University of California Is Being Sued By Young Republicans

Here is the actual lawsuit filed by Republican students demanding the University of California protect them from violent criminal mobs including school staff.


This is important news because it goes to the heart of our basic civil liberties. The SJW leftists believe in privileges.  Black Lives Matter young minority kids believe they have the right to re-segregate and to live on privileges of being black and thus, get special schooling and perks.  Meanwhile, these people demand white males be punished for being successful and thus, locked out of jobs, schools and other systems.  This re-segregation is suicidal.  Well, the Young Republicans are fighting back now using civil rights laws which apply to white males just as much as any others.


I used the Civil Rights Act way back in the 1960’s to prod Arizona into granting me various rights in school, namely, the right to take shop and auto courses, etc. in school.  I worked in various previous boy-only stuff to prove to the courts, a girl could do this stuff and I won!  Well, I hope the Young Republicans win because this is a win for everyone.  This new racism against white males is evil.  And black men should be very alarmed by this, not egg it on.





This has a 100% chance of winning in the Supreme Court.  Of course, if we had ‘liberal’ judges as a majority, it wouldn’t win because they have grown seriously deranged and can’t figure out why they should not discriminate against white males.  They have nearly killed integration.


Our cities are very segregated due to school failures.  Black children do poorly in modern schools due to lack of any discipline.  All white kids flee these dying schools because black children know they can attack white children with impunity and no one will stop them or punish them.


So schools are more segregated today than in 1964.  This is insane.  I wish parents could sue schools over the issue of raging violence is killing their children, literally.  I pulled my kids from schools twice due to black children rioting.  The universities are being terrorized by leftists who are trained by leftist professors who are destroying young people rendering them into poor citizens and malfunctioning adults at work.


This has to stop!  It is going to destroy the country.  It is treason, as far as I am concerned.  Piling debt on students while teaching them to be impossible to employ, angry and frustrated is evil.  We must stop this insanity before it destroys our nation.


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3 responses to “University of California Is Being Sued By Young Republicans

  1. Ken

    “This has a 100% chance of winning in the Supreme Court.”

    Wrong. It 100% should win in the Supreme Court, but this is no guarantee. Remember, the Supreme Court approved blatant race discrimination against whites, in the form of “affirmative action,” as long as it was done with the best of intentions toward non-whites.

  2. Tacitus

    Off Topic:

    Fascinating article on how the US swung towards Israel under LBJ:

    Of course he was shagging her.

    It’s great that Trump’s election has shifted the balance back from the Clinton machine and relentless Maoist SJW. But that will be irrelevant if he sides with Israel in attacking Iran.

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