Paris Fashion Show Attacks Men Via Degrading Them In Shocking Ways

Men treated as dogs and pigs in Paris catwalk shows, World News – AsiaOne:

as all cultural systems fail, we have these strange ‘fashion shows’ going on ever since the hippie free love days 55 years ago where ‘fashion designers’ indulge in their depraved fantasies.  The latest push is to make fun of men, turning them into pigs or clowns, etc.  This self-hate has very  strong sexual overtones just like ‘pop music’ and is pushing hard for fashionable degeneracy.  This strange world has disconnected from the real world.  And it shows how boredom and over satiation of sex has degraded participants in Paris, London, Hollywood and New York City.  These are all places that hate Trump and call him a clown.


Paris men’s fashion week began in earnest Wednesday with two collections showing what dogs and pigs men can be, as the industry reels from a new sexual harassment scandal.

The degrading of humans is what is wrong.  Fixing the problem of men sexually hassling fashion models isn’t fixed by gay male designers indulging in their strange sexual deviances.  The spread of AIDS was via the fashion/ballet/gay sex world, it began in Haiti but was spread globally by the ‘fashionable’.  I knew some of the very first AIDS gay victims in New York City.  It is all so very sad.


French designer Julien David sent out his models wearing dog’s heads, from a macho, man-spreading Doberman to an intellectual whippet and a splayed poodle in dungarees.


The gay dungeon sex is now openly paraded all in the name of fixing sex problems.  How is that?  It is insane, of course.  And very sick.


“I wanted to study the human species with a bit of distance. It’s a bit of a human laboratory,” he told AFP of his show.

This ‘designer’ is a psychopath.


Yet as David put the final touches to his study of male types — including a very predatory-looking German Shepherd with his tongue hanging out — little did he know that the fashion world would be hit by new allegations this weekend that two star photographers had harassed a string of models.


And does anyone think this ‘fashion designer’ isn’t doing exactly this sort of thing for fun at home?  Of course!


Later a no-holds barred show by Flemish master Walter van Beirendonck presented men as pigs.


The depravity of these clowns is painfully obvious.  Far from fixing what is wrong, they are throwing gasoline on the bonfire of vanities.

The Daily Mail in London loves wild sex.  Can’t look away as celebrities and wannabe celebrities parade about doing the sort of things strippers were paid good money to do in discreet clubs.  This is how I paid for my education!  Now, it is on the streets and in your face.  Meanwhile, the war against men rages on as feminists love Clinton for his wild sex with unwilling females and the contradictions of all this fails to penetrate rock hard brains:

Yes, Hollywood has been all about sex since day one.  It continues to be about sex only today, movies are losing their audiences because of PC politics.  The crash and burn of the Star Wars machine is one huge example of this.  Now, the females are to be the violent heroes who fight like men while the men are all monsters to be defeated or weak males needing rescue.


This is highly unpopular with most audiences but it is being shoved along no matter what and runs in tandem with everyone being stunned that men in Hollywood are all about sex when that is what Hollywood is: sex and violent depravities.  I haven’t watched a Hollywood product in years and years due to this.  It is really getting boring and stupid as well as disgusting.


Speaking of stupid and disgusting, I read this New York Times story about an ‘artist’ who died and her brother is refusing to sell her junk and people call her a great ‘artist’ and want to put her junk in museums.  Here is a photo of one of her ‘shows’:

It is all rags and junk.  Modern art is garbage.  It has been garbage all my long life.  It looks stupid, it is stupid, it became stupid before I was even born.  Ditto with ‘classical music’ which was murdered by Schoenberg after WWI.  I fought with my professors on this issue when in school 55 years ago and the only thing keeping orchestras employed today is pre-WWI music or Hollywood scores which are classical music still.


All cultural systems are being systematically destroyed because the elites hate society, they are bored to tears and even rough, ugly sex can’t get them going anymore.  This is so epically tragic…NOT.  It is stupid.  Then there is the reality crawling into Europe and other first world nations: Islam.

The Muslim men are probably raping her and then will execute her for daring to unveil.  This is our future.  It appears, what with Schumer and other DNC tools, they want more Muslims here I suppose so they can be entertained via horrible battles over sex and religion here instead of just in the Middle East.  Or maybe bored people are suicidal.  I would suggest both.


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16 responses to “Paris Fashion Show Attacks Men Via Degrading Them In Shocking Ways

  1. Melponeme_k

    I’ve been digging more into Michael Tsarion’s work. His theory is that a dark motherhood rules the roost. A group of crones that hate men and all women who are not of their kind. I have to say, in the midst of my goddess worship studies…his theory makes sense.

    Whoever rules this world, deeply hates humans.

  2. Oguy

    #1 – M_k:

    Crones and dark mothers, if not in the literal sense, then at least in the sense of those women and men who embody this quality/archetype, and who are animated by their resentment against all innocence, beauty and simple, unaffected joy and sharing. Thus they distance themselves from life’s wellspring and are left to scavenge in its shadows and on its remains.

    Also, I couldn’t agree more with Elaine’s characterizations of Hollywood movies and the modern variants of art, classical music and fashion design. At least the latter three have a limited audience, but they seem even more transparently driven by a shared “artistic” compulsion towards disharmony and degradation of form, if not partly to conceal a lack of inspiration or a sheer incapacity to do anything else.

  3. DM

    Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my pistol.

  4. Dresses this last two years are particularly ugly! It is downright disgusting and of course, rank sexual ‘streetwalker’ ugly.

  5. tio

    I liked them. I was thinking of emigrating to the USA, I identify as a native American MtF lesbian. I need to find sanctuary.

    The second photo looked like a family xmas gathering minus a few hundred pounds.

  6. Ken

    It continues to amaze me that anyone pays any attention to the “fashion shows” in Paris and New York. Never in my entire life have I ever seen even one of the outfits on parade make it from the catwalk into production and common acceptance by anyone in the real world.

    Also, the whole concept of a fashion show is degrading to people in general, and women in particular. The very idea is insulting that once a year a group of degenerates can get together and dictate that for the coming year everyone will stop wearing whatever is in their closets, and rush out and buy and wear something new and outlandish. What’s more, if people continue to wear the previously promoted outlandish fashions from any prior year, everyone will laugh at them.

    If clothing is laughably stupid in every year except the year it is “introduced” to the public, then it is laughably stupid all the time. And yet, every year the fashion magazines dutifully report on the latest styles introduced at the fashion shows. And every year the prior year’s fashions are sneared at. And no one seems to notice. Except Elaine.

  7. Petruchio

    ” Now, the females are to be the violent heroes who fight like men while the men are all monsters to be defeated or weak males needing rescue.” A good question to ask is, “Why aren’t men fighting like men anymore?” And, “Why and How exactly did the men simply surrender their previously primary position to the women.”

  8. tio

    Petruchio, very gradually and then very suddenly. A bit like going bankrupt, apparently.

  9. emsnews

    All good comments. These lunatics also want to import millions of very male Muslim foreigners and thus, have them run things in Europe and North America. This is literally suicidal. Shows the deep desperation for ‘real men’.

  10. Petruchio

    @#10 tio: This “men are weak” meme is targeted especially towards white males. It seems the goal is to diminish the role and importance of males, especially white males in our history AND in our current society. I don’t know how many times I see on TV the idiot white male character. And of course, the flip side of that is you frequently see the intelligent, caring, black family, headed by a wife loving, kid loving Black Dad. When I see this kind of propaganda I think of people like the Black Rapper DMX (well known if you know about Rappers). DMX has 15 kids and never been married!! Yeah, some Family loving man. And what is the number, 82% of black kids are born to single Mommies? Disgusting.

  11. tio

    Tell me about it!

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