Obama Official Painting: Black Artist Is Fraud, Uses Chinese Painters

A Racist Con-Man: Obama’s Portrait Artist, Who Hires Cheap Chinese Labor To Paint “His” Work, Says “Kill Whitey” Is A Major Theme:  This wraps up everything wrong with the DNC leaders.  They use cheap foreign labor to do their work and they lie about who is the creator/worker taking credit for things done by low paid staff.


There’s nothing new about artists using assistants—everyone from Michelangelo to Jeff Koons has employed teams of helpers, with varying degrees of irony and pride—but Wiley gets uncomfortable discussing the subject. “I’m sensitive to it,” he says. When I first arrived at his Beijing studio, the assistants had left, and he made me delete the iPhone snapshots I’d taken of the empty space. […] “I don’t want you to know every aspect of where my hand starts and ends” […]


So, the reporter visiting the artist (sic) who was the ‘painter’ of the Obama portraits for their ‘library’ in Chicago, he has the reporter come after everyone has gone home and his painting headquarters is in China, of all places.  The artwork ‘he’ produces reminds me greatly of Chinese artwork during the Mao era except for one element I find very funny: the flowers and leaves are pure low class Chinese decor they use on tea cups and bed covers, etc.  I have a lot of this in my house from my parent’s many visits to China.


Producing work in China cuts costs, but not as much as it used to, Wiley says. These days in Beijing he employs anywhere from four to ten workers, depending on the urgency, plus a studio manager, the American artist Ain Cocke.


They are not stretching canvases or mixing paints, they are the ones doing the artwork for him.  And his choice of subjects is rather nauseating:

Yes, he has them paint pictures of black people killing white people.  Many a pop star rap artist does this too including murdering little children who are white.  They are utterly blind to what will grow out of this obession about depicting blacks murdering, hanging, beating up, running over white people.  It will backfire very suddenly and very badly.


Why do this?  Well, the liberals cheer this.  They say, ‘Oh, isn’t that wonderful’ especially if they are very white and eventually have little children.  Insted of worrying about this future, they are propagandized to think the black radicals won’t kill them!  No, the radical black men will kiss them and ask them to join them in eliminating or enslaving the other white people.  Talk about insane and childish.


Donald Trump Jr. Breaks Silence After Wife Hospitalized Over Suspicious Letter Mailed To Apartment: a terror attack happened in the US today.  Luckily for the Trump family, it was a pretend terror attack but the stress and fear it caused is considerable and very much illegal.


The true crime is how the ‘liberals’ who are actually now wild animals, how they treated this news.  They made fun of the Trump family and wished it was a real terror attack!  Totally blind to how ‘boomerang’ effects happen, they don’t worry about the very bad Karma they are accumulating.


I know this for certain: all wishes are granted but how these are interpeted depends entirely on the whims of the Watchers in the Outerdarkness.  Namely, they have a sense of humor and always take things rather literally and especially mirror wishes namely, what you wish ill is reflected back onto oneself.


This is why praying for evil, wishing will is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.  For example, the DNC prayed to these gods at the Gates of Death to have a Chinese scandal.  They are getting it…they are the ones with the Chinese scandals!  Oops.


Student gov rushes resolution denouncing free speech bill


“Senators were kept in the Student Union until nearly 11pm, and were repeatedly pushed to bypass rules and vote on the resolution less than 10 hours after it was drafted, and before any students could be consulted,” claims a letter drafted by six student senators that was sent to the sponsors of House Bill 1073—a bill seeking to guarantee free speech on college campuses.


I fought long and hard for freedom of speech way back, at Berkeley, during the 1960s.  It disgusts me that they are now pushing for the exact opposite.  The Student Leaders at this other school deliberately refused to take the issue about free speech to the student body, instead, they conspired with the school’s staff to demand free speech be killed!


This is how Maoism works.  Up is down and in is out.  Students are being radicalized by radical ‘teachers’ to hate free speech, hate curiosity, hate America, hate fellow students.  They march around, menacing other students like in Seattle this last weekend.


There, the ANTIFA gangs attacked students doing quiet things in the main square, they came out as thugs and used muscle and fear to try to prevent anyone doing anything and the cops had to come and force them to disperse.


This terrorizing of citizens is the only tool left to ‘liberals’.  They should think long and very hard about this because this is one tool they should fear from the far right which is much better at fighting using guns and bombs.


Foundation for Individual rights in Education…FIRE…released list of worst schools for free speech and my old school in Berkeley is, as I expected, at the top of the list:


Ten schools were included on the list. The list was presented in no particular order and it included both public and private institutions. Here are the schools included in this year’s list: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, N.Y.), Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pa.), Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.), Los Angeles Community College District (Los Angeles, Calif.), Fordham University (New York, N.Y.), Evergreen State College (Olympia, Wash.), Albion College (Albion, Mich.), Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.), University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, Calif.), and Texas State University (San Marcos, Texas).


Good lord, a school where I used to TEACH, RPI, is on the list!  No surprise.  The administrators are corrupt and stupid at the same time in that once-great school.  This is so creepy.  Yuck.  My god.  Ouch.



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13 responses to “Obama Official Painting: Black Artist Is Fraud, Uses Chinese Painters

  1. vengeur

    The black “artist” is doing that thing with his hands that Merkel does. It’s as if he is saying, “Here I depict the gruesome beheading of a white woman by a black woman, and I am at peace.” And welcome to Auschwitz.

  2. ziff

    And another insult , ‘Our Cartoon President ” from your cartoon media . from Colbert et al,

    This was advertised on CDN tv, as if we need this. i hope your people are getting more angry.

  3. melponeme_k

    This is nothing but a joke and a psyop. Some nobody gets big and now paints President portraits.

    He graduated in 2001 and then had a notable art show in 2006? B fricking S. What ateliers did he study at, what masters did apprentice under?

    Come on.

    This man was the winner of the CIA Jackson Pollack scholarship of art and mo money. Hence why he now has slave labor actually doing the work on his paintings.

    California. Wow. That state can always be counted upon to cough up some phonies. They must have a factory out there producing them.

  4. Lou

    Jeff Koons is a fraud.
    He was a wall street guy who saw the chance to spoof people.

  5. Sunger

    Elaine said “This is why praying for evil, wishing will is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. For example, the DNC prayed to these gods at the Gates of Death to have a Chinese scandal. They are getting it…they are the ones with the Chinese scandals! Oops.”

    This has got to be one of Elaine’s most unhinged rants……….

  6. Yup. The old thing of ‘wishes boomerang’ business and if you think that our Rulers don’t play with magic spells all the time…wow. Check out the Bohemian Grove for powerful males in California that happens annually owls and ‘pretend human sacrifice’.

  7. Floridasandy

    Colbert sister lost her election because most people don’t like him. They don’t even know her

  8. Floridasandy

    I find it fitting that Obama hires a fraud to paint a fraud.

    Michelle’s portrait was bad, and all the proportions were wrong. That must have been done with really cheap labor. Maybe mr. fake painter doesn’t like women much

  9. Lou

    6–Some say Bohemian Grove does real human sacrifices.
    Jimmy Comet owns a pig farm [or is rumored to]. The Lions gate folk have a pig farm in Canada.
    Rumor is they make snuff films.
    Pigs eat bones.

  10. Petruchio

    @38 floridasandy: that’s assuming Michelle IS a woman!!!

  11. Lou

    The Wahabi God has 2 right hands, as in this painting;

  12. Lou

    Masonic-Satanic? artist,

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