Must See: Fox News Hannity Editorial About The Steele/Hillary Conspiracy To Frame Trump

As world stock markets fall due to the USA, the main destination of all world trade as our own corporations move action overseas and then import as well as letting everyone on the planet do this, the fight begins.  The coup to overthrow Trump is in tatters now.  Crushing our own stock market is a dangerous move by the super rich but then, look at the NFL, destroying its own product to produce BLM propaganda!  They really don’t care if this hits them in the wallet at this point.  Well, Hannity of Fox News details the latest memo release that clearly shows the conspiracy of the FBI and the Department of Justice and of course, Hillary and Obama, to frame Trump and his team with false treason charges.


Hannity goes point by point over all the details tying it all together.  The DNC media is going nuts trying to misinform and misconstrue and confuse people so that their own audience can’t figure out what is going on, just that the GOP is a bunch of meanies who are lying.  That’s it!  The entire program to stop the investigation reminds me of someone…Nixon, I believe was his name.


The noise I hear sounds like the Battle of Midway with Japanese planes doing suicide bombings.  The entire DNC apparatus is dive bombing the news hoping to blow up the information so no one sees it.  But the courts will now have to examine the crimes of the framing of President Trump.  Framing a President, illegally spying on a President, lying to the courts to spy on a President is…TREASON.


Because they did this with assistance from a foreign nation using a foreigner, my distant relative in England, Mr. Steele.  I find this tremendously funny because my clan caused trouble for hundreds of years which is why a branch of the family were one of the earliest colonists in New York, coming here with the Dutch, trying to evade the British Crown back then.


Here is a short summation from Britain’s news:‘Dirty dossier’ author gave FBI another anti-Trump memo | Daily Mail Online


The Judiciary Committee’s document confirms that the second memo was the result of coordination between Steele, a longtime Clinton fixer, and an Obama State Department official.


Buried in the referral is the revelation that Steele’s second memo was based on information from a foreign source who sent it to him through an unnamed Clinton confidant and an Obama State Department official.


Published reports in The Washington Post and the Guardian suggest that the middle-men were Clinton associate Cody Shearer and former State Department official Jonathan Winer.


Winer was deputy assistant secretary of state for international law enforcement, and the U.S. Special Envoy for Libya.


YIKES.  Blood on the hands on top of all this.


Shearer is a longtime Clinton family operative whose brother was a Bill Clinton-era ambassador and whose late sister married Clinton State Department official Strobe Talbott.


All in the family.  The DNC whines about Trump doing stuff with family.  Yet all of them are crime family syndicates!  This throwing bricks while living in glass houses is normal for the DNC Bilderberg gang.  They are so used to being in power, they forget they are no longer in control!  So they now are trying to suicide the world economy to stop Trump.


The Hannity: Second memo exposes deep state corruption – YouTube videotalks about this with these bullet points which I decided to reproduce here:

What this means is, there was this great conspiracy which is STILL OPERATING.  The conspirators are desperately lying every hour now about this matter.  They are scared because all of this was done to engineer a COUP against an elected President.  This is also treason because they cooperated with some British and Russian spies to do this.


They are still desperately trying to frame Trump on false charges even as this information is flowing out now.  The DNC does not control Congress nor the Presidency nor the Supreme Court so they are in deep troubles now.


They hope to blow up the economy and thus, distract people.  They will blame all this on Trump, of course.  But they created the Obama crash and they fixed it via driving up the national debt and trade deficit at the same time which is a disaster and even a small attempt at changing this is causing them to double down on the treason.


We live in interesting times, don’t we?  I keep getting flashbacks of the McCarthy nightmare as well as Nixon.




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6 responses to “Must See: Fox News Hannity Editorial About The Steele/Hillary Conspiracy To Frame Trump

  1. Petruchio

    “All in the family.  The DNC whines about Trump doing stuff with family.  Yet all of them are crime family syndicates!” This is the Big Flaw with Elites: Inbreeding. Over time, this inbreeding catches up with the Real Rulers. And then they become crazier and crazier. Totally out of touch with reality. The Royal Families are a good example of this also. I would recommend to our Dear Leaders to re read what happened to Elites in France during the French Revolution. An American example of what you get from too much inbreeding? George W. Bush. Even with a very powerful Daddy, Georgie Boy went on 53 job interviews after getting an honorary MBA from Harvard and didn’t get even ONE job offer. And this idiot was made US President. @@ As an aside, I am very uncomfortable watching this video and agreeing with Sean Hannity. But the Seanster is right here.

  2. You have to agree with whoever is right. No one is right, all the time.

  3. Not only is Steele suspect. So is Carter Page, the subject of the FISA warrant. Turns out he was a hired FBI undercover asset.

    In 2013, Page worked with the FBI to provide information that helped the DOJ prosecute and convict a Russian spy, Evgeny Buryakov. After that sting, why would the Russians trust him enough to use Page in a major intel operation against the US government and one of its political parties? Wouldn’t they instead have avoided Page as an unreliable and potentially dangerous contact?

    Far more plausible to believe Page, still working with the FBI but “volunteering” to advise the Trump campaign on Russia, acted as bait to draw the FISA warrant.

    So let’s see more of the classified materials that led to the Trump-Russia collusion allegations. If they show Page was employed by the Kremlin while advising the campaign in 2016, we deserve to know. If not, it’s gonna look even worse for those who authorized those FISA warrants against Page.

  4. Yes, the spook business has infiltrated all systems for a long, long, LONG time and the double agents are all over the place. Then there are ‘secret’ people like in my own family who have an outside persona and a totally different persona when at CIA headquarters or Pentagon.

  5. Sunger

    Sean Hannity


    No Credibility

  6. ziff

    So sunger, just curious, whom would you recommend as an alternative ?

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