Robbers Create Crypto Crap Currency Via Stealing Victim Computer Systems To Run Numbers

Is Cryptocurrency Mining Killing PC Gaming? – YouTube


The crypto crap currency scam attracts criminals like honey attracts flies.  Every day now, a new scam pops up.  To create this fake money, they use computer codes which is one of the most insecure systems possible, ask any hacker.  Well, the latest hack is about hijacking people’s computers to run ‘create fake money’ codes.  Since it costs some considerable money in the form of buying energy to create these scam schemes, the smart thing to do is to steal people’s computer power and make they pay for the energy while the thief gets to ‘print money’ and sell it to dealers who want to make a killing in the scam markets.


Sneaky Crypto Malware Miners Are Targeting Ad Networks Next – CoinDesk reports:


Websites and publishers need to be prepared for cryptocurrency miners slipping into ads on their sites, according to Israeli adtech firm Spotad.


So, what they are doing is creating fake ads which are a trap.  Once they attract some flies and I bet they use sex as the lure, they then use the energy and computing power of their victims to make money out of thin air and then sell this deceptively to foolish mainly young males, lying about how this is ‘real money’.


The company, which operates an AI-powered advertising platform for purchasing media space, recently discovered cryptocurrency mining activity on its network, a development the company claims is becoming part of wider trend.


These Israelis are vigilant.  I suspect other ad agencies are not nearly as paranoid.  I am assuming now that the criminals involved in creating fake money are infesting many systems now and are wrecking havoc this way and it will only get worse because anyone with a brain who is a crook has noticed where all the loot is and how easy it is to defraud young men who have little experience in the real world.


Spotad’s AI system, named “Sarah,” recently identified anomalies in the code of seemingly legitimate ads for both desktop and mobile that turned out to be a miner for the cryptocurrency monero. The JavaScript-enabled ad was designed to dupe users into clicking on a pop-up that would initiate the mining process.


Why monero though? The cryptocurrency is currently trading at around the $440 mark while bitcoin is having its bumper year, topping $18,000. According to Oz and Horev, it’s simply easier to mine surreptitiously.


This is all rather sad to watch.  Every generation, it seems, falls for some stupid scam.  It happened a number of times in my own life.  All one can do is warn people that clever criminals are smart and know how to hunt and kill.  They are predators.  Outwitting predators is difficult and dangerous because they can be violent, too.


Already, this booming scam is sucking down immense amounts of energy.  This is an utter, disgusting waste of resources.  Mining gold also consumes energy and messes up the environment.  Seeking wealth that does no economic good is a waste of time, energy and intellect but humans are hooked on doing this as much as possible.

I Mined Ethereum for 6 Months (How much $$$ I earned) – YouTube

This video is from a typical young male who thinks he is very clever, playing this game of cheating people out of money.  Note how pleased he is with himself as he destroys everything around him.  This video was made before the fake money scam began to fall apart.



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10 responses to “Robbers Create Crypto Crap Currency Via Stealing Victim Computer Systems To Run Numbers

  1. Lou

    ‘Note how pleased he is with himself as he destroys everything around him ‘

    He is a small player. I know the jews at the Federal Reserve are destroying capitalism.

  2. Christian W

    The “Bilderbergs” is just one arm of the US monster:

  3. Ken

    Elaine, you seem to think that only young men are falling prey to this scam. Why not women? I thought you fought long and hard, and successfully, so that women would have the same opportunities as men. Including the opportunity to be stupid.

  4. melponeme_k


    Women are certainly falling for this scam. The only reason why I hear news of this craziness is because the females I follow online socially talk about cryptos ALL the time.

    And they are all fans of Cliff High.

  5. csurge

    I’m going to cash in on the graphics card craze. I have a card that’s worth three times what I paid for it thanks to crypto. Suckers

  6. Oguy

    “And they are all fans of Cliff High”

    Nomen est Omen.

  7. Lou

    Cliff High made some people a lot of money.
    For newbees, ‘the Web Bot.’

  8. Thank you, Jimmy, for the news. Robert Parry was a real hero. That is very sad news.

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