Labor Board Says OK To Fire Damore Because Telling Truth Is Not Allowed

Google’s firing of an engineer over his controversial memo criticizing its diversity policies and “politically correct monoculture” didn’t violate U.S. labor law, a federal agency lawyer concluded.”


So, it is discriminatory to explain genetic reality.  This horrifying new situation is leading to the destruction of society when we pretend males and females are identical.  We are not.  What they intend to do is destroy our technological powers by forcing all businesses to hire as many females as males in work females are not very good at and I used to work, when in college, in the computer design/creation business, I made prototypes which back then was very difficult work.  Women back then made prototypes because our hands were smaller!


Today, we have this silly situation where jobs have to be equal and yet, schools have far more female teachers…who are often unable to keep order in the classrooms in particular, in ‘minority’ schools.  No one is pushing to change that.


Statements in James Damore’s 3,000-word memo “regarding biological differences between the sexes were so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive” that they fell outside protections for collective action in the workplace, an associate general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board wrote in a six-page memo disclosed Thursday.


Damore withdrew his complaint in January and his lawyer has said she’s focusing instead on the engineer’s lawsuit accusing the internet giant of harassing him and others over their conservative political views.


So, citing real studies and real information about why there are very few female coders in the computer business is ‘harmful, discriminatory and disruptive’?  HAHAHA.  We have to now pretend women just are dying to become computer nerd programmers!


HAHAHA…I think I broke this story over a month ago.  I noted that nearly all the pictures of ‘inventors’ were obscure black people.  It was insane.  Google Mexico ‘inventors’ and you get white American inventors!


The internet is under attack…from the bosses who run it!  This is interesting to me, I have been using the web since it was set up by the government many, many years ago due to my father and brother-jn-law being connected to big military/industrial complex businesses via mainly NASA.


It is insane, watching these stupid liberals who are Johnny come lately to the internet, doing this junk.  We were all mainly real liberals, that is, we didn’t want a dictatorship running things, we were for free speech, big time, and free use of systems by the People.  This gang is a bunch of Maoists who want to control us and spy on us all the time.

AND…another major earthquake hits Mexico City and down the coast, the same footprint as the previous big quake.  A helicopter crashed into people it was saving and 17 were killed, we don’t know who else is suffering.  This is another warning to California because this is all along the Pacific Plate which interacts heavily with the entire West Coast of North America.


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2 responses to “Labor Board Says OK To Fire Damore Because Telling Truth Is Not Allowed

  1. ziff

    anyone see the latest Mark Dice ? he shows all the Dems in the past extolling the virtues of what are now Trumps immigration aims including a wall .All this BS is just partisan politics almost as usual cept Trump was not in the script. Vile people.

  2. Ken


    Do you have a link to the Dice video/article?

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