RNC House Leaders Handed FISA Memo To Trump Lawyers

The NYT goes nuts as their precious coup collapses and the DNC is in deep trouble now.  The House of Representatives voted last evening to release the FISA memos.  This is highly important because it will show DNC collusion with the FBI to frame Trump and his family and charge them with crimes that didn’t exist.  This is the DNC coup in a nutshell.  This means the House must probe the DNC leadership to see how they expected to pull off a coup based on lies.  Heads must roll starting with the politicians in New York City.


House Intel Votes To Make “Shocking” FISA Memo Public | Zero Hedge reports:


Now the fate of the 4-page FISA memo is in the hands of Donald Trump: as we discussed earlier, the document will not be immediately released as under the House rule Republicans used to override the classification of the four-page memo, President Trump now has five days to review and reject its publication.


Yes, the President has yet to see this interesting document.  The Representatives were allowed, only one at a time, to read this so far and of course, the Republicans want it released whereas the Democrats are scared to pieces after seeing this so they want it hidden from voters as long as possible.


They won’t get their wish.  Of course, we, the people paying for DC wages, want to see what these people are doing behind our backs!


But, as per Bloomberg’s reporting earlier, the White House has signaled support for the document’s release and is widely expected to defy the DOJ in allowing the publication to go forward. The DOJ has opposed the release of the document, reportedly infuriating President Trump.


The DOJ is all about legality but this isn’t a legal issue, it is very, very much a POLITICAL issue.  The politics surrounding this document clearly show the need to share this information with voters.  This isn’t a police state, it is supposed to be a democracy and when debating issues and there is a roaring ‘debate’ about Trump’s possible ‘Russian collusion’ that clearing this matter up is of highest importance and we know in our deep souls that this ‘investigation’ was illicit, illegal and a sham set up to destroy Trump and his family and prevent any sane diplomacy.


While Nunes has described the memo as “facts,” Democrats have slammed it as a collection of misleading talking points they are unable to correct without exposing the highly classified information underpinning the document.


HAHAHA.  The DNC ‘talking points’ are endless hysteria about ‘Trump is a traitor’.  Therefore, clearing this up will be immensely important.  This is not a legal problem but a political problem now.


As Bloomberg disclosed earlier on Monday, releasing the memo without allowing them to review it on those grounds, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote to Nunes, would be “extraordinarily reckless.”


The Bilderberg gang intends to black out most of this document and releasing it clean terrifies them.


Of course, the reason for the DOJ – and the Democrats’ fury – is well-known: Republicans who have read the memo have hinted heavily that it contains information that could unravel the entire Mueller investigation, long described by the president as a “witch hunt.”


Of course, the biggest scam on earth, a naked coup, is now failing utterly and totally and about time.  I said before, the Real Rulers would take every tool, every opportunity, destroy all entertainment systems, wreck sports, drive away TV audiences all in a hunt to destroy Trump which is the only reason I support him, he is fighting the nastiest gang on earth.


These clowns who leak constantly, claiming that leaking is good and all the leaks came from insiders who intended to destroy President Trump, suddenly they want secrecy!  HAHAHA.  What a troop of utter clowns.  Secrecy was evil when it came to Trump trying to run things but now it is life and death to keep information vital to our political health, secret.


This sudden belief in secrecy coming from the army of leakers in the media and government is insane, stupid, hilarious, two-faced and childish.


While the precise contents of the memo remain unknown, it’s believed to contain allegations that the FBI did not adequately explain to a clandestine court that some of the information it used in a surveillance warrant application for Trump adviser Carter Page came from opposition research funded by the Clinton campaign, now known as the “Steele dossier.”


As Bloomberg reported earlier, citing three House lawmakers who have read the memo, the memo claims FBI officials didn’t provide a complete set of facts in requests made to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court to obtain a warrant or warrants on Carter Page, a Trump campaign associate.


In other words, the people out to ‘get Trump’ LIED to the courts.  They used fake allegations to spy on the President.  They concealed information from the court, MALICIOUSLY, so they could trick the court into giving them the right to spy openly on the President of the USA which is…treason.  Their aim was to remove a duly elected President.


This is treason.  They won’t be charged with treason because this was treason against the voters, not the ‘country’.  It was an attempted coup by the DNC which should be banned but won’t.  Will the top politicians from NY and California be forced to resign from Congress?  I would hope so.  They conspired to create this situation.  It was a conspiracy to hide DNC crimes and put in power a DNC criminal, Hillary, so they could continue to commit crimes.


We call this ‘a crime syndicate’ and this is why the DNC is terrified of this memo.  It leads to their own destruction if life is fair but it isn’t, the mainstream media will howl like crazy against punishing anyone for these obvious attempts at a coup.


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6 responses to “RNC House Leaders Handed FISA Memo To Trump Lawyers

  1. Turk 151

    Does this mean we are now, officially, a banana republic? Great job Obama!

  2. Oguy

    “I said before, the Real Rulers would take every tool, every opportunity, destroy all entertainment systems, wreck sports, drive away TV audiences all in a hunt to destroy Trump which is the only reason I support him, he is fighting the nastiest gang on earth.”

    JHK’s latest CFN post also provides a good and balanced (IMO) treatment of this same theme: https://tinyurl.com/y7aw3g2h, at least if you disregard his habitual tag line about imminent economic catastrophe, which may or may not be in the cards for us. Regarding which, all I can say is that my predictions are as likely to be (un)sound as anyone else’s, so I’ll spare myself the future embarrassment of making any.

  3. tio

    The central banks can remain irrational longer than the system can remain solvent.

  4. Oguy

    #3– from which we can extrapolate a general rule regarding human intentions 🙂

  5. joe scarborough and others on his msnbc show say that the fisa memo is erroneous has misstatements of fact and mistaken conclusions there is a minority memo with a point by point rebuttal that the committee voted against releasing i say let us see both sides

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