No Russian Flags Allowed As Russia Hockey Wins Gold Medal

(3) Russians win hockey gold as IOC keeps flag ban in place – YouTube

It was a very exciting and tight hockey game at the Olympics.  As often, Germany and Canada were competing to play Russia in the finals and it was Germany versus Russia.  The Russians were not allowed the name of their country on their uniforms nor were they allowed to fly their flag.  And this caused Russian citizens to double down on patriotism.

The Bilderberg scheme to push Russia out of all systems and to cut them off at the knees has merely made Russia stronger, not weaker. Russia is surging forwards with greater patriotism whereas the EU is literally dying and being ripped to shreds by foreign invaders and poor internal trade relations.

(3) Russian Hockey fans (SKA) finish National Anthem – YouTube

The Olympic Committee would not allow the showing of the Russian flag so the audience was packed with Russians who carried many patriotic signs and then they and the team sang a resounding rendition at the top of their lungs of their national anthem.


Here in the US, we had a huge, long battle over this very issue with our own football players who hate the American flag, hate the President and hate this country.  The Russians are highly aware of this and are laughing their heads off as our own athletes diss Trump and then suffer terrible defeats at the Olympics like the skier female who did poorly and got only a bronze medal and a male ice skater who did very poorly and won nothing.

They got their wishes to not go to the White House as winners so they should be happy.

This is the best of the hockey videos, I understand a bit of Russian(3) Russia Germany Полный Обзор Матча gold medal 2018 Winter Olympic – YouTube

This was an overtime game due to a tie in the score.  Some hockey games have only on score shot but this one had 7 points total which is huge in hockey.


What I find even funnier is the Olympic Committee demanded the Russians be called Olympic Athletes from Russia.  HAHAHA.  Now they should be called ‘Gold Medal Olympic Athletes from Russia.’


I hope the NATO Nations at the Olympics learn their lesson here: the more they attack Russia, the stronger Russia grows.  Or maybe, don’t box with the Tar Baby, dudes.  You will end up covered in black goo.




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7 responses to “No Russian Flags Allowed As Russia Hockey Wins Gold Medal

  1. tio

    God bless you BBC, how far and how fast you’ve fallen. In between the estrogen fest imposed on a sports starved populous, on a satellite channel, I caught the Russia USA hockey game. It was like sitting down to a huge chunk of very rare beef with a large whiskey and a good cigar.

  2. So true. The stupid political games being played pale in comparison with real sports.

  3. tio

    Oh, that was political. Over time I have developed a taste for my own blood, on occasion, warm sticky and ferrous.

  4. KHS71

    Maybe Trump should invite the Russian athletes to the White House and congratulate them on a game well played. The Elites would mess in their pants then. Imagine all the collusion rhetoric. It would be fun to watch. The whole idea was to diss Russia because they supposedly interfered with the US election to elect Trump and not the “Chosen One”.

  5. Petruchio

    The IOC’s actions, which means the USA, towards Russia is humiliating–for the United States. Banning the showing of the Russian flag, making the Russian athletes wear “Olympic Athlete” on their uniforms, are the actions of a petulant, spoiled rotten child. These sanctions against Russia make the US look weak and childish. This is NOT how a REAL SuperPower would behave. Even a corrupt, thoroughly criminal, but reasonably competent SuperPower would not act so childishly. Now wonder Netanyahu leads the US President around by the nose. No President has the cajones to stand up to little tiny Israel. Amazing, really.

  6. tio

    That was indecorous of me, I apologise. What I think I meant to say was that there were no illusions as to the tenor of the game. I mean the USAF wankered a bunch of Russian irregulars only days before. It was raw R18 stuff, an antidote to the 24/7 soma.

  7. CK

    The first time I heard that song was in a scene from Hunt For Red October.
    Here for your listening pleasure is the whole anthem with English subtitles
    And remember it was the USSR that defeated Germany and then turned its armies around and 89 days later attacked the Japanese army in Manchuria in the largest double pincers envelopment attack the world has ever recorded. Launched several seaborne invasions of Sakhalin and the Kurils and made it half way down the Korean peninsula before running so far ahead of its supply lines that it had to stop for lack of petrol.
    The shame of it is that five more tankers of petrol and there would have been NO KOREAN WAR. But Eisenhower would still have used CIA air planes and pilots to support the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954.

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