FBI Memo Last Year Called ‘Russia/Trump’ Investigation Nothing Burger

“Jaw-dropping” Text Message By FBI Agent Suggests No Trump Collusion With Russia: they admit it was all a big ‘nothing burger’ from day one.


This is part of lots of news today about the Spook State’s many activities against our election process as they attempted one ‘coup’ after another when the Bilderberg candidate, for the first time since Reagan, didn’t win the election.  All our ‘leaders’ have been internationalists out to destroy our sovereignty.  The ‘collusion with Russia’ scam continues in mainstream media today even as this FBI memo proves yet again, it is false.


You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern that there’s no big there there.


This particular text message was included in 400 pages of text messages exchanged between Strzok and Page. Lawmakers have started reviewing the trove of documents for evidence of anti-Trump and pro-Clinton bias as part of an ongoing investigation. Yesterday AG Jeff Sessions announced that the DOJ was also beginning an investigation into the months of missing text message that the FBI had failed to preserve.


Johnson also addressed the revelation last Friday that the FBI “failed to preserve” five months worth of text messages exchanged between Strzok and Page. A Justice Department official told Johnson’s committee and five other congressional panels that a “misconfiguration” issue caused “many” FBI-issued mobile devices to not back up to the bureau’s servers.


Here is the massive windowless spy tower in lower Manhattan which is run by our government along with AT&T and this is where much of the spying on Trump occurred.


The rats are jumping from a sinking ship now: Comey Chief Of Staff Who Worked On Clinton Exoneration, Quits FBI One Week After Congressional Testimony. 

I expect a flood of resignations, all the rats who stayed behind to stab Trump in the back will now flee because all the schemes they cooked up are now being investigated by Congress.


So the NY City media machine is…focused on Russia and Trump, still beating that empty drum endlessly, daily, no matter what.  They won’t report most of the news here on my blog today, they seldom report any real news anymore.

And I believe that Sessions regrets trusting DNC tool, Mueller, after handing over the keys to the investigation car which has run off the road and into a ditch.

Trump won against Schumer in Congress so Schumer is threatening to repeat what he did this week in another two weeks, learning nothing.  Schumer Withdraws Border Wall Funding Offer, Assuring Another Shutdown.


The DNC is desperate to replace citizens with aliens so they can win elections.  This is treason.  Arrest them if this is their stupid plan.


UPDATE 5-China and our ‘ally’ South Korea protests at U.S. solar, washer tariffs, fears more to come: protectionism!  About time!  20 years too late for my own business which was wrecked by free trade.  But finally, it is here!  Here is a list of news stories about trade war issues going back 15 years showing how China and our allies in Asia play on the same team…against us.  Our allies!  Some allies.


China slaps tariffs on Japan – tribunedigital-chicagotribune



Jun 22, 2001 – What started as a skirmish between China and Japan over onions escalated into a full-blown trade war when China on Thursday announced it was imposing … The farmers complain that Chinese vegetable imports have brought down market prices by 30 percent over the last year, especially in onions and …

U.S. sets new tariffs on Chinese solar imports – Reuters

May 17, 2012 – The United States hit Chinese solar companies with punitive import tariffs of 30 percent or more on Thursday, ruling they had dumped cut-price solar panels … China’s export restrictions on critical “rare earth” industrial materials in a complaint, together with the European Union and Japan, to the World Trade …

South Korea says to complain to WTO about US tariffs on washers …

19 hours ago – SEOUL (Reuters) — South Korea said on Tuesday the government will complain to the World Trade Organization (WTO) about a U.S. decision to slap tariff.

China Protests The European Union’s Unfair Duties And Tariffs On Steel

Oct 9, 2016 – China has complained that the European Union is being unfair in the manner and amount of the duties on Chinese steel entering the bloc. They’re right to do so as well although as ever when we mix politics and trade they’re doing so for the wrong reason. China is complaining because the tariffsand …

EU, Japan and US to ramp up trade pressure on China – Financial Times

Dec 12, 2017 – Mr Trump and his aides have lashed out at China and revived US trade statutes to launch controversial investigations that could lead to punitive tariffs and other trade sanctions. But the EU and Japan have been seeking to talk the administration out of unilateral action, arguing that co-operating with the EU …


Globalisation is losing its lustre, India’s Modi tells Davos summit:

The Bilderberg gang is meeting in snow-bound Davos to whine about global warming and to whine about ‘free trade’ being stopped by leaders of countries that are seeing their industries and businesses decimated by foreign entities undercutting wages and profits.  How dare anyone protect their own economic systems, wail India, China, etc.


Last of all, a funny story about WWIII: the Democrats running Hawaii are stupid:

HAHAHAHA.  They run all these massive spy systems and security systems and are so inept at the same time.  Hillary was confused about how to use modern computer systems but then Nixon had a devil of a time with tape recorders which I found was very funny back when I was a dirty teen hippie his gang was pestering all the time and tapping my phone.


AT&T: my old enemy.  Had tons of fun with them, dealing with NSA phone taps.


Click here to read the newly released 2016 Cert FISC Memo Opin Order Apr 2017:


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7 responses to “FBI Memo Last Year Called ‘Russia/Trump’ Investigation Nothing Burger

  1. jason

    You can’t prove a negative. Since Trump had nothing to do with this he can’t prove it so it drags on.

  2. DM

    Don’t these people realise that they are the laughing stock of the entire world?

  3. Oguy

    Maybe, maybe not, DM– but they don’t get their promotions and pensions from having the world take them seriously.

  4. KHS71

    Mueller doesn’t care if something is found or not. His job is to recommend impeachment so the Dems can use it to better their chances to win in 2018. Even if Trump is caught using the wrong bathroom stall, Mueller will recommend impeachment. This is a political witch hunt and Mueller will not stop.

  5. emsnews

    Correct. Meanwhile, corruption at the core of the FBI and CIA continues relentlessly…this is a race on the left to get in power to stop these investigations.

  6. Melponeme_k

    THIS is what happened with Trump/RUSSIA! Mueller better get on this double quick!

    The after party when things got nasty. Does that Putin have no shame????!!!

    And of course is no one investigating the Russian time machine that stole the presidential election???? What are my tax dollars doing? Are they not buying enough crazy lately? Dang, I thought I could count on the CIA for more than dolphin rape, hippie drugging and pussy hat crazy women.

  7. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Yes, the CIA is laughs except when they are killing millions of people.

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