War In Afghanistan Gets Worse, Extreme Cold Continues, Sex Scandals Proliferate

World news — RT International: I go to foreign news all the time because US news systems have deteriorated badly in the last several years.  It is downright sad, looking at the New York Times, how deranged they have become due to Trump Derangement Syndrome.  The twin evils of the liberals are ‘global warming’ and anything Trump does, good or bad.  Well, the wars launched by Bush Jr., Obama and Hillary Clinton roar onwards and rarely makes the headlines in liberal media except whenever blame for some action can be laid on Trump.  Worse, these papers push hard for bad relations with Russia which cause endless diplomatic chaos that is utterly unnecessary.  But it keeps the liberals happy, aping McCarthy nonstop now.


The CIA has backed the Kurds in Syria because the Jews want Syria torn to shreds and weak.  This Zionist action has repercussions.  Already, Turkey is pretty much out of NATO even as Turks riot in Germany demanding more power there, for example.  All these wars are causing chaos across Europe which is now driving a number of countries into considering an alliance with Russia!


This is the exact opposite of what the Bilderberg gang intended.  All their actions are causing unintended consequences because this gang of super rich, super powerful people are woefully out of touch with reality.  This is why they fly all over the planet in private jets, yelling about global warming.


By the way, this winter has been extremely brutal for the Northern Hemisphere.  I look at the next two weeks forecast going well into February and we will be having repeated nights at near zero F which is amazingly cold even in the 1970’s, it wasn’t this cold!  The Bilderberg gang assures me that this series of massive continent-covering cold events are ‘local’ and ‘temporary’ which is a blatant lie.  They lie about nearly everything now.


Here is the utterly insane The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia twisting reality:

Every day, without fail, no matter what happens, the NYT has a negative Trump headline.  They don’t understand how boring this is.  Also, they have to peddle the idea that Alaska is what global climate is all about instead of a sophisticated analysis of what is really happening.  When it is colder in NY than Alaska, this is a warning sign of dire climate change towards a colder global climate, something they refuse to report.


We can see from the Russian news clips at the top of this story how Afghanistan is collapsing into the usual chaos.  Once the ISIS radicals were chased out of Syria, they moved back into Afghanistan.  The NYT put the dire news about Afghanistan at the bottom of the front page.  At least they did report this but the news from a few days about about the hotel siege where two Americans were killed and people were jumping from windows, that wasn’t good enough for front page news because it couldn’t be blamed on Trump…YET.


But they will, in the end, blame Trump for all this just like Jimmy Carter was blamed for stupid CIA actions in Iran, for example.  The #1 activity of all CIA agents is to blame Presidents for whatever ridiculous junk they cook up like the Bay of Pigs mess that ended with Kennedy being assassinated by a former Marine who defected to Russia but then was let back into the USA after the CIA told the White House, he was no danger to anyone.


The London Daily Mail did carry the Afghanistan story, too.

The worthless Washington Post put the Afghanistan story at the bottom of the front page which is better than the back pages at least.  But the top story is a typical anti-Trump rant by the Democrats who claimed that once upon a time, Trump thought about firing the out of control Mueller but did nothing so this typical nothing burger of a story has to be the top story as the DNC demands Mueller not be fired after no one fired him.


Good lord, they are insane.  Also, a pro-illegal alien story from Amazon.com which hires illegal aliens because they are cheap labor.  No stories about how Amazon.com breaks the laws, of course.  They will never, ever have any anti-Amazon.com stories at this ‘newspaper’.


More news:  Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada – Index Map shows Southern California is shaking like jello now with increasingly stronger quakes especially in Los Angeles.

The San Andreas is the long red line in the middle of the state running south to north and this section hasn’t had a single quake in years and years while the northern and southern ends shake harder and harder especially the southern end.  This will end with an explosive event, no one knows when.

And the list of ‘male sex fiends’ goes on and on and on and on and the number of angry women screaming about sex is endless and get this: NOT ONE of the females EVER said so much as a peep until this year!!!!


That is because all of them expected some sort of ‘goodie’ after sexual encounters.  I was really raped when I was a child!  It was terrible, I had to be operated on twice to fix the mess.  It caused physical harm.  Some of these adult women who are angry have no right to be angry.  The US Olympic girls, on the other hand, were sexually abused by someone their team trusted and he should go to prison for this, it is awful.


The young women didn’t protest at the time due to being told, this was ‘medical procedures’ which was fraud.  They were underage and thus, it was exploitation of children and teens.  He deserves prison for this.  Ditto, the coaches who raped young boys wanting to be football players.  Child actors and actresses: the sexual exploitation of these children is odious, evil and deserves punishments.


But the adult actresses and other women seeking favors: one case, a woman made a claim against a famous Hollywood man after he ‘raped her’ when she went to his home, went into the bedroom and laid down on the bed!  What???  How stupid is this?  I knew better when only 16 years old, for crying out loud!  I hung out with famous people, some of whom were horney old men who wanted sex with me and…I didn’t let them.


How hard is that?  If a young female has zero ability to protect herself from obvious sexual encounters, she should live at home with the parents and only go on dates with adult supervision from one of her parents.  Otherwise, she should figure out how to avoid sex and one way is to keep out of the bedrooms of other people and don’t invite men into the bedroom at home.  DUH.


Many a man is now being chastised and chased out of their jobs, heaped with hate for having sex with eager young ladies seeking advantages.  Cosby, on the other hand, drugged women which is again, illegal.  He belongs in prison.  That is the difference: they were rendered unable to say no.


Meanwhile, women all over the Muslim world have near zero civil rights while their homelands export anti-women’s rights men across the planet, intending to eliminate all women’s rights everywhere.  And the liberals are joined at the hip in this activity!  They are allies!  WTH?  Incredible.



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13 responses to “War In Afghanistan Gets Worse, Extreme Cold Continues, Sex Scandals Proliferate

  1. Petruchio

    On a related topic, I noted a couple of things in the media the other day which just confirms how bankrupt Hollywood is in more areas than one. On TV last night I watched a trailer for a movie: Death Wish. Death Wish, a re-make of a movie that premiered in the 70’s!!?? Not to mention they have ALREADY made a “Death Wish 5”. This is all the movie industry does now, Re-makes. Great creativity. Then, I read where CBS is going to “revive” Magnum P.I. and Cagney and Lacey. Are you kidding me? I would be embarrassed to collect my paycheck if I were a Network exec. Pathetic.

  2. Lou

    3–TV shows are series, so films can be.
    We know it is about money and brainwashing.

  3. Petruchio

    @#3 Lou: I can’t wait until “Fast and Furious 25”! The actors will be Senior Citizens by then. I can just imagine those wild chase scenes in their souped up Golf carts!!!

  4. Petruchio

    “But the adult actresses and other women seeking favors: one case, a woman made a claim against a famous Hollywood man after he ‘raped her’ when she went to his home, went into the bedroom and laid down on the bed! ” Women like these don’t know how the game is played: you put out just to be considered! There aren’t any guarantees! If a woman wants to play the sex Game in the Acting Biz, she has to realize that. Pretty amazing how for 20 years they don’t sqwuak about the Game and then all of a sudden pile on. I wonder what James Franco did to be targeted? I guess somebody has to play the Bad Guy/Fall Guy.

  5. They are all doing this now because it is a FAD. Period. They are a herd of hissing kitties pissed that men look at them when they parade about wiggling their junk in people’s faces. I find it both disgusting and funny as hell.

    Hillary, on the other hand, is a stone cold killer. Grrr.

  6. Blissex

    As to climate change and cold weather, another article that shows as EMS told us many times the large influence of solar cycles on climate change:


  7. Blissex

    «pissed that men look at them when they parade about wiggling their junk in people’s faces.»

    I have a simple explanation for that: many women want badly to attract “hot player” men (because their instinct is to have “hot player” sons that spread their genes faster), but are also disgusted by the interest of “loser” men, and unfortunately “hot player” men are a relatively small minority among men (at most 20%).
    So the ideal combination is for many women is to both have the right to throw themselves at “hot player” men (not “people faces” in general) and yet never suffer the revolting, threatening interest of “loser” men; the latter right is translated into the duty of “loser” men to never approach, speak to, look at women.

  8. Good summary, Blissex. What is funnier is, the ugliest men often have the most MONEY and POWER. Look at the Hollywood creeps.

  9. Blissex

    «the ugliest men often have the most MONEY and POWER»

    Well, they want to have children too, and if their looks and personality can’t get them there, perhaps they have an extra motivation to get something else to offer.

    «Look at the Hollywood creeps.»

    There is a related fairly old saying that “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people”.

  10. As a friend who was a stripper used to sing, ‘Him with his beer belly money and me with my champagne…’

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