Mueller Lays An Egg: Claims Russians Run Our Elections!

Special counsel Mueller: Russians conducted ‘information warfare’ against US during election to help Donald Trump win!

This has got to be the stupidest ‘news’ I have ever seen in my long life.  The USA government is heavily dominated by a gang of Bilderberg conspirators who meet internationally in deepest, protected by military forces, secrecy and they decide what they are going to do to the rest of us this way.  The ones from our own government conspiring to do this are TRAITORS and now they are mostly out of power thanks to US voters (and English/Austrian/Polish/Hungarian voters, too!).

I could see this coming: the DNC and the Bilderberg media owners have been screaming about Russians for two years now.  This is proof we now live in the Soviet Union and not USA: they are the communists yelling at us about foreign interference.  Worse, they invite foreign interference starting with Reagan collecting bribes from Japan and now all our ‘leaders’ collect bribes from international corporations, rich people overseas and foreign governments!


So why isn’t Mueller arresting all of these traitors???  No.  He wants to smear the only person who is NOT collecting bribes!  The massive ‘donations’ from ‘overseas’ to the Clintons are not being investigated, are they?  Of course not.


CNBC reports:


The special counsel’s office said Friday that a federal grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities in the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.


Why aren’t they arresting all the other foreign entities inside the US?  There are Chinese, Saudi, European entities doing this nonstop for the last 40 years!


The indictment says that the defendants allegedly, by early to mid 2016, were “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton.”


ANYONE on the planet can ‘support a candidate’ and they can do this via various means, they do this all the time in conjunction with our ‘leaders’ and they all want ‘free trade’ and ‘open borders’ so they can invade us.


An announcement from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office said that the government accuses all the defendants of conspiracy to defraud the United States. Three defendants are charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud. Five defendants are charged with aggravated identity theft.


So, some foreigners who are low level people had fake ID?  Excuse me!  Didn’t millions of illegal aliens vote with DNC assistance?  Didn’t the DNC refuse to check IDs to see if voters are really who they claim they are?  No???  HAHAHA.  Arrest the DNC leadership!



THERE IS NO LAWS ABOUT ‘DEROGATORY INFORMATION’ IN ELECTIONS.  As for fraudulent visas, excuse me, where did these aliens enter?  Oh, New York City!  A place now run by the DNC and which has open borders, no checks on ID, etc.  Good lord.


Trump had nothing to do with any of this.  This stupid DNC egg took an entire year to hatch. The New York Times, one of the dirtiest rags in the US, is elated that Russians wanted Trump to win:

An army of foreign powers including China, wanted Hillary to win because they own her and her husband who have collected millions in bribes from foreign powers.


The utter lack of interest in this information infuriates me greatly.  This should be the headlines!  Why isn’t Hillary and Bill both being arrested for collecting foreign bribes?  And the Bush clan, too, for that matter!  Why???


What is worse is, these Russians supported Bernie Sanders.  The NYT won’t dwell on that information, of course.


The NYT had a zillion comments from ‘liberals’ crowing about how this shows that Trump is ‘evil’ which is utterly insane.  But the NYT did allow one sane person to speak:



Philly, PA 15 hours ago

What is FAKE news is that Trump had anything to do with any of this nonsense [100,000 dollars of fake ads on social media?????). Please. Get a life.

And it’s not illegal to have fake Facebook accounts and run untruthful ads. Mueller released this on a Friday because he knows this is a garbage indictment and that most people are in Russia and won’t be extradited. None of these indictments will ever be prosecuted and they have nothing to do with Trump.

Hillary is the one who paid a Russian operative for a FAKE dossier in order to buy a FISA warrant on Trump.


Oh, I want all this to be illegal.  This would mean, we can arrest any members of the Bilderberg gang who conspire overseas with foreigners to flood our elections with money from aliens and which make promises to not protect Americans from foreigners invading us or destroying our industries!  Oh, I would LOVE to have laws passed that would allow this.


But this is an exercise in ‘Red Scare McCarthyism’: a gang of international conspirators wanting to rid the USA of a President who wants border controls and eviction of illegal aliens.


Above all, I want to see the Sulzberger family arrested for treason.  Ever since the younger one of this evil clan took over last year, the NYT has gone very rapidly downhill when it comes to reporting real news.  Oh, and he is going bankrupt and good riddance to bad propaganda.


The exact role of each of the thirteen named defendants varies considerable, but one potential “boss” of this operation was Yevgeniy Prigozhin, who the Internet Research Agency is alleged to have paid someone to stand outside the White House in May, 2016 with a sign wishing him a happy birthday, presumably to demonstrate the power they were building in the United States.


OMG, a Russian paid someone to hold up one ‘Happy Birthday’ sign!  I think I will faint.


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12 responses to “Mueller Lays An Egg: Claims Russians Run Our Elections!

  1. Ken

    I find it particularly interesting that there are no claims that false information was disseminated about Hillary Clinton. Merely that the evil doers revealed emails and similar information that was admittedly true about her and her campaign. They didn’t even need to make up stuff. All they did was inform the American public about the truth of their candidate.

    I’m not sure they didn’t do us a favor.

  2. Ken

    Isn’t informing the masses of true facts what we were supposedly doing with Radio Free Europe and Radio Free Cuba?

    I’m detecting a double standard here.

  3. Tim E.

    They don’t want to go after the Clintons because so many of them get suicided . I still don’t understand how they keep getting away with this.

  4. ziff

    Sounds like Muelr trying to exit the mess . Heard this last night on ‘CTV’ canadas clown news , they said Trump supporters in florida were ‘duped’ , in other words Trump supporters are so stupid they can be led like small animals , unlike all those super smart Clintonistas . i had a good laugh. .

  5. Sunger

    “The U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University.”

    “That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. Nor does it include general assistance with the electoral process, such as election monitoring.”

  6. DM

    America is now clinically insane. Lets see what the gods do next.

  7. Oh, we have been ‘insane’ my entire life. The Vietnam war, for example, was illegal. So was the Iraq war afte 9/11. We have been living a double standard since the Nuremberg Trials. And we have had corrupt Presidents all my long life. Nixon never went to prison.

    All this is so stupid, the howls of the liberals have utterly turned me off, I have grown to not merely dislike them, I am enraged with their double standard rules and beliefs.

  8. jason

    Al he did was pick on some random internet trolls

  9. Yup. This is so tiny, so small, such a WASTE OF MONEY but I see from mainstream news that it fulfills their need to claim ‘Trump is a Russian agent’ all over again.

  10. Jim R

    I see a couple of trends shaping up from the news this week …

    The “Russian hackers stoleded the election from Hitlary” story will result in claims that the government needs to take control of the internet. Because, you know, hackers.

    And that school shooting means that they’ll want to confiscate guns from mentally unstable people. Including, but not limited to, anyone who has ever taken an aspirin.

    I don’t know if Mr. Trump will have any influence over either one. So far, it looks like the swamp is winning.

  11. No, the swamp is losing. They can create hysteria but it is temporary. This war is not easily won but the victories are significant: more and more people are turning away from the Bilderberg gang! I watch the news closely, each election shows rising weaknesses.

    Shifts like this take time. It has to take time because it builds depth and power this way. It won’t be a hysterical surge. The left is hysterical right now and that makes them both dangerous but also WEAK.

  12. Jim R

    Well, I have to agree with that. The hysteria is a sign of weakness, not strength. The more loudly they scream, the more impotent their rage…

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