Princeton And Dartmouth SJW Students Terrorize Professors And White Male Students

SJW Headquarters on the East Coast, Princeton University, students demand professor teaching Anthropology 212 class about ‘Cultural Freedoms’ used the word ‘nigger’ to illustrate ‘Which is worse, a white man punching a black man or a white man calling a black man a ‘nigger’?


First off, the chances of a white man hitting a black man is uncommon, it is more likely the reverse.  Also, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me,’ shows how young people are very triggered by mere words and easily hurt and emotionally violent.


All words can be ‘fighting words’ with these hair trigger young people.  The third issue here is, young black males in particular love the word ‘nigger’.  I write it out in whole because of this.  One of the most common words in rap is ‘nigger’ and pretending it is a cuss word best deleted is insane.


Calling it ‘the N-word’ today is downright stupid.  If black males love this word and use it to describe themselves, we should all use it.


“He was describing what is acceptable as free speech and what is not,” explained Devyn Holliday ’18 in an interview with The Daily Princetonian.


This is a top, top, at the very top of all universities.  At Princeton, they do not teach logic or anything sane anymore.  What is funnier is, the professor is Mr. Rosen, a Jew.


“The conversations and disagreements that took place in the seminar led by Professor Rosen on Tuesday afternoon are part of the vigorous engagement and robust debate that are central to what we do,” the statement read. “We will continue to look for ways to encourage discussions about free speech and inclusivity with the students in Professor Rosen’s class and the campus community more broadly. As part of those ongoing efforts, we are in the process of setting up a meeting with the students.”


There is no ‘free speech’ at any university in the US and Europe anymore.  All of these are in the iron grip of the New Cultural Revolution run by an army of university Mad Madame Mao clones in the ‘liberal arts’ which are no longer really ‘liberal’ at all.


“If our students leave our classes knowing exactly what they knew when they entered, then we didn’t do our jobs,” Rouse wrote in a column for Princeton’s student newspaper. “Rosen has used the same example year after year. This is the first year he got the response he did from the students.


The young Red Guard are egging each other on.  All the other schools in particular, Berkeley, are meeting with the others and planning these moves to shut down all conversations, to take over all classes and destroy all professorial powers.  They did this in the 1970’s in China and successfully destroyed the entire education systems there.


This is diagnostic of the level of overt anti-black racism in the country today. Anti-American and anti-Semitic examples did not upset the students, but an example of racism did. This did not happen when Obama was president, when the example seemed less real and seemed to have less power.”


Being anti-America: the students are anti-American!  They are being relentlessly trained by leftist teachers and each other to become SJW monsters!  And…they are often anti-Semitic, too.  This is because they are leftists which is pro-Palestinian.


The Jews are terrible racists in Israel and frankly, in the US.  I was Mrs. Levy for several decades and the clan went to great lengths to show me and tell me, I wasn’t one of them and was an outsider.  Thus, the divorce.


No one is allowed to teach this information in schools, that Jews are very racist.  The Real Rulers have many Jews in their ranks while at the same time, Muslim invasions are being encouraged by our Real Rulers.  This is to take the heat off of Israel and it is working…so far.  It is doomed to backfire on the Jews in the end but their leaders are too short-sighted to see this unless they imagine they can fix this via WWIII.


Cal Tech, my parent’s school back during WWII, is planning to impose a $2,010 surcharge on foreign students from China and India to pay for ‘diversity’ students. It is set to rise to $8,040 in 3 years!


Cal Poly itself is not a UC campus, however. Rather, it is part of the California State University (CSU) system, which has a current base tuition of $5,742 per year with an additional $396 per semester or $264 per quarter for non-resident students. The UC system estimates tuition for non-resident students at $40,644.


If students come from China, they pay a huge differential compared to students from California, for example except at the CSU system.  They want to change this.


A poll conducted by the school’s student newspaper immediately following the announcement drew responses from roughly 1,300 students, with a staggering 86 percent expressing opposition to the fee.


They better be ready to riot!  I can’t imagine a riot on that campus unlike Berkeley.


Notably, the proposed fee comes less than one year after Cal Poly received a $110 million donation—the largest single private donation in CSU history—part of which was set aside to fund scholarships and research stipends for students in math and science programs.


So there is really no need for this in the first place and the excuse is just that: an excuse.  It is really a racist game to fleece foreign students further.  A number of Americans want the foreign students to go away but the reality is, they bring in lots and lots of loot!


So…the students that will be displaced by letting in special students will be middle class Californian students who are white and in many cases, males.


This is really insane: a Dartmouth College white male student complained that this travel committee ‘You’re not tripping’ is discriminating against white males and is attacked by an army of screaming females for pointing out the obvious.


This year, out of 44 total applicants, 15 women were chosen, along with four men. After being rejected from the directorate himself, Spector accused the directors in charge of the selection process of having an “obsession with diversity” that “verges on the inane,” in light of its extremely female-heavy composition.


All over the educational systems, white males are being ruthlessly eliminated.  This shows up in raw  statistics: women now greatly outnumber men going to higher education.  Men are being relentlessly pushed out by activist feminists.


The director of Trips, Lucia Pierson ‘18, along with Dalia Rodriguez-Caspeta ‘18, the assistant director, emphasized in their original announcement that the 2018 Trips directorate, which is 80 percent female, was selected “purely based on merit.


These same lunatics scream like banshees if their own numbers are lower than ‘the population at large’ in anything, anywhere.


Throughout the weekend and into the next week, more than 30 campus organizations followed Link Up’s lead and sent out their own letters of “solidarity” with the Trips director and assistant director, further denouncing Spector’s op-ed as an “attack” on women and women of color. The wash of emails came from a wide range of student groups, including the Committee on Sexual Assault, several a capella groups, senior societies, sororities, one fraternity, and a variety of other minority and women’s groups.


All the SJW terrorists do this all the time: they all chime in and yell in unison.  Anyone who crosses their evil paths is immediately attacked across the board.


The Asian American Students Association stated in their email that the article “invisibilizes people of color, women and trans folk, [and] queer women of color,” and mocked the op-ed as an example of “white male tears.”


Good lord, what are they teaching now?  ‘Invisibilizes’ is not a word.  It is a clunky piece of junk made-up word which is stupid.  And worse, these screaming banshees are not ‘invisible’ at all, alas.


We can see them and hear them nonstop now.  What is even scarier is, ethnic Asian students have a higher IQ than all but Jewish students and both they and the Jewish students are in the sights of the SJW gang for elimination because of this.


Many of these emails not only targeted Spector, but also denounced The Dartmouth’s decision to publish the article in the first place, even though it was posted in the opinion section and labeled as a guest column.


These SJW clowns hate free speech with a passion.  But then, I wrote an editorial at Berkeley and literally had to flee to preserve my life afterwards, never to return to that hell hole.


An email from Divest Dartmouth accused The D of “negligence,” stating that allowing Spector and others like him to express their opinions “endanger[s] the safety and wellbeing of marginalized students” and “only further perpetuates the culture of toxic, male, white supremacy.” About nine other student groups echoed these sentiments, either calling on The D to publicly apologize for posting the op-ed, or to remove it from the website entirely.


This is straight out of the Red Guard pages as to how to intimidate and control all other people.  This is no joke, no exaggeration.  These ‘students’ are trained in the Communist Maoist methods I know all too well having tangled with them way back starting in 1969 at Berkeley.


On Monday, a campus email from the Stonefence Review, a Dartmouth literary magazine, took a more personal turn. The letter first criticized Spector and called for The Dartmouth to rescind the op-ed, but then went on to publicly name the fraternity of which Spector is a member, demanding that the fraternity itself apologize for the “act of violence” that Spector committed.


All speech the SJW hates is ‘an act of violence’.  This is across the board in all schools.  They coordinate their attacks on anyone saying or writing anything they dislike and go full barrel open attack including VIOLENCE against any speech they decide, must stop or else.


They will literally burn down the school to stop a speech!


The trend of the campus-wide emails sent throughout the weekend has taken us farther and farther away from the actual op-ed written by Spector, and has taken us closer to a full-blown libel campaign. Spector has now been slandered in front of the entire student body with unfounded accusations of violence, white supremacy, racism, sexism, and homophobia.


Asking for people to consider changing something so it is fairer leads to piling on accusations based on nothing. This is certainly libel.  I hope the young man sues the school.  I couldn’t sue Berkeley because the threats on my life were anonymous.


In NYC, Al Sharpton tried to raise a gang against me but my fellow supporters who were mostly very strong black males, kicked him to the curb and secured my safety which I was very grateful for.  Now, we have young people trying again, to start race wars and blaming the victims which are, in this case, white ‘cis’ males.


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18 responses to “Princeton And Dartmouth SJW Students Terrorize Professors And White Male Students

  1. Sunger


    NOT before morning coffee…………………eek

  2. Ken

    The strategy of shouting down professors and refusing to have certain ideas debated in college is long standing. I saw it first hand in the late ’70s at the University of Michigan (a liberal hot bed even then).

    The only encouraging thing I can point out is that in China the Red Guards eventually were overthrown. So there is hope that the current climate in the universities is not permanent.

  3. Jim R

    We watched The Way We Were on the movie channel last night … schmaltzy romantic claptrap. But they did highlight the “anti-communist” witch hunts of the 1950s. Which has little to do with this post — except it highlights the danger of these political trends. In fact the ideological heirs of Joe McCarthy are pushing the Russophobic rhetoric of today.

    As for the SJWs, what’s scary about them is that this kind of crap can spill over and spread off of the campus. All they need is for some charismatic tyrant to organize them, like Mao. In politics and religion, it doesn’t even have to make any sense. All it needs is believers, and an asshole to turn them into a revolutionary army…

  4. Blissex

    «The Jews are terrible racists in Israel and frankly, in the US. I was Mrs. Levy for several decades and the clan went to great lengths to show me and tell me, I wasn’t one of them and was an outsider. Thus, the divorce.»

    Well, there is the “chosen people” superiority idea, but is extremely common in clannish sects around the world, and perhaps one way to regard jews is as “yet another eastern sect”, like the yazidis or the romas; and perhaps it was their clannishness that allowed them to survive as cultures over thousands of years of conquests, force conversions, natural disasters etc.

    As to “went to great lengths to show me” you may be referring to something like the old eastern jealousy of mothers for the wives of their sons, and also to the sometimes extreme purity customs. As to these sdome suspect that jews have long been victims of a distorted version of their religion, “rabbinical judaism”, where rabbis competed in making up ever stricter rules blowing up simple biblical passages into ridiculous “piety signalling” competitions. But these may have also helped jews resist plagues and other issues.

    Perhaps it has been easy for you to underestimate how much trouble is the presence of a (must-be-presumed) “impure” person at a family dinner given the purity customs, under which impurity is contagious. Nothing personal, even if perhaps your in-laws made it personal.

    Sometimes these “purity law” obsessions transmit across thousands of years in the most amazing ways, for example:
    «A professor at the University of Arizona remembered that when his sister died his mother told him she had to tell him a secret that had been passed down through generations of their family, but only through women. Now that his sister was gone, he had to have the secret. The professor said, “She leaned over and whispered to me, `Somos Judios.’ I was stunned to learn that we were Jews, but then I remembered that in our house my mother never served pork or shell fish.”»
    «In further conversations with Berta, I learned more about her family: The “clean” diet (la dieta) of Berta’s family excluded rabbit and game; shellfish and shrimp were never eaten. They ate chickens that were killed by her aunt’s cousin who wrung their necks, then chopped the head off, hung it to drain all the blood, then covered the blood with dirt. The meat was then soaked in hot water. She said everybody in town did it that way. When red meat was eaten, it was inspected for imperfections, soaked, salted and then soaked again in warm water. All fat was removed and discarded. Her mother and aunt referred to those who made morcilla (blood sausage) and pig feet as “gross.” Mixing meat and milk was said to cause stomach ache. When Berta’s mother was placed in a nursing home, she refused to eat virtually anything, but offered the staff no explanation. It was only after Berta outlined the rules: no pork, no dairy pudding at the end of meals with meat, and so on, and the staff decided to serve her a kosher diet, that she began to take her meals. Berta “sterilized” her kitchen all the time: she had two sinks; one for clean things and one for unclean things that others brought into the house. If clean was touched by unclean, it became contaminated. She boiled dishes between meals and washed her hands before and after meals. [ … ]
    Berta’s grandfather, considered an “untouchable,” was said to have isolated himself in a special room with a “big black book,” the family believed to be a Bible. [ … ]
    Avoiding contact with the dead and washing body and garments following contact with death, as Berta said, appear to be Levitical, but the separation of clean and unclean in the house (which extended to keeping a separate set of dishes under the sink for unclean guests) included the rabbinic separation of meat and milk (Shulhan Arukh, Yoreh Deah 88:1, 93:1).»

    Consider these: passages in particular, as to “nothing personal”:

    * “Berta’s grandfather, considered an “untouchable,” was said to have isolated himself in a special room”
    * “she had two sinks; one for clean things and one for unclean things that others brought into the house. If clean was touched by unclean, it became contaminated”
    * “keeping a separate set of dishes under the sink for unclean guests”.

  5. Petruchio

    Black males, especially young ones, are conditioned to respond to EVERY situation they encounter with physical violence being the First option. This is why Homicide is the leading cause of death among black males. Of course, the OTHER High priority with Black males is to breed with as many women as possible, mostly white women. That fact is absolutely amazing because Black males are very high risk to become “runaway Daddies”. I refer you to the rapper known as DMX. He has had FIFTEEN kids and never been married. You would think that the feminists would take this up as an issue, maybe even warning white women to avoid having unwanted babies with black males. Every race has runaway daddies, but black males are by far the worst.

  6. tio

    A Crash Course on the True Causes of “Anti-Semitism”
    The Saker

  7. its_the_mothers_that_matter

    Assuming for the sake of argument that this is a regrettably plausible picture:

    *** Black males, especially young ones, are conditioned to respond to VERY situation they encounter with physical violence being the First option. This is why Homicide is the leading cause of death among black males. Of course, the OTHER High priority with Black males is to breed with as many women as possible, mostly white women.***

    The reason for that is not race, but a combination of black culture and USA culture that takes some explaining, but first a reminder: some time ago EMS published a very important point, that black children raised by white mothers have exactly the same “good attitudes” and school achievement as white children (see a certain B Obama), and viceversa, and even more interestingly black children going through adoptive families of different colour had “good attitudes” and good school grades when they were in an adoptive family with a white adoptive mother, and switched to “bad attitudes” and bad school grades when the adoptive mother was black.

    A possible interpretation is this:

    – Women in general have two strategies available: raise their sons to be “good boys”, tame producers, so that they be good pension assets for their mothers by having good incomes in good jobs, or raise their sons to be “bad boys”, wild players, so that they spread their mother’s genes into a lot of her grandchildren.

    – For some reason it seems that black mothers choose to raise “bad boys”, while italian/jewish/japanese/chinese tiger moms choose to raise extreme “good boys” and most white mothers choose to raise less extreme versions of “good boys”.

    – The reason why black mothers go for the “bad boys” option might be this: if there is extensive discrimination against black men, raising a “good boy” black son will have a low lower returns than raising a “good boy” white son, because except for a few tokens, there will be little chance of even a “good boy” black son getting a good income in a good jobs. If there is extensive

    – If discrimination against “good boy” black sons makes their chances of getting good jobs low, because of USA culture, then for black mothers the next best alternative is to go not for pension asset sons, but for gene spreading “bad boy” sons, maximizing genetic outcomes rather than financial outcomes.

    USA+black culture is not the only culture in which mothers maximize their son’s genetic outcomes rather than their financial outcomes: that happens in all cases where financial outcomes are difficult or very uncertain. For example very white irish people when the irish were heavily discriminated by the english:
    In those days, the Irish immigrants had much in common with African-Americans; they might be nicknamed “Negroes turned inside out” while African-Americans would be “smoked Irish”. A quip, attributed to an African-American, went something like this: “My master is a great tyrant, he treats me like a common Irishman.”

  8. timothy carroll

    Any black man that is not a complete and unmitigated f*ck up has the red carpet rolled out for him in any school or profession in which he wishes to apply. The tired old saw of “scrim-nation …..lawd uh mercy!” is as outdated as the Edsel or Hupmobile. And the Irish were never considered to be negro – stupid, ill mannered bores, yes, but not negroes.

  9. It is low IQ versus high IQ. And work ethic: the black kids I knew when young were all hard workers and we worked in construction together and enjoyed it and liked the good pay.

    Now, most of these jobs go to illegal aliens and blacks now go into crime, instead. This is tragic, horrible and one of the main reasons I want border controls.

  10. timothy carroll

    Jared Taylor takes on Mister Metokur on race and reality. Snowflakes and uber libs are advised not to watch. 🙂

  11. timothy carroll

    The full debate. Above is just a commentary. Apologies…..

  12. melponeme_k


    The Irish and Black Americans were certainly compare to one another in Victorian USA.

    The Irish were a power bloc in waiting to dethrone the WASP culture and perhaps turn the nation Catholic! Not only that, the other immigrants of the time were Polish, German and Italians. ALL Catholics.

    All of these immigrants birthed more children than the WASPs. It was a known joke back then.

    So the WASPS allied with Jewish minority and began ethnic cleansing of Catholic Irish, Italian, German, Polish and another Catholic neighborhoods in the cities via Black subsidized housing. This began in earnest after WWII.

    Many cities were destroyed, some never recovered (Detroit). And the WASPS were paid back 10 fold for their hubris by losing the culture influence of the entire country itself.

  13. Half of the Germans were prostestants. I was raised a Lutheran by my father’s side of the family.

    The moving of southern blacks into the welfare cities was due to the Democrats courting the immigrants who came just before WWI.

    The Old Families (my mother’s side) were against all this but needed cheap labor so they let in the Catholics. My maternal side of the family hated the Catholics and came to the New World because of the Catholics and fought them here, too.

    Real WASPs hated Catholics. I knew some of these real old fashioned WASPs like my grandfather who was born in the 19th century and all his friends.

  14. Petruchio

    The “Nature vs Nurture” debate. About the oldest debate there is. This is the problem with the Black community today. They blame all their problems on the White Race. This gives them an “out” to not do anything on their own to improve their lot in life. Listen to their music. It glorifies extremely sexist images of women. Degrading images. A white male wouldn’t get away with even a mildly sexist comment without very dire consequences. Black singers can call women bitches all they want, no problem. Until blacks themselves work to improve their education skills and start to be responsible when it comes to birth control, nothin’s gonna change.

  15. Of course. This is true of all groups. Blaming outside forces means surrendering all power to outside forces. The black population has been told, if they are out of control, riot, burn and loot and scream obscenities, they are more powerful so they do this with great happiness.

    What joy, to not obey any rules or laws. This is called ‘anarchy’ and leads to destruction. And it is very sad to watch the population fall for this trap.

  16. Petruchio

    Do you remember when the Cops in the Rodney King case out in LA was over? The Blacks looted THEIR OWN neighborhoods!! Now what the hell kind of sense does that make??

  17. Lou

    16-Blacks riot to loot. The stores looted were not owned by the looters.

    Blacks = bad impulse control, bad future time orientation.

  18. Sigh, I used to live in these hoods. All you need is to have the lights go out during a stupid thunderstorm and they will come out and loot and then BURN the entire neighborhood while screaming at the top of their lungs. It is very frightful. You never forget what this smells, looks and sounds like. It is literal hell.

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