New York Times Doubles Down On Fake Trump Stories, Belittles Memo News

The New York Times continues its decline in sanity. But then, the NYT is one of the founders of the Bilderberg gang after WWII.  Note how they claim no one is interested in the memo’s devastating information and at the same time, claim it was all ‘choreographed’ by the GOP and how the GOP is ‘waging…a battle…to discredit the Russia investigation.’  HAHAHA.  Ah, the McCarthy fake Russian Investigation!  How dare real information interfere with that illicit DNC operation to overthrow an elected President!


They have gone insane.  Instead of waking up and figuring out that all these schemes are backfiring, they are doubling down.  Just like the illegal alien issue: the minute Trump announced a better deal than the one they were demanding, they all yelled, ‘No way, Jose!’ and ran off to attack him yet again.


This proves that Trump has great negotiating skills.  He knew they would do that, I knew they would do that, a number of Trump supporters thought he was betraying them all but he wasn’t, he was playing them for fools.  Their sour faces when he announced this scheme at the State of the Union speech was incredibly funny.

I find it even funnier that the NYT, which never, ever demanded that the Clintons, Bushes or Obamas release their income tax information, they have reverted to demanding Trump do this.  And they demand there be no investigation of the FBI for crimes that agents have committed.  Trying to overthrow our government is a major crime, by the way.


On top of this lunacy, the NYT also claims that the release of these memos is due to the kind actions of the Democrats who fought against this tooth and nail.  This is proof that the NYT staff have gone insane.  It is utterly at odds with reality.  ‘Progressives’ did nothing good here.  They screamed and yelled continuously and refused to cooperate at any point in time.  Rewriting history won’t work here, dudes.


Now imagine my shock when going to the Washington Post: they are much saner.  They report both sides of the issue!  Imagine that!  They, too, want to get rid of Trump but they aren’t so dumb as to look like fools chasing a hallucination like the New York Times crew.

The London Daily Mail which mocks Trump endlessly and is all about sex, sex, and more sex whoever is doing sex, is much more honest than the Washington Post and ten times saner than the New York Times:

One of the major victims of the DNC criminal actions is Michael Flynn: Michael Flynn Jr. Reacts to FISA Memo “I WANT JUSTICE!”

The judge sentencing Flynn Jr.’s dad has called it off.  I would presume the judge will ask for stay of action in expectation of the plaintiff now suing the government for false charges.  The victim of this persecution in order to get to Trump should sue for damages, too.  I am betting he will win on all counts.

When Flynn went in to talk with investigators, he was told it was a casual conversation and not a grilling for legal use and so he went in unprepared and then they ‘zinged’ him for misremembering something.


This was entrapment.  I wrote back then that inside the Pentagon, internationalists rule.  The Bilderberg gang has our military working for foreign powers, not really the USA.  Flynn did normal stuff for the Pentagon’s present culture, he was no different and possibly more patriotic than a number of internationalists who run the military mainly to service people who are very rich, very powerful and pay little to no taxes.  We get the bills and don’t get the protection which is why the Pentagon does NOT protect our own borders AT ALL.


That is a huge issue for me. This is where the real fight lies.  The Bilderberg gang wants open borders and twist our government so that we are left totally open to invasion.  They then use our troops to terrorize the entire planet and destroy liberal Muslim leaders, for example, while protecting some of the most vicious dictatorial ruling elites in the Muslim world who oppress women, enslave workers and run terrorist schemes against American citizens at home and abroad!


This is the really huge fight looming on the horizon.  This is why the internationalists are doubling down on their attacks on our President, our Congress and we, the American people.



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8 responses to “New York Times Doubles Down On Fake Trump Stories, Belittles Memo News

  1. Sunger

    Trump is a crook.

    Meet some of his latest appointments. Oh, here is head of SEC, Jay Clayton

    “In the three years before he became head of the SEC, Clayton represented eight of the 10 largest Wall Street banks, institutions that were then regularly being investigated and charged with securities violations by the very agency Clayton now heads. He and his wife happen to hold assets valued at between $12 million and $47 million in some of those very institutions.”

    “Clayton’s main accomplishment so far has been to significantly reduce oversight activities. SEC penalties, for instance, fell by 15.5% to $3.5 billion during the first year of the Trump administration. The SEC also issued enforcement actions against only 62 public companies in 2017, a 33% decline from the previous year.”

    More to come

  2. Sunger

    Nomi Prinz-

    “Naturally, Wall Street views Trump’s chosen ones with glee. Amid the present financial euphoria of the stock market, big bank stock prices have soared. But one thing is certain: when the next crisis comes, it will leave the last meltdown in the shade because our financial system is, at its core, unreformed and without adult supervision. Banks not only remain too big to fail but are still growing, while this government pushes policies guaranteed to put us all at risk again.

    There’s a pattern to this: first, there’s a crash; then comes a period of remorse and talk of reform; and eventually comes the great forgetting. As time passes, markets rise, greed becomes good, and Wall Street begins to champion more deregulation. The government attracts deregulatory enthusiasts and then, of course, there’s another crash, millions suffer, and remorse returns.”

  3. Sunger

    Oh, and here is Joseph Otting, Trumps Comptroller of the Currency-

    “The Office of the Comptroller is responsible for ensuring that banks operate in a secure and reasonable manner, provide equal access to their services, treat customers properly, and adhere to the laws of the land as well as federal regulations.”

    “As for Joseph Otting, though the Senate confirmed him as the new head of the OCC in November, four key senators called him “highly unqualified for [the] job.” He will run an agency whose history snakes back to the Civil War. Established by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, it was meant to safeguard the solidity and viability of the banking system. Its leader remains charged with preventing bank-caused financial crashes, not enabling them. ”

    “n 2010, Otting was hired as CEO of OneWest (now owned by CIT Group). During his time there with Mnuchin, OneWest foreclosed on about 36,000 people and was faced with sweeping allegations of abusive foreclosure practices for which it was fined $89 million. Otting received $10.5 million in an employment contract payout when terminated by CIT in 2015. As Senator Sherrod Brown tweeted all too accurately during his confirmation hearings in the Senate, “Joseph Otting is yet another bank exec who profited off the financial crisis who is being rewarded by the Trump Administration with a powerful job overseeing our nation’s banking system.”

    “Like Trump and Mnuchin, Otting has never held public office. He is, however, an enthusiastic proponent of loosening lending regulations. Not only is he against reinstating Glass-Steagall, but he also wants to weaken the “Volcker Rule,” a part of the Dodd-Frank Act that was meant to place restrictions on various kinds of speculative transactions by banks that might not benefit their customers.”

    Another crook

  4. Petruchio

    “They have gone insane.  Instead of waking up and figuring out that all these schemes are backfiring, they are doubling down.” Why are they doing this? Because Propaganda is What They Do. Information doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If the propaganda rags like NYT and WaPo stop doing what they do, another information source will take its place. They don’t want this to happen. It is a “Control the media, control the Agenda” type drive these Big Media companies have. Speaking of the NYT, is there ANY information out there that gives a person accurate readership numbers for rags like the NYT and WaPo? I think it’s a really curious disconnect newspapers are making nowadays. Their readership is plunging, yet the newspapers continue to jack their rates for their rags. This is done with the local newspapers also. Isn’t it supposed to work the other way in a ‘Free Market’? You aren’t supposed to raise prices in the face of declining sales.

  5. Sunger


    Just to mention that we have had our RT Channel 30.4 just blacked out for the last 2 days. The adjoining channels 30.1 to 30.12 are OK. Only the RT channel 30.4 has been blacked out. DC area.

    Have you heard anything about this elsewhere?

  6. nclaughlin

    RT on Comcast Cable is OK. Are you on satellite? Which provider?

    Interesting that Comcast listings just show “Leased Access”, it does not give us the names of the programs.

  7. Tacitus

    Trump appears to be innocent of these charges. However, my bet is that Mueller is going to get Trump for money laundering with Russians and the mob:

    And the charges are probably going to come in the first half of this year.

  8. They won’t have their little coup. Read today’s story. The conspiracy of agents working for the Bilderberg gang is unravelling. Mudd, at the heart of all this, threatened the life of the President this weekend. He should be arrested.

    Sunger: EVERYONE in power, EVERYONE in business has weird stuff. INCLUDING ME. I have a ‘checkered past’ from my dealings in NYC, for example. Good lord, in Tucson, too.

    This is called ‘doing business’. And it is easy to ‘break laws’ due to the proliferation of laws all over kingdom come! This is why going on hunting expeditions is verboten by our Constitution. Note how in Europe they have all these webs of laws that constrict everything all over the place.

    We now have increasing laws about sex, talking about something the ‘wrong way’ etc. It is stifling, destructive and stupid.

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