The World Order Japanese Performers Are Amazing Fun



Time for some fun, I tripped over this Japanese street performing group of men who are amazing.  They dance like robot salarymen.  They are very funny, quite artistic and extremely well trained, what they do is very difficult!  Watch and be amazed.  Oh, they even dance in Fukushima next to the nuclear disaster there…


World Order (band) – Wikipedia


World Order was formed in 2009 by Genki Sudo and a group of male dancers following Sudo’s retirement from mixed martial arts. Prior to this, Sudo had been a mixed martial arts fighter, Takushoku University Wrestling section director, and actor. Artists active in the techno genre such as Takashi Watanabe and Ken Ishii have helped to create World Order’s musical image. In Japan, after several appearances on popular television programs, World Order’s name recognition has expanded to the general public. The group has gained high praise, particularly from abroad, for their play on the visual stereotype of Japanese office workers and robotic dance performances. In a 2014 interview with the Japan Times, Sudo said, “When we started, I liked the idea of adding a bit of humor to the Hollywood stereotype that all Japanese people are serious so I decided we should dance in a robotic way wearing glasses and suits.”[3]The band gained recognition for their 2011 song MACHINE CIVILIZATION, which was produced in response to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[4]






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4 responses to “The World Order Japanese Performers Are Amazing Fun

  1. JimmyJ

    Great find, Elaine!

    Wondering about their particular style, which seemed more martial art than dancing, I looked at wiki and the founder retired from MMA then did this. I liked “Singularity” a 2017 vid at yootoob.

  2. Sunger

    Great post.

    Rating = 5 YGG

    YGG= You Go Girl- A positive rating.

  3. The things that lurk on You Tube! I love random word exploration there, this is how I find stuff but the best thing is when readers drop in links to things like this! I am so happy you all take the trouble to do this for me!

  4. tio

    Male dance troupes eh? Reminded me of this dance off between a bunch of soy-boys and low-Ts.

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