Hollywood Attacks Trump Again While Whoring Viewers With Wild Sex Junk

Daily Mail Online;  we are at a critical cultural nexus now.  Hollywood and the ‘music’ industry depend on foul language, extreme violence, calls for criminal actions, dirty sex, total chaos.  They then go around ‘virtue signaling’ like crazy, pretending to be worried about the polar bears, against rape (of all things!) and calling for ‘peace’.  This schizophrenic activity doubled down when Trump was elected President.  Now, they howl with rage and attack him at every ceremony while at the same time, celebrating being obnoxious, sexually predatory and socially destructive!


The females piss me off the most.  Virtually all of them rose to the top of the cess pool via soliciting sex from men who are in the business because they want more female booty.  This has been the unwritten rule of Hollywood long before I was born 67 years ago.  The parade of hookers on all systems is proof these females are…hookers.


I worked in strip clubs when in school because I needed money and didn’t want to work long hours while going to school.  I was ‘clean’ and I met hot shot men who made movies out West and had a reputation of being a ‘clean’ performer, not a hooker.  Women who were ‘hooker’ types, whenever a celebrity came to our club, would flash and fondle these men hoping to score a break.  I didn’t.


Pretending the females who infest all systems in Hollywood are victims is insane.  If they were ‘molested’ against their will, why did not one of these creatures say a peep about it before this year?  Honestly, this is a huge problem for me.  Now, all over kingdom come, they are coming out in this huge army of pissed off rage, whining about how they got a kick upstairs thanks to sex.  To hell with them all.


And they all dress like cheap whores.  Since they are nearly all whores, they can’t see the conflict here of running around, advertising their sex junk with the most low class ‘see through’ furnishings, then turning around and squealing at the men for looking at their junk which is on full, open display!


Young strippers used to demand to know my ‘trick’ when performing, why I got big tips.  ‘I play coy and show as little as possible,’ I said.  They thought, if you snatch off your clothing and then thrust your lower wig into a guy’s face, he would throw money at you.  The concept that men threw money at me came from them begging me to show a little bit more!  It is called ‘teasing’ and doing this while smiling at the men and being coy works.


Now, things are very crude in strip joints.  The females have lost all ability to ‘tease’ and just go for the simulated sex moves.  This ‘jungle sex’ stuff brings in less and less money and appeals to the lowest sorts who usually don’t have a lot of money to toss around.  Hollywood females have been degraded to the lowest levels, too.  Now, young actresses strive to be killers and violent which is a very dangerous turn for females who are supposed to be sorted out by young men as to how good a future mother they might be.


That is, parading about as killers is a huge turnoff for marriage!  Young ladies don’t realize this.  In the movies, the males are no longer the heroes, look at the Star Wars mess.  They are now buffoons while the females train to kill and then sally forth to beat up and kill men.  Princess Leila fought back when cornered and when she had no choice.  The new females in the movies choose to go into battle and kill which makes them poor choices for future mother care.  This fundamentally turns off young men.


Now on to Clinton who is still being petted by the Hollywood moguls:

So, this vile female goes on stage with black men who sing filthy songs about rape and turning women into whores to talk about herself and how she is a model for young ladies.  She has an interesting kill record.


She is petted by Hollywood which is working hard as possible to culturally destroy America.  They scream for illegal aliens to invade.  They parade illegal aliens on stage, yelling about how they belong here whereas none of us are allowed to simply go anywhere and force countries to financially support us and then give us their jobs, for example.


This insanity is driven by the super rich who want competition for jobs so they can pay as little wages as possible.  They also hate patriotism and love internationalism because they hate paying taxes and love parking their wealth overseas.  In short, they are traitors.  And they parade about on TV rewarding each other with honors because they are all in the same insane boat which is called ‘The Titanic Whorehouse’.


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25 responses to “Hollywood Attacks Trump Again While Whoring Viewers With Wild Sex Junk

  1. Melponeme_k

    These people do a lot worse than getting felt up or a roll for a role. And everyone knows it. Even the clueless are getting a clue. They are a laughing stock. Everyone laughs at them.

    Heaven forbid they took up a non-elite sanctioned cause. Like championing this poor German woman.


    ELAINE: What a cute kitty!

  2. Melponeme_k

    Wrong video link. Here is the correct one. Hopefully. I can’t understand Youtube anymore, they change their format every month now.

  3. Ken

    Honestly, Elaine, you sound like an old fuddy duddy. I wonder what your younger self would say? The fact that you’re right doesn’t mean that you’re not also a fuddy duddy. You sound down right conservative! Good for you.

    Regarding the “rich” pushing for maximum numbers of illegal immigrants to keep wages low, I have an alternative explanation. My personal observation is that the push to throw open the borders and allow millions of illegal immigrants to enter, and then not require them to assimilate, was initially promoted by Jews. At first this made no sense to me, since they are undermining the US, and the US is the only reason Israel has not been overrun by the Arabs. Without US support, millions of Jews will die.

    Then I remembered the history of the Jews. For thousands of years the same pattern has repeated itself. The Jews are initially welcomed in a country, and then eventually driven out, or at least ostracized. Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, England, and the list goes on and on. My Jewish friends claim that this is a result of jealously. I think it is because they refuse to assimilate. Even now, in the US, the pattern is repeating. Although there is a trend for Jews to marry non-jews, as in the case with Elaine.

    Jewish philosophers and deep thinkers have undoubtedly noticed this pattern, and are seeing signs of it beginning to repeat itself in the US. This time, however, they are nipping it in the bud. If the US ceases to be a “melting pot” and instead becomes a collection of seperate, diverse groups, then the Jews will not stand out due to their refusal to assimilate. They would just be another one of the multitude of separate groups.

    The diversity movement has gained a big following among the liberals. And liberals include many non-Jews (such as Elaine, who still professes to be liberal in spite of being a fuddy duddy). But the liberal movement is dominated by the Jews. And anyone who knows a liberal also knows that they are a slave to whichever way the winds are blowing. They are very afraid of being politically incorrect. And so the Jewish liberal leaders are able to direct the entire liberal movement as they wish. At the moment, they choose to push diversity because it suits their goals of breaking the historical pattern and not being expelled from the US. Europe is getting the same treatment.

  4. Sunger

    Elaine said- “Young strippers used to demand to know my ‘trick’ when performing, why I got big tips. ‘I play coy and show as little as possible,’ I said. ”

    You expect us to believe this drivel. I’ll bet you were a real hot number in your younger days.

  5. Lisa

    Young women are completely detached from reality these days.

    “University of Florida students held a “bleed-in” demonstration Tuesday, going around campus with fake blood on their pants to protest the lack of free menstrual products.”

  6. Petruchio

    Hollywood has been creatively BANKRUPT for a long time and that’s true entirely aside from their perversions! I mentioned in an earlier post, that I saw a movie trailer for a re-make of the movie “Death Wish”. Bruce Willis will take Charles Bronson’s role. That movie premiered in the 70’s! To top it all off, there have already been 4 or 5 Death Wish sequels. This kind of situation of ZERO creativity must be a result of constant inbreeding amongst the elites of Hollywood. What do I mean by that? If you aint Jewish, you have a better chance winning the Lottery than you do getting into a position of power in that town.

  7. jason

    Is Pertinax the ancient parallel to Trump with the FYI being the equivalent of the Praetorian guard who over threw him and auctioned off the emporer seat?


    ELAINE: I made a small correct. And yes, that could happen.


  8. Sunger, Sunger…HAHAHA…I learned from the best old strippers. Because I wanted to talk to them, they happily shared their ‘tricks’ and ‘secrets’. They hated the hippie druggie chicks and at first, thought I was one, too.

    Once we got on the same set up, they were delightful about teaching me all the fun stuff. The trick is pretty simple, ‘LOOK INTO THEIR EYES!’

    Move close, then move away, look over the shoulder. Give the hips a jerk. SMILE. Purr. OMG, it was fun. Now, it is stick the ass in the face and shake it violently while chewing gum or blowing the nose or whatever. Really boring and stupid.

  9. melponeme_k


    That is EXACTLY what the guys want. Theodore Dreiser says it straight out in “Sister Carrie”. Carrie’s first downfall was that no one ever taught her not to stare into a man’s eyes.

    I had Carrie’s problem. I was misreading men, thinking they were challenging me then I got confused when they kept following me around. Only Theodore Dreiser told me the truth.

    His book should be required reading for all teenage girls. That and Edith Wharton’s “The House of Mirth”.

  10. Lou

    10–was it nude dancing? Or topless or?

  11. It was the lost art of STRIPPING. The club let the ladies choose what style they wanted to use.

  12. Petruchio

    @310 Elaine: I have to disagree with you–at least in part–about the strippers of today. Have you ever heard of Pole dancing? It’s what the strippers of today do and use. They swing around it. Climb it. Rotate around it in various ways, etc.. It takes some skill. It can be sexy. Of course, some strippers are good pole dancers and some are not. Interesting correlation: as the economy worsens, the strippers get better looking. Note to readers of this post” Petruchio has learned about strippers and pole dancing second hand; I am a proud, Politically Correct metrosexual!! But I have very solid confirmation that my opinions on the current state of strippers IS accurate.

  13. polar bears may become extinct because of changing conditions but this is just nature’s way living beings adapt their way of life to their environment and everything has to eat and be eaten

  14. Lou

    Conan is in on it–

    Conan O’Brien went to Haiti recently to virtue signal against President Donald J. Trump (and his overwhelmingly white supporters) for his purported “sh-thole” comments regarding African nations. He stayed at the Wahoo Bay Beach Club, one of the “top” resorts located in the oldest black republic in the world. You can book a two week stay for about $114 dollars a night…. [Conan went looking for a ‘s—hole’ in Haiti. He found something else, Miami Herald, 1-25-18]:

    Wahoo Bay Beach is one of the few resorts for foreigners to stay at in Haiti, offering western amenities virtually no other portion of the island can replicate. Why might this be, on an island where the black inhabitants routinely eat dirt cakes for sustenance? Because the average annual per capita income comes to roughly the cost of three nights at the Wahoo Bay Beach Club…:

  15. The polar bears seem to be proliferating. If not, I expect them to come to New York which has been freezing cold for quite a while now, it will be at zero F tonight! GRRR.

  16. One of my sisters is one of the founding members.

  17. Lou

    Magic cult?

  18. Yup. I knew them all way back in 1969. The founder of the cult was sent by my parents to pick me up and while driving me, he said God would drive the car and closed his eyes. I yelled, ‘I’ll send you to god now’ as I grabbed the wheel and stomped on his toes to reach the brakes.

    We had a brief tussle and he figured out I was serious about this and backed down and never approached me a gain but my parents disowned me for two years over that.

    Yes, my family was quite insane. I encouraged the government to investigate the Children of God due to child abuse and they fled to Europe when the investigation started and I never saw my sister again.

  19. Lou

    21–I remember you posting that story here.

  20. Lou

    Allison Christin Mack —(born July 29, 1982) is an American actress, known for her roles as Chloe Sullivan on the WB/CW series Smallville and as Amanda on the FX series Wilfred.

    In 2018, Mack gained publicity as one of the top-ranking members of NXIVM, a group accused of engaging in blackmail, sex trafficking and forced labor, for which it has garnered accusations by some experts of being a cult.

    On April 20, 2018, Mack was arrested by the FBI on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy/

    Time will tell.

  21. Lou

    Related, Governor in trouble;
    Greitens, a Republican under mounting pressure from Missouri politicians of both parties to resign since the sex scandal broke earlier this year, called the latest case part of a “smear” campaign orchestrated by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, a Democrat.


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