Whenever Economic And Diplomatic Systems Must Change, Chaos Reigns Until Course Correction Improves Systems

The US Stockmarket is in a panic this last week.  Why is that?  Well, first off, wages are going up.  Now according to the Fed, rising wages=inflation.  So they will raise interest rates to return to the status quo.  Wages of the lowest working class continue to decline.  This translates into ‘women’s wages’ since they are more prone to take these jobs.  Overall, wages up until this month, were falling which is ‘sweet, sweet news’ for Wall Street.  The other factor causing stocks to crash is the SJW/BLM push to turn all forms of entertainment into torture.  So fans of sports, fans of movies, fans of anything are boycotting all systems which is causing financial hell for the virtue leftwing signalers.  Also, our trade partners are freaking out due to forcing them to have more honest trade.  Our roaring trade deficits can’t go on forever!


Whenever a set system is being changed, there is chaos.  Out of chaos comes order, to paraphrase some interesting ruler’s beliefs.  Order that is set to destruction have to be changed.  If left unchanged, it leads to mass chaos.  Like, ‘the fall of Ancient Rome’ sort of chaos.  England is trying to extract itself form the EU based on voter preferences.  This is causing huge chaos in the EU and is affecting all economic systems there as other countries mull over leaving the EU, too.


Trump is not causing any of the chaos in Europe.  England should be his natural ally in all this but the Bilderberg gang has a death grip on England’s political and news systems so whatever the citizens want, they have to fight like fiends to get it.  The gang wants England to not be an ally of the US in this battle over world trade. They want to roam the planet looking for cheap labor and few labor laws.  They also park profits overseas from Europe and the US in order to not pay fair taxes.


Changing all of this is causing panic in the markets not with people who hold stocks but with stock traders seeking rising stocks.  That is, periodically, markets must flush out the wild traders and resume what I call ‘normal stock valuation systems’.  We can see this in the fake money systems that erupted recently.  It is pure, unadultared speculation based on nothing at all which is a symptom of all ‘hysteria/fake value’ systems.  These happen regularly, each generation seeks out some sort of fake, useless thing or system to latch onto and bid to the moon very rapidly in ‘get rich quick’ schemes.


Here is how insane our rulers are these days and how they openly boast about destroying US labor which is why US labor voted for Trump: Democrat Sen. Carper: Discard Millions of Americans so Illegals Can Get Jobs – Breitbart


“I think the business community is saying that to the administration [and] they are certainly saying that to those of us in the Congress, and we should focus on that,” Carper told MSNBC.


Yes, the ‘business community’ believes in cheap, foreign labor.  The DNC now works for the business community and against US workers!  Isn’t that rich?


“We have a moral responsibility to them,” Carper said about the roughly 690,000 ‘dreamer’ illegals, not about Americans. Carper added, “doing a deal with the dreamers is as much about —  as I said earlier — is about making sure we have the folks who can go to work tomorrow.” Carper continued:


Wow.  He is quite naked about his treason.  Yes, aliens dream of coming here and driving down wages.  The DNC colluding with this in order to get bribes from rich businesses seeking cheaper labor is the crime here.


Today, when folks want to work in this country, there is still 2 to 3 million jobs unfilled. Unfilled! Nobody is there to do the jobs, they don’t have the education, the work skills, the work ethic, they can’t pass a drug test … are we going to send 700-800,00 [illegal immigrants] people back home to the countries where they were born? They are perfectly capable of doing these jobs, they can pass a drug test, why would we do that?


And this is the crime of the DNC: the DNC cities are full, overflowing with useless people because of welfare money.  It has broken up families to the point that nearly no black men marry any black women (on the other hand, they are marrying white women!).  Social chaos is destroying the black community that is a moral, educational and social mess now.  The more the DNC feeds money to women who have children out of wedlock, the worse all systems get.  Crime soars, schools collapse and throwing more money causes more, not less chaos.

The many interlocking DNC scandals are freaking out markets.  They thought they all could get rid of Trump and resume the destruction of the US but no, that is coming to a screeching halt now: “Largest Scandal Ever” — Former US Attorney: We Are Going to See Several Criminal Charges Against a Number of DOJ-FBI Officials


Joe diGenova: We are heading toward a very sad ending for the FBI and senior DOJ officials. McCabe is gone because Wray knows what’s in the other emails and other texts… The investigation that is underway is going to lead to criminal charges against a number of people. What you are seeing coming out now in the text messages is just the minimum of what is available now to DOJ officials… I believe that several high FBI officials will be charged criminally.


This is the largest law enforcement scandal in history for this reason. The activity for McCabe and others, and Bruce Ohr and others, were designed to subvert the Constitution and a national election – the most serious offense under our Constitution.


Yes, the Obama DoJ and FBI systems are riddled with criminals seeking political power via lying, obsucating, cheating and stealing.  The crimes are many and should all be prosecuted and the top officials and elected people should all go to prison.  This unsettles markets greatly.

On top of all this, the US elites and EU lunatics want WWIII.  With heavily armed Russians, no less, learning no lessons from previous major wars:


‘Don’t Add War to War’: France Blasts Turkey For ‘Violating Int’l Law In Syria’ »

Yes, chaos is spreading.  Turkey is now at war with NATO.  This isn’t a verbal war anymore, this is a shooting war.  Meanwhile, NATO is attacking Russia again via Syria because the NATO nations refuse to exit Syria.  Nope, they are staying put and meanwhile, attack Russia at the Olympics which is backfiring badly.  This chaos is DELIBERATE and brought on by our Real Rulers and they are willing to have WWIII happen if they imagine (STUPIDLY) that they can retain power after WWIII.


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8 responses to “Whenever Economic And Diplomatic Systems Must Change, Chaos Reigns Until Course Correction Improves Systems

  1. Lou

    Changing all of this is causing panic in the markets not with people who hold stocks but with stock traders seeking rising stocks.

    Computers do the trading. HFT, High Frequency Trading.
    The 9? trillion the Fed gave to the banks had to go somewhere.

  2. ziff

    Stock market is down because the chart doesn’t look right without it,, THE ONLY REASON

  3. Lou

    I found this—A classic debt trap.
    Both the bankers and the producers are locked into the cycle of lending and borrowing to keep servicing prior bad debt.
    Each round costs more (normally) and produces less leading to the next round, and so on. The only alternative at every point along the way is immediate default, although at some point, default becomes simply inevitable no matter what.

    Add in current managers’ short term incentive to kick the can down the road just far enough to escape themselves, and you’ve got one helluva little self-destructive system. Extend and pretend indeed!

  4. Lou

    2—DJIA cannot go up ina vertical, forever, can it?
    There must be some gravity.

  5. ziff

    YES and it can drop another 5000 from here and not be a problem .

  6. Ken

    Off topic.

    The main stream press has finally acknowledged what Elaine has been claiming for a long time. The sun is entering a dormant phase and it will result in cooling for the earth. However, they cannot help throwing in a comment from a California university saying that global warming is still a big concern in spite of this.


  7. Yes, it is hard white snow where I live right now. I went out with a pick ax to chop away some of the ice and it is one of the coldest winters in the last 70 years aside from the one year of Mt. Pinatubo when it erupted, the entire year was very cold, we wore coats during the day in JUNE!

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