Sessions Will Investigate FISA Conspiracy At Last! Plus, Time To Fundraise For My Blog

AG SESSIONS: DOJ Will Open Official Investigation Into Obama’s FISA Abuse


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And on to the news, finally Sessions will begin a full investigation of Obama, Hillary and the DNC conspiracy involved in the FISA Steele dossier scandal.  Colluding with foreigners to frame a Presidential candidate and win or overturn an election is high treason!  Arrest them all.


On February 2nd, the House Intel Committee led by Chairman Nunes released their classified FISA memo.


This was very explosive which is why the desperate DNC gang tried their best to bury it and the Bilderberg fake news system led by the Washington Post and NY Times tried hard to smear and mock and ignore.  Now, the proverbial donkey poo will hit the reality fan.


The 4-page FISA memo revealed the phony dossier formed an essential part to obtaining the original FISA warrant and the three subsequent renewals.


And this was a total conpsiracy deep inside the FBI and the Obama Department of Justice to collude in smearing a GOP Presidential candidate and thus, gain more power in DC.


We also found out the political origins of the dossier were known to the FBI and DOJ yet kept from the FISA court.


Arrest them now.


Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe also testified that if not for the dossier, the FBI would never have sought the FISA warrant on former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.


This ugly attempt at a coup should be punished severely.  I have a great memory of the past.  When Nixon was allowed to not stand trial and was allowed to resign, this set a terrible example and since then, a series of Presidents have cheated in elections, colluded with the CIA and FBI to pull dirty tricks on citizens, whistle blowers were murdered or driven to suicide (they still are today) and all sorts of crimes went unpunished espeically the one about bribing leaders especially foreign leaders.


Mueller’s team looking at timing of Trump decision to run: Gasparino – YouTube


And…the out of control team of Democrat tools continues to roll downhill.  They will not stop no matter what!  They are digging like little terriers to find something, anything…this is now how the Rule of Law works.


They are desperately scouring every action Trump took while running for President while totally ignoring the many open crimes committed by Hillary, Obama and their gang.  This is infuriating.


The double standard here is painfully obvious.  The Russian scheme has blown up and instead of looking into the Hillary/Putin bribery mess, they simply trot off, at taxpayer expense, to seek other slight flaws in Trump to prosecute.  How about jaywalking?


I was arrested for jaywalking, after all!  And then a riot ensued and they tried to tag that onto me when I was totally innocent (I told everyone to stand back and not riot, after all!) but as it is famously said, you can indit a ham sandwich if a prosecutor wishes.


Drip, drip, drip, the real news slowly is taking over the fake news but it is a very slow process sort of like a huge glacier of lies slowly melting in our infinite global warming.

CNN-Directed YouTube Strike Against Infowars Removed  But deleted conservative sites continue to be blacked out by SJW California liberal Google staff.


The Google You Tube blood bath continues as SJW creeps desperately try to censor and remove all opposition to their police state powers push. The SJW gang runs our universities and a few other places like going bankrupt California (the rich tech people there hide their wealth overseas so it isn’t taxed).


Google is now pure SJW insanity which is why I hate using it so much but the fight isn’t to flee Google but to force Google to be civilized and follow Constitutional laws.  The SJW gang wants dictatorship.

High School Anti-Gun Rally Turns Violent=> Students Beat Cop, Steal His Baton, Smash Police Car.  Typical SJW BS:


At least five students at the anti-gun protests were arrested.


The angry students were charged with battery on an officer, resisting arrest, taking an officer’s baton and vandalizing vehicles, including patrol vehicles, Stockton police said.


The student mob threw rocks and damaged both police and citizen vehicles.


I notice that California is going off this cliff.  When I was arrested for jaywalking in 1969, there was a similar riot.  And at least 60 people were arrested, the cops used tear gas, etc.  In this riot, the police did nearly nothing.  They didn’t beat up the students or arrest a huge number of them.


I love how these students want no guns.  I AGREE.  Do not let them be armed!  They are dangerous and stupid.  A bad combination.


UVM activists block rush-hour traffic, delay ambulances in Bernie Sander’s Vermont:


According to the Burlington Free Press, the student demonstrators took their protest to the streets, gathering near the Dudley H. Davis Center and blocking traffic at a busy intersection in hopes of compelling an audience with UVM President Tom Sullivan to discuss racism on campus.


At least they didn’t try to burn down the towns or kill cops.  So far.


The protesters remained in place for about three hours, even after Burlington Police informed them that Sullivan was not available that evening, causing traffic congestion that eventually began to impact neighboring towns, and even caused problems for the UVM Medical Center, creating 15-minute delays for ambulances that were headed to the hospital.


So what did these ‘provosts’ do?


Vice Provost Annie Stevens eventually addressed the demonstrators around 7:30 p.m., at which point the students relocated to an administrative building on campus.


They moved these little vandals indoors to continue being brats, of course.  This will not end well for the school or for Vermont.


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    OK, I’m going to set you up under Paypal for $10 per month. Have you considered using Patreon as well?

  2. timothy carroll

    Sessions has finally discovered his balls after a year of persecuting pot smokers ???? I’ll believe that when I see it! Until then, I’ll send you a small token of my appreciation as you are (literally) the very first site I log into and the last I sign off on, each and every day. You are magnificent. Many thanks for all you do. The very best to you and your kin!

  3. Already a number of very kind, wonderful readers have sent something, small or large, I am very, very grateful.

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