Trump Wants Some Gun Control, Putin Warns Of WWIII, Has Very Powerful Nuclear Missiles Ready

Trump calls out NRA in meeting on gun control – YouTube


Gun control is in the news due to the latest school shooting.  I remember previous gun control events, hmmm….way, way back long, long ago!  During the student uprisings, they imposed controls on weapons that didn’t exist before.  Namely, cannons were made pretty illegal.  I know this because we owned a real cannon and shot it at Fire Society celebrations as we called these parties in the Arizona desert way back when I was a teenager.


When the Federal government ordered us to either plug or deal with our cannon collection (there was more than one…we rented them out to movie makers in Hollywood, for example) so that it couldn’t be used in an uprising, we ended up giving the biggest cannon to the University of Arizona.


They had permission to shoot blanks (we shot large cans filled with cement as cannon balls…lots of fun, watch a target get creamed!) at U of A football games when there was a touchdown. One day, the students firing the blanks had two touchdowns in quick succession due to a fluke so they fired it twice without swabbing the barrel with a wet rag that was supposed to be kept in a bucket and…it blew up causing great harm.


I am telling this story due to the gun control debate today with Trump agreeing some guns should be banned and people freaking out on the right about this.  Well…I have this to say: if one justify having high powered weapons as defense, it has to have some sort of limitation or controls becuase many humans are very dangerous and very stupid.


That is, for years now, people are allowed to run riot and are not put in mental institutions no matter how insane until they finally murder people then they can be put away.  This was NOT TRUE back when we owned a parcel of cannons as well as other weapons.


Back in the 1960’s, if a person was acting and talking insane and violent, you can and I did this to some people back then, you can have them forcibly taken to a hospital and examined and if found insane and violent, they would be locked up.  Now, you can’t.  You have to wait until they actually are violent and have caused great harm and even then, it is hard as hell to do.


We can’t have endless weapons and zero control over insane people.  This just will not work, nor can we have ‘everyone can have high powered weapons’ when we are also letting in violent killers who are dedicated to killing us in the name of various gods.


That is insanity.  One thing or the other has to be controlled.  I have been shot at a number of times. For some reason, fortune has smiled on me and no one managed to hit me…so far!  And I have used guns, swords, big nasty dogs, angry oxen, violent stallions, axes and other interesting tools to take down/scare off violent criminals.


All my arrests in NYC and New Jersey were done with zero guns.  One of my dear friends there. on the other hand, used a hand gun to shoot dead a robber who pulled a gun on his mother in their pizza store.  Another friend stopped a mob of black looters during the infamous NYC blackout in 1977 by shooting, with a rifle, one of the looters dead at the door of his mother’s hardware store.


Trump lived for most of his life in NYC and New Jersey and I can understand why he wants gun controls.  On the other side, living in the wild countryside where I grew up and live now, in Arizona and New York, you need guns.  Like, when the three bears tried to break into my house, a gun is useful but I didn’t use it but now have legal permission to use a gun on a bear.  We have all sorts of gun restrictions that we didn’t have when I was a child and trespassers in Arizona could be shot on sight and ‘Trespassers will be shot’ signs were everywhere, I learned to read these by age five.


Years ago, this was made illegal.  Now, they must post ‘trespassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law’ but ranchers got around this by putting a few bullet holes into the signs as an unwritten but obvious warning.  Even that was then forbidden.


I have trespassing signs on my mountain.  I can’t make any threats.  Everyone who lives out here knows, on the other hand, that trespassing is highly dangerous around here if the land is posted.  But the point is, restrictions like this have been happening all my long life and will continue.


If chaos rises like in Europe, people will want more guns and I won’t blame them but then, we are forbidden to talk about who the most common and most dangerous criminals are: black males.  TV shows made in Hollywood, movies made there all show white males as the criminals, not black men.  And this propaganda is why people want to be armed: half of the country has gone insane and are suicidal.

‘Listen to us now’: Putin unveils new Russian nuclear arsenal — RT World News. NATO wants WWIII with Russia, one of the biggest nuclear powers on earth and so Putin is telling them, ‘Want war, we give you war.’


The latest advances in Russian strategic deterrence have made America’s anti-missile systems obsolete, so Washington should stop trying to diminish Russia’s security and start talking to Moscow as an equal partner, not the dominant military power it seeks to be, Putin said.


Obviously.  I have been warning about this.  The ‘liberals’ and their bosses, the Bilderberg gang in Europe and California and New York have been screaming for WWIII with Russia so Putin will give it to them all if this is their wish.  This is stupid and insane, NATO is a disaster, a diplomatic disaster and is stupid, useless and annoying all at the same time the leaders let in millions of angry Muslim males who are demanding all of Europe surrender to them and die.  And Europe will die.  How stupid is this?


Where is the diplomacy?  You do diplomacy with people who are your rivals!  Duh!  Pushing them hard to start a war is insane, stupid and I wish the SJW idiots were attacking the Bilderberg gang, not fellow citizens.


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12 responses to “Trump Wants Some Gun Control, Putin Warns Of WWIII, Has Very Powerful Nuclear Missiles Ready

  1. Nani

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Elaine. Those who frequently talks about about attacking Russia must have a strong death wish. Putin made this absolutely clear today in his state of the union speech. No one attacks Russia unpunished.

  2. Petruchio

    I’m a very pro gun person. I have been a shooter and gun club member for 30+ years. But one gun control law I would FULLY endorse would be to prohibit adult new citizens from getting firearms. People should be citizens of the USA for at least 5 years before they can purchase a firearm. Any firearm.

  3. CHTan

    If the stupid NATO countries want their citizens to be vapourized in a war that has no relevance to their country, then go ahead. They are not nuclear powers but have US nuclear weapons hiding in their backyard. That is asking for trouble. The Chinese call them ‘running dogs’.

  4. Sunger

    The determination of the Russians to avoid another WW2 w 30 million dead must not be underestimated.

    And turn up the volume.

  5. csurge

    Slippery slope. Trump voters should beware. I don’t trust him anymore

  6. shawntoh


    What? Why can’t you just leave the cannon on the set of the H.M.S. Pinafore production and enjoy the Broadway touches that delight the theatre goer instead?

    I’ve heard of cannon fodder with battle but don’t let it happen in the firing. Peace.


  7. Nani

    If the stupid NATO countries want their citizens to be vapourized in a war that has no relevance to their country, then go ahead. They are not nuclear powers but have US nuclear weapons hiding in their backyard. That is asking for trouble. The Chinese call them ‘running dogs’.

    Yes, they behave like running dogs. Everytime the Russian bear shows some teeth, the Europeans run off to daddy America for protection like the scared little poodles they are.

    Germany voices concerns over Putin’s remarks on new weapons

    Of course the Germans are worried, and they should be! A couple of nuclear bombs would make most of Germany uninhabitable.

  8. Tom W Harris

    “we are forbidden to talk about who the most common and most dangerous criminals are: black males.”

    Snap out of it, Elaine. We need to shut down immigration. Then many of those black males would be working.

  9. Nani

    Russia’s Avangard strategic systems enter series production – source

    The missiles “which Americans are determined to roll out as a global anti-missile and air defense system, have no military value now after Russia’s presentations of new weapons,” sourse added.

    Russia possesses the cutting-edge multi-tasking oceanic system with autonomous underwater vehicles, the brand-new Avangard hypersonic strategic system and other super contemporary systems mentioned by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his State of the Nation Address. “Moreover, the new generation precision weapons are on combat duty,” the source specified.

  10. Nani

    Iran will not talk missiles unless US, Europe destroy nukes, long-range missiles: Commander

    A senior Iranian military commander says the Islamic Republic will hold no negotiations over its missile program unless the United States and Europe dismantle their nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

  11. Lou

    8–Your statement would have been true, pre Bill Clinton and NAFTA.
    Now, we are not needed, Black or any shade of color.

    Robotics is about to take more jobs.
    Way beyond Uber and all the other job taking innovations.

    A book predicted this, 25 years ago. Rifkins book on ‘The End of Work,’ whichh is the books title.

  12. Jim R

    Another news story you won’t see when the gun controllers are chatting.

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