Many Universities Teach Students To Be More Violent, More Uncivilized And Stupider

Christian Center vandalized with ‘F— Trump’ graffiti and the students doing this vandalism are all females and proud of their crime.

Schools used to be places where children learn adult rules.  We learned to read, write and do math.  We learned about the scientific method, too.  Now, schools are pure indoctrination centers which still has the old system but it is being relentlessly attacked by leftist Maoists who want no ‘reality learning’ just pure propaganda.  Students now learn how to be anti-social, dysfunctional and unable to hold any jobs or be responsible parents in the future.


The longer they stay in school, the more childish they get.  Today’s story about an invasion of a Christian Center  which was invaded and heavily vandalized by radicalized students trained by SJW professors is typical of the regressive teaching going on.  Students are encouraged to act like lawless 14 year olds who throw temper tantrums, vandalize property they don’t own and who are out of control eaters and have reckless sex.

The pictures above were taken by these criminals.  They are proud.  They are extremely ugly or are dressed poorly.  These once-proud ‘finishing schools’ are reguritating ‘students’ who are worse for the wear.  These young ladies come out of this new style ‘finishing school’ as ugly, obnoxious harridans who no sane person would want to hire or associate with, they are horrible, dangerous people who hate society and hat men in particular.


“Two months after the fact, the administration was saying that the students will be held responsible, but no one confirmed that they had been,” the anonymous student added.


Not one of these ugly, violent, obscene females were arrested.  None were thrown out of the school.  If a white male says just one improper word these days, he is kicked out.  But these crazy females can attack property, attack men, be obnoxious and obscene in public and nothing happens to them.


Millsaps’ Director of Communications and Marketing, however, told Big League Politics that he was not personally aware of the vandalism, but stressed that “defamation of character or destruction of property is unacceptable at Millsaps College.”


So why weren’t these vile females removed?  Why didn’t they have to pay for their vandalism?  I once arrested 20 young people who were students and they thought that vandalizing my subway system was great fun until they were arrested at the West 4th Street station by the subway cops.


I went to court, their punishment was, they had to clean a subway station of all grafitti.  During this, I was given permission from the court to chat with them.  They really were sorry!  I was so happy they admitted it was stupid to deface the subway system’s property.  We got along great afterwards.


Now, it is hopeless.  Adults are quite unaware how the schools are now deliberately training our children to be vile, obscene, obnoxious and above all, stupid.  And all this is being paid for by the victims who are the children going to school!


THEY are the ones being saddled by a lifetime of debt while turned out into the streets with zero real life skills.  They are ‘finished’ in their schooling by learning how to be obscene and obnoxious which means no sane person will ever hire them nor will they last long at any jobs with a giant attitude problem and a hatred of nearly everyone else.


This is an emergency!  Already, high schools in nearly all DNC-run cities are churning out generations of black children who learn to be violent, hate authority, obscene and criminally inclined.  Far from civilizing them, they are being trained to be very uncivilized and even barbaric.


Many graduate with near zero modern skills.  Two generations of black children are now living life at near or total barbaric levels, pre-civilization with virtually no reading or speaking skills.  This is NEGATIVE TRAINING not positive training and it has spread to European stock children and is threatening Asia children all of whom see the black and Hispanic kids running riot and think, this is great fun.


Until you end up dead or in prison or living in a hobo camp, of course.


Purdue writing guide: Words with ‘MAN’ ‘should be avoided’


 The guide then provides examples for the “Generic Use” of non-sexist language, noting that “although MAN in its original sense carried the dual meaning of adult human and adult male, its meaning has come to be so closely identified with adult male that the generic use of MAN and other words with masculine markers should be avoided.”

Hence, instead of writing “mankind,” the OWL suggests that students write “humanity,” people,” or “human beings.”
The guide also takes issue with the word “man-made,” saying that it should be replaced with alternatives like “synthetic,” “manufactured,” or “machine-made.”

The primer then explains that students should be careful in the way they describe occupations, again suggesting that the use of “man” should be avoided for occupational terms in cases where the job can be held by a male or a female.

For instance, the OWL finds the use of the term “mailman” to be improper, preferring “mail carrier” in its place. Other terms, such as “congressman,” should also be avoided, using “congressional representative” instead.

William Teti · National Park, New Jersey
In the street, directly in front of my house, is a people hole ( or a humanity hole, or is it a person hole?) Oh, I’ll just call it a non-specific gender hole.


I wrote about this professor earlier and he is making the news…Fox News.  The mainstream Bilderberg media won’t let him directly talk to the nation because this would destroy their plans to destroy all education systems which they are turning into Maoist hell holes.




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12 responses to “Many Universities Teach Students To Be More Violent, More Uncivilized And Stupider

  1. timothy carroll

    If a white male says just one improper word these days, he is kicked out. But these crazy females can attack property, attack men, be obnoxious and obscene in public and nothing happens to them.


    And there’s the rub. When the “S” really does hit the fan, these “ladies” will be looking for someone to protect them. We white men have very good memories, as well as loaded glocks and other sundry weapons. It won’t be the vagina hat wearing lasses we’ll be protecting, that’s for damn sure. You’re on your own, “ladies” – and I use that term very loosely….BITCHES!

  2. tio

    8 January 2017
    “Universities will be forced to pander to the demands of “snowflake” students if controversial changes to the ranking system are approved, education leaders have warned. …

    It is feared that this will lead to a “fantastically dangerous” culture where authorities will give in to student demands, however unreasonable they may be.”

    20 February 2018
    “Mr Robb wrote that he felt deflated when giving a job interview to a newly qualified teacher, who asked him: “Why should I come and work for you?” …

    “It’s difficult to explain exactly why I felt so irked but I couldn’t help but think that something has been lost. There used to be a real sense of pride associated with doing ‘an honest day’s work’, whatever the role might have been.”

  3. tio

    A Consensus Emerges: Russia Committed an “Act of War” on Par With Trumps Pearl Necklace and 7/11. Should the Liberian Response Be Similar?

    Russian Meddling: Gagging on the Population Paste

  4. ziff

    man’ ufactured , they have a problem there ,,i see where our Trudeau [ Trudy] got ‘humankind’ from , he got jeered even by MSm for that one .

  5. KHS71

    Statistics from Millsaps College. A whole 800 students. If they expelled the perpetrators, then that would reduce the enrollment and their funding based on $50,000 per student per year. It’s a private school so they can do what they want. I would imagine that the college owns the CC so they chose not to prosecute anyone. Too much tuition would be lost. Wow, SAT scores of up to 1260. My cat scored higher. Being a small private “liberal” arts school they are probably sucking financially. Can’t afford to lose any students. The picture shows about 15 students. That’s a loss of $750,000. The students probably got no more than a slap on the wrist and told to be a good little boy or girl.

    Student Population: 809
    Undergraduate Population: 760
    Student to Faculty Ratio: 9
    Total Annual Costc: $50,718
    In-State Tuitionc: $35,510
    Out-of-State Tuitionc: $35,510
    Percent on Financial Aidd: 99%
    Average Grant Aid Received (FT/First-Time): $24,025
    Percent Admittede: 53%
    SAT Composite Rangef: 1045-1260
    ACT Composite Rangef: 23-28

  6. Lou

    5– Remember Ferguson, Missouri? The state college there lost students after the rioting by Blacks.

  7. timothy carroll

    Wherever negroes choose to congregate, destruction, mayhem, and disaster are sure to follow. This I have learned throughout my long life. What is seen cannot be unseen. Negroes always equal disaster. Whenever you can avoid them, you should do so. Otherwise, court, flirt, wink at them to your own peril. You deserve the punishment that will be meted out in all eventuality. I will weep not while reading your obituary.

  8. Mewswithaview

    Writing on the walls is behaviour of a pre-school child and most parents will let their children know this is not acceptable. The universities are infantilising adults no wonder they expect continued state care when they leave and become violent when they don’t get it.

    University students – are they toddlers or young adults?

  9. Floridasandy

    Look how miserable these girls look. The sad part is this ugliness keeps happiness away from these dumb girls, and they only get to be young once.

    i guess if you aren’t going to be successful, you can at least have “empowering words “. There’s a solution!

  10. Seraphim

    Why would Russian bother to destroy America when it does it herself?

  11. Correct, just let the corruption continue. And yes, our students are being taught how to be ghetto trash.

  12. Just read the Independent article. It is all about how PARENTS are interfering with these ‘schools’ teaching kids to be ‘adults’! What???

    The ‘teachers’ now are actually often monsters who turn trusting children into angry, bitter, antisocial monsters.

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