You Tube Attacking Pro-Gun Creators Using Their Systems



Wikileaks TV has a good summary of this last two years’ conspiracy by the Obama White House, the Department of Justice under Obama’s sway, the Clintons and their campaign and the Steele/4chan business as well as Congressional DNC collusion in these interlocking crimes to destroy our democracy via an election/legal coup based on false charges against Trump, accusing him of being a Russian agent.  This giant crime, an actual coup attempt by a party that lost an election is huge and growing bigger every day.  No arrests yet, of the many people involved in this worse than Watergate coup attempt.


(4) Military Arms Channel – YouTube – YouTube

Evidently, today has been ‘purge all conservative gun sites/Alex Jones/anyone who is not SJW’ day on You Tube.

Even as I read various website comments at You Tube, another ‘pro-gun’ person after another would log on and tell everyone, they have been eliminated online.  Some of them already have multiple sites and therefore, have an online presence still but I think all these sites will be eliminated.

(2) National Gun Control A Californian’s Prospective – YouTube

This site was eliminated by You Tube this weekend, too.  I got the information from the comments of the earlier posting by the black former military man.


Click here at Military Arms Channel, to see a video about the gun shows being attacked by You Tube: YouTube Banning Gun Channels… Again.  This site isn’t You Tube.  His You Tube account has been eliminated.  So he has found a new home for his discussions.


You Tube gives them back their videos when they can prove who they are but this is a ploy, they are trying to eliminate anyone who isn’t a DNC tool from You Tube.  This is causing a huge tidal wave of rage that the SJW gang little understands.
(7) INFOWARS HACKED: Taken Down After CNN Calls For Alex Jones To Be Silenced – YouTube

So, Alex Jones has a hack attack the same day all these patriotic gun sites were attacked by Google’s female head of You Tube.  This over the top attack on users is unprecedented.  Usually, You Tube’s staff tells people their computer bots did the ‘strikes’ on various sites but that is a blatant lie.


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6 responses to “You Tube Attacking Pro-Gun Creators Using Their Systems

  1. Floridasandy

    At least 3 browsed deputies didn’t respond to the shooter but nezar hamza -Broward deputy – goes around and trains Muslim
    In mosques to defend themselves.

    What’s up with that when they allegedly oppose guns to protect kids?

    Broward deputies waited outside while the shooting was going on – and now it’s said that they lblicked EMS responders from entering to treat the wounded.

    Maybe gun control isn’t the main problem here

  2. Floridasandy

    Autocorrect changed the first sentence- Broward. Funny how they do that

  3. Yes, You Tube staff had a giant purge this week attacking all non-SJW sites and eliminating them. Everyone is now joining forces to sue. These SJWs even tried to take down Fox News and Wall Street Journal both of whom are going to sue, too.

  4. Yes, the Wall Street Journal has been attacked by the SJW You Tube staff in the last several weeks. They have real lawyers.

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