Sex Allegations Continue To Roar Onwards Relentlessly

Far from ending, the sex hysteria continues unabated taking down nearly everyone and anyone as neo-Victorian mores in the middle of a society that celebrates nude sex kitten fun…the contradictions hurt.  They are, frankly, insane.  This parade of ‘evil sex fiends touched me’ business is mainly coming from women who make their living doing basically what street walkers do: mimic sex and try their hardest to be as sexy as possible then howl with rage about men touching them or doing anything with them.  These spider women are joined by ex-wives who accuse spouses of abuse…years after a divorce and no police arrests, etc.  This has to stop.


The social destruction this is causing is epic in nature.  Men are already very wary of marriage due to women usually getting great advantages in divorce which is running rampant.  Now, they won’t even want to have women live with them at all since charges of abuse can pop up any time despite there being no police records.

This man who sexually assaulted young teens deserves prison.  But the sentence is way, way, way out of proportion.  Mass murderers get less time.  This is a sign that the judge and the courts are overreacting to hot news cycles.  Recently, a man and woman driving a truck past a birthday party of a black family, waved guns at them but did nothing.


They got over 20 years in prison, each, which is also grossly out of proportion considering that black men in DNC cities can kill girlfriends and get the same or lesser sentences.  Many people are losing jobs and being harassed mercilessly for unproven charges of touching someone or saying the wrong thing.  This is a mania.  This is not normal.  The old saying, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’ has been reversed to ‘touch me or say anything that upsets me and you will be punished severely.’


Except when classes of people are allowed to vile, obnoxious, violent in word and deed and use racial cuss words with impunity, that is, populations protected by the DNC politicians.  They can do as they please, nonstop.  This Grand Canyon differential between what Democrats can say and what the rest of us can say is nearing the breaking point.

Note the female here is not only naked but poses in ‘sex posture’ poses.  She is acting as if she in having sex which makes these ‘truth’ pictures a lie.  The truth is, she is delighted to be a sex object of the most extreme sort.  And then she will turn around and accuse the rest of us of being dirty towards her and we must be punished.

The DNC continues to use ‘dirty sex/hit spouses’ accusations to attack the White House.  All these females who can’t do a thing at the time of a ‘crime’ then pop up for political reasons to…scream about crimes!  This is stupid, annoying and I don’t care if something happened or not if there is NO PROOF.  This is normally called ‘defamation of character’ and courts used to frown on this and women doing this could be sued.


Perhaps they will be sued.  This should happen because this mania is destroying society now.  When I was raped as a child, I didn’t have all the information until many years later and the rapist confessed to me then he died a week later.  I didn’t bother with going to the police because I had no proof or witnesses but then, I know that the Watchers take care of business anyways so I am satisfied.


The thing here is, we are not ‘delicate flowers’ unless we want to be that, deliberately.  And looking at the activities of many of these ‘traumatized’ females, they don’t seem to be traumatized that bad.  It is so stupid.  We should expect various events in life that ‘toughen up’ someone to be an adult.


We call this ‘experience’.  Real rape and real murder should be severely punished and murder deserves the death penalty but liberals won’t allow that so why are they whining so much about all this?  They, themselves, want to have violent rapists who murder to be kept alive and fed and entertained in prisons!  I want them executed.


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22 responses to “Sex Allegations Continue To Roar Onwards Relentlessly

  1. Sunger


    Elaine said- “Real rape and real murder should be severely punished and murder deserves the death penalty but liberals won’t allow that so why are they whining so much about all this? They, themselves, want to have violent rapists who murder to be kept alive and fed and entertained in prisons! I want them executed.”



    ELAINE: I earned the name ‘The Housewife from HELL’ because I put people in prison, beat them up when they resisted arrest, threatened to KILL people if they didn’t disarm and surrender and worse stuff. This was WAR. No quarters were given by the lunatics attacking us nearly nonstop during those years.

    These monsters even would go so far as to form up in vast gangs and literally put the entire neighborhood to the torch!!! It was like all real wars: real, nasty and DEADLY. I have no fond feelings for murderers and rapists and arsonists.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The “Truth” written on Paul’s body is a joke. He is even laughing at all the fools who think there is anything truthful about him and his life. The joke is on us.

    This is all about fracturing the brain. MK Ultra style. Obviously, the CIA can’t physically torture all of us so they go in the for soft psychological approach. Like inundating us with little prompts that cause 24 hour anxiety. They constantly push sex on us to make us feel vulnerable and inadequate.

    There must be something about transgenders that cause us a small psychological shock. As our brains try to process the opposing messages (we see “female” but the brain knows its “male”), it lowers our resistance and makes us more amenable to suggestion.

    And its working. Its working. MGTOW is the result. Feminism is the result. Falling marriage rates are the result. Fatherless Children are the result. All those screeching “women” STARS are not women at all. They are puppets spewing propaganda designed to destroy socialization and love between men and women. In fact they want to destroy the notion of biological sex because their religion states that God was neuter. Mind you, none of the neuter stuff was in Occult literature before Blavatsky vomited Eastern religion all over us back in the late 1800s. Eastern Religions are another psyop, in fact an old one, this one was brewing among the Rhodes/Fabian Society crowd around the same time.

    Until we properly identify sex and natural sex roles, all this screeching nonsense will continue. We’ll get MEN (pretending to be women) causing untold trouble for all.

    And note, I am the reasonable opposition. The people making videos and writing articles are the reasonable crowd even if you don’t like their rhetoric.

    Believe me, no one reading this KNOWS unreasonable yet. And we better hope we never do. Because it will be real bad.

  3. Sunger

    Melponeme said- “All those screeching “women” STARS are not women at all. They are puppets spewing propaganda designed to destroy socialization and love between men and women. In fact they want to destroy the notion of biological sex because their religion states that God was neuter.”

    Elaine! Quick! Share some of your psych meds with Melponeme.

    She is magnitudes crazier than you are.


    ELAINE: Sex is fun. Whining about sex after offering it up to powerful men so a woman can win something nifty is called prostitution. Both feed each other. I am baffled as to why everyone is now whining about this obvious business.

  4. Lou

    GACK ALERT! Whats that?

  5. tio

    Coincidence surely?
    “What’s the single most important thing to learn from an economics course today? What I tried to leave my students with is the view that the invisible hand is more powerful than the [un]hidden hand. Things will happen in well-organized efforts without direction, controls, plans. That’s the consensus among economists. That’s the Hayek legacy.” ~ Lawrence Summers.

    The ‘American Dream’, writes Gabriel Palma (2009, p. 842), was “high jacked by a rather tiny minority—for the rest, it has only been available on credit!”

    Hmmm .. and don’t call me Shirley.

  6. Tim E.

    I wonder how many other universities have a Larry Nasser type employed (Penn State sure did). How these places are protected so the big time sports money machine can thrive is crazy.

    My gut feeling is over half of these places have an active pedophilia networks that are kept quiet by everyone in the cities they are located.

    These places are where I hope the “me too” movement gains traction and clear these people out.

  7. tio

    Say it isn’t so ….

    The two greatest visions of a future dystopia were George Orwell’s “1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” The debate, between those who watched our descent towards corporate totalitarianism, was who was right. Would we be, as Orwell wrote, dominated by a repressive surveillance and security state that used crude and violent forms of control? Or would we be, as Huxley envisioned, entranced by entertainment and spectacle, captivated by technology and seduced by profligate consumption to embrace our own oppression? It turns out Orwell and Huxley were both right. Huxley saw the first stage of our enslavement. Orwell saw the second.

    We have been gradually disempowered by a corporate state that, as Huxley foresaw, seduced and manipulated us through sensual gratification, cheap mass-produced goods, boundless credit, political theater and amusement. While we were entertained, the regulations that once kept predatory corporate power in check were dismantled, the laws that once protected us were rewritten and we were impoverished. Now that credit is drying up, good jobs for the working class are gone forever and mass-produced goods are unaffordable, we find ourselves transported from “Brave New World” to “1984.” The state, crippled by massive deficits, endless war and corporate malfeasance, is sliding toward bankruptcy. It is time for Big Brother to take over from Huxley’s feelies, the orgy-porgy and the centrifugal bumble-puppy. We are moving from a society where we are skillfully manipulated by lies and illusions to one where we are overtly controlled.

    weee ..

  8. Melponeme_k


    Both Huxley and Orwell were part of the power elite circles. They knew the game plan and wrote books about it.

    Why? It wasn’t out of the kindness of their hearts. It was to expiate KARMA!

    The elites feel as long as they tell us what they are doing (even in the most arcane and secretive fashion), if we do nothing about it, then they are relieved of all guilt and responsibility. The blame then falls on us for agreeing to their murderous plans.

    Interesting lecture by Jay Dyer and other commentators. If you aren’t Orthodox Christian, then just ignore his proselytizing. Listen to his other views, they are reasonable and true.

  9. tio

    I am a teapot.

  10. PFO


    Looks like this story is getting legs and has spread to Israel where PM Netanyahu is accused of conspiring with Hollywood mogul Arnon Milchan and newspaper publisher Arnon Mozes!

    WHAT? – you just can’t make this stuff up:

    Keep on it . . .


  11. Petruchio

    This latest harassment craze is just the next step in a plan that was hatched decades ago. The purpose has ALWAYS been to permanently destroy the Family Unit, meaning there’s a Mom and a Dad and then the kids. Stay at home Moms infuriate these Social Manipulators. Media messages placed there by the Social Manipulators are easier to resist when there is a Parent there guiding the kids. It’s incredible how deep this hatred is of the Traditional Family Unit by our so-called Elites.

  12. Petruchio

    As far as these 20 year old harassment claims go, I really surprised that there hasn’t been any blowback, or retaliation if you want to call it that. Sooner or later, these put-up-to-it women, making their unproven accusations will do it to the wrong guy. The wrong guy is the guy who gets ruined by harassment allegations and then says “To hell with it. And then picks up a gun or a tire iron or some other weapon and kills one or more of his accusers. This WILL happen eventually. When a person feels the System is totally biased against them, they will mete out Justice themselves. Some of the women making these accusations are going to become Homicide victims. I don’t say that as a good thing or bad; it’s just the way this witch hunt is gonna end.

  13. DM

    The comment at #9 could only be made in the shadow of total ignorance on the life of Eric Blair, and of history and society in general. Blair may have been slightly upper middle class, but Down and Out in London and Paris was non-fiction. Blair was the classical impoverished author; not a denizen of your ‘power elite circles’ fantasy.

  14. Melponeme_k



    How am I totally ignorant in regards to, say, Huxley? Hmm?

    Huxley was one of the first people to get his hands on LSD in the 50s. Exactly the time the CIA and the MK Ultra project were testing it out as a Mind Control Propaganda drug. How does a fiction author get in with the CIA and later as a possible asset? Because there he was, his old fat ass in CA pushing Doors of Perception and hob nobbing with Leary.


    What would an award winning fiction writer want with Leary? Besides CIA LSD?

    His brother Julian was a lovely Eugenicist who hobnobbed around Soviet Russia.

    Who the hell was this man to waltz in and out of Russia at that time? Can you believe this Bullshit?

    Get this, their Grandfather T.H. studied under a man who practiced Hypnotism in the poor areas. Early Mind Control programming?

    I couldn’t make this shit up in my wildest dreams.

    But go ahead call me ignorant.

  15. its_the_mothers_that_matter

    /// Men are already very wary of marriage due to women usually getting great advantages in divorce which is running rampant. Now, they won’t even want to have women live with them at all

    That does not apply to “men” but to “sexually unattractive men”, that is the drones that women consider utterly sexually disgusting.
    Sexually attractive men get away with pretty much anything from most women, who are desperate to score with a real man (that is, one out of their league). Sexually attractive men have children from many women, who raise them at their own expense, and often pay the living expenses of those sexually attractive men, who keep nonetheless playing the field.

    So called “feminism 2.0” is vastly misunderstood: it was not a rebellion against the patriarchy, but a rebellion against the matronarchy, where mothers and older women created (for many thousands of years in most of the world) a culture of sexual repression to pressure (and very hard) younger women to marry and have sex not with pump-and-dump sexually attractive men, but with dutiful hard working financially attractive men.

    The result of “feminism 2.0” has been sexual liberation from the oppression of the matronarchy and the establishment of the patriarchy, but a patriarchy meant to include only sexually attractive men, who as the Bible author(s) wrote, rule over women because of the desire of women for them. This is something that most men don’t and perhaps cannot understand because they have never experienced or noticed it: until menopause most heterosexual women live in one of two states, asexuality (or even revulsion) towards unattractive men or during certain parts of their cycle, and otherwise a fog of ravenous desire for sexually attractive men.

    I have met sexually attractive men who seriously think that when women are in that fog of ravenous desire they lose their free will, because they end up doing things that are so extreme to get laid with sexually attractive men that they can’t believe they would do them if they had free will. I personally think that women always have free will, but during that fog of ravenous desire it is very difficult for them to exercise it and have self control.

  16. Honest to god, I knew Tim Leary. He wanted to have sex with me. I was a teenager still. At a party held by top Bilderberg people. He gave me the dose and said he would guide me.

    I then climbed out a window, went home, took it with my chickens, cats and rabbits and had a wonderful trip. He also told me to never look in a mirror so I did that, too.

    It was real LSD, the stuff from the real labs that made it back in the mid-1960’s.

    Huxley: he did peyote, too, in New Mexico as I did, too, at that commune in Northern New Mexico. It snowed. I thought I was hallucinating the snow but no, it was real snow. HAHAHA.

    Cats, by the way, are marvelous when one is on LSD or peyote. Warning: peyote makes you throw up. But it looks very pretty when you do it. Don’t do it on the carpet, it is messy.

  17. melponeme_k

    Lucky escape. The man looks like a troll in search of a bridge.

  18. Mewswithaview

    Anaheim, California

  19. Lou

    16-Thanks, Tio.

  20. Petruchio

    @#17: You are making a lot of really good points here, but I would like to add a few comments of my own. The first thing to factor in are the Laws of Nature. You can’t escape from these, you can’t talk around them or ignore them. The first Law of Nature to be concerned with here is Time and Age. Over Time, women LOSE their attractiveness to men. One reason? Most women are at their most physically attractive levels in their early 20’s to mid to late 30’s. If women in this age group make poor Mate choices, it costs them later in life. Big time. Another factor over Time? Numbers. Once women hit age 29, for the first time Women outnumber Men. This means Women have to start competing for Men. Up to age 29 Men had to compete for the most desirable Women. From age 29 on, it gets more and more competitive for women to find a man who MIGHT marry them. Of course here’s another Law of Nature that is NEVER broken: life is not fair. The feminist movement has been lying to women. Not all women are equal!! Example, Great looking women will ALWAYS have it much easier finding a male companion than a dumpy, frumpy, bitter and divorced woman. A lot of women don’t figure this out until too late.

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