Black Olympian Throws Temper Tantrum After Losing Coin Toss

After destroying football and Hollywood and other entertainment systems, the SJW gang has turned its ire on the Winter Olympics.  Now we have to have all teams matching the population statistics. That is, there are too many white European people on winter sports teams sent to the Olympics.  The recent ruckus caused by a black winter athlete not being chosen to carry the flag when participants voted and then had a tie which was broken via a coin toss…everything is about race and nothing is about race at the same time.


The black man throwing a temper tantrum over being ‘dissed’ is amazing.  Like in football and other venues, he has decided to be rude, anti-social and obnoxious even as fans yell at him to please stop, he feels very entitled.


Breitbart news: Fox News published an op-ed by John Moody, executive vice president and executive editor, Wednesday titled “In Olympics, let’s focus on the winner of the race — not the race of the winner,” only to pull the piece under pressure from identity-politics lobbyists and left-leaning media.


In his op-ed, Moody slammed Jason Thompson, the U.S. Olympic Committee’s (USOC) “director of diversity and inclusion” for insisting on a Winter Olympics team that “looks more like America.” The Washington Post’s Rick Maese, who wrote up his interview with Thompson, openly admits this, in large part, merely means a team with fewer white people on it. “[T]his year’s U.S. Olympic team, not unlike those of most other nations gathering in PyeongChang this week, is still overwhelmingly white,” he laments.


“We’re not quite where we want to be,” the USOC’s Thompson told Maese about the racial makeup of the American Olympic team, adding later, ““We still have some work to do. … We’re not quite there yet.”


This is hyper-racism.  A lot of sane people are noticing this.  Basketball and football as well as boxing, for example, are over 70% black.  A lot of sports are this way.  This is due to evolution.  The harsh conditions of slavery and sub-Saharan Africa being left in the stone age up to the 19th century means that people who could run, jump or be fast, etc. thrived and the weak died.


Civilizations produce weaker populations due to no need for super refined physical skills.  Simple evolution has led to black populations being superb at raw physical power.  Bravo!  But due to no snow at all or extremely little snow even during all the Ice Ages, the winter skills are not there at all.


Nor is their any desire to gain winter skills…black populations prefer certain skills and conditions and doing stuff on ice is way down at the bottom.  So why the whining about the Winter Olympics?  It is similar to the invasion of SJW women into things males love and females ignore like say, loving Star Wars totally.  The females are better than males as fighters is now canon in Star Wars.  All men are stupid, slow, clumsy or rebellious while the females are all leaders, superb fighters and powerful beyond imagining!


Thus, killing the franchise as men run away from these super women.  The other sports are now in steep decline in popularity due to men running away from the Agenda there, too.  When football players decided to diss patriotism, they stepped on this landmine.  It is still blowing up.


During the Super Bowl, the black players had to pretend to salute the flag and they did this while holding onto each other’s shoulders in protest of being ordered and the mainstream media giants pretended that all is well and they are no longer anti-white male patriots but I wonder how many men will be fooled by this?


We shall see.  The boycott is biting the NFL very hard, financially.  Since the Olympic people believe all teams must reflect all populations all the time, I say, ‘Make my day. Let’s enforce this rigidly in all levels, all the time.’  I am not alone in understanding what this means.


A number of countries are trying to make things reflect population via using the heavy hand of the State.  In Europe, men are being shoved aside as women take over everything and then let in millions of angry very male Muslims who hate women in power positions.  Obviously, this is suicidal.


The same thing is happening in Canada: Trudeau has decided that half of everything should be female.  We see this in the university systems now: all hiring is now done with white males the last to be hired and first fired in order to eliminate as many as possible.  They don’t even bother with hiding this, applicants are told outright, in STEM fields, if they want to get a job teaching, they have to be black or female.


This is totally against the Civil Rights Act which does not mention which races or sexes are protected, it was assumed that all were protected.  Now, it is assumed that white men are excluded.  There are a number of cases now moving up in the court system launched by white males who have been discriminated against in this way and I believe the Courts will agree that this is racist and will force the SJW gang to back down.


Google continues to evolve and becoming more and more hostile to anyone who differs from the SJW campaigns.  This is all out warfare against the citizens.  When I do searches online now, the selection that Google renders up is very, very biased now.


I test Google periodically.  At this point, only if you already know the website and write into the search engine, the exact words in the website’s title, you get it…but leave out three words and you get nothing, only stuff dimly similar.  This is deliberate.  It continues to look as if the search engine is choosing carefully based on word selection but this is false.


This war that is now raging everywhere is causing economic chaos.  Profits in a number of areas are now declining due to efforts to shove political agendas down people’s throats.

Liberals are censoring anyone and everyone who irritate them or go against their agenda.  The war over people’s minds is always the most important war and the left knows this.  What they do not know is, their victories have caused great chaos and anger and they are losing ground due to this.  Instead of backing off, they are doubling down and being much more confrontational.


This will end badly for them.  They don’t care.  They think, in their Mad Madame Mao world, we will all be happy and wave the Little Red Book and obey all orders.  Even in China, they won’t do this!  And yet, the leftists expect this to happen here.


Republican students are suing universities everywhere now and winning their cases. . This is to be expected. They are covered by the Civil Rights Act. A Conservative ‘Free Speech Ball’ was shut down by police because ‘this scares the (SJW) other students.’


This is insane, of course. The SJW radicals are exceedingly violent. And nearly never shut down by these insane ‘schools’. Something has to change soon. This collapse of all systems is getting worse, not better.


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9 responses to “Black Olympian Throws Temper Tantrum After Losing Coin Toss

  1. Ken

    I had no idea that the Olympic Committee had a “director of diversity.” Why would one even be needed (let alone wanted) since inclusion on the Olympic team is supposed to be based on completely impartial results of who is the fastest and strongest.

    As for the black athlete who is bitching about not being given some honor solely on the basis of his race, I hope all of his sponsors realize that he is now tainted goods. They need to distance themselves from him and his poisonous attitude before it taints their products.

    Finally, as to quotas, let’s take this to its logical conclusion. If Jews make up only 2% of the population (reportedly), then they should only be allowed to be 2% of the college students, lawyers, accountants, judges, newspaper reporters, Hollywood directors and producers, etc. That would put a quick end to the quota system.

  2. Lou

    Ken–AA. You know what that means? Inferiors placed in positions of superiority.

  3. Lou

    And, ‘If Jews make up only 2% of the population (reportedly), ‘–maybe 5%? = 10% of Whites in USA????
    Elaine, your op is what?

  4. Lou

    Basketball and football as well as boxing, for example, are over 70% black. A lot of sports are this way. This is due to evolution…UH. then why was it not that way 40 years ago?

    Jews own the teams and favor Negroids over Whites.

    Ever hear of steroids?
    Ever go to a site called Caste Football . com?

  5. Wrong, Lou. It is pure evolution. Jews, for example, couldn’t outfight or out run danger, they had to fool danger. Use this thing called ‘wits’. My ancestors were brutal and violent but lived near the North Pole before invading Europe and coped with severe winters and this made them ‘durable’. Not fast but smart because surviving in harsh climates requires intelligence and above all, ability to plan ahead. And ruthlessness.

    The Plains horse people had to evolve so they could be swift, alert and small so they wouldn’t trouble their swift ponies. And so forth. Sea faring people are different from land anchored people, they evolve differently.

    Now, all is a mush and eventually we will lose these various evolutionary ‘skill sets’.

  6. KHS71

    I guess that makes coins racist.

  7. Lou

    I am wrong that jews dont own franchises? Bwaaa…

    The more I start to see these creatures as a separate sub-species, related to some wild, extinct hominids…their behavior makes more and more sense.

    They are a completely different species. The early humans that migrated out of Africa turned into the Neanderthals. These Neanderthals are not as dumb as most people make them out to be. They had to be smart to survive the harsh winters of Europe.

    The second wave of migrants out of Africa interbred with the Neanderthals and acquired a larger brain in the process. Those who stayed behind in Africa evolved under different evolutionary pressures than those who left.

  8. Lou

    5– I live near a Junior College. The crooked Black Fball coach didnt give YT [whitey] much of a chance.
    And the dozen assistant coaches, all but one were Black.

    There are countless examples of prejudice against White athletes.

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