Fed Threatens Interest Hikes, Wall Street Gamers Panic, Jump Out Window

Stocks down due to…potential rise in interest rates.  Ahem.  This is a classic panic caused by the media and the liberals.  Foolish people panic.  I have sat through a number of panics, my first husband used to work on the exchange floor itself on Wall Street.  The motivation for all this was due to worries about future inflation and thus, the need to raise interest rates.  Note how the threat to raise rates have happened like clockwork.


During the inflation years under Obama, the liberals and the Fed kept rates below the rate of inflation.  I was amazed at how cheap loans were back then.  Now, suddenly, it is going up.  Supposedly.  The Panic began on Friday and jumped higher today.  And this reminds me about lessons of the past: the fools sell fast and then have to buy back, later, after losing money.


Note the screenshot of You Tube when I typed in ‘Wall Street falls.’  HAHAHA.  Every two months, they yelled about it falling.  Then it went up again.  I don’t know if that will happen again though, because the Real Rulers are desperate now.  Their attempts at eliminating Trump have backfired, badly.


I have sat out more than one of these falling markets and voila: the paper losses end up being no losses at all, indeed, becomes profits.  Long term problems can drag down stocks.  In the present case, the Bilderberg gang who run the Fed have decided this weekend, all their precious schemes have blown up.  The Russia/Trump scam has fallen.  So time to unsheathe the sword.  Time to cause a mass blood mess on Wall Street.


They are willing to crash things like on 9/11 in order to do whatever they want done.  And they want Trump removed.  Period.  This is amazing, deciding to kill the markets is drastic but THEY DID THIS BEFORE…to Jimmy Carter, my father’s friend in the White House back then when he was President.


The Bilderberg gang hopes to make Trump economically unpopular while at the same time, he is protecting our borders and exporting illegal aliens which they also hate because illegals bring them wealth and power and weaken unions which the DNC is supposed to support but really doesn’t, the Bilderberg gang wants workers helpless.


Scams like Bitcoin will flame out but good businesses remain…good businesses.  What I fear is moving US jobs and businesses overseas.  This hammers us badly in hidden ways!  This is much more important than ups and downs of stocks.  This annihilates entire cities turning them into crime-raddled slums.


Panics are for fools.  Holding stocks to make quick kills is suicidal.  Building strong businesses and funding these via buying stocks is the road to wealth.  Having sat through a number of panics, all I can say is:

Don’t Panic – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Intro – YouTube


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7 responses to “Fed Threatens Interest Hikes, Wall Street Gamers Panic, Jump Out Window

  1. Ken

    I’m glad that the stock market correction is being addressed on this site. I look forward to the insights of Elaine and the many contributes to the site.

  2. Sunger

    Elaine said “During the inflation years under Obama, the liberals and the Fed kept rates below the rate of inflation. ”

    Now come on now. All the Congress-theives agreed that massive injections of fiat and QE were necessary- note Hank Paulson, Republican Treasury Secretary & also from Goldman Sachs-

  3. Lou

    my first husband used to work on the exchange floor itself on Wall Street.
    So how did you end up in a tent, not a mansion?

  4. Ken

    Lou @3

    I was wondering the same thing myself.

  5. I did live in a mansion once. Got divorced. Left NYC and NJ. Any more questions?

  6. Ken

    No questions. We would have never asked about something this sensitive ordinarily, except you have voluntarily shared many personal aspects of your life before. We apologize if we have crossed a line.

  7. Oh, that is OK! Don’t be shy about this. I am amused.

    Look, I keep saying, one can go up or down in or out. I have! I left home very young, had my own house age 17, it was taken away by the city and then a jet crashed there…ouch. I was homeless again, my school studies died on the vine when German studies was ruthlessly eliminated across the entire country, ended up working in real estate due to a chance meeting with a big NYC developer, became my own boss, made oodles of money, the switched gears and then my second husband was poisoned at work, had to quit working to care for him, was very poor during this, won the case in the end, now live in a nice house I designed that is designed for the disabled.

    That’s life! Interesting lives go up and down, in and out! That makes it fun. Interesting, even, I hope.

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