Syria Shoots Down Invading Israeli Fighter Jet

From the London Daily Mail:  Israel illegally enters Syrian airspace to attack people on the ground, is shot down.


Israel shot missiles into Syria and then were shot down.  The Jews believe they can invade anyone’s territory.  They do this all the time, they even sink US ships and try to palm it off as Egyptians doing this!  Israel has been attacking Syria nearly nonstop now and they doubled down after being shot at, in return.


 The military said its planes faced massive anti-aircraft fire from Syria that forced two pilots to abandon an F-16 jet that crashed in northern Israel, seriously wounding one and lightly injuring the other.


‘This is a serious Iranian attack on Israeli territory. Iran is dragging the region into an adventure in which it doesn’t know how it will end,’ Israel’s chief military spokesman, Brigadier General Ronen Manelis, said in a statement.


Wrong!  The jst was hit when it was over the border and then it turned and crashed back inside Israel. Then the Jews sent missiles into Syria in ‘retaliation.’  Imagine, for one second, any one else invading Israel’s airspace?  Of course not!  This is a double standard that rolls onwards, endlessly.


Time to go to Russian news about Syria:

Note that the Russians correctly tell readers that this raid was in Syrian airspace and thus utterly illegal.  Here is the NY Times story:

The claim that they are attacking ‘Iranians’ has zero proof.  This is called ‘propaganda’.

In the Russian news, they report that 12 targets inside Syria were hit after Syrian shooters took down an invading Israeli fighter jet.  Meanwhile, in the Koreas, talking tough to North Korea has caused North Korea to do diplomacy with South Korea.  Both countries marched together in the Olympic parade and are playing hockey on the same team which I think is great.


I hope they do more.  Japan, on the other hand, prefers a weaker Korea for historical reasons and is evidently upset about all this.  Most interesting developments going on.  The Status Quo of the last 35 years has to shift again.


Russia is no long the Soviet Union.  China is no longer run by Mao.  Germany is reunited and is now self-destructing…again!  England is withdrawing from the EU and a number of other nations are openly talking about doing this.


Turkey is defying NATO and going its own way, talking diplomacy with no one at this point.  The US is involved in this insane internal civil war with the Democrats and Bilderberg Republicans fighting a popularly elected outsider President.  Many systems are under tremendous stress which reminds me of my youth when this process of change happened.


Interesting times, we are on a knife’s edge.  A lot of people want to throw the baby out with the bath water and have violent change.  Mobs want to regulate speech due to being easily hurt by words while yelling bloody hell, murder people all the time.  Schizoid behavior like this is getting worse, not better and the cure is often…violence.


Yes, people have to exhaust themselves in battle to find some calm again. There is an immense amount of delusional thinking going on and it takes the anvil and hammer of hard reality to set things back to ‘normal’ again.  Oh, I nearly forgot:

Mass exodus as thousands of Venezuelans flee the country – YouTube



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18 responses to “Syria Shoots Down Invading Israeli Fighter Jet

  1. Petruchio

    “Wrong!  The jet was hit when it was over the border and then it turned and crashed back inside Israel. Then the Jews sent missiles into Syria in ‘retaliation.’ ” Note how when the AA fire gets intense the Israelis high tail it back to home? LOL! I have a feeling the khazarians aint seen nothing yet! Now we know one more reason why the Israelis want US troops to set up military bases in Israel: so they can carry out their quickie hit and run type assaults on Syria. As far as the idea of someone or some one’s invading Israeli controlled airspace/land. Can I imagine it? Yes, I can. It’s likely to happen very soon.

  2. Ken

    The video about Venezuelans rioting and thereby preventing delivery of food into the cities could just as easily happen in the US. If North Korea ever succeeded in setting off a nuke that fried the American electrical grid, it is a certainty that every major and mid-sized city would have rioting. Just like New York when the lights went out while Elaine was living there. Truckers would understandably refuse to take their goods into a riot zone.

    Once the urban populations had stripped bare the grocery stores, and they realized that they would not be restocked, they would then flood out of the cities into the suburbs and rural areas. Just like the Venezuelans.

    Although I doubt that the exodus would be as orderly as the Venezuelan one shown in the video. In all likelihood there would be armed mobs intent on looting, raping and killing.

  3. EXCEPT the outer suburbs and especially the countryside is heavily armed and in the countryside, the people hunt, butcher animals (everyone I know does this) and think nothing about killing when necessary.

    The gangs in the cities are ‘wild shooters’ whereas in the countryside, they are ‘sharpshooters’ instead.

  4. Jim R

    Yeah, this can’t be a good thing. The USA and its little eastern Med pit bull, have essentially lost the war in Syria.

    But they claimed to be fighting against the irregular Takfiri fighters, while actually supplying them and supporting them. And then they were supporting the Kurds, but their NATO ally Turkey hates the Kurds. So that crunching sound you hear is the Kurds being thrown under the tank convoy.

    Now they have to make up a new lie and sell it on the “media”.

    That makes the war machine particularly scary. It has the nukes (and they might still work), and they want to rule the world, but pesky little places like Iran and Russia and Syria are standing in the way. And China could be standing in the way pretty soon…

    So yeah, not a good thing.

  5. Lou

    2 and 3. Nams [non asian minorities] are very dangerous.
    Some say, ‘live 200 miles from a city, as thats how far a tank of gas will take killers WHEN it happens.’

    Dont ask IF, but when.
    I found this,

    “but can someone tell me how flooding the USA with mostly illiterate and unskilled people from failed states with nothing in common helping the USA? I know it increases diversity, and I have heard MANY times diversity is our greatest strength, but why is it our greatest strength?”

    Diversity is our greatest strength just like Israel is our greatest ally.
    I’ll take a shot at this. The people who have been flooding the U.S. with Third Worlders want to destroy the U.S., not help it. They hate this country and all white Christian nations with a burning passion. When they tell you “diversity is our greatest strength” they are simply lying, boldly lying to deceive the gullible and shout down opponents.

    ((( Emmanuel Cellar))) sponsored immigration bills repeatedly to help his ethnic group and finally was successful in 1965 when the loathsome LBJ was president. This started the immigration deluge.

    The Mormon church has encouraged immigration from Polynesia for many years resulting in a large population of Polynesians in Utah especially Salt Lake City. Many of them play football because they are big and violent. They are also notorious criminals exhibiting the same bahiors as nogs i.e. violence, short attention span, low I.Q. etc. They are ruining Utah too.

  6. Petruchio

    @#5 Lou. “diversity and Multiculturalism (you forgot to mention multiculturalism) are our greatest assets”. Yeah sure they are. You can NOT name a country or Region anywhere in the world where there isn’t internal strife! In India, it’s the Caste System. The Balkans? Remember when Billy Boy Clinton bombed Serbia for 90 straight days and the rape camps and mass graves? Africa? Where one black tribe killed 2 MILLION of a rival tribe? Asia, Southeast Asia? Same things. Now WHY would anybody think throwing multiple groups of people, different languages, different cultures, would be a strength?? The folks promoting “diversity” and “multiculturalism” know throwing diverse groups together is a blueprint for Societal destruction. ‘That’s exactly what they want! They think all this turmoil will make their plans for control easier. You can’t overestimate the deep hatred promoters of “diversity” have for their intended victims. Load up on ammo, water and long storage foods.

  7. Jim R

    There are a couple of toxic memes floating around our culture, and they will probably mean the end of the USA empire.

    1. “Diversity is good for the population”
    2. “War is good for the economy”

    There are historical reasons these memes have come about, and the explanation for ‘diversity’ is sort of long. I’ll try to keep it short:

    In evolutionary biology, researchers have witnessed a sort of yin-yang between diversity and uniformity. The authors of The Beak of the Finch laid out the details of this phenomenon. Bottom line: diversity isn’t necessarily good for the diverse individuals, but it allows for the slim possibility of genetic improvement as the population trends toward uniformity. What’s not usually mentioned is that natural selection involves the death of 99% of that diverse population.

    As for the second meme, that’s mostly due to the results of WWII, which left the USA as the most powerful industrial nation, while Europe was in ruins. China had poential, but was just coming off of a multi-century imperial decline/collapse, and was staggering under the tyranny of Mousie Dung. Therefore, “War is good…”. Unfortunately, that is a lie. Since 1950, we’ve just been doing war for war’s sake, and that is terrible for the economy. War is only good if you win, and if winning brings you some goodies in the form of spoils or diminished competition. Just having wars so you can justify a large army or a weapon industy is a stupid idea.

  8. Ken

    Jim @ 7

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but I can actually see the benefit of the “cold war” and also the current stand-off between the world powers.

    Historically, war has been a time of great advancement for science and technology. Just even in the last century or so. Think of the advances that took place in aviation, computers, engineering, medicine, etc, all because of the competition between nations.

    Now, actual war, involving the deaths of lots of people is a bad thing. However, a “cold war” where no one dies but nations feel compelled to throw lots of money into ever-improving technology has actually been a good thing.

    Similarly, the “space race” between the US and the Soviet saw huge strides in technology. After Russia dropped out of the race, technological advancement slowed down considerably.

    Granted, there is a down side to a cold war. The temptation always exists to use the latest weapons on a small scale, just to try them out. A few people will always get shot just due to having lots of weapons lying around. However, compare this to the carnage from WW I, WW II and even the US Civil War. The price paid in lives for this technical advancement is always much less in a “cold war.”

  9. Lou

    8–If not for war and disease, the Human race would have reached many more billions in number and disappeared, yes? Like Lemmings.

    6–South Africa, Blacks have killed 700,000 since White rule ended. 30? years or less?

  10. Nani

    A rather disturbing report from British Medical Journal about the health of Americans.

    Failing health of the United States

    In 1960, Americans had the highest life expectancy, 2.4 years higher than the average for countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). But the US started losing ground in the 1980s. US life expectancy fell below the OECD average in 1998, plateaued in 2012, and is now 1.5 years lower than the OECD average

    What went wrong?

    The panel reported high death rates in the US from drugs, a problem that has grown over time. Between 2000 and 2014, the rate of fatal drug overdoses rose by 137%, a crisis fueled by the growing use of highly addictive opioid drugs.4 In 2015 alone, more than 64 000 Americans died from drug overdoses,5 exceeding the number of US casualties in the Vietnam war.

    Between 1999 and 2014, the suicide rate rose by 24%.6 These “deaths of despair,” as some have called them, are disproportionately affecting white Americans, especially adults aged 25-59 years, those with limited education, and women.7 The sharpest increases are occurring in rural counties, often in regions with longstanding social and economic challenges

    Why white Americans are dying at higher rates from drugs, alcohol, and suicides is unclear, complex, and not explained by opioids alone. The answer—likely some combination of factors in American life—must explain why the rise in mortality is greatest in white, middle aged adults and certain rural communities. Possibilities include the collapse of industries and the local economies they supported, the erosion of social cohesion and greater social isolation, economic hardship, and distress among white workers over losing the security their parents once enjoyed.910 By contrast, greater resilience might explain why black Americans—who have contended with longstanding structural disadvantages, discrimination, and higher all cause mortality—have not experienced a surge in drug deaths or suicides.

  11. Ken

    Since Elaine lives in a rural area, perhaps she can shed some light on why rural, white males are being disproportionately hammered in modern society.

    Assuming anyone is still reading this thread.

  12. And our community was trashed totally when free trade came and killed our major industries here in the tiny town of Berlin. It utterly destroyed my farm economy (rare sheep/wool) no one in my state, practically, have sheep. We used to have sheep all over the place and I belonged to a collective and we had fairs and competitions, too.

    All dead and gone due to free trade. I am still very pissed off about this.

  13. Petruchio

    @#12 Elaine: it’s all about funneling wealth to the already wealthy. This is what the “Reagan Revolution” was really about. We have a “Max Profits” economy, and our Rulers couldn’t care less if everyone else suffers. French Revolution, anyone?

  14. tio

    Free trade aka wage arbitrage + slow release opioid (OxyContin) certified/promoted for chronic pain = clusterfuck.

  15. Lou

    why rural, white males are being disproportionately hammered in modern society.–Jews. A 4 letter word.

  16. tio

    Oh, I nearly forgot:

  17. Lou

    From Occidental Observer site,

    any thoughts?

    Charles Frey
    March 29, 2018 – 9:51 am | Permalink

    Allison, please allow me to add a verboten ‘ pattern recognition ‘ to your valid points.

    01 President Kagame of Rwanda engineered the Genocide of ca 800,000 people of his nation: as finally adjudged by international judicial authorities and expatriates.

    02 Exactly a year ago he was introduced as a speaker at the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington.

    03 Frank Sesno introduced him. FS himself is primus inter pares among the Jewish journalists in the US and a university lecturer and head of its Media School. He was VP of CNN, etc.

    04 Netanyahu and those to his ample right are imminently deporting, or alternatively incarcerating ca. 40,000 of these Israeli politically-incorrect, so-called ” INFILTRATORS ” : as you stated. [ At the departure airport, they are purportedly given the $ 3,200 ].

    05 Israeli delegations have visited Rwanda: and vice-versa. N visited the immediate African neighborhood, but Kagame visited Israel directly.

    06 Israel claims, that Rwanda had agreed to admit these deportees, numbering many north-Africans among them.

    07 Subsequently, Kagame, unwilling and unable to support or absorb them in his already adequately tribe-riddled society, in turn dumps them on his own neighbors through inadequately secured, effectively open borders.

    08 From there, they are profitably sluiced to embarkation-points in North-Africa, only to pop up again in welcoming Western Europe, being allotted public-housing apartments originally built and ear-marked for impecunious, previously tax-paying pensioners.

    09 Not even Israel’s global PR juggernaut could have dumped these people on Europe DIRECTLY: as it is through its wars.

    10 For this reason alone, for facilitating this jungle-canopy- cover-camouflage for the redirecting bus-station, functionally speaking, Kagame, this ” Schwartzer “, as they internally refer to them derogatively, was so obsequiously welcomed by Sesno, ” bearing gifts “, at AIPAC 2017.

  18. Lou

    Not sure if this is true,

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