shot to death on July 12.  Both were bystanders, shot by two men trying to kill a rival gang member, authorities said. Cops caught up with the alleged shooters in South Carolina in November.


Taxpayers in NYC subsidize housing for criminal families who then use these as their home base for their forays for hunting down loot. Speaking of looting: Brooklyn pol charged with using funds for lavish trips, lingerie – NY Daily News.  I used to live for a while in Coney Island until my neighbors rioted and destroyed my neighborhood.


Amid the post-Hurricane Sandy rubble of Breezy Point and the 24 dead bodies on Staten Island, Pamela Harris — who would later become a state assemblywoman — turned a profit on New York’s pain.


As Coney Island neighbors and the rest of the city struggled with the massive 2012 devastation, Harris lined her pockets with cash meant to aid the hurricane’s newly homeless, a federal indictment charges.


Harris spent $10,000 on vacations, including a cruise ship getaway, and shopped at Victoria’s Secret with her dirty money, authorities charged Tuesday.


Another black DNC hack goes to prison.  Several DNC corrupt politicians are on trial this year.  This is a one party state like California and thus, has lots of corruption due to lack of competition and the left here is quite violent and determined to drive NYC into chaos.  Good luck with living with chaos!  Note all the tourists being killed or attacked these days in NYC.  More in the future since this is war.


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  1. What gets me not a peep from the MSM about the assault. Now if this happened at the Women’s March CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN would have gone ballistic.

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