Volcanoes And SJW Professors Erupt, NYT Continues ‘Trump Is Russian Agent’ Lies

Sinabung volcano erupted yesterday.  The eruption blew off the summit of the volcano.  There is another story about Yellowstone which might erupt at any time.  Aside from volcanoes, we have the SJW eruption that is systematically destroying all our universities and other school systems and which is attached to the DNC and is a child of the Bilderberg gang which protects it and uses it as storm troopers for keeping sane, normal people terrified and unable to stop world domination by these lunatics.  Their main propaganda outlet is the NY Times which isn’t reporting on the front page obvious volcanic eruptions.  They are utterly insane at this point.  Only daily anti-Trump stories appear there.

We have to be terrified of major volcanic eruptions.  They cause very cold events due to fine dust in the upper stratosphere, for example.  Most eruptions don’t reach the upper stratosphere and Mt. St. Helen’s eruption shot out sideways, sparing us.  The Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines, on the other hand, did change the climate temporarily.


Now on to today’s other news: despite real information about the ‘Russian bots’ which were simply people posting stuff on Facebook and other online operations, it is childish and silly for the Bilderberg New York Times to push this story since these ‘bots’ attacked TRUMP too and supported Sanders! Duh!

The New York Times continues its insane program of all top stories every day must be anti-Trump.  They are doubling down on the ‘Trump is a commie Russian double agent’ storyline.  They know this is insanely false but it is all they have at this point in time.  The entire DNC is running with this story and is now accusing almost all Republicans of being Russian agents.

The ‘Russia backed Trump’ article is pure slander.  The Russians who were goofing around on Facebook both ‘supported’ AND ‘attacked’ Trump!  They supported Sanders, too.  The NYT doesn’t mention any of this in their rush to smear Trump via false reporting.


The three smear articles had to have multiple ‘reporters’.  Asking ‘how did Trump do this (Russian bot thingie)’ article is definitely libel.  Anyone on earth can post stuff on Facebook and other web sites!  This goes under ‘duh’.  Anyone on earth can have an opinion about anyone else on earth, too.


This reality is being hidden by the conspirators at the Bilderberg New York Times.  That paper’s owners are one of the oldest members of the Bilderberg gang.  They created that gang and covered it up.  This is a true conspiracy and its goal is to rule the entire planet earth.


This is growing tiresome.  These threadbare stories are hauled out daily by the conspirators who want to overturn an election.  This is treason since they conspire with foreign powers to do this.  Accusing the President of treason when the people doing the accusations are the traitors is interesting to me.  They are so blind as to their huge sense of entitlement, they imagine none of us are aware of their treason.


Now on to the third story today via the Daily Mail in London:

Meanwhile, the SJW destruction of society continues apace.  Anyone doing anything about anyone now is punished.  This is pure Maoism.  There are several interesting features of this stilly story: the President of the school is female but is being punished anyways which I find funny because I bet she is an SJW monster who mocked men.


The other is her pay: it is obscene.  It is huge.  I worked for a university when it was run by faculty who elected the President from their own ranks.  Now, it is always an outsider who is paid a fortune to run the joint as a looting expedition giving ‘students’ whatever they want and never failing anyone just so they stay as long as possible and run up huge debts for often worthless degrees.


This woman should go to prison for fraud.  But she won’t because all the schools are now doing this fraud.  Professor Doom gives us another example of a very highly paid administrator who is looting taxpayers and students:


A recent article on Inside Higher Ed contains the rant of a SJW. Lest the reader think I’m being unfair in the characterization, allow me to begin with a short bio of the author:


‘Nicole Truesdell is the senior director of the office of academic diversity and inclusiveness, and affiliated faculty in critical identity studies at Beloit College. Her general interests are in radical pedagogy, academic hustling and social justice.’


–when did “academic hustling” become a hobby or personal interest?


What is ‘radical pedagogy’?  Well, it is code for ‘SJW indoctrination.’  These monsters are reprogramming children in elementary school!  They are pushing very hard for a ‘cultural revolution’ behind parent’s backs.


It wasn’t that long ago that no campus in the country had an “office of academic diversity” filled with commissars making $150k a year, like this “senior director.” The interested reader should consider the list of office staff for this fiefdom, to get even a slight idea of how much money is wasted in these places.


The thing is, these Offices of Diversity wield scary power on campus, as faculty are forced to go to re-education meetings to have large volumes of ideological dogma crammed down their throats. Refusing to go participate in the brainwashing can lead to repercussions, as the Duke Divinity crisis highlighted in detail. Faculty are terrified of speaking out, as we know the consequences are dire.


Yes, they are reprogramming everyone.  People think if they attend these Maoist reeducation camps, they can pretend to agree and then go home and be normal.  But the spies within the system watch them like a hawk and any deviation from the retraining is seized upon and the professor is punished and often fired.


So they have to perform the SJW functions all the time and faithfully do this.  I knew victims of this Maoist system, they came over from China and lived with me 40 years ago and I had to release them from their indoctrination and it was a delicate operation, restoring their minds to reality again.


Marijuana P. Sawyer is the ‘Director of the student Excellence and Leadership Program. Good lord. This highly paid woman has a child and a dog and no one else. There are nine people in this one department and every one of them is an SJW fighter.


Note her name!  HAHAHA.  So, this drugged up hippie is now in charge of propaganda and mind control on the campus.  Then there is this creep:  Jesse Carr has a PhD in ‘Decolonization,’ I am not joking here.


is a Postdoctoral Fellow who works primarily with the Mellon Decolonizing Pedagogies Program and the Mellon Graduate School Exploratory Fellowship (GSEF). He co-facilitates a faculty pedagogy series focused on building more equitable and accessible classrooms, mentors underrepresented students as they prepare to apply to graduate school, and assists with research and assessment for both programs.


What the hell is this ‘Mellon university Decolonizing Pedagogies Program’???  I know what it is: it trains students how to teach minority children to hate America, hate white males, hate everything and celebrate re-segregating the country by tearing apart the USA and turning it into ethnic enclaves.


Jesse is a proud “second generation queerspawn” (he is transgender and was raised by lesbian parents). He has a longstanding dedication to social justice issues and has been particularly involved with feminist and antiracist organizations, starting in high school and continuing through college and beyond. After receiving his B.A. (Oberlin ’04), he worked in nonprofit development and administration before returning to graduate school. He earned his PhD in American Culture from the University of Michigan (’15), where his doctoral research focused on patterns of systemic violence in the U.S. Jesse is thrilled to have found a position that combines his administrative and academic experience and looks forward to serving Beloit students, staff, and faculty during his time here.


He is a total, complete SJW monster!  And he is paid over a hundred thousand a year to destroy students and turn them into anti-social, angry monsters, themselves!!!!  People are paying money for this.  Many of the minority students get to be reprogrammed at taxpayer expense, too.


This angry young man is being paid to turn normal people into monsters.  This is insane.  Mellon University is insane now.  This unhinged, crazy system is now exploding into view, causing chaos, destroying schools physically and mentally, rendering them nearly impossible to be used for learning anything!


This is blowing up in everyone’s faces as the students being taught to hate America attack American citizens.  This school’s department has several other co-workers who also went to the Mellon Decolonizing Pedagogies Project.  This is an obvious takeover behind the backs of other departments who are only just now aware that they now have to obey the dictates of this very large gang of lunatics.


I just went to another page at Beloit University and found this:



The #GetWoke series, developed by The Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness (OADI), is focused on bringing national issues/conversations/debates home and contextualizes them in an interactive setting so members of the campus community are educated on, and can engage with, pressing social justice issues. As an office that is committed to recognizing and valuing marginalized approaches to knowledge production and dissemination, the #GetWoke series is our way of bringing the liberal arts into practice.

They are actively teaching students to RIOT!!!  How insane is this???  Incredible.  Just incredible.


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19 responses to “Volcanoes And SJW Professors Erupt, NYT Continues ‘Trump Is Russian Agent’ Lies

  1. Lou

    Santa Monica College–President is a ‘2 fer’ [Black n Female] and a former ‘Diversity Counselor.’

  2. Lou

    DE COLONIZE—-https://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com/2018/02/your-daily-reminder-wakandaisntreal-50.html

  3. Lou

    At Daily Mail Uk, I cant find the story about the fired professor.

  4. Lou

    Weather, 43 degrees in Los Angeles.

  5. Lou

    In a city with under 100,000 people—Does money grow on trees at City Hall?It must, since another $400k per year city job was filled this week.

    The new “Chief of Staff” hire in the Santa Monica City Attorney’s office will cost the Santa Monica taxpayer a whopping $402k per year. This includes a base salary of almost $254k per year plus expected “other pay” and “benefits” which will add an additional $148k per year to the total. The position is the # 2 top spot in the office and the new “Chief of Staff” will assist the top dog, the City Attorney, in “office management and high-priority legal matters” in an office which employs a total of 24 attorneys and 18 support staff.

    In contrast, the absolute top dog in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, Mike Feuer, costs the Los Angeles tax payer only $240k per year (base salary of $227k per year plus other pay and benefits of only $13k per year.) The top dog in Los Angeles leads the third largest government legal office in California and the Los Angeles City Attorney oversees more than 500 attorneys.

    Our elected officials say that if we want to hire the best, then we must pay the best. So, they end up paying $162k more per year for the #2 person in Santa Monica than the residents of Los Angeles pay for their #1 top dog who leads an office at least 20 times larger than ours and prosecutes more than 50,000 cases per year.

    I don’t trust our elected official’s judgement any longer – they just don’t make any sense – and it’s at yours’ and my expense.

    Somethings got to change this November, and I’m going to work hard to make that change. We deserve better.

  6. Petruchio

    The thing you have to remember about these University types like this University President, is that these people get MORE perks than just money!! In my home state, the University President gets a massive paycheck, but that’s just for starters. They get to live–free of charge–in the U Presidents Mansion. They get a “transportation allowance”, which means a Free car. They even get a daily “Per Diem” which is a certain amount of money they can spend daily on anything they like, such as meals. (Of course these pampered bureaucrats get to eat for free lots of times too).Oh yeah. These “Maoists” types are livin’ large at taxpayer expense. Take their funding sources from them, that’s all it’s gonna take. These folks are blood sucking leeches; they can’t survive without being parasites.

  7. Lou

    Government workers–baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    United States Secretary of Education Betsy Devos lives in a $10-million worth of a real estate property in Holland. The 12,000 square feet mansion is the biggest property in Holland. It also comes with a guest house which is 1,100 square feet. With her net worth of $1 billion, she can afford to buy even more properties that are just like this one.

  8. Nice follow-up on the “people” in the Diversity feifdom!

  9. Floridasandy

    The left is so unhinged. Now they are focusing on Kushner – whose father was a rabid Democrat and actually went to jail for Democratic Party donation fraud. Dad must be proud.

    It’s interesting to watch the party implode.

  10. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Looks like Dutchsince has been calling earthquakes spot-on for the past few years, although I haven’t found his latest analysis of Yellowstone:


  11. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Your comments got my memory chips warmed-up:

    “We have to be terrified of major volcanic eruptions. They cause very cold events due to fine dust in the upper stratosphere, for example. Most eruptions don’t reach the upper stratosphere and Mt. St. Helen’s eruption shot out sideways, sparing us.”

    I never considered the “lateral Blast” of Mt. St. Helens a blessing, because +70 people were drowned in the lahar, or incinerated by the pyroclastic cloud that roared down the mountain from a mile & a half high to almost sea level in seconds.

    But now that I think about it, since you have done something I have not – actually gone to see the smoking lady since it erupted – you may be right.

    However, even with that ‘lateral blast’ deflecting off the atmosphere – forest – lake – mountains for 20 miles around St. Helens that day, the ash-cloud still rose above 60,000 feet into the sky and traveled across the USA dropping calling-cards 1” – 6” deep in the northern states, causing cooler, wetter summers for years to come even in Great Britain.

    I shoveled 4” off the sidewalks around my home in Spokane in the week after. Yet, amazingly the ash had a unexpected benefit – fertilizer! The lawn went wild after the summer rains soaked in the ash and the wheat fields of the Palouse produced yields 30% higher per acre for years thereafter!

    Again, a carpenter – “Michael Y Janitch – DUTCHSENSE” – has been calling earthquakes for several years now with uncanny accuracy:

    Check his analysis of Yellowstone beginning at 13:00 in the video.

    Why don’t you ask him to be a contributing editor to Culture of Life News?

    Keep at it!!

    PS Seems to me the MSM is going ballistic because they realize Mr. Mueller’s investigation laid an egg that will hatch the eagle that devours them.

  12. Yes, the Mt. St. Helen’s eruption covered several states with fine volcanic dust. AND…little of it hit the higher stratosphere! So most of it fell ‘locally’ not 8,000 miles away.

    With the eruption in 1964, it was way off in Asia and I remember seeing the sheet of volcanic dust in the high stratosphere going over California. It went from horizon to horizon, and the dust shooting out of the volcano was added to for a number of hours whereas the St. Helen eruption was one quick shot.

    The destruction from that lateral explosion was amazing. It flattened everything in its path. It was extremely destructive.

  13. Yes, we had a three day warm moment and now are buried in snow again. It will rain tonight. Then snow again in three days. Typical weather.

  14. Lou

    43 degrees in Los Angeles.

  15. Here, that is a heat wave. 🙂

  16. Lou

    Oberlin loses lawsuit. I wonder what the bakery will get, when it is settled.

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