Black And White Youth Riot, Destroy Property After Stupid NFL Victory

Eagles Fans Destroying The City COMPILATION – Superbowl Riot – YouTube


Philadephia is a DNC run city.  It has been one longer than even Detroit. It is a place that struggles to deal with crime and wants to attract people with money but at the same time, doesn’t want to make the kids angry who are criminals.  What we saw last night in Philly was a mob of black and white young people deliberately rioting, deliberately destroying property, deliberately looting stores, deliberately torching cars, overturning cars and deliberately being violent criminals and the cops arrested NO ONE.  Not one of these criminals.  And yes, all of them are criminals.


I get flashbacks of being in the 1977 blackout riots.  I seriously thought the crazed mobs would destroy the entire city.  I had no guns unlike in Arizona or now in upstate NY to force people to behave.  DNC mayors passively let riots run wild.  They do this all the time, for the last 60 years, they have allowed ‘room to riot’ which is why so many DNC-run cities are a ruin, a wreck, uninhabitable.

Philadelphia, PA Crime Rates and Statistics – NeighborhoodScout: Philly is at the bottom 10% of US cities alongside Detroit, in ‘where no sane person wishes to live’ due to crime.


A year ago, the Philly Police said: Philly crime at lowest level in decades, then a mere four months later, Philadelphia Murder Rate Up 20 Percent, Police Say.  The police chiefs of this DNC run joint are all incompetent.  And not by choice, they are ordered by the mayor and city council to be irresponsible, to lie about things and to be ineffective and above all, to not make the black kids angry.


One major, giant tool being used lately by DNC-run cities is to cook the crime books by having the police not respond to many crimes.  They tell the victims to either drop the matter or show up many hours later and do all they can to persuade people to not make a formal report.  This suppression of crime statistics is being used by all DNC mayors now.


Knowing how backroom politics work, the leadership of the DNC probably advised everyone to use this new ‘tool’.  I mentioned in the past how this works, I had to work hard to force NYC to stop doing this in the past.  During the 1977 riots, the mass destruction of entire neighborhoods which were looted and put to the torch were not listed as crimes!


My own neighborhood looked like Berlin after WWII.  Or Hiroshima!  It was a frightful nightmare.  None of this showed up in crime statistics.  This riot in Philly won’t show up, either.  Businesses broken into and looted, cars burned or smashed or overturned, public services vandalized, on and on: this riot won’t go down as a high crime statistic.


This is how these mayors operate: petty crime they are forced to record will show up, murders have to show up so they do, but with little editorializing about why people are killed.  And mass riots will be swept under the rug to vanish.  Entire cities have been looted and put to the torch and the crime stats show little of this.  Most of the fires eating up Detroit are arson but few make the statistics, the police don’t bother anymore.


One of the huge fights I had with the DNC mayors of NYC was about basic crime statistics.  They cooked the books.  So I delineated a perimeter in my community and with Captain Hill who ran the police in this area, we carefully tracked all the crime and it was dense.  And our community had a lot less crime than Bed-Sty, for example, just to the north of us.


Crime back then was continuous.  If you put down something for a minute to open a door, a teenager would run up and steal it.  If you left the front door open to take out the trash and turn you back, someone would run in to steal stuff.  The crime was continuous.  Getting rid of it was quite violent, it was a fight and it had to be fought and people died in this battle.  It was war.


All those young white students who joined the riots and thought this was immense fun, hey, mom and dad can’t stop me now…should be arrested.  A number of them are clearly identifiable from videos and photos.  In the past, I have arrested young white males who though aping ghetto kids is fun.  It isn’t fun when mom and dad are standing with the kid in front of Judge Becker with me standing to one side, ready to take the stand.


Watching happy vandal kiddie cry in court is amusing in a dark way.  If the kids who trashed a major city for fun are arrested, I hope all of them go to prison.  Rioting isn’t excusable.  There is zero reason to riot.  Destroying property is illegal.  Taxpayers have to fix all the public facilities these wretched rioters destroyed.  This is inevitable, when one group, namely black kids, are allowed to riot, then everyone ends up rioting because kids are stupid.  I was one once so I know how stupid kids can be!  Hello!  Ha.  Stupid.


But I went to jail even though I never, ever vandalized anything or threw anything, all the riots I was in I was either a medic or a speaker.  Even so, my mere presence caused riots and I grew up figuring out how to avoid this sort of nonsense.


The NFL should pay for all the damage.  They want people to be drunken sots and go crazy for a bunch of overpaid, spoiled athletes who hate America.  I have zero sympathy for the rioters, the NFL or Philadelphia’s political leaders.



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6 responses to “Black And White Youth Riot, Destroy Property After Stupid NFL Victory

  1. Lou

    Rioting is often a way to loot. Looting is the reason for the Black riot [formerly know by the media as ‘Race Riot’].

  2. Rob


    Well just to keep a perspective, there is usually something going on after all these Superbowls. And being local to the Philly area, it looked pretty well behaved in general. Just the usual few hooligans. And this was in Center City area where it’s gentrified. Believe me, if ‘riots’ were occurring it would have been South Philly, Kensington, Northern Liberties. Those would have been real race riots.

    I looked up Denver’s Superbowl year. Heavy police presence and still the same stuff. 12 arrested and police using their batons and pepper spray on people. So for once, the Philly cops weren’t part of the story.

  3. This sort of rioting over sports leads me to think sports like this should be forced to pay for all security and damages! They have plenty of money! Money from fools. So how about we push for that? I am game.

  4. Lou, I used to live in the NYC slums. The huge public building towers were for black gangs, they chased out anyone else. I then bought run down buildings, fixed them up and sold for a profit. Went from poor to not poor this way. So did. my buddies.

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