The New York Times Defends Child Molester Woody Allen

We are seeing a massive purge/persecution of men and some women based on very old ‘sex’ charges or more recent events and all this cascade began with the attempt by the Clintons who have lots of dirty Bill Sex on their own plates, trying to frame everyone else with sex charges especially Trump who has had a wild sex life, himself.  All this has backfired on everyone and continues to consume Hollywood, for example except for a few very real sex fiends: Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.


This is all very odd.  Seems these two men can be utterly depraved and break laws yet we are to ignore all this because they are ‘artistic’ and ‘profound’.  Weinstein has been brushed with possible problems but so far, no arrests.


Since a lot of enraged DNC SJW females are noticing that not all male sex fiends are being punished, they are now renewing calls to arrest Woody Allen.   The Smearing of Woody Allen – The New York Times sides entirely with the Jewish film maker:


The case is news again thanks to Farrow, who in December penned an op-ed for The Los Angeles Times titled, “Why Has the #MeToo Revolution Spared Woody Allen?” She repeated her charges against Allen in a tearful interview last month on CBS, and her efforts seem to have had their intended effect: From Mira Sorvino to Natalie Portman, A-list actors are expressing bitter regrets for having worked with Allen. The director is officially radioactive.


These other women heard of the cases of naked literally naked child abuse and chose to ignore it until this year.  All the hysteria about sex is a public temper tantrum since they all knew and I certainly did know of the mess of Allen’s life during the last 15 years.  It was unavoidable!


But if Farrow wants an answer to her question, it’s because we know that the charges #MeToo has leveled against men such as Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey are almost certainly true.


Note how this NYT writer claims ‘we all know that Harvey…charges are certainly true!’  Well, we don’t know anything right now, all is rumors.  We do know that Woody married Mia Farrow and then divorced her so he could marry her own adopted daughter!  YUCK.  He was this girl’s legal father!  Then there are the charges about his crazy relationship with his genetic daughter…


The reason they have not been spared is because they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The facts, not the allegations, prove it.


The reporter, Stephans, falsely claims that Weinstein is ‘guilty beyond reasonable doubt’ based on no factual information, just women making alleged charges often many years after the events and in nearly all cases, went about him for years and years after being ‘raped’, praising him, kissing him, begging him for more roles in movies, etc.


Anything naughty he did in the past has been erased by the ‘victims’ cozying up to him and wanting more and more attention.

But since the State of Connecticut declined to press charges against Allen, it is what we have to go on.


He broke moral laws and skated on very, very thin ice with legal laws.  His present ‘wife’ was adopted so evidently that is a loophole in the laws.  It doesn’t make me want to like him or watch his dumb movies or be in the same room with him.  Call it ‘super creepy.’


Shouldn’t the weight of available evidence, to say nothing of the presumption of innocence, extend to the court of public opinion, too?


I hope some Angels of Justice wring this reporter’s neck!  He carries on and on about how Trump is a sex fiend just like all the DNC clown car crew.


Nor have we learned anything else about Allen in the intervening years that might add to suspicions of guilt. He married Soon-Yi and has been with her ever since.


He doesn’t note here that Soon-Yi’s father was furious that his daughter who was from his marriage to the actress, Mia Farrow, ended up sleeping with Woody when she was a teenager living at home.


Nobody else has come forward in 25 years with a fresh accusation of assault against him.  If Allen is in fact a pedophile, he appears to have acted on his evil fantasies exactly once. Compare that to Larry Nassar’s 265 identified victims.


HAHAHA.  This is, in a nutty nut shell, the morals of the screaming mob of lunatics pretending to be horrified about Trump sex with adult women!  They fling sex charges like monkeys fling feces.  Then they lick each other’s butts.  This is obscene, obnoxious, amoral and typical NY Times staff behavior: filthy, violent, brutal, self centered and filled with rage against fellow citizens.


4 things to know about new NY Times columnist Bret Stephens | The Times of Israel


But the arrival of Bret Stephens, formerly the foreign affairs columnist for The Wall Street Journal, may be especially resonant for American Jews. Stephens, 43, is the former editor of The Jerusalem Post, a Pulitzer Prize laureate, and an assertive defender of Israel and its current government’s policies. He, along with several other Jewish conservatives, has also been one of the loudest critics of President Donald Trump on the right.


And very Jewish.  Good lord, talk about lost in the desert.  I recall that their God kept the tribes wandering in the Sinai Desert until the older generation died out as punishment.



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2 responses to “The New York Times Defends Child Molester Woody Allen

  1. melponeme_k

    We are in the midst of Theological wars. They never ended.

    if Christians i.e. Catholics ever rebound in anger, ALL non-Christians will suffer along with the protected minorities. Which is why the Rothschilds and their ilk are happily inundating Europe with military age Muslim men.

    As far as they are concerned, if the Muslims take out Catholics…Great! If the Catholics take out Muslims…Great! Its win win, providing no one notices them pulling the levers.

    interesting, theological take on the problem by E Michael Jones.

  2. Lou

    Woody, Roman, Weinstein, all rich, lefty jews.


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