Rand Paul Calls For Trump Military Parade, Liberals Scream In Horror

Our country is being driven insane.  Today’s big, big news story is how Trump wants to have a formal military parade.  This has been debated for nearly a YEAR now.  One article suggests our ‘parade’ will be ‘different’ from the Chinese and Russian parades.  I have videos of both and reported on the Russian parade last year.  I noted how the troops were energetic and well organized back then.  Below is a picture of US troops on ‘parade’.

OMG.  Only four guys have belts on.  The rest look like they just got out of bed and are still in pajamas.  They are disorganized, too.  This is exactly the spirit of our troops: falling to pieces.  Pentagon: Military Parade Might Not Be in Washington


President Trump’s proposed military parade may not take place in Washington, the Pentagon’s chief spokesperson said Thursday.  “There are options, and we will explore those, and the president will ultimately decide,” Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Dana White told reporters at a briefing.


The Washington Post reported earlier this week that the president was considering a military parade, prompting criticism from local Washington, D.C. officials.


This is really disgusting. This debate about a parade has been running on and on for a year now.  This insanity will continue until the end of Trump’s days.  Liberals really, really hate this idea.  They want illegal aliens, not US troops on parade.


Rand Paul stood up in the Senate and said, ‘Yes, throw a parade!’


We spend about $50 billion a year in Afghanistan. When quizzed in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently, undersecretaries of Defense and State could not answer the most rudimentary of questions concerning the war.


How many Taliban fighters do we face? Blank faces for an answer. What percentage of the Taliban are unrepentant terrorists unwilling to negotiate? Blank faces again.


The Taliban now control a significant amount of Afghanistan’s real estate. Are the Taliban open to negotiating, considering that they appear to be winning? Blank faces again, but with perhaps a touch of remorse, knowing that there really is no possible military solution in Afghanistan.


Yes, you declare victory and then go home.  This is the problem.  We are like Brer Rabbit: all wars are now tar babies.  We get stuck in some godforsaken place and then remain there, bleeding slowly to death.


Afghanistan is at the top of this long list but then, so is Europe itself.  And Japan!  I have reported on all this for quite a while now.  At my own news service, I reported last May about Putin’s celebration of the WWII Victory over Nazi Germany: 

I wrote last May:


Drudge: ‘Trump Needs A Military March’:In a rare tweet, prominent news aggregator Matt Drudge suggested Tuesday that President Trump should organise a ‘military march’ in response to a show of power by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.


The Russians picked up a lot of Prussian/Nazi style marching music/movements because of the close contacts via all out warfare between both.   I notice that they carry the defunct Communist flag, too.


Compare it to this parade last year in Washington, DC:  2016 National Independence Day Parade – Washington, DC – YouTube.  The Russian parade is all about life and death and a very bloody history indeed.  The US parade is a totally different affair, isn’t it?  22 veterans kill themselves every day and do we all wonder why?


This is the Chinese parade at a military base inside China.   I will note that the Chinese march quite differently from the Russians.  The Czars hired Prussians to teach the art of marching in Russia.  It still shows, the connection between East Germany and Russia brought back the Prussian marching skills and boy, can the Russians march smartly!


The Chinese are quite different.  They form box formations but when moving, do it their own way which goes say back in time, thousands of years.  Just like the Japanese do it in a similar fashion.  It is an Asian thing, I would suppose.


The Chinese have a huge mob on parade.  Unlike some places we invaded in the last 50 years, China is huge just like Russia and the US.  Canada is huge, too, but mostly uninhabitable.


Europe is big and very weak.  They can’t even cope with an obvious invasion of illegal aliens.  The populace has little stomach for any military actions now.  It is a false front.  All of Europe would surrender swiftly if say, Russia invaded.


Not that Russia wants Europe!  They are self-destructive people who would be a poor addition to any empire at this point.  I could go on about how both Russia and China move deep inland when at war and then fight back outwards again.  The US could do this, too, the hinterlands being less messed up socially than either coast.


The problem with ‘liberal’ (sic) Democrats and Bilderberg GOP members is, they seem too stupid to figure out that in any global war, China and Russia combined will dominate Europe and Canada because the North Pole is no barrier to Siberian attacks and Canada is militarily very weak.  And Europe sits on Russia’s front doorstep.  Meanwhile, China is knocking next door to Japan, who they hate.


What remains is this tool called DIPLOMACY which the Bilderberg gang smashed and threw away.  They have no more diplomacy.  Now, it is all about yelling, making threats, screaming like maniacs and imposing trade restrictions, etc.


All this is destroying Europe’s economy!  HAHAHA.  Guess why stocks are crashing in Europe?  They cut their own throats, the silly geese.  And then invited in an army of millions of angry Muslim males to slit throats, literally.  How utterly insane is all this?


And our rulers are screaming about a Trump parade!  Seriously, is their ultimate plan is to make Putin laugh to death?  Oh, and I almost forgot: we no longer have a deep industrial base to draw upon, either.  Thanks a lot, you foolish idiots at the top.  Great move in the game of global chess.  Dummies.





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7 responses to “Rand Paul Calls For Trump Military Parade, Liberals Scream In Horror

  1. Huluriasquias

    ALEX BRUMMER: Goldman Sachs – the firm that puts money over morals – is linked to the George Soros Brexit sabotage operation


  2. tio

    *Cough* I nearly spilt my tea when I saw this was on the front page of the DailyWail yesterday ..

    Fury over billionaire George Soros’ plot to sabotage Brexit: The man who broke the Bank of England is set to pour MORE cash into campaign that threatens to bring down Mrs May
    “Henry Smith said: ‘George Soros has never been a friend of Britain’s best interests. As a US citizen he should butt out of telling the UK they should remain under Brussels’ yoke.”

    Oh my.

  3. tio

    Same story in the Torygraph causes predictable shit storm, although a revealing one at that.

    Living in an Orwellian Tyranny

    “Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them.” — Justice Joseph Story : (1779-1845) US Supreme Court Justice 1833

    I am a teapot.

  4. That makes me the spout. I spout off all the time. 🙂

  5. HAHAHA. Relax in between causing naked terror!

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