Yes, The FBI And Brit Steele And DNC And Obama’s People Conspired To Overthrow President Trump!

Watergate: The Hidden History – YouTube (yes, there was a huge bunch of bad stuff connected to Nixon back then!)


FISA memo has been released.  It is all about Fusion GPS and my distant relative, Mr. Steele in England.  It is all about how the media conspired with Holder and Obama and the Clinton campaign to push that story using FBI agents who lied to the Department of Justice in pretending this was all real and an excuse to spy on Trump and everyone around him.  The Trump ‘investigation’ is now DEAD.  Will the Special Agent investigating this finally resign in disgust?  We shall see.


This is also FOREIGN INFLUENCE on our election.  Ahem.  This is serious.  There is no ‘new’ information here, we all figured this out some time ago, this simply details and confirms what we figured out.  The conspiracy between the mainstream liberal media (New York Times/Washington Post/the big TV businesses) and the DNC and English people connected to the Bilderberg operation…yes, they conspired to stop an elected President, this conspiracy is INTERNATIONAL and very serious as I have said loudly for the last year.


The money for this conspiracy came from the DNC and the Clintons.  Send them all to prison.  Of course, arresting people over this issue isn’t happening anymore than Nixon was arrested.  This is annoying, only the little guys involved might go to prison.


I helped put a bunch of politicians under ground or in prison and it isn’t easy or pretty.  One has to find MANY crimes and tie these together to get people out of power.  Tapping phones and having smaller prey wear recording devices is how this is done, it is a dirty business but necessary.


The FBI was the criminal here, they were tagging innocent people and trying to rig things so they could have a coup and all the FBI agents involved down to the ones who did nothing but didn’t speak up, either, knowing what was going on…all should go to prison.


The reform of the FBI has to now happen.  This is Congress that must do it.  The hearings about this matter is now very pressing.  I expect many heads to roll.  This is a conspiracy to destroy an elected President!  It is high crimes!


(6) Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) | Twitter in England where a lot of this mess began:



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8 responses to “Yes, The FBI And Brit Steele And DNC And Obama’s People Conspired To Overthrow President Trump!

  1. Melponeme_k

    High treason is a death sentence worthy criminal offense. I fully support it. The guillotine is the only thing the elites and their lackeys understand.

  2. KHS71

    Good, put them all in prison. Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and others need to be indicted and convicted. This will be a good start. Then go to the DOJ and IRS. Don’t quit now.

  3. Watson’s London twitter account has many comments about this revelation that yes, we were 100% correct about Fusion GPS and the FBI conspiracy with Obama and Clintons to lie about Russia, bribes and Trump. Arrest them all.

  4. Floridasandy

    Trump seems to be always right but we’re not tired of winning yet

    Is Comey the biggest talker to ever head an American organization? He will
    Keep talking hus way into prison. His lawyer needs to muzzle him for his own good 😍

  5. Petruchio

    “The reform of the FBI has to now happen.” The FBI should be abolished.## The Mob Guys didn’t even try to kill Castro; they thought the CIA guys were a bunch of Clowns. ### For a time–20 years ago or so– the Death Penalty for Treason was abolished. I can’t help but think the reason for this is because the Elites were worried about being exposed. They might get a Death Penalty sentence.

  6. Yes, they abolished it for good reasons! HAHAHA. Right now, they are busy screaming that nothing has happened, the memos mean nothing, the real crime is Trump is a Russian, the entire GOP leadership are Russians, the Russians are coming!

    The DNC gang has gone totally insane.

  7. Christian W

    the Elites were worried about being exposed.

    That’s why nothing really serious ever happens. They throw someone under the bus now and then as a warning, but to really clean up shop would set a dangerous precedent and they know it may/will be their turn next. The kabuki will go on but nothing will change, the elites will go on as before.

  8. Except when it doesn’t. Did you give up on things? I have fought all my long life and feel invigorated by fighting, not defeated.

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