Battle In Seattle: Prayer Group On Campus Attacked By ANTIFA

AntiFa Attack Proud Boys At University Of Washington Free Speech Rally And Lose Yet Again – YouTube


A prayer rally was called in Seattle, WA.  The violent communists of ANTIFA attacked the prayer rally and tried to use muscle to prevent it from happening and to insure no one defy them in the future but the police came in and forced the rioters to leave instead of arresting only the people being attacked by ANTIFA.  Bit by bit, this violent movement is being herded while on campuses but still hold the ground at these DNC-run schools.  Virtually no liberal news carried this story, of course.  The NYT studiously ignores the SJW violence.


Here is another view of the event this weekend in Seattle. The fact that the left is still hammering away whenever possible, even in winter, shows that this push off the cliff is continuing even though, bit by bit, Europe is turning away from the violent leftists and so is America.  Canada isn’t seeing open violence so the left is still in power there but I see that ending soon.  They will also be violent because the minute they lose elections, they attack.



Professor David Palumbo-Liu is the subject of the above video, ‘What I found inside the Antifa Handbook’ which puts this Stanford, California professor into the public eye because he is teaching ANTIFA politics.  Many ‘liberal arts’ professors are hired specifically due to being political leftist radicals.  Once they have power on hiring committees, they then use these taxpayer-funded schools to radicalize young people.

Just this last few months, Homeland Security has now labeled these masked leftists as ‘domestic terrorists’.  Meanwhile, in liberal DNC states, they continue to run riot.  It won’t end very quickly, it is now on a downslope.


Yes, professors are building up and protecting what are basically storm troopers in order to use muscle to prevent anyone from using taxpayer-funded schools for anything.  This naked terrorism has to be stopped and the way to stop it is to fire all the SJW/ANTIFA ‘teachers’ and staff.


They are systematically taking young, naive students and turning them into dysfunctional, unhappy, violent rioters and mindless trolls.  The physical deterioration in these young victims of these leftist ‘professors’ is obvious.  They come out of ‘school’ less civilized, dirtier, unhealthier and with serious mental problems.


Rand Paul Rips DC for ‘Wasting Money’ on ‘Ridiculous Items’ – Including $700k on Interpreting Neil Armstrong Moon Speech – Breitbart


 “I can give you a quick example of some of the stuff we spend money on: We spent $700,000 last year studying what Neil Armstrong said when he landed on the moon,” Paul told host John Catsimatidis. “You remember, he said, ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ Well, some idiot in government took $700,000 of taxpayer money and wanted to know whether he said, ‘One small step for man’ or,’One small step for a man.’ So that’s the kind of stuff your government is spending money on.”


Yet another actress jumps onto the sex games freight train:  Anna Friel reveals alleged ‘sex pest’ Amazon TV boss accused of ignoring Rose McGowan’s rape claims made ‘unwanted advances and forced her to flee TV festival’.

It looks like the endless sexcapades are nearing an end: boredom.  All men are evil.  Women whose work job is to be as sexy as possible are all complaining that men wanted them to be sexy.  So now we enter an era where everyone has to look and act like Mad Madame Mao who started off as an actress!  In China in the 1930’s, no less, a ‘sexy’ actress who then turned into this murderous monster of a female.


I can see the end product of all this and am horrified.  Anyone looking at pictures of young ladies after indoctrination at what used to be our ‘finishing schools’ aka, higher education, they come out of this process looking hideous and behaving in a rude, vicious way.


A double whammy then hits these poor females: men run away from them and they have to spend a weary life paying off their student loans by themselves instead of marrying some man and then forcing him to pay half of it at least via divorce.  Gradually, this is changing as laws are amended due to the obvious destruction of men in divorce.


The key to divorce is the children which is why so many middle class young men are now avoiding having children which is a total disaster in the long run.  Back to women in the sex massaging business which we call ‘Hollywood’ but is more than just that one place: these females peddle sex to get into the business which is pretty much a sister to outright prostitution.  They are also mostly ‘liberals’ and are now metastasizing into this Frankenstein monster which wants to kill its creator, the male bosses who run Hollywood.


I find this all very funny, actually.  Hilarious.  On with the show!












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9 responses to “Battle In Seattle: Prayer Group On Campus Attacked By ANTIFA

  1. Ken

    “The key to divorce is the children.”

    So true. In societies where men are given priority in receiving custody of the children (often to have their female relatives help raise them), divorce is very rare. A mother will put up with a lot in order to remain with her children, even to the point of staying married to her husband.

    Unfortunately, I do not see American laws being changed in this regard. However, a similar result could be achieved if support laws were changed. For example, if the parent receiving the benefit of custody of the children in return had to bear the cost of raising these children, with no help from the parent who had their children taken away, this would be a strong incentive for mothers to stay married to the fathers. Or at the very least to be very selective in choosing the fathers in the first place.

    Similarly, if welfare payments to single mothers were cut off under the same rationale, then a lot of the problems in the inner cities might be avoided. Fewer children would be born, they would all be “wanted” for the right reasons. Limited parenting skills could be lavished on these children, turning them into better citizens.

    The key to so very much is the children, and their mothers.

  2. Ken

    Many of the visitors to this site are from Europe, and presumably other areas of the globe. I would be interested in learning how these other countries handle divorce and child custody matters.

  3. Sunger

    So you are saying that people like Meryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katherine Hepburn got into movies just because they acted like whores?
    So they didn’t have any talent?


  4. Lou

    3–‘Sometimes having talent is not enough.’
    Hint, hint.
    Talent + sex= more likely to reach the top. Lots of young hopefuls trying to reach the top.

  5. ziff

    I noticed a small shift when the media attacked Trudeau for his ‘peoplekind’ remark.

  6. Melponeme_k

    You are born biologically male or female. That is what you stay, no matter what you change. This is simple biological fact. Unchangeable. I’m not saying people can’t change their sex. But it is folly to call them the sex that they are not. To ask people to ignore this is asking for CHAOS. Which is EXACTLY what the elites are asking for us to give to them.

    Friel is not a woman.

    Yes, sex is required for Hollywood. But not as a female. You have to be male. These people are not after sex for pleasure. Sex is a magical working for them. They don’t get pleasure from it. They get POWER. Preferably they want children, the purest source. But if they can’t get children, they want teenage boys or adult males. Women need not apply.

    Why male as female icons? Its another magical working. Our attention, love, lust, hate etc empowers these icons. Then they are violated or murdered later to tap this power.

    You also have to be part of the bloodlines. They are considered to have the most power. If you look into any Hollywood icon, you will find a Royal link somewhere.

  7. Petruchio

    I think it was Mao who said, and I’m not quoting him verbatim, but his comment went something like this: “I would rather have 100 fully committed Followers than 1000 lukewarm followers.” Mao believed that having only Hard Core fanatics is the only way to achieve success in a Revolution. I’d be willing to bet you that at every ANTIFA event in the Seattle area, you would see the same faces over and over. And I’ll wager you one more thing. Most of them are a bunch of spoiled rotten rich kids who never had to pay a bill in their life. The kids with the Student Loan burden have to start paying those off 6 months after College. They have to go out and get jobs, move back in with the folks, etc.. They get a dose of Reality rammed down their throats and they almost never get this message wrong. The solution? How to deal with these ANTIFA campus Radicals like Prof Liu? Eliminate Student Loans!!! Period. Forever. Then Good ol’ Prof Liu and his kind have to stop leeching off the taxpayer. They are going to have to fund their hate filled Revolution on their own dime.

  8. vengeur

    Hey Sunger, you must have missed Meryl Steep’s Oscar acceptance speech where she referred to Harvey Weinstein as “God”. LOL. God surely does work in mysterious ways, great actresses’ talent not withstanding. Double Gack.

  9. And she has openly begged us to love CHILD RAPISTS. She is a monster, herself.

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