Maduro Socialist Dictatorship Hyperinflation Is Killing Resource-Rich Venezuela

The Tragedy of Venezuela – YouTube


Sargon of Akkad does a fine job explaining the history of the last year in Venezuela.  The New York Times has a small amount of news from dying Venezuela but none of it makes the front page, you have to search the back pages for it.  Hyperinflation, seizure of private property, use of brute force against protesting citizens, the collapse of all social systems is huge news and liberals don’t want to talk about why it is happening and who created this collapse.  Venezuela was one of the richest countries in South America and is now the poorest.

So, 19 hours a go, the NYT reports about how the Venezuelan fishermen (note the use of the word ‘men’ here!) are ‘fighting oil giant’ in a country in full collapse.  This last week, some students in the US actually demonstrated against Maduro’s dictatorship.


The Labor leader, Corbyn, can’t condemn Maduro.  This terrible dictatorship is typical of all socialist takeover of systems.  In Europe, it is also happening but much slower.  After importing millions of freeloading Muslims, though, Europe is beginning to collapse internally, too.


Leftists constantly complain that their ideology is never put to the test and that all socialist countries (outside of Europe) end up bankrupt with the population starving to death.


Trump went to the UN to talk about Venezuela but our ‘allies’ who are all fair weather freinds, didn’t support him in this. They wanted only to attack Trump over and over and over again.  This is because the socialism in Europe is constrained by opposition parties preventing total collapse.


When Trump spoke to the UN about Venezuela, his remarks were greeted by icy silence not only by third world countries destroying themselves economically but by our so-called allies in Europe who sat there in stony silence.


Sargon’s review of the last year covers all the bases very well and is worth watching.  The obvious failures of communism/socialism is now painfully obvious.  Venezuela is not a third world country, it is not Haiti which has nothing now.


Note here in the US there is this giant push by leftists in California and New York to destroy all systems used by conservatives to communicate with the public.  Fake news openly peddled, constant lies and threats against an elected President, lies about voting via denying that illegal aliens voted heavily in both states, riots and physical attacks on any citizens who gather to watch political speeches the left opposes…we are heading down the same road.


If the left gains more power in the US, they will fire all teachers who don’t teach their ideology, they will persecute anyone who openly opposes them, they will render illegal anyone complaining about deteriorating conditions.  It will be a violent, ugly dictatorship but only if they can first seize all guns from citizens so they can’t fight back.


No one opposing Maduro because he has all the guns.  As Mao noted cynically, ‘Power comes out of the barrel of a gun.’  This is why the left wants to disarm citizen here in the USA.


The left has latched onto the scandal of the young man who was obviously very mentally ill and known by everyone as highly dangerous and violent, yet no one put him in an institution for the violently mentally ill…once upon a time, one could arrest and put away violent people who are brain damaged but that stopped 50 years ago as liberals said this was cruel.


So these insane people roam free to kill and then end up in the prison system, instead but only after they leave a trail of blood and agony, first.




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4 responses to “Maduro Socialist Dictatorship Hyperinflation Is Killing Resource-Rich Venezuela

  1. Petruchio

    I notice also that numerous States here in the USA are passing measures making it a CRIMINAL offense to engage in activities related to boycotting Israel!! I guess Voltaire was right; if you want to find out who controls a country, just discover who or what you are not allowed to criticize.

  2. Christian W

    I’m sure the CIA has nothing whatsoever to do with the troubles of Venezuela. We have already seen the signs of color revolution strategies there many times.

  3. Melponeme_k


    No doubt the CIA had a hand in the mess. BUT the people had a big hand in their own demise. They voted consistently socialist. Everything is great when you take from Paul to give to Peter. Then the money runs out and the oligarchs get natural resources for free.

    The same is happening in Europe and in the US.

    The time for laying out blame is over. The time is for acknowledging stupid choices on the part of the people. Even just a bit of responsible behavior would stop the Bilderbergs in their tracks.

  4. Floridasandy

    We are getting on the right track in the US- a little bit at a time.

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